Three D’s of Success

by Jess Guim, Taga-Bulan sa New York City

Whatever you do in life, you always expect success as the end result of your efforts. But victory is not easy and could not be achieved without nurturing these three D’s of success. Remember this, one of them can not help you succeed in life without the other. So, nurture them all within yourself, and you will reap the fruit of success.

First, you need the DESIRE or motivation to achieve your objective. The starting point of all achievements is desire. Some people might say your dream is impossible to achieve, but with your own desire to accomplish it, there’s nothing you can’t fulfill without it. A poor man becomes a millionaire because of his desire to have more money. An NBA star believes he could fly to shoot a ball in the ring, because of his desire for fame. A writer never sleeps at night, as long as ideas come out of his mind, because of his desire to become a blockbuster novelist and movie screenwriter.

The desire (motivation or passion), on the other hand, should be strengthened by DISCIPLINE. There are people, who in the midst of their near-success, meet temptations that lead them to the wrong direction. A student who’s almost graduating in college failed to finish his course, because he joined a fraternity that buried him into the ravine of drug addiction. An entrepreneur who’s almost becoming a millionaire with his innovative marketing ideas, went bankrupt when he associated with gamblers who turned him into compulsive gambler. These are simple examples of temptations, that lead people to failure when someone’s discipline is not strong enough to achieve one’s objective to succeed. So, strengthen the discipline in you by surrounding yourself with like-minded people.

DETERMINATION is the father of desire and discipline. You can never achieve and win what you desire if you have no definiteness in acquiring such victory. But simply having determination doesn’t mean you’re already on the road to success. Determination should be powered by knowledge of the skills needed to achieve an objective. You need to learn about the skills and place them into practice. Then, when you have enough training to strategize your steps, you need to develop your experiences into expertise. It is these expertise that strengthens your determination to achieve success.

About the Author:

Jess Guim was born in Canipaan, Bulan; raised by his parents in Gubat; and got married to a Sorsoganon (Kapitolyo). He is currently living in New York City. He is the owner and web developer of the new web site “Experts Write About…” at