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“A free press can of course be good or bad, but, most certainly, without freedom it will never be anything but bad. . . . Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better, whereas enslavement is a certainty of the worse.”

Albert Camus quotes (French Novelist, Essayist and Playwright, 1957 Nobel Prize for Literature, 1913-1960)


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  1. I am inviting you to join us. Mabalos!

  2. attybenji

    thanks mr. jun a. it’s my pleasure and privilege… shalom

  3. ang hospital san Bulan dapat na po ipasara…diri mayad ang facilidad…hope soon mag kaigwa kita san mayad na hospital…concern ako sa mga kapwa ko taga bulan…wara po ba plan si mayor po about po dito sa sayo na major probs san ato bungto..!??

    • Maria Gillego

      Iboto nyo po si Sappho Gillego Ong…dahil doctora, siguradong magiging priority nya yan!

    • jason


      gusto ko lang tabi ipaaram saimo kun diri mo pa aram na an pantaleon gotladera ospital o an bulan municipal hospital na sinasabi mo wara sa hurisdiksiyon san lokal na gobyerno, an nagpapalakaw tabi sini an opisina san gobernador. pero maski wara tabi ini sa poder san LGU, may-on po sin mga hinihimo an opisina ni Mayor Baby de castro na mga paagi para maibanan an mga kakulangan na serbisyo san nasabi na hospital. sa katunayan may dowa na doktor na binutang si mayor para ma-atendiran an mga pangangaipo san mga pasyente lalo na kun mga emergency situation. Naipapadara sa irosin an iba na mga pasyente dailan tutoo may mga kulang na facilidades o mga kagamitan na diri pa naibubutang sa nasabi na hospital. nagbutang man sin mga electric fans an munisipiyo sa paagi san liga ng mga barangay para magamit san mga pasyente. pero diri nangangahulugan na nagpapabaya an sa ato mayor sa mga bagay na kinakaipohan san tawo kay maski siya mismo mangno san mga kakulangan doon. an sala lang kay wara sa hurisdiksyon san munisipiyo an pagpakay-ad soon, pero maski na ngani, may mga namumukna na kasimbagan doon sa paagi san pag-aktibar ni mayor de castro. siguro diri ka man buta sa mga kakulangan sa mga public hospitals sa bilog na nasyon. diri lang didi sa bulan, sa bilog na pilipinas. mao yon an katotohanan na diri ta puwede ipiliw. an tutoo maski an national government may mga pagkukulang sa pagpakay-ad san mga pampubliko na hospitals. an devolvement san department of health nan health services, sayo sa nagpalala san mga kakulangan sa ospitals kay madepende na sa pondo san mga lgus an pagmanehar, pagmanteni nan pagpakay-ad san mga ini na diri na man kinakaya san mga pondo sini. pero si mayor de castro tabi, labi an kaniya paghanap [san] mga paagi para diyo-diyo masimbagan an mga naobserbaran mo na kakulangan para sa kaayadan nato mga taga-bulan.

      • Thanks Jason for your opinion on Pawa Hospital. I know that Mayor Helen De Castro can not totally ignore this problematic issue. To add two doctors for the weekend and some electric fans is a sign that the willingness to help is there. But that’s not enough, something more must be done to improve this hospital- its services, logistics and facilities.

        The reasoning that it’s not within the orbit of Bulan’s responsibility is now becoming over-used, boring and less creative.

        For 2010, Mayor De Castro should reason out in a way that reflects her political competence and proves her gift of leadership (which she says emanates from God) in resolving this issue with Governor Lee.

        I have sent a letter late last year to both Governor Sally Lee and Mayor De Castro concerning Pawa on the occasion of the governor’s visit to Bulan whose purpose was to confer with the mayor on this Pawa issue. I haven’t received any reply from both, hence, giving us a message of the irrelevance of Pawa Issue. The Bulan Public Information Office also assured us before this visit that it would inform the public as to the results of the said conference but to my knowledge there was no such related information released afterwards.

        Of course, we are aware of the poor public health services in the entire Philippines as a direct consequence of Arroyo’s negligence of this area and of the prevalent malversation of public funds by our government officials which results to poor and inadequate delivery of basic services- like this Pawa problem- as required by law. But still, that does not overrule the right of the people to be informed on public matters and to demand transparency and accountability with regards to the Pawa issue.

        This is now the challenge to Ex- Mayor Guillermo De Castro who is running for vice-governor post in this year’s election. For the people of Bulan will naturally expect him to definitely resolve this Pawa issue – assuming he (and of course also his wife Mayor Helen De Castro) wins the election. 2010- a good year for Pawa?

  4. Anonymous

    isang magandang araw po, ako si PSI ADRIANO E CANSAS JR, COP ng Candelaria, Zambales, ang kapulisan po ng Candelaria ay nag ka conduct ng lectures sa lahat ng Barangay dito at ang isa sa mga subject matter namin ay 5 PILLARS CJS maaari po bang mapadalhan nyo kami ng LECTURE MATERIAL RE CJS yun pong naka power point sya. Marami pong salamat.
    email namin: CP # 09209020727

  5. junasun

    To PSI Adriano Cansas Jr,

    Thank you for reading Bulan Observer. And our greetings to the people of Candelaria, Zambales! More power to all of you! It’s nice to hear about your barangay engagements, it’s very commendable for you are in this way strengthening the barangay, the smallest local government unit in our politics. The Punong Barangay, the Baranga Kagawads and the Barangay Tanods are officials we need to give our support and attention nowadays for, owing to their rootedness in the community, they are the point of departure for a qualitative, positive change in our political culture that the town needs in order to progress.

    If we would achieve all these over 40, ooo punong barangays in our country to be morally strong leaders who treasure democracy, self-reliant, progressive in their thinking and dedicated to fight poverty and corruption then we would have a good future for our nation. With a proud, progressive and peace-loving community, you already have one good pillar among these five pillars of criminal justice system in our municipal government.

    The police should anchor their loyalty to the community and to the ideals of their profession, democracy and justice, not to the faulty perception of certain politicians. Remember that men and women of good mental and physical health and excellent character undergo rigid training and examinations before they could join the police corps. Our politicians do not necessarily undergo these rigid selection processes that the men and women in our police and military corps undergo. Many don’t even know what honesty, loyalty and moral character is all about. This is true among many of our national and local politicians.

    The sad thing is that they are the ones using and corrupting the police or the military for their own selfish interests. Therefore, for the sake of higher Filipino ideals, it is now time for the police and military people to help put things into proper perspective in our nation, not by rebellion but by education, in order to :1. Strengthen the first pillar, which is Investigation (Police) of our five pillars of criminal justice system, 2) to help achieve our common goal of a nation that can feed, employ, educate and protect its people.

    Our Atty. Benji is an expert on this matter, and with Bulan Observer’s assistance for sure he would be able to provide the lecture materials you need.

    Mabuhay kayo po lahat diyan sa PNP Candelaria, Zambales!

    jun asuncion

    Bulan Observer

  6. attybenji

    to PSI Canlas, Jr.

    wala po akong available na power point presentation regarding the 5 pillars of criminal justice system, but i will try to provide you some lecture materials for your own consumption and perusal. i will send it directly to your email as indicated above.

    If you want, i can give you lectures on the topic provided that you will have to shoulder my transporation expenses and other costs in going to, and from your town. (at least 50 attendees or more) para sulit ang effort natin.

    mabuhay ka.
    mabuhay ka…

  7. junasun

    To attybenji,

    Thanks for your willingness to help and give advice. This is a good project on the side of the PNP Candelaria. We hope that our Bulan police corps would follow this example. This is what in my mind when I said in another occasion that we have to redefine many things in Bulan if we really want to be a progressive modern town. It is about time then that the Bulan Police redefines its image and go back to the ideals of their profession, improve their relations to the community and to free themselves from the image of just being private bodyguards to the local politicians. They should be loyal to Bulan, to the constitution, to the principles of democracy and should strive to protect themselves from being misused or abused. In this way, they can preserve their integrity and professionalism, hence, improve public relations and public trust. A community that trusts the police is willing to help the police thus improving their performance with regards to crime prevention or perhaps crime investigation.

    (I have no doubt though that our present chief of police is a man of peace, a man who has a very strong sense of faireness and responsibilty, a man who is always at the side of the weak, and always willing to help, a quiet, self-effacing, unassuming being, yet inwardly strong and reselient. In short a genuine Bulanian! My kudos to you, Mr. J. H ! I have not forgotten our times in Bulan then and our adventures as young Bulanians in Canipaan!You had always led our group then and I’m glad you remained a leader until today. Joher, extend my best regards to Arturo “Turing”, Bobby and Bing, Vic, Fer, Nicolas, Raul, Albert, Eduard and Pampilo. See you all someday..)

    During our highschool years I myself became two times youth station commander and with this “office” I had the chance to observe the police “at work” then. It was one of those unforgettable experiences as a young boy growing up in Bulan. I hope they still do this Youth Municipal Officers tradition until this present time for it is one way of improving public relations and of strengthening youth involvement to their town.

    (Our present municipal judge is a product of such tradition, our Hon. Judge Mrs. M.G.A.! I had also spent good times with her during our municipal youth officers days- as her station commander, and during kabataang barangay days- as her “secretary”. My kudos also to you Maliz! Nothing has been forgotten.)

    Back to you attybenji, accept my thankfulness to your loyalty and dedication to our town and to your unfailing adherence to democratic principles. With more Bulanians like you, Bulan could only move forward to a modern, progressive democratic town.

    For a Brighter Bulan!

    jun asuncion
    Bulan Observer

  8. karl

    Prioritize the municipal hospital. The health of the constituents should be placed as one of the top of priorities. Don’t have to close the hospital; just upgrade the facilities, re-train the personnel (especially on how to treat the patients regardless of economic status), and add doctors to suit the needs of the people.The people don’t need lip service but public service. The leaders owe this to the people.

  9. junasun

    You are right, karl. Better invest in a decent hospital and medical personnel first than in another beach resort or amusement park. If Bulan public officials could build such a luxurious bus terminal, why not take the next step of renovating the hospital building and upgrading the facilities. A town without a decent hospital until now is a testimony of town mismanagement, poor decision making and a questionable concern for the welfare of the inhabitants (remember the campaign slogan “an kaayadan niyo, obligasyon mi”?) and of strangers (tourists, travelers) coming in and out of the town. Consider this: A travel agency somewhere in New York or Helsinki wouldn’t recommend to a traveling tourist to visit such a place with a church, two or three cemeteries and omnipresent funeral parlors but no hospital. The reason is obvious.
    We recommend to Mayor Helen De Castro of Bulan that she gives highest priority to this hospital project for her remaing time in office. Her sick padabas would surely support her action.

    • taga otavi

      mr. jun, i agree with karl. bad po ang impression ng mga hospital nato sa bulan, daghan an namamatay, dire di-anis an facilidad… pag emergency ka na imbis na darahon ka sa bulan, sa irosin ka idadalagan o kaya sa sorsogon.. eh ilang hours from otavi to irosin or sorsogon…mamamatay ka nga…ipa abot mo tabi sa mga namumuno..

      p.s. i like the site.. good job… para makabalita ng mga nangyayari sa bulan..


  10. Dear Jun,

    When I first encountered your site, I thought “bulan” refers to an ilocano word which means buwan (moon or month). And as I read along, I learned that bulan observer was launched as a sorsogon mouthpiece.

    I must say that “ang galing galing mo” Jun because your articles touched very intellectually on many relevant national issues and concerns. My favorite one is your article about Barack Obama, the symbol of change not only for America but for the whole world. I am with you on all your observations and opinions about him.

    The few articles which I read from you, about Marides Fernando, etc. and those in your archives make me want to read more and know more about your thoughts, your vision, your mission and your goals in your life and how you are effectively acting on them through this powerful technology and the new media.

  11. junasun

    To TJ Tesoro,

    Thank you for taking time to visit Bulan Observer and browse thru its pages. I just wonder how a very busy academic like you still manages to take time and listen to remote and small voices like Bulan Observer. It seems to me then that you’re at home with the new media and that you’re a multi-tasker and that beyond all these academic and technical proficiencies that you possess you still have not lost that appreciation for simple things and ideas. Yes, Bulan means also moon and/or month in our Bicol dialect. This is the joy that I carry with me wherever I may be for the moon above always reminds me of my hometown Bulan.

    I was in Berne just a few weeks ago to visit Albert Einstein’s house when he was working in this city in a patent office. This is now turned into a small museum. We know the genius of Einstein when it comes to theoretical physics. I’ve read his life and appreciate his achievements in physics but I just leave this technical aspect of him to those who have majored in physics and mathematics. What interests me personally are his- to many of us- less known philosophical, political and musical thoughts. One of the anecdotes about him from a young friend Abraham Pais in the 1950’s that I did not forget was when Einstein had asked him if he really believed that the moon existed only if he looked at it. A simple question yet it was in conjunction with the scientific debate at that time among two camps of physicists with Einstein and Max Planck on one side and with Werner Heisenberg and Neils Bohr on the other side.

    Heisenberg and Bohr were great physicists and mathematicians but insisted that the moon- as well as other objects- exist only if there is someone observing it. With all my respect to Heisenberg and Bohr, I think their case was an academic exaggeration and a philosophical confusion; they had confused measurents and experiments with the given real forms and ontological question with epistemological question. Not all but some German intellectuals had (have) the flair to over-stretch the tool they have at disposal. But at least this quarrel among these giant minds has left us with the new science of quantum physics.

    You may be also familiar with Martin Heidegger’s Sein Und Zeit or, Being and Time (and also Satre’s Being And Nothingness) and Nietzsche’s Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thus Speaks Zarathustra). There is no doubt as to their literary value but Heidegger’s case is a case of over-stretching the German language. Translated into English the more you will not understand his philosophy or at least its usefulness in your everyday life. I think it was Bertrand Russel who said that Heidegger’s metaphysics was an obscurantism and a case of language gone wild. I prefer to stay by Einstein’s realistic approach to life and scientific philosophy. For then I am convinced that my town Bulan exists even though I’m not there observing it!

    Next to this anecdote was my favorite line from Einstein’s writings which says:

    “When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking.”

    I absolutely agree with him about the gift of fantasy for it’s the source of raw materials that each one of us come to process depending on the tool that one has learned in school or depending on one’s natural inclinations. Miles Davis, the great jazz musician would have came to process the results of his fantasy in mathematical terms if he were a learned mathematician and Einstein himself would have been a great jazz musician if his preferred tool to convert his fantasy was music. But still, Einstein was a special case with regards to music for as a violine player he revealed at one time that it is more often by improvising on his violine that he gets the solutions to his mathematical problems!

    So I claim not to be “magaling” for I’m very far from it. What I may rightfully claim is something that’s naturally given to all of us, namely, this gift of fantasy.

    Thank you- and come again.

    jun asuncion

  12. Ariel Ariado

    hello po mang jun.
    pu-puwede po bang malaman ang istorya ni Tony Ariado? ako po ay anak ni Fernando Ariado from Casiguran. Juanito Ariado ang pangalan ng lolo ko.
    i spent some of my summer as a kid at Bicol, primarily in Casiguran and Bulan. I dont know much about the life of the older Ariado’s. how can i do some research about Tony Ariado and the other Ariado’s before him.
    I hope you can help me. Slamat Po sa oras ninyo.
    email ko po ay:
    Ingat Po.


    • Kiara Ariado

      Tito Ariel,
      c kiara po ito. ung nakilala nyo nung 2006. anak po ako ni arsenio ariado na kapatid ni tony ariado. tawag lng po kayo sa bahay if you want to know more about uncle tony

      • That’s great Kiara! I hope Ariel phoned you already. Cousins should hold on together. I hope you would write here something about your uncle Tony. For me he was a special one. I was twelve years old then, standing in front of his body laid on the ground with his comrades…
        I felt so bad at that moment…

        Here is a song that I humbly dedicate to all of you Ariado Families. The lyrics just always remind me of Tony. “Hold to the truth in your heart”… jun asuncion

        -If We Hold On together-

        Don’t lose your way
        With each passing day
        You’ve come so far
        Don’t throw it away
        Live believing
        Dreams are for weaving
        Wonders are waiting to start
        Live your story
        Faith, hope & glory
        Hold to the truth in your heart

        If we hold on together
        I know our dreams will never die
        Dreams see us through to forever
        Where clouds roll by
        For you and I

        Souls in the wind
        Must learn how to bend
        Seek out a star
        Hold on to the end
        Valley, mountain
        There is a fountain
        Washes our tears all away
        Words are swaying
        Someone is praying
        Please let us come home to stay

        If we hold on together
        I know our dreams will never die
        Dreams see us through to forever
        Where clouds roll by
        For you and I

        When we are out there in the dark
        We’ll dream about the sun
        In the dark we’ll feel the light
        Warm our hearts, everyone

        If we hold on together
        I know our dreams will never die
        Dreams see us through to forever
        As high as souls can fly
        The clouds roll by
        For you and I.


      • Kiara Ariado

        hinde ko po alam if you already know…. sa araw po nang mga bayani, ung kapatid po ni uncle tony at c lolo pupunta sa bantayog nang bayani because he will be honored as a hero na rin po.

        and if you could give me your email manong jun, i have something to ask you about uncle tony.

  13. iguy

    padi Ariel- magpost ka tabi saning hapot mo garu sa shout section san hanapin mo ang website ng bulan. nakalimutan mo na ba ang salitang bulan? good luck sa pighahanap mo.

  14. Thank you Ariel for your visit, thank you iguy for your good suggestion. I will try to ask my older siblings and cousins who know the Ariado’s better than I do. Or if somebody who is reading now can help you, you might get a mail. Are you buiding up your family tree? It’s nice to know young people who are searching for their roots. I am also conducting my own search of the Asuncion’s family heritage. My uncle Dr. Ronaldo Asuncion has already laid down a solid research work on our family heritage and I’m fortunate to have a copy of it. I am currently focusing my search on the painter Justiniano Asuncion (Spanish time) who had left us an excellent legacy.
    I’ll let you know as soon as we get more informations about your family roots in Bulan.
    Thanks again.

    jun asuncion

  15. Ariel

    salamat sa tulong.

  16. toots fungo

    Hello,Tony Boy Gilana,si Toots ini,paki reparo man tabi san iyo PEACEPOLE sa may entrada san Simabahan mati on na kaya.. hain si chinchin?

  17. PIO-Bulan

    Dear Jun. Hello to all tabi!

    I’m here all over again po.

    I read Toots Fungo’s reminder about the peace pole. Opo, mao ipa-imod ko po nan palimpiahan. Salamat sa reminder.

    Tonyboy Gilana- PIO Bulan

  18. rodelle

    kuya jun, si rodelle tabi ini… kumusta ka na? halos 20yrs na ada kita di nag imudan…
    nadudumduman mo pa ba an kababasa mo sin Readers Digest sadto sa taas san PUNO san ABOCADO , kaawat na sadto pero ako ‘di ko makalimutan…hehehe!

    niyan nagagamit mo na an kahusayan mo dini sa blog mo…kagayon gud sini na site mo…’di ka na talaga ma-reach, hehehe…

    aram mo, kaawat ko na ini inbibisita at inpaparabasa na mga articles mo at inclined ka na din yata sa music or shall i say “nagkakanta ka na sa mga daragko na pagtiripon base sa naimod ko na picture, hehehe… sabagay, sadto pa mahilig kana talaga sa music, di’ba?!

    aram mo, hanga ako sa imo sa hinimo niyo na site na ini kay napupukaw niyo an iba na may pagkamoot sa sadiri nato na banwa, an BULAN…na dapat ngani mao an nauna na maging CITY kay dako na lugar compare sa Sorsogon City… daghan pa an pwedeng hanapbuhay sa bulan mismo…kaya lang, nabibilin kay daghan pa an dapat na pagtuunan ng pansin lalo na nga an mga ospital, an airport lalo na, kay balita ko, napundo na an pagpapahimo kay di na kaalyado sa politika an naglalakaw sini.. na kagayon kunta na airport…sayang! halos 30% na kunta an nahihimuan…naudong lng. kaya niyan, nakatiwang-wang na lang…buladan na lang sin paray at pasyaran san mga karabaw…

    tabi palan kuya jun, visit mo tabi ini na (kundi mo pa aram tabi kuya,hehehe!) para ma-access mo an mga radio station sa bicol, lalo na sa bulan… daghanon pa an pwede mo magka erimod dini sa site na ini…

    give my regards na lang po saimo misis pati sa mga bata mo at sa blog mo na ini…


    • Hi Rodelle! Yes, a long time ago….
      I hope you’re doing fine my dear cousin. I met your mom 5 years ago and Annabelle just last year- of course in Bulan.
      Yes, Bulan is a big town and should be developed to the fullest. It should open up and grow into progressive community. We need intelligent leaders and investors from different places. Of course Bulan is dependent on the developments on the national level. With the new government and leadership, we hope that foreign investors and tourists wouldn’t hesitate anymore in coming to our country. We need to market our products internationally. It’s the demand or the market that is missing.
      But as I have observed just over a week ago, Bulan is a relatively clean and disciplined town. Bulaneños need role models that is why we need disciplined authority figures like teachers, parents, priests, barangay leaders, police and politicians.

      Laws and regulations must be strictly enforced.

      Corruption and stealing should be deleted in our public officials’ memory, the same with begging and abusing the politicians by the people themselves during elections. We need to practice delicadeza and/or decency, treat each other and our surroundings with respect. This is what we urgently need to deserve progress.

      We hope that we get the necessary impetus from all sides for Bulan to move forward.
      The last elections were a positive sign of democracy in the Philippines.
      And democracy needs vigilant people to sustain it all the time.

      And we also hope that this site fulfills this funcion of being one of the platforms for Bulaneños to use to voice out their opinions and observations in the coming years.
      Let’s us talk about that Bulan Carabao Airport next time.

      Keep in touch.

      jun asuncion

  19. what are the unique things/features that Bulan, Sorsogon has? (tourist spot, food, culture, etc)-I’m (….Jerome, pls. correct this sentence. Thanks, BO) colleges here in Manila about Bulan and the output will be a WEB with Videos medium, all of your help thru additional information is very much appreciated it will benefit
    our province a lot, and please visit my website so that you
    can foresee what’s in store for the future website of our very own Bulan Sorsogon!

  20. Mon

    Good day Contributors! may I know if there is a family tree posted here? Thank you! 😀

  21. To Mon:

    If you’re an Asuncion and are serious about getting a copy of the family tree, well I could send you the soft copy of it.
    I don’t post it here although we talk about some details of our story here primarily for our relatives.


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