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Let me just put it this way now: In Bulan Observer we observe the moon above and write things that come to our mind- Art,  Music, Literature, Science, Culture, Opinion- or just about anything that makes us better versions of ourselves, uplift us in rough times, fire our imagination or simply educate us. Everbody is welcome to contribute.

jun asuncion  march 21, 2021

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  1. Thanks jacarizo for your visit, your site is fantastic, a must-see for tagabulans!
    Thank you for connecting.

    jun asuncion

    • hi!im butchoy hilao of matnog,i discovered this site and i wanna thank you for featuring my grandpa w/c we dearly love and miss,segismundo hilao…salamatunon for giving importance to his contribution in bulan..more power!

      • hello butchoy,

        my teacher in grade six was mr. hilao way back 1967-68. our school was located at PTA under Bulan North Central School. i couldn’t remember mr. hilao’s full name but as i remember him, he was a very good teacher, a bit bulky and a very jolly person – his smiling face is still in my mind. is your grandpa the teacher that i’m referring to? if he is, how is he doing? tell him my regards and greetings from one of his students. i’m sure he will no longer remember me, but i can still remember and won’t forget him. i owe him a lot for what i am today.

      • A case of discombobulation, Oliver?

        No, we are not starting a new fashion of avoiding unwanted comments! We are just waiting for attybenji’s go signal and then it will be visible to everybody.

        Thanks and good you found your way “home”.

        jun asuncion

  2. To rudyb,

    Nice to hear something from you again. You have two possibilities:
    1. Write and send your article using the e-mail address above.
    2. Write ( or paste from microsoft Word) directly on this -Leave a Reply- space like when you are writing a comment, but it will be posted as an independent article, just don’t forget the title of your article.

    Thanks and ’til then!

    jun asuncion

  3. hello jun. this is your pinsan, fr.glen. my condolences again for the sudden passing away of our dear Manay Edna (it was a blessing in disguise for me to arrive at Bulan at the height of typhoon Dante; i think Manay Edna travelled with me all the way to Bulan, keeping safe my way home, as i intended to attend her funeral). i do miss her more than ever now, knowing that we were the ones left in Bulan during those troubled times in Canipaan… in any case, my prayers are with her and rest assured of the daily masses intended for her here in my place, Sacred Heart of Jesus Chaplaincy, Sangat, San Fernando, Cebu.
    somebody told me about Bulan Observer and i find this exemplary! this makes it easy for me to see Bulan in a quick way, and more so, in connecting with u! aahhhh…finally, “Bulan in Cebu”!

  4. To Fr. Glen,

    It’s nice to hear something from you Fr. Glen. I have not written a word here in Bulan Observer since I left our town. You know, though my mind is still there I prefer just to sit quietly at the moment as I try to sort out things I have experienced there- aside from Manay Edna’s sad affair: the typhoons and the flood, the relatives I haven’t seen for ages, old classmates, Bulan and its people, etc. Besides, I have seen things behind appearances and these are what occupy my thinking at the moment.

    You may hate or love things you experienced yourself in Bulan during your short stay there but it’s just alright, that’s why you call it home.
    Home is where this ambivalence starts early in one’s life: you hate it and so flee from it only to dream about coming home someday, to be back to the place where your ancestors had been buried.

    My warmest greetings to the people in Sangat, San Fernando. May we reach out more Tagabulans who reside there and help in our little way awaken in them this “ambivalence” that they have about Bulan. This is true politics when people come together and be re-connected to one another based on common origin. On the other hand, a political practice that disperses people away from home is not true politics but opportunism.

    I’ll be writing down bit by bit my Bulan experience, my views and concerns arising from these experiences in the coming days. And I have documents to back them up.

    Meanwhile join me in my quiet place as I try to reflect on the meaning of our Manay Edna’s traces of existence.

    jun asuncion

  5. meron po bang ordinance sa bulan, sorsogon about helmet na pwedeng di na mahelmet dahil sa mga nayayaring patayan? pwede po makakuha ng kopya?tnx..and more power.

  6. Good Morning Jun, and also to Jean So:

    This is about Jean’s query if there is an ordinance on the use of helmets.

    Yes, we have an ordinance on the use of helmets. As a matter of fact, this municipal ordinance is in consonance with the national law on the use of helmets, in order to provide safety to motorcycle riders. If you would like a copy of the ordinance, please feel free to come to the SB Secretary. It is a public document which you can access.

    The use of helmets by criminals to avoid being detected or identified, while doing a felony, is a police problem. In fact , we have taken this up in our Local Peace and Order Council meetings.

    Just the same, we encourage you to use helmets, especially on long distance travels, and along hi-ways, for your own personal safety and the safety of those riding with you.

    Thanks much and mabuhay po kayo, Jean.

  7. Thank you Jean for your visit and PIO-Bulan for your prompt reply to Jean’s query. This shows the need for a Bulan Website where the PIO- workers can attend to the people’s needs like this one and where people can download related documents and information by themselves.

    The law or ordinance should remain as such and should be enforced and be followed. For police to prohibit the use of helmets (because of some criminals taking advantage of it) while driving a motorcycle for driver and backriders is a violation of the existing LTO ordinance. This happened in some areas in the Philippines.
    A criminal activity should not override existing law even when it conflicts with police work. The ordinance on the use of helmet was created for the security of the people driving motorized bicycles- and, whether we like it or not, this includes some motorcyclists with criminal intention themselves! That’s the paradox in every law, it seems. The right to life, for example. criminalizes some forms of euthanasia and collides with the right to self-determination, and so is a political Anti-dynasty law that would automatically bar any member of a political dynasty from an elected public position even when highly qualified.

    The helmet is also figurative of power protecting some people- like many of our corrupt politicians, public officials and greedy businessmen-and women like contractors, etc. Protected by the helmet they wear (their office, high economic status and connections), they go on with their habit of amassing personal wealth ( or other crimes) at the expense of the country or town whose people they are supposed to serve. They go on with their felony unnoticed to the public, very much the same with the motorcycle gang in the streets. And the “helmet” protects them from being persecuted for reason of their status or office, as in the case of diplomatic immunity (Vienna Convention of 1961).

    The world knows that the Arroyo family has a huge collection of helmets-especially the first gentleman. We can only hope that in Bulan helmets aren’t worn by our public officials- except of course when they are motorcycling.

    This is the dilemma of human societies. But in many cases, it is the character and intention that is defective, not the law.

    Here is a related news article published by the Philippine Information Agency PIA

    PIA Press Release

    LTO, PNP warn motorbike drivers, riders vs driving without helmet
    by Rizalie A. Calibo

    Siquijor (21 November) — Motorcycle drivers and backriders, beware! the Land Transportation Office here will strictly implement the ‘no helmet, no travel policy’ anytime soon, says Supervising Transportation Regulation Officer Gerald Dominguez.

    Dominguez said LTO officers from the region will be coming to Siquijor starting next week to effect the law. He said drivers and backriders found not wearing helmets while traveling will be fined P1,500 each aside from the other violations the officers may find in the operation.

    The warning was also backed up by Police Superintendent Efren H. Ysulat, Provincial Director of the Philippine National Police (PNP) here during the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) meeting Wednesday at the Provincial Capitol, Siquijor, Siquijor.

    Ysulat said he has instructed all his men to enforce the law and be the role models for all motorists to follow. He said, however that he has given his men until the end of this month to acquire helmets so that by December 1 all of them will already be wearing helmets when driving. He also said he has tried talking with the LTO to give time for the operators/passengers to acquire helmets and possibly fully implement the law in January of next year yet.

    But Dominguez said, the regional office has already given him a go signal and that he is bound to implement it full force as soon as he is done with his information drive.

    Dominguez explained that the law is for the protection of drivers and passengers from accidents and to prevent the aggravation of vehicular accidents.

    Deaths and injuries from motorcycles accidents has been one of the issues tackled in the previous PPOC meetings so that Dominguez said it is high time we put teeth to the law.

    “Wearing of helmets is a safety measure for all motorcycles drivers and passengers to prevent possible head and brain injury or even untimely death,” he said quoting the memorandum circular issued to their office.

    According the World Health Organization (WHO) road accidents have become major public health problem in Asia and the Pacific. 10 million people are severely injured or killed annually on the region’s roads, the WHO said.

    With Asia accounting for only 16% of the world’s vehicles, road deaths rose by nearly 40% between 1987 and 1995 – while in developed nations, it fell by about 10% because of better safety measures.

    The WHO reported that “most motorcycle deaths are a result of head injuries. While wearing a helmet correctly can cut the risk of death by almost 40 percent, many countries do not strictly enforce laws covering the use of helmets.

    Key safety measures include seat belts and helmets, speed and alcohol intake restrictions, enhanced vehicle standards and road design and conditions, WHO said.

    Most injuries among motorcycle riders are to the head, so helmets could significantly reduce road trauma, WHO said.

    Earlier this year, Rep. Narciso D. Santiago III has also filed House Bill 4751, a bill pushing for the mandatory use of helmets when riding bicycles, non-motorized scooters, roller skates or roller blades and skateboards.

    In filing the bill, the solon said riding anything with wheels is very dangerous and most of the time, people are exposed to various injuries, especially head traumas.

    He said it is common knowledge that majority of Filipinos do not wear helmets or any protective gear when they ride bikes and scooters, or use roller skates, roller blades and skateboards.

    The bill provides that a person who intends to ride a bike, non-motorized scooter, roller blades or roller skates and skateboard must wear helmets properly, and other headgears for this purpose, set by an appropriate government agency or by any applicable international standards.

    In case there is an offender, he or she will initially receive a warning informing him or her of the requirements under this act.

    The measure also provides for the distribution of educational materials on bicycle helmet use. Repeat offenders however, or parents or guardians of minors who are repeat offenders, will be fined P500.00 for each repeated offense.

    Based on HB 4751, or the “Safe Riders Act of 2008”, this bill will apply at all times while a bicycle, non motorized scooters, roller skates or roller blades and skateboards are being operated on any street, roads, parks or other property open to the public or used by the public for pedestrian or vehicular traffic as well as for places of recreation.

    This act shall also apply at all times to any person who is riding a bike or non-motorized scooter including a person who is a passenger to these wheeled contraptions.

    Santiago said this bill aims to remedy the “vacuum” in the law since there is still no legislation promoting the use of helmets even as skateboards, scooters, roller blades or roller skates are being used.

  8. napahanga mo ako pare, sa aspetong kinalalagayan natin ngayon, kahit malyo tayo sa bawat isa, bulan parin ang hometown ko, babalik at babalik ako dyan kinokompleto kolng ung mga pakpak ko para pagdating ko dyan mkatulong ako sa proyekto nu tungkol sa pagpaunlad ng aqua project dyan.

    • Good plan, Butch Goneo! We need “complete wings” for Bulan to take off. But for this we also need a completed and fully operational Bulan airport. They started building it almost two years ago and I hope that to finish it was also part of the plan. We never know with certainty because of the corrupt people that’s running our country.

      jun asuncion

  9. hi sir jun,

    i happen to stumble upon this site, you have a very nice blog.. i am too currently developing a blog site for my hometown Gubat, Sorsogon.. just started this Dec. 2009.. if you don’t mind, i would like to include this site on my blogroll

    thank you sir and merry christmas

    • Discover Gubat,

      You are most welcome to include Bulan Observer on your blogroll- we are good neighbors, aren’t we?
      It has always been my idea to spread Bulan Observer around Bicol region and to motivate people like you to start a website like BO in their own municipalities. I think patience for the right things pays off in the end and here you are being the first to get my message and I’m happy about that. Stay with it and pass our “dream” to the neighborhood.

      You need to define things from the very beginning for this is very important and from there go on with your work. Soon you will see how the Gubatons are reacting to your site and hopefully this will develop to a platform where they can discuss freely things that are going on in Gubat.

      My holiday greetings to the Gubatons!

      From Bulanon,

      jun asuncion

    • Bulan Observer salutes also the Sagipdagatvolunteers or SDV!

      Actually, I’ve been monitoring your activities since a few months already and I’m impressed of how you do your share in keeping Bulan’s seashores clean and how your membership has grown that fast. This means your decision at that day to clean the sea rather than just go swimming was right and is now paying off.

      I think SDV is one of the pioneers of the Green Movement in Bulan and I’m mighty proud of your organization for this is one way of preparing a brighter future for Bulan, of protecting the biodiversity within the Bulan ecosystem and most of all, of developing in our town people the consciousness of marine environmental protection.

      You’re a good example to follow and your program of activities deserve the support of the local government.

      I hope you are documenting your projects or doing studies for specific goals this year. In case you are need a space for publishing any of those, please don’t hesitate to make use of Bulan Observer as additional platform for you to spread the good news from the seashores of Bulan.

      More power to your group, more support from the people!

      jun asuncion

  10. sa kapwa ko na mga taga BULAN, nag aapela po ako sa iyo na danonan man na maipaabot sa mga LIDER o magiging LIDER san ato bongto na IPRAYORIDAD man nira an HOSPITAL kay MAKALOLOUY an kamutangan san ato mga karamanghodan sa BULAn na na NGAIPO san serbisyo medikal,lalo na sa mga EMERGENCY na sistwasyon kay kaipohan pa IBYAHE pa irosin o kya sorsogon kay deri kaya san hospital sa bulan..an BULAN an pang DUWA sa pinaka dako na populasyon nan BUDget sa bilog san sorsogon kaya dapat lang siguro mag ka igwa san mayad na hospital..

    • Jun, the Bulan Lions club salutes you and your wife for the kindheartedness and generosity you have extended through the club for our less fortunate kababayans. The medicines you sent to the BLC for its medical missions will go a long way in helping them.
      Thank you very much. Dios mabalos!

      • To Erline G. Alindogan,

        I’m humbled by your visit. I actually have to thank Bulan Lion’s Club for its willingness to sustain the Sta. Remedios Charity Medical Clinic and continue in small ways helping our kababayans in that place.

        We will always keep our eyes and hearts open to the Bulan Lion’s Club medical missions.

        My special thanks to Mr. Antonio Vytiaco, Sr. for his valuable help in getting things done accordingly.

        Our group (with Patricio Franklin and his wife) will devise ways to maintain our involvement in your future projects which involve the Sta. Remedios Charity Medical Clinic.

        Thank you.

        jun asuncion

  11. Thank you cyo z-4

    that is exactly what my main concern: there is no medical facility in bulan. when there’s an emergency they had to take the patient somewhere else.what is the goverment there doing about this problem, nothing? i for one was from bulan also and i wanted very much to visit my relatives in san ramon and bulan but im scared because of the fact that what if i get sick, where do i go and who can i trust to treat me. and another thing that they need(goverment) to look at is the welfare of people. for example what a single parent can do to support herself and her child if the said child is physically handicapped? 100% handicapp? where can they go for help? is there any social welfare agency?and also why do people keep on voting for the same candidate everytime there’s an election if this person doesn’t do the job well? thank you and may god bless us all.

    • ,.hey,;dis issue is need to be adress,..to the author,.if you’r realy concern about the improvement of bulan,.so why this reaction is being ignored,..

      • mao tabi,.nano daw kay sa kaawat na mao uon an problema san bulan nano daw kay dire youn ma solosyonan..di ko aram kung nag bubuta butahan nan nag bubungol bungolan lang an mga nasa gobyerno..sa author tabi sadi.,kung saro ka man tabi na na maw ot san bulan,.basi kung pwede madanonan mo man na maipa abot sa mga nasa pwesto sa munisipyo na ma solosyonan man nira ini na problema san mga kasarag dayan don sa bulan,lalo na an serbisyo medikal…….an di ko lang tabi maisip GRABE AN LISTO DUN SA BULAN,.NANO KAY BAGAN WARA MAN INISYATIBO NA MATUKAR INI NA PROBLEMA….BASI KUNG PAHARAMBUGAN LANG INI UGANG ,…

  12. marhay na adlaw sa gabos. lalo na sa ato na mayor at opisyalis kan bulan sor. mga bossing sana may panahon man tabi kamo na mapasyaran an ato tungod san baybayon sa dagat. mga bossing grabi na po ang tambak na basura sa tabing dagat natin, lalo na po dyan tapat ng bulan market, tingnan nyo po ung palibot at gilid ng dalampasigan punong puno na po ng basura.
    mga bossing sana po malinisan at bigyan ng disiplina ang mga tao na wag gawin damsite ng basura ang tabing dagat ng bulan at gayon din sa mga baryo.paano na po ung susunod na nga henirasyon wala ng dagat na matatanaw sa bulan sor kundi tambak ng basura na lg po ba?

  13. My best wishes to you and your family. The Bulan Lions club will hold its medical, dental and optical mission at Sabang Park Pavilion on Sunday, September 26, 2010. The medicines you sent will be dispensed on this day. If ever there are excess medicines, we will again have another one in October and November. There are also pharma companies who have given us some medicines. We are most grateful for all your help. God bless. May your tribe increase.

    • Thank you Erline for this update. We are happy about your coming mission at Sabang Park, a place I love in Bulan.

      If you- or anybody involved in your mission-could write something about this mission day (a report or personal impressions, etc.) after and post it here in Bulan Observer, it would be great! Please add some photos to your write up. You can send me the photos per e-mail as attachment and I’ll just insert them into your article.

      Hoping to hear from you soon and for a fruitful Sunday the 26th.

      Bulan Observer will continue to support your mission.

      Best regards to Tio Tonying Vytiaco.

      jun asuncion

  14. wow Tito Jun! I didn’t know about this until I stumbled into your site while researching about the 1st mass in Luzon (I’m confused where it was really held, I’m gonna write an article and I wanna feature Sorsogon 1st. I will add your site to my blogroll.

    Anyway, I just had a quick visit to Bulan, the white house seems empty though, sigh. 😦
    But it was nice to see cousin Apple before I left. 🙂

    I truly salute you tito for sharing your blessings to those in need. Keep it up! More blessings to you and your family! 🙂

    Gigi Hilotin (daughter of Beth)

    • Hi Gigi! It seems that backpacking not only leads one to unknown places but also to relatives one has hardly known.

      Like you, traveling is also in my veins, in fact, I consider myself almost like a bohemian, a gypsy traveling around with a guitar on hand…

      The difference is that you talk and write about beautiful destinations and travel guide. I started writing not about other places but about what was happening in that place that was once my cradle, about Bulan, a place you also know too well.

      I have seen also nice places but it’s not the beauty that lingers for a while in my mind everytime I have left but the social and political situation as reflected in the faces of the people young and old. It’s not the happiness but the untold stories of pains which fill up my backpack upon return.

      I was also in Bulan last May and was happy to be in that compound again. Sure, memories were there of my time with your mother Beth, aunties and uncles and your grandparents whom I have always loved and respected…

      But I realized also that human relationship of any kind has also its natural expiration period that in the end you stand there alone, alone with your backpack.

      Again I left Bulan last May with the usual political hymns I have heard still ringing in my ears; but they didn’t disturb me. What disturbed me were the faces of those little children roaming around at Sabang Park late at night amusing themselves with little gambling games.

      I wish you good luck on your travels and keep that eye for beautiful things in this world. May our paths cross one day somewhere else.

      Tito Jun

  15. Hallo Bulan Observer,

    its more as 10 Years ago my wife and i have a good dream to start a Beachresort & Retirement Place etc. for people he like to stay for good or only for his vacation time,etc.

    in the first 4-5 years was our small paradies growing.

    may be observers of bulan like not to growth for the future of children or familie etc.

    because of this habid we like, we have to sale our Resort

    because the last pantalon have never one bulsa for all the money. God bless you all

    observer you have to now way bulan town is not growing!!!!????

    i like not to criticize, only observe all the years up to now.

    my first time is 15 years ago wen i was in bulan dreaming town only up to now

    every travelbook in oversea you can not find bulan no more 10 years ago meron

    investors go to albay/camarines not to sorsogon province.
    hoy gising wake up for the future of the children, students of bulan and the families.

    it is not more so simple to go to europe or to usa etc.

    also outside from the philippines is anemployment
    maraming anemployment

    now filipinos like to make a smal kredit and go for vacation to the philippines. payt in two years back to the bank ok again this is the rytmus now to make this families proud for the vacations time.
    at home in usa or europe mh problem.

    wy walang investor’s for future employment is in the province of sorsogon to maybe 100 or 200 employer!!

    hallo bulan observer, observe

    thanks to you to make open the observer
    i am also observer

    Ps.sorry for my bad english

    • Thank you Mr. Hartmann for your concerns regarding Bulan development.
      By the way, I was in your property (Munting Paraiso) last May and we had a nice afternoon there. You’ve invested a lot of time and money for your resort but I don’t understand why you have been wanting to sell it. What’s the main reason?
      Was it a case of “Fehlinvestition” or management problem? A beach resort and retirement place like the Munting Paraiso was surely not meant for local people but for foreigners or balikbayan Filipinos. I can imagine that you didn’t get these customers because for one thing many Tagabulans who live abroad don’t come back to Bulan anymore, and foreigners-tourists, pensionists or investors- do not come to Bulan because it’s so remote and has no airport and first class facilities. You may have experienced yourself the problem of enticing fellow retired Germans from coming to Bulan to spend the rest of their time there.

      The first thing that the foreigners worry about is the political situation of their destination. Philippine politics was never attractive to Europeans for it was for decades very unstable and famous for corruption, political killings, insurgency problems, etc.

      With President Aquino, this might change but I’m not sure when this change will be visible in remote municipalities like Bulan.
      Aquino will not even have enough time for his clean-up drive. I guess, another two or three succeeding presidents with good intentions like Aquino would finish the job of creating a politically and economicaly stable Philippines. So it will take a lot of time more and a big portion of good luck for this to happen.

      Time is what investors like you do not have anymore when talking about Bulan that’s why they leave Bulan and go to other better places where their time and money are not wasted.

      This is the main challenge to the people of Bulan and its leadership- that of making the town attractive in their own way as they hope and wait for a greater national change.

      Your “hoy gising” call is justified and understandable for you have another understanding of sleep; “hoy gising” is a wake-up call from a man whose peaceful slumber had been disturbed by the wars of all kinds that characterized European history.

      Yet, the dreamy small town of Bulan has also its attractions if you forget the economic aspect. It maybe because of them that you called your resort Munting Paraiso for the place is almost like a paradise, quiet and beautiful, remote from the greed of the capitalists and destructive mass tourism. It’s nature as she is in Munting Paraiso.

      Yes, I also wish progress for Bulan at the same time I want to keep it as it is, a little paradise, where people and things participate in the primordial rhythm of time, where sunrise and sunset do not pressure them to death, where people come and go, live and die naturally without the whole world knowing it. That’s for me its main attraction.

      jun asuncion

  16. Kabayan,
    I am your avid fan of your column, a native also from Bulan in brgy San Ramon, sincerely I’m impressed by your concern saato namomotan na bongto, keep up the good work and God bless.

  17. To Cpt. Gotladera,
    Thanks Kabongto for passing by and my greetings to the San Ramonians!
    Well, Bulan is our birthplace that’s why it is very special and is just very natural for us to love Bulan.
    We don’t wish for more but for our public servants to handle Bulan with care so that it becomes more beautiful.

    jun asuncion

    • Cpt Gotladera Rod
      February 1, 2011 at 3:54 am
      Im so happy when my relatives in San Ramon informed me regarding the electrification in sitio Cabungahan” maliwanagon na daw an agihan nira”,.my deepest thanks to our good Mayor for the initiative ,likewise for Kap Andrew Lupenario of Sn Ramon good job noy Hurrah!,.pakipaabot man tabi Sir Jun. God bless.


  18. magandang araw po sa inyong lahat…ang pakay ko po ay hanapin ang pinagmulan ng aking lola na si LUCINA YULO GERONA na taga bulan sorsogon,ang napangasawa nya po ay si FRANCISCO TOLENTINO na taga masantol pampanga isa pong biayahero….itinakwil po ang aming lola dahil sa pag aasawa kay francisco..buhat po nung sumama ang aming lola kay lolo wala na pong communication hanggang ngaun…9 po ang naging anak nila bale 2 na lang po ang nabubuhay..1 lalaki at 1 babae…bunso po ang aking ina na si ADELA GERONA TOLENTINO birthday nya po september 8 1941…puede nyo po b akong matulungan,makilala ng natitira pa naming magulang ang aming mga kamag anak jan po sa bulan sorsogon..salamat po!

  19. Hellow love the place I thing hate some of people there specialy the two PULIS man. The worst one EDGAR CALUPIT I know they love to set up somebody to get money from their that too is disgraceful and not diserve being pulis man and human that’s one thing hope this too ganno learn some lesson hope the new mayor do something about this.thanks

  20. Good day Sir Jun.

    The Bulan Observer is very interesting and it’s a fun read. My lola’s family was originally from Bulan, Sorsogon. She’s actually a descendant of Rufino Gerona. I’m planning to print a few of your articles/blog posts for her to read.

    Thank you very much!

  21. Hello! I am Ruben Jeffrey Asuncion, grandson of Ruben “Papa Ben” Asuncion. I am interested in writing a history of Bulan, with emphasis on the Asuncions there. I hope there can be a chance, starting with whatever materials there are on the net and in Bulan.


    • Thank you Jeffrey. Yes, go on with your plan. I know that Bulan Observer is familiar to you. Use any material that you may find here. I’m glad that there are still some remaining loyal Asuncions who want to go beyond superficialities.

      • By the way sir. Happy new year! Also, have you verified if a Portuguese man was really the ancestor of the Asuncions?

  22. Happy 2021 to you also and hoping you’re safe.
    About that alledged Portuguese ancestry of the Asuncions, it is up to now not proven that we have the genes in our blood. Several Asuncion cousins I think made an ethnicity and genealogy DNA Test and the results regarding this discussion is negative, that we actually have more of the Chinese (Ming Mong Lo) and regional (Asian) ancestry. Remember, our family name before this Claveria Decree was Kagalitan which is a very local name.My intuition tells me- and this inclined me to believe without an exact proof- that the Kagalitans (Mariano, Sr.’s side) were really of Asian descent. Particularly, I would like to know the etymology of the word Kagalitan. Where does it originally come from linguistically? Can we trace it back to Sanskrit, to the Indo- european languages? If we find it out, then we will find more about our cultural ethnicity. It’s interesting, but someone among us has to dedicate his/her whole life, intelligence, energy and resources to dig this matter since it is very complex. Question like how old is our Mariano lineage/ancestry would bring us to our ultimate origin. This is of course not easy but there must be an answer somewhere.

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