Find Our Wings And Learn To Fly

(Jazzblues Ballad in F major7/ jun asuncion
jazz& blues album)

In life, we all have family ties,
Togetherness that we hold so dear,
But when respect is lost things can go awry,
And loved ones can become unclear.

The bonds we shared can slowly fade,
As time and events take their toll,
And we’re left feeling so betrayed,
As we try to keep our hearts whole.

But we must learn to let them go,
And find the strength to move ahead,
To find our own path, make it so,
And let the past remain unsaid.

For letting go is the key,
To finding peace and happiness,
And though we may feel lost and free,
We’ll find our way through this mess.

We’ll take control of our own fate,
And let our spirits soar up high,
And though it may be hard and late,
We’ll find our wings and learn to fly.

Our family ties may never mend,
But we’ll find love in other ways,
And in the end, we’ll learn to bend,
And find the strength to face new days.

So let us hold our heads up high,
And face the moment with a smile,
For though our family ties may die,
We’ll find our own path, all the while.

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