Bulan Blues

Flooded or not, Bulan is Bulan, my birthplace, and it remains a beautiful town. Typhoons, floods…nothing new for this town, they’re part of my flood of Bulan memories. Like this one:

I remember as a young boy sitting on the walls of PTA (Bulan North Central School)  one moonlit night with  my older cousin Sonny Razo, an artist by nature, as I watched his chords as he played the guitar. He inspired me that much wherever I was with him- in Bulan, Donsol and Manila.

Yet, the very first person to introduce me to this lovely instrument was my loving sister Manay Edna, a gentle soul of a woman , a disciplinarian, yet a loving one, never insulting nor bullying his younger brother. Unlike the others, she was a source of inspiration, not of irritation, never name-calling me  as others did. Aside from my parents, these are the two people- Manay Edna and Sonny Razo- to whom I really owe a big part of that’s gentle in me. To both of you, wherever you may be, I dedicate each gentle note of this improvised song Bulan Blues.


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2 responses to “Bulan Blues

  1. hoping that everything is okay in your hometown.

  2. by the way, sharing something that may be useful for our friends in Bulan especially those who are outside the country:


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