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Bulan Blues

Flooded or not, Bulan is Bulan, my birthplace, and it remains a beautiful town. Typhoons, floods…nothing new for this town, they’re part of my flood of Bulan memories. Like this one:

I remember as a young boy sitting on the walls of PTA (Bulan North Central School)  one moonlit night with  my older cousin Sonny Razo, an artist by nature, as I watched his chords as he played the guitar. He inspired me that much wherever I was with him- in Bulan, Donsol and Manila.

Yet, the very first person to introduce me to this lovely instrument was my loving sister Manay Edna, a gentle soul of a woman , a disciplinarian, yet a loving one, never insulting nor bullying his younger brother. Unlike the others, she was a source of inspiration, not of irritation, never name-calling me  as others did. Aside from my parents, these are the two people- Manay Edna and Sonny Razo- to whom I really owe a big part of that’s gentle in me. To both of you, wherever you may be, I dedicate each gentle note of this improvised song Bulan Blues.


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