Asuncion Grand Reunion 2018 : jun asuncion’s closing remarks


I’m sharing this video message uploaded in youtube also here on Bulan Observer so that all other relatives and friends in Bulan and in all other places  have also the chance to see it and be connected with Asuncions in Manila, or at least be updated on what is going on there. Recently they have just made an exhibition at the Ayala Museum entitled ” Art And Family: The Asuncion Legacy” which showcased the works of the Asuncion Artists of Sta. Cruz, Manila of the late 19th century. Of course, Capitan Ting’s huge oil portraits of the Asuncion women- Romana, Filomena and Donã Teodora De Vera, the wife of Don Paterno Molo, his uncle, dominated the exhibition.


The exhibition ended last January 14. I know that many Asuncion relatives have – for various reasons – not been at the exhibition and even at the Grand Reunion of last January 22 at the Kalayaan Hall of the  Club Filipino in Manila. There were 248 Asuncion relatives who came, according Malou Asuncion. A big group for the Kalayaan Hall, but small when we think that we are by the thousands. It’s not possible to gather us all together, but today’s social media platforms enable us to reach out to the biggest unknown relatives, not only in the Philippines. The Asuncion reunion is inclusive in nature, not reserve only for the better situated ones in Manila. It’s out of the question, however, that the Asuncions in Manila are very much active in trying to gather us all! Hence, they truly deserve our respect and recognition.

Bulan Observer, an Asuncion Blog from Bulan, contributed much in our search for our roots and branches by initiating the  first open on-line dialogues among us, thus linking us to more and more relatives. It’s one among those sparks responsible for the fire now raging! There is  a lot of  lively and exciting exchanges going on now in private platforms like Facebook, e-mails, etc. among old and new-found branches, as there are more and more information and materials coming in. So the Tree is getting bigger and bigger as the excitement that goes with it among those who are passionate with genealogical research, first of all our cousin Ed Asuncion Rojas, whom I also met here on Bulan Observer.

So, join the fire!


Ed Asuncion Rojas, Samuel , Mila and Jun.


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