Duterte, the Opium of the People.

We have in Duterte a criminal and a full-pledged psychopath running for presidency. Many dictators in history became mass murderers only after they had seized power. But not with Duterte. He is already one before even elected.  He admitted boastfully and a -matter-of-factly –  before millions of Filipinos and even watchers all over the world, that he killed people personally and that, if elected,  mass killings of people would be the order of the day. For after all, he believed that to be a president you must be a killer. The likes of Hitler, Stalin, Marcos, Saddam, al- Quaddafi would turn in their graves if they would hear Duterte. Indeed, these dead dictators and mass murderers would pale beside this psychopath made in Davao. These past dictators still displayed a trace of respect and good manners in front of the people and televisions. But not with Duterte. For him he is the biggest and the bravest for he decimated all the small drug criminals in Davao without due process of law. He is not just a lawyer- he is the law. For him, a drug addict and a drug dealer are the same so they must be killed.

Duterte of Davao, the mass murderer, rapist, sex maniac, liar, corrupt mayor, plunderer, tax evader, womanizer, alcoholics, drug user and drug dealer? A foul-mouthed dirty old man of Davao wanting to be the first communist- Muslim president in a predominantly catholic Philippines? No way. He deserves rather- and indeed asap- to be put in prison or be locked  in a psychiatric  hospital for he is a great danger to public safety- to women and children the most- and to public coffers.

Why did Duterte become the opium of the people, at least among this SWS 33%? Why are they in favor of  him after he showed them nothing but his psychopathic personality profile, mediocre I.Q, obscenities, blood thirst,  misanthropy, etc. during these last weeks? Is this the kind of man who will save the entire nation from poverty, the man who would attract foreign investors, tourists, beauty queens, diplomats and scholars? Has the Filipino taste and idealism really deteriorated that much after six years of Aquino good governance? ” For a change, that’s why I’ll vote for him”, a neighbor told me. A change for the worst? Is this our idea of political and social change? How come that Filipinos nowadays favor more devolution than evolution, mediocrity than sophistication, barbarism than culture and education, dictatorship than democracy, defeat than victory, decline than progress, idiocy than intelligence, emotion than reason?

Are these devaluations of Filipino character mainly because of poverty? Can a Filipino not be poor and yet be intelligent, decent, informed and democratic at the same time?

Poverty should actually  propel the Filipinos to be more creative problem solvers  and intelligent in their choices and decision making  so they can upgrade themselves rather than downgrade themselves more. Or has this nothing to do with intelligence and creativity but with the Filipino character and traits? Like traits of fatalism, crab mentality, ningas cogon,  debt of gratitude, dependency? All these contribute to the tendency  to sabotage the nation: Are these 33% really democratic-tired, poverty- tired, government-tired that now they want nothing but quick fixes to their problems? Or they just want to sabotage themselves?

Or is the whole thing a sign of creeping colonial nostalgia when the Filipinos were ruled by the rod? A modern collective masochistic  longing for a  sadistic punisher? Is lasting freedom too hard for the Filipinos to bear? Democracy too abstract a concept to comprehend?

And what made Duterte be the monster of Davao? His faulty genes, the people of Davao or his long history as a mayor? We can guess that all these have  contributed to the making of a Duterte monster. Many- but surely not all- people of Davao have feared him and this inflated more and more his defective ego. And being long in absolute power this absolutely corrupted his being. The result is this monster of Davao who now wants more and become the monster of the Philippines. It’s only ISIS that he respects, besides Jose Maria Sison and Quiboloy.

In any case, these 33%, including the INC and some corrupt Bicol politicians found in Duterte what they are looking for: A punisher and a hero archetype with impish plans who would sabotage for them the whole nation if elected – with the help of his communist, Muslim rebels  and drug ring buddies. He would be the absolute ruler and- together with his friend Quiboloy, another psychopath made in Davao- he would resurrect the millions of Filipinos from poverty and ignorance.

When in fact Duterte  is the most anti-Filipino who has ever entered the political scene-  and he is the first and foremost anti-Davao citizen. He is an insult to the intellect of Davao people, to  all decent people of Davao and whole of  Mindanao! They should jail him for such a heinous crime.

It would be a gross negligence of duty and national treachery  on the part of all other sane and responsible political, military, civic and religious leaders of the whole nation not to stop him from entering  Malacañang if ever elected this coming May 9. Stop this psychopath by all means! Filipinos can still afford this kind of national revolution than the revolution that Duterte and cohorts are planning to do without congress and supreme court. Stop him now! Preserve Freedom and Decency.