Benefit Concert: Message Of Ambassador Leslie Baja

 Ambassador Leslie J. Baja

Philippine Embassy, Berne, Switzerland


Congratulations to the Ketsana Foundation, especially to the two individuals who started  it, Franklin Patricio and Milagros Asuncion, and its two active members, Jun Asuncion and Elizabeth Patricio, for successfully organizing another charity event for the benefits of our less privileged brethren in Sorsogon!

I was moved while reading the story of how your library project came about. I hope that the magnanimity, determination and the noble cause you have always espoused will be
an inspiration to the other Filipinos in Switzerland to continually share the fruits of their  success to our less fortunate countrymen in the Philippines.

I share your pride and congratulate you on your past achievements of providing mobile tent centres for the medical missions in Sorsogon, as well as the other assistance you
have extended since 2008 to help brighten up the lives of the victims of natural disasters  in the provinee. Your untiring efforts and unwavering enthusiasm has continued to be the source of  strength for our less privileged people in Sorsogon who have been the recipients of numerous tragedies in the recent past. It should be an inspiration to many to pitch in doing deeds of kindness and acts of charity.

I thank Dr. Robert Siebenmann for generously offering to do this classical piano concert and sharing his talents to help build a brighter world for the children of Sorsogon.
Helping build a humble library for these children is already one big step towards the realization of their dreams. I also thank all the friends and supporters ofthe Ketsana Foundation who, through these years, have tirelessly supported the cause of the foundation. May your unflagging support and generosity inspire others to do their share in building a world free from the bondage of poverty.

To all of you at Ketsana Foundation, your friends and supporters, my best wishes on your future projects and hope that the little drops of kindness from your heart will make a mighty ocean of love!

Leslie J. Baja            Message of Amb. Baja to Ketsana Foundation ( original in pdf)




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