The politics of an executive order

Marginal Note

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.,

At this early takers of greening position in local politics here in the province of Sorsogon are throwing stones with their possible opponents by way of couched personal interest, using position held by a family member who were given a woeful feedback on how to upend the incumbency in a position of influence and power.

For lately, legislative fiat is being secured by a woman chief executive inviting attention to its supervisory power over barangay affairs specifically in the monitoring of national funded projects. The scheme was seen as an early fireworks to the floated interest of her husband who is aiming the seat of an incumbent representative.

Disguising its family intent by way of an executive order was too much for the taking of the provincial board where sitting committee members were heard that its all about politics and nothing more. The exercise was futile, though arguing certain provisions of the local government code which was interpreted to suit its political purposes.

It was a dismal performance by the lady chief executive and her staff who argued their cause but who willfully misinterpreted the exact provisions of the local government code. The committee does not want to be in the crossfire for 2013 is just about in the corner, thus doing the explaining is the provincial director of the interior and local government, supplying the missing, omitted provisions of the local government code with regard to the role, duties and responsibilities of a chief executive.

Pity for the executive order is full of antagonistic ideas to the sitting congressman and did put to test the position of the engineering district, thus the value of loyalty was opened.

Creating a technical monitoring team was too good to be true, it was the icing of the executive order, but the biggest chunk of the take is to negate the authority of an independent local government executive to accept a finish project in his barangay funded out from the national treasury specifically, congressional funds. That was the rub, and the play of the executive order is rubbish for it overstep its limitations and intends to transgress upon a legal authority to function as clearly defined in the local government code.

Taking the issue of corruption and using the line of the present administration of ‘matuwid na daan’ the executive order falls smack in the face of the executive, but do not blame her, it was her husband who purloined the interest by his ilks in the municipal government. He counts his people for he served nine long dubious years and the wife is currently on her last term in their moonless town.

Here’s another rub, at the hearing, she was overheard name-dropping a cabinet secretary who according to her is a relative, as if pushing out the contradiction of the provincial director of the interior and local government for their department is the same. But, to no avail.

Their object of ire is a man who do’esnt expect to win but took the seat from under for his district believed that he performed far better as local chief executive that his contenders.

2 thoughts on “The politics of an executive order

  1. By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

    SORSOGON CITY ( – In a move to prevent possible waste of public funds, a tax payer’s suit for declaratory relief, damages with application for injunction and temporary restraining order was filed against Bulan town Mayor Helen de Castro, Postal Bank Sorsogon branch head Emelda Navarro and eight others incumbent members of the Sanggunian Bayan of Bulan at RTC Branch 65 here.

    The complainant’s cause of action as taxpayers is to stop the release of the fifteen million (Php 15,000,000.00) pesos contracted loan from Postal Bank Sorsogon branch for its failure to secure a concessional interest rate lower than the prevailing interest rates set by the Central Bank’s standard reference rate in violation of Article 395(C) of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Local Government Code, R.A, 7160. It further question the failure of Mayor de Castro and her co-accused, the proposal to borrow money from the said bank, it also violated Section 447(2), sub-paragraph (iii) of R.A. 7160.

    The three complainant all taxpayers, Romeo Valeriano, Andres Porras and Antonio Boncan argued in their pleadings to the Court that respondent(s) did not include the Municipal Development Council primarily tasked to formulate development plan and investment programs of a locality which will be funded thru a loan and shall be paid out of the 20% development fund and did not participate in the preparation of the supplemental annual investment plan but such responsibility was usurped by the Sangguniang Bayan. With the action, the eight members of the council who favorably acted on the proposed loan are Ronaldo Gocoyo, Guillermo de Castro, Jr., Ronel Gigantone, Simplicio Gerona, Renz Aler Guelas, Patricia Guran, Luis Delmonte and Excel Zuniga were included as respondent.

    When asked to comment by, municipal administrator Luis De Castro, Jr. has this to say, “it is a legal matter” on appropriate time the mayor’s legal team will answer.

    The municipal information officer when reached to comment did not answer our call.

    The order of Judge Adolfo Fajardo of Branch 65 for the hearing of the TRO was set November 12, 2:00 p.m. enjoining complainant to post a one hundred thousand (Php100,000.00) pesos bond which was posted Friday last week. [With reports from Angel Ayala/]

    • The Municipal Information Officer should inform the Bulan public about such matter. Not doing so is hiding it. Or has Mr. Antonio Gilana more to hide than inform? Then he should be designated as Municipal Hiding Officer, all in favor of the de Castro family. In his Bulan Heritage Museum, he should however side with the truth and exclude Guiming and Rosa from the roster of Bulan’s great leaders. No cheating here when it comes to history.

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