Happy New Year, Bulan!

Bulan Observer wishes the town of Bulan as well as its readers, authors and contributors a Happy New year!

We have unspoiled twelve months before us, hence, this first day of the year  is  the right time to be optimistic. After all those festive moments and weeks of rest and reflection, we prepare ourselves now for the things to come in our town and in our nation.

We will continue with our own little ways of making known to a greater public what is happening in Bulan even as we also share our opinions on things that are happening on the national level.

We have seen some goals achieved with the latest developments on the national level. For this, we thank President Aquino for realizing our goal of making corrupt public officials accountable. Some of these big crocodiles are now behind bars. Now, we expect the smaller provincial crocodiles to be held accountable also to the mess they have done to our town and province. But of course the President has his priorities. I’m thinking about the Sendong- ravaged villages in the south as top on his list of finding those perpetrators of illegal logging and mining and poor local planning  that degraded the environment and endangered the lives of many inhabitants there. Remember that these illegal activities are also happening in Bulan, Matnog, etc. So we’ll keep our eyes on these things and hope that corrupt officials in our province also be put to justice.

I’m following closely Chief Justice Corona’s case. Personally, I think he already lost his office for he no longer enjoys public trust. His fight which is reduced to legal technicalities will never win him that  integrity and moral ascendancy expected of a Chief Justice. Mr. Miguel Zubiri went home early to take off his Arroyo clothes before the public could do it for him, and this makes him wiser than Mr. Corona who never realizes that his Arroyo wardrobe is too weak to protect him from the winds of change that’s  now in our country. Soon, the senate impeachment court will be his dressing room where he will be undressed cloth for cloth-  eight Arroyo clothings, I guess,-  till the bare truth comes out.

May this year 2012 be an interesting and brilliant year for Bulan. Bulan Observer hopes for more interesting articles written by people from Bulan themselves.

My special thanks this year goes to Mr. Joseph Lariosa for his reports and for introducing Bulan Observer to our Kababayans in Chicago. May he writes more political commentaries and opinion articles.

jun asuncion


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