3 thoughts on “Justiniano Asuncion’s Watercolor Paintings

  1. Greetings from Abiva Publishing, Inc!

    Abiva is an educational publisher in the Philippines, offering textbooks in basic education. We are currently in the process of securing license of illustration materials that will be featured in our History textbook. Our author would like to include in this textbook, the following water color paintings: “Rich Meztizo” (as seen in http://images.nypl.org/index.php?id=1226149&t=r) and ” A senorita walking to the church” ( as seen in http://images.nypl.org/index.php?id=1226156&t=r).

    In light of this, we respectfully ask for your permission to reprint and reproduce the watercolor paintings being referred to in the links provided.

    We sincerely hope for your favorable response to our request. Please send us your reply stating your permission and/or other conditions we need to comply with.

    Thank you very much!

    • Thank you for your inquiry,- and for your plan of including Justiniano Asuncion in your book project.
      We are direct descendants of Justiniano Asuncion and legal heirs of his name and history but his works legally belong to those who own them now and so with copyrights, etc.

      In the meantime I’ll consult my cousin Sonny Rayos for he was the one who shot these photo for publication here at Bulan Observer.

      So, hold on and I’ll get back to you after I have consulted my cousin.

      jun asuncion

      • Jun,

        Good to hear from you Jun.

        The facts: 1) the owner of the watercolor paintings is New York Public Library (NYPL); 2) the paintings do not appear to have been or are not copyrighted; 3) NYPL permitted me without objections to photograph the paintings which I then sent to you for internet publication; 4) the paintings published in the Bulan Observer should contain two caveats: that NYPL is the owner and that I was allowed/permitted by a NYPL staff to photograph said paintings (you complied with both in the article “Moved to Tears”) and 5) if you go to the NYPL website, NYPL sells those watercolor paintings for a fee.

        I am not a copyright attorney so my comments and opinions shouldn’t weigh much. However, having stated facts and again reiterating that I am not an attorney, my common sense “thinking out loud” is that Abiva should request permission from NYPL if they were to use/publish some of the Justiniano Asuncion watercolor paintings. I am sure Abiva Publishing has an in-house attorney – the responsibility of conducting due diligence rests upon Abiva and not you and I. It makes good business sense for Abiva to pursue this route rather than deal with complications down the road.

        Keep in touch.

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