Brain drain And Minority Leader Danilo Suarez

by jun asuncion


House Senior Deputy Minority Leader and Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez said in Philstar today :

– Aquino has turned the entire government machinery into “one wrecking crew” just to get back at leaders of the previous administration.

My comment: Who will do that otherwise? The Philippines of today is the result of corrupt leadership of the past administrations. Now they have to pay for it.

– “If your marching order is to dig up dirt to use against your enemies, instead of finding ways to improve the lives of Filipinos, you will self-destruct,” …

My comment: Finding ways to improve the lives of Filipinos? The lives of the Filipinos have never been improved because of corrupt and plundering leaders in all levels, from president of the past administrations to the governors and mayors even of today. They destroyed not only the Philippine economy but her people and all of  her institutions, – and ultimately also destroyed themselves now that they have to face the charges for the crimes they have perpetuated when they were up there in their respected offices freely serving their selfish interests. The fight against corruption and plunder is the best way to improve the Philippines. For then the flow of government resources will finally reach its designated targets. No economy and institutions will function properly with corrupt employees and when the flow of government resources ends up in their own pockets.

So President Aquino is doing the right thing because corruption is the root of our poverty. He started this corruption-free political culture in the Philippines, a courageous undertaking which deserves national and international recognition. I think a corruption-free culture is the key to a better Philippines. At the moment that’s really the only way to start improving the lives of Filipinos. This is a big social change happening  in the Philippines.

– “Imagine all the time and public resources to be spent on that one objective alone. And the people’s attention is turned to these issues, so the national attention is on these issues, not the real urgent problems that we must address collectively,” …

My comment: Danilo Suarez has forgotten how much time, opportunities and public resources have been lost during the time of Macapagal-Arroyo, Estrada and Marcos- and how much more we will be losing today and in the future if we don’t end this corruption culture in the Philippines. Alone the loss of good brains due to emigration of intellectuals, imprisonment, extra – judicial killings of thinking Filipino leaders of different sectors is irreplaceable. The loss of  money, of  tax money that should have gone to education, research, health programs, etc., is unaccountable. How about the loss of image? If you live abroad, you will know how the rest look down on us. We have suffered collectively because of these things caused by these people. Hence, we must address this urgent problem of corruption and social injustice collectively and help bring these people to justice.

– “They know that if you hit GMA you will be on the headlines,”…

My comment: When GMA was still president, she was always on the headlines for hitting the country hard and placing it as the most corrupt and plundered nation in Asia and of using the OFWs to her political advantage.  Now the world knows that GMA will soon be facing these criminal charges against her and her old machineries of corruption. Her Ombudsman Gutierrez – a woman who was supposed to fight corruption –  had to go because of  favoring corruption. Already a win for Philippine  justice. “Talk to my lawyers”, was GMA’s response to the inquiring journalists at the airport. Lawyers are professionals and are paid to create good defense argumentation out of  GMA’s miserable situation. But justice doesn’t end there.

To sum up, I think Minority leader Danilo Suarez is a living proof of brain drain in the Philippines.