The Missing Bridge Of Inararan

by jun asuncion

I grew up in Bulan but I have never been in barangay Inararan yet, and perhaps I’ll never  be there since I’m hearing news that its bridge is missing! The Inararan folks are complaining about the missing bridge for a quite a time already. But now they suspect, this bridge will soon be within Giming De Castros’ property. Again?

They said that, at the beginning, they were told by the De Castro administration that there were no funds to replace the damaged bridge. And lately they heard that funds are there but now Giming De Castro plans to build the bridge no longer in the original place but over his own fish ponds. This to the frustration and indignation of the Inararan people.

The De Castros have a history of using public money to develop their own properties. One  case is the Bulan Central Bus Terminal in Fabrica, built with government loans on their donated one hectare piece of land with the option of re-acquiring the said land donation in case the Terminal failed to function as such and /or generate income. The second case is the Bulan Eco-Park in Calomagon where they used public funds for its development, each single tree planted in their property in Calomagon was acquired with people’s money. Students, teachers, volunteers and  school children helped in planting the trees there and in many other kinds of  labor for that Eco-Park. All free labors. “And who will earn the fruits in the future?”,  a concerned friend from Bulan once asked me.

Now the Inararan Bridge! What comes next? The new cemetery of Bulan??? Grotesque-sounding achievements of our local dynasty: The De Castro Bus Terminal, the De Castro Eco – Park, the De Castro Bridge in Inararan and perhaps next to it the De Castro New Cemetery of Bulan, all bearing their name but financed by the people.

The De Castros wish to be remembered by the people of Bulan as philanthropists. But if they use this term just  to trick the people and to advance themselves materially, I think the right term for that is opportunism because of using public office to their advantage. The people of Bulan deserve a serious and corruption-free local government!

We now ask the people of barangay Inararan to update the world on this issue. Send us your opinions, photos or any material about this missing Bridge of Inararan.



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3 responses to “The Missing Bridge Of Inararan

  1. ramon garra

    This write up makes me seethe. Your scathing commentary on those machinations by the Mayor of Bulan to benefit themselves from taxpayers- funded project, is seemingly inconsistent to the mayor’s ina ng bayan” moniker. How can a mother deceives her children?

  2. Michael Godilo

    In behalf of my ka-barangay in Inararan… we are hoping to have a well-built bridge, that cannot be broken down by a strong typhoon…

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