A Visit To Sta. Remedios Charity Medical Clinic

 by jun asuncion

Last 2009, 2010 and early this year, we were in the Philippines for various reasons.

In some occasions, we went as far as Bulan, visited relatives and nice places in the region

and, of course, Sta. Remedios and took some photos of people and of these  places.

This year, we shall be continuing with the projects we have in mind for the medical mission

and for the Bulan Observer Foundation that we are trying to set up.

The  Bulan Lions Club Medical Mission

 (photos courtesy of the Bulan Lions Club)

On Mission: Mr. Antonio Vytiaco, Sr. of Bulan Lions Club.

 A photo of Mr. Antonio Vytiaco, Sr. of Bulan Lions Club,
the person who organized the distribution of the medicines
sent by Bulan Observer and Team to the people in need.
Special thanks to Dr. Maria Belen Gordola, the president of
the Lions Club International, Bulan Sorsogon Chapter and
all the helpers behind for making their medical missions a success.
Bulan Observer, together with Franklin Patricio, Elizabeth Patricio,
 Mila Asuncion (all professional medical staff working in
 Clinic Hirslanden, Zürich, Switzerland)
 and our artist, the pianist/conductor Aries Caces are doing
their share (although they are not from Bulan themselves)  in helping the
Sta. Remedios Charity Medical Clinic and the Bulan Lions Club
 sustain their important medical missions.
Our involvement in Bulan is purely humanitarian in nature,
 nothing political as we do not have the ambition, the need,
the proximity or the time to engage in politics.
 However, to have compassion for the poor people
is something that transcends borders, colors and cultures.
 We just respond to this call of compassion, do something with it,
 help and expect nothing in return.
This year 2011, our pianist will be performing another
 concert in Zürich for the Sta. Remedios Charity Clinic
 and Bulan Lions Club and will be playing the works of Franz Liszt
in commemoration of  the 200th birth anniversary of this
 great composer. This will be on June 17, 20011 at 7.oo pm.,
 Gemeindesaal Zollikon.
Shown here are some photos of the Bulan Lions Club
medical mission held at Sabang Park in Bulan Sorsogon last year.

2010 Medical Mission at Sabang Park Pavilion

The Sta. Remedios Charity Medical Clinic
 (photos taken by Mila Asuncion)
Here is the  Sta. Remedios Charity Clinic.
The need for repair is very visible.

The Sta. Remedios Charity Medical Clinic

  Part of the interior of the Clinic.
 The children who live around the clinic area.
Faces of hope.
Signs of peace.
L is for love, not for Laban or political fight (opposition).
 A talk with an older inhabitant as he informs
 about the U.S.- based nurse Angelita Kowalewsky,
 the founder of the Clinic.
And the time to say goodbye has come.
A quick visit yet we took time to take photos of these children.
Their laughter and vitality is a good sign and their needs are
as small as they are.
Though their needs are small, help them to have medicines
 and medical care when pains and sickness rob them
of their vitality and laughter.
With these images and thought, we left Sta. Remedios and
were happy to be in Bulan again,
 a charming town between its hills and the waters of China sea.