The Asuncion and Gerona Connection


Dear fellow Asuncion relatives,

Had breakfast with neighbor Horace Gillego and he supplied me a copy of their family tree. In our previous emails last year, we mentioned that Horace pointed us to the Bulan Observer website of Jun Asuncion (Horace’s roots come from Bulan). Lately, Horace discovered in their late dad’s house an old folder which contained the family tree of Rafael Espiritu Gerona (died April 14, 1871) and Ma. Justaquia Gray (died Jan 1, 1873).

The family tree traces the line from the Gerona & Gray union (they were married July 30, 1821). One of their seven children was Casimiro Gerona (married Zenona Antiado). Their union brought forth four children, the youngest Salvador Gerona (married Rita Gimpaya). And the latter couple produced ten children, one of them was Monica Gerona.

Monica Gerona married Rodolfo Asuncion. Rodolfo Asuncion was one of the children of Zacharias Asuncion. Rodolfo’s mom is Zacharias’ third wife – Remedios Ramirez. Zacharias’ dad is Justinano. Zacharias’ grandpa is Mariano “Kagalitan” Asuncion.

From Rodolfo Asuncion and Monica Gerona came papa Ronnie Asuncion.

From Rodolfo’s brother Adonis came Andres Asuncion (dad of Andres “Jun” Asuncion & Malou Asuncion Lao).

From Rodolfo’s brother Jacobo came Sor Marissa Asuncion’s line./

Ed Rojas- Asuncion

6 thoughts on “The Asuncion and Gerona Connection

  1. Hi Mr. Carizo! Pardon the long absence as I was for almost two weeks somewhere in a secluded place in Mabini, Batangas for intensive martial arts training where there was no internet, cellphones and all that for my purpose unnecessary modern gadgets. Back to the most basics in life is sometimes very rewarding experience as you will realize that high quality communication is not about being constantly online with the whole world but with your inner self which gives you the proper ways of knowing and dealing with your own being and of adjusting your dreams and aspirations, your ego needs, to your “real you” and not to the perceived expectations of others or false self-perception.
    I don’t know Prof. Danny Gerona of Ateneo de Naga. If he is also tracing his family lineage, I’m confident that one day he would bump on the entries to be found here in Bulan Observer.

    jun asuncion

  2. There’s nothing to apologize. From time to time we really need to go back to basics. In that way, we’ll learn to value the changes that we’ve had and the experiences those changes bring.

    Still here in the Philippines? Why don’t we organize a get-together with the Bulan Observers here in Manila? That would be great, I guess. 🙂


    • I’m out of “town” again. But it’s a good Idea, Mr. Carizo, this Bulan Observers Get-together in Manila! This is pulling me back home again after that short visit. Names like Attybenji, Rudy Belen, Dora the Mouse, and of course your name J.A.Carizo, Oliver Geronilla and even Tonyboy Gilana are the names I remember instantly. For this get-together I would also invite Mayor Helen De Castro for a nice conversation over a cup of coffee.
      I really hope we could meet up next time when I’m back in town.

      jun asuncion

      • Meeting all of you (in the flesh) would certainly be great!

        When that time comes, I’d certainly be over the moon.

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