A Better Place


by jun asuncion


The Solis event was for sure a big political event nationwide so we have allowed these emotional discussions to go on for a while since they’re in a way a part of the whole event.

But now it’s time to bring the discussions to a higher level after all these purely personal squabbles or family feud.

For though we react to political corruption cases, Bulan Observer remains a place for constructive dialogue and criticism and was never meant to be a hate site.

Again, we ask for more cultured reflections in relation to the Solis’ case after we had allowed enough room for the most basic of human emotions and after we had realized that we couldn’t achieve more if we have to remain in this level of discussion or in dealing with one another.

Joanne Solis has of course the right anytime to counter any hurled criticisms or insult to her or her family. But I ask the others now to refrain from posting purely personal attacks. In this way, we help one another break this cycle of aggression and hate and give way to a more civil and intelligent cycle of discussion.

Young people grew up in this kind of political system and, as expected, we have seen it mirrored in their dialogues. You cannot blame them. As I mentioned long ago, the younger ones suffer the most in this dog-eat-dog political landscape.

But remember that if we continue this way, we are voluntarily supporting the system that we oppose. That would be an insult to all of us.

So, we all are wanting to do a new landscaping for our younger people so that they grow more in an atmosphere of trust, which is healthier I supposed; for the minds of the youth reflect only the social reality that they perceive. And the fact that social perception differs from society to society, it gives us an important hint that a change in landscaping will change the social perception of the younger people.

But truth be told, this is a very complex issue, too vast that we don’t even know when or where this new landscaping (or social change) can start. We have talked about electoral reforms, etc., but all of these require time and many other factors to happen.

For the meantime we just forget its complexity and begin this new landscaping in the way that we treat one another here in this column with respect without sacrificing our right to freely express our own opinions on issues that matter to us all.

The Solis’ case is a matter of public interest and so we will observe its continuation. It’s also a chance for us to start this new landscaping.

With this in mind, I also personally hope that the people who post their comments here also learn something better about themselves- or experience new landscaping- every time they come back to review them.

Let’s all work for a better place.