Crime Doesn’t Pay: Jose Solis Of Bulan Convicted Of Graft And Falsification







(Jose Solis)


Sorsogon lawmaker convicted of graft

By Edson C. Tandoc Jr.

Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 21:59:00 03/03/2010

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MANILA, Philippines–The antigraft court Sandiganbayan on Wednesday sentenced to up to 10 years in jail an incumbent Sorsogon congressman after finding him guilty of graft and falsification for wrongly classifying a government lot to favor a private claimant more than 10 years ago.

The court’s third Division also disqualified from holding any public office Sorsogon second District Rep. Jose Solis, who is running for governor.

The court also found guilty of graft his co-accused, Florencia Garcia-Diaz, the private claimant who stood to benefit from the wrong classification of almost 5,000 hectares of the Fort Magsaysay Military Reservation in Nueva Ecija.

Solis, who was present when the decision was promulgated, is planning to appeal his conviction. His lawyers, however, refused to give any statement when approached by the Inquirer.

The Office of the Ombudsman filed graft charges against Diaz and Solis, former administrator of the National Mapping and Resource Information Administration (Namria). Included in the graft complaint were former Solicitor General Ricardo Galvez; former Namria officer in charge Salvador Bonnevie; former Remote Sensing and Resource Data Analysis Department head Virgilio Fabian Jr.; and senior remote sensing technologists Ireneo Valencia and Arthur Viernes.

It also filed falsification charges against Solis, Bonnevie, Fabian, Valencia and Viernes.

The Sandiganbayan earlier dismissed the case against Galvez after he died in 2005, while it acquitted Bonnevie, Valencia and Viernes. Fabian remains at large.

The cases stemmed from the compromise agreement in May 1999 between Diaz and Galvez. The Office of the Solicitor General agreed to withdraw its opposition to Diaz’s ownership of at least 4,689 ha of government property.

The lot is part of the Nueva Ecija military reservation and, therefore, cannot be registered to any private owner. But a survey released by Namria and signed by Solis in February 1998 said the lot Diaz was claiming was outside the reservation.

This survey report became the basis of the settlement.

“In effect, the republic gave away an inalienable and unregistrable part of the public domain,” said the Sandiganbayan.

The decision, penned by Associate Justice Efren Dela Cruz, said it was Namria’s survey, signed by Solis, which gave the illegal settlement a “semblance of propriety and legitimacy.” /



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    It’s a must-know development for all Bulan Observers.

    Is this the end of the Bulan Airport or its proper beginning?

    This is just the logical conclusion of Jose Solis’ greedy behavior and I’m proud this time of the Philippine anti-graft court Sandiganbayan for its performance and public service.

    All public officials- local or national- guilty of such cimes must be sent to jail. May this year 2010 be a year for justice in Bulan and the whole Philippines!

    In a country where the majority of the people are suffering from poverty, injustice and insult to their human freedom and dignity, there should be a zero-tolerance for crimes as graft and corruption and treason commited by public officials and politicians.

    The Sandiganbayan must be supported by the people of Bulan, of the Philippines by filing cases against local and national officials suspected of such crimes.

    The Filipino people, the people of Bulan deserve justice.

    Calling now the attention of all the people of Bulan to make known any crime committed by any public official.

    Crime is kept secret so long as the mouths of the people are kept shut.

    Open your eyes and your mouth when necessary and when it serves the common good.

    jun asuncion

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    P1 pork barrel for each solon proposed

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    MANILA, Philippines — A member of the House of Representatives on Monday proposed a P1 allocation for each lawmaker’s pork barrel or Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) to ensure that the fund would not be used for the 2010 election campaign.

    The amount originally allotted to congressmen and senators as their PDAF in the 2010 budget proposal by Malacanang could be re-channeled to meet the shortages in teacher positions, classroom, textbooks, chairs, and laboratories in public school, Representative Teddy Casino said at the minority’s weekly news conference.

    Casino’s proposal directly runs counter with the earlier proposal of Sorsogon Representative Jose Solis to increase the PDAF of each lawmaker by P30 million.

    Each congressman receives P70 million and each senator gets P200 million under the current budget.

    Casino said increasing lawmakers’ pork barrel allocation increases the risk of government money being spent for the 2010 elections.

    He said lawmakers can instead propose projects under line items of departments under the proposed budget.

    “The threat of one-peso budget has always been used by Congress to get what it wants from an agency. Perhaps it is time congressmen get a taste of their own medicine,” he said.

    “Let’s allocate one peso for the pork barrel and let the various nominated projects of congressmen undergo line item budgeting and the public scrutiny it deserves,” he added.


  2. Joanne Solis

    As I quote you “the Greedy Congressman” happens to be my Father who is if I just may express my comment; (a civil-engineer, a colonel, Undersecretary of NAMRIA-DENR, UN’s first Filipino ever elected president in cartography, valedictorian in UP & FEATI, studied in Germany & London, first Congressman to submit hard copy of the all the projects he has done to his province, also awarded top congressman for nine consecutive years) All the qualifications for a public servant need not to elaborate more…

    As a student of Law, he can still move a motion for reconsideration if denied by The Sandigan then to the highest court which is the Supreme Court, with all respect to the Courts of the Philippines; Only because we know he did nothing wrong. How can One be guilty of a crime when the happening of the event was a year after my father left NAMRIA the alleged office.

    So now tell me more about my father if you know him that well… this is not fair for his family most especially to him who is not able to defend his side yet and there you are putting a verdict on him as if you are the Supreme Court…

    Your malicious interpretation of the news put color and deeper meaning to what supposedly be our fight against those who victimized my father…

    He did his best as a Public Officer, a soldier and even a father… he almost gave everything to other people including finances for that matter only to help them and never ask anything in return…. (100’s of people eat in our house everyday if i may add)

    I know i cannot include here the facts of the issue but as i tell you I am as proud as you are for the justice system I pay my highest respect to the institution for this hurdle that we are going through right now we pray that justice may be served and so I believe….

    I am calling the attention of all those people that know my father, all those who he has given jobs, money, advices, care and life, to please continue praying for him…

    To those who cast the stone before anything else I pray for you that you may be forgiven… to those people who victimized, used and abused my father… May the Lord Forgive you!

    …why only now before Elections?
    …The fight isn’t over yet…

    as you may allow me Mr. Asuncion this is just based from a comment that you made and so i replied… nothing personal to you…

    — Hurt Daughter Defends Father —

    • Thank you Joanne Solis for your visit.

      The Sandiganbayan has made its final verdict and no one else can question it- except your father by appealing his case to the Supreme Court.

      Your father’s accomplishments are without a shred of doubt very impressive. All of these attest to high intelligence. There is nothing else formidable than this combination of high intelligence, excellent educational background and professional experience plus the drive for high achievement and the right social networks.

      That’s why we Bulaneños- and I mean those people who have nothing to do with him personally- all feel sorry for this very unpleasant end of his career which he himself instigated by signing the documents ten years ago, hence, the caption Crime Doesn’t Pay.

      The Sandiganbayan found him guilty “”beyond reasonable doubt” of violating anti-graft laws, which means, guilt was proven by a preponderance of evidence or by convincing evidence, and that the jurors were convinced they were not convicting and sending to jail, etc., an innocent man.

      I have written “greedy behavior”, not greedy congressman (it’s your own formulation) to be less personally offensive. I neither convicted him nor acted like a Supreme Court- as you have argued. But I understand your pathetic situation and take it into consideration. In comments like yours I normally end up with a longer article as my counter reply and, in fact, I have written it already but I decided not to publish it because I think it would only fuel more discussions and add more pain to your family.

      We leave the rest to your father and the Supreme Court, for the facts to speak for themselves and for the wisdom of the jurors to rule during the litigation.

      I don’t have Schadenfreude- or enjoyment at other’s misery- but I rejoice when Justice triumphs. Therefore, my comment was not in any way a “malicious interpretation of the news”.

      Still, I wish you all strength and good health.

      jun asuncion

      “We must not allow ourselves to become like the system we oppose.”- Desmond Tutu


      • Joanne Solis

        Thank you for the second reply Mr. Asuncion it was a fair and responsible one this time… if only this could be the way people right then no one will be hurt because no side was ever then taken…


        then it happend… I cry for bulaenos if my father will be put in jail for they will surely be missing alot… my father is one of a kind! i hate the way he thinks for he is too kind and giving my mind encompasses it all but my heart does not….

        My father has been helping bicol many decades back even before he was elected for he loves it so much that i even became against of his idea so just to oppose him… then again i see through his heart his passion for it so our family gave forth…

        in this episode of our lives our faith will never be tarnished come what may… i will be silent after this for i know you will mantain a counterpoise standing…

        The instability of my emotion is my responsibility and fault for I am just human…
        thinking of it i stand by my father’s side for i know the whole story. i wish to tell the truth to stop this, but i cannot just yet… he had an interview yesterday at bulan around 11am… there you will have a glimpse of the facts…

        just be reminded he is the victim here… he will fight for his defense against those who used his name…

        as you said let’s just wait for the revelations of the truth…. if thou shalt be deprived… the omnipotent one knows everything and i leave everything up to him… we know the truth so maybe enough of my comments…


      I know how it feels to have someone dearly in your heart, your best father in the world convicted. I hope I would not be needing your help in the future if you become a lawyer, I could tell how you exhange opinions to criticisms. Bear in mind, that your father is a public servant, whatever accomplishments he did, we don’t owe nothing, cause we taxpayer pay for him. I could not figure out how a politicians could have a lavish lifestyle and assets, considering the President only makes P50,000.00 per month.

      I am saddened, to the citizens of the Philippines who work hard, pay their taxes and live in a descent life , hoping for a good life of going outside the country to serve, know why, cause the politicians put that money in their own nest, so sad, nothing awaits for us here in our own land. I wish, change will come, when? I don’t know.

  3. fernan

    Buti nga sayo… yan napapala ng mga masibang pulitiko, kahit malilit na public official tinatapakan, hahahaha!!! kahit mandaraya tinutulungan…

    • aj

      i don’t think masibang pulitiko ang pinag uusapan na tao sa column na toh.. please be careful to your words. we are entitled to our own opinion but we are not in the right position to judge kahit na pulitiko pa sila.. congressman solis doesn’t deserve your lowly comments.. the truth will prevail…

    • Joanne Solis

      To Mr. Fernan

      nirerespeto ko ang iyong opinyon na “buti nga sayo” pero para sabihin mo na nananapak ang ama ko ng maliliit na tao o public official ay nagkakamali ka don… kung kilala mo ang tatay ko alamin mo ang mga tunay na istorya kung bakit napaalis, nasaktan ang damdamin, o nainsulto ng tatay ko ang isang pulitiko na ayon sa sinabi mo?

      Surely may ginawa yung taong yon na masama laban sa kanya o sa mga tao… dahil yan ang tatay ko direcho sya kapag ikaw palpak ka sa trabaho at pinahamak ang mga tao lagot ka tlga at gagawaran ka ng pagalit at tamang disiplina…

      walang inaapi ang ama ko sir… kung ikaw lang ang nakatayo ngayn sa sapatos ko malalaman mo na kung sino pa ang congressman yun pa ang binubully…. maniwala ka man o hindi kami ang laging pinapahiya, nadadaya at tinatakot sa bicol… naiinis ako dahil di lumalaban ang tatay ko sa kanila pero kapag iniisip ko napakabait nya dahil ang laging tulak sabihin nya “hayaan mo lang sila”

      inuulit ko walang gagawin ang ama ko sa nino man kung wala itong kasalanan…

      naaawa ako sa mga taong nanlulupig sa ama ko dahil sayang hindi nyo nasisilayan ang kabutihang loob nya…

      tama ka sa sinabi mo na tumutulong sya sa mandaraya… dahil lahat ata na ata ng klase ng tao natulungan na nya… maysakit, mayaman, mahirap, pulitko, artista, estudyante, pulis, teacher, navy, militar, kriminal name it… lahat yan natulungan ng daddy ko… wala kase syang pinipiling tao pero di sya nagkukulang sa payo sa mga ito…

      ang prinsipyo ng ama ko na kinagagalit namin ng buong pamilya at maraming kaibigan nya na taga bulan ang may alam nito…. “kapag ang tao niloko ka at nagkasala sayo patawarin mo ng patawarin at sa susunod na pagbalik sayo magbabago na sya at isa ng mabuting tao” —

  4. Yeah I know what you felt. I already feel that when your father insult, disrespect, disrepute my father. Not only my father, but to my whole family. That evilness is not the first time that I heard on your pathetic father. From 1992 up to 2007 my father was an enormous supporter of your pathetic father. The goodness that we bestowed to your father is not enough to touché the reluctant hearth of your pathetic father, but instead of that he repay sinfulness, impiety, irreverence to my family. If I were describing your father the only word that cans I say to your pathetic father is immoral. I hope you understand my commiseration opinion, feelings.

    Yeah you are also right the fight is not over yet. Coz we have supreme deity in heaven that can judge your pathetic father.

    What I am praying is the acceptance of his lament in heaven. His decency is not enough to wrap his wickedness hearth.

    I salute you as a daughter but dishonor on you as a law student

    Joanne Solis please accept my humble expression of sympathy

    As what you said to Mr. Asuncion,.. nothing personal to you..

    ** Hurt son who defends his Father and family from immorality of someone **

    -odin floranda-

    • Joanne Solis

      To Mr. Odin Floranda,

      –Principles of Solace–

      I qoute him–

      “if your friend cannot eat what you can then buy her the same food you like, but if you can’t better not eat at all”

      “help and make yourself complete inorder to help and give others your everything”

      “I started being the last but ended up being the first”

      “if a person betrays you forgive him if he does it again forgive him until he comes back then he is a renewed person”

      To just let you know… mr. Ordin.. my father has a never ending kindness, generosity, and intelligence… whether or not you have potential he will help you if you seek it… but if it comes to professionalism he’s then very strict…

      if personal attack or wrongdoings he will forgive and definitely support and provide words of wisdom for the person to be encouraged to change… but hen again if it’s work it’s impermissible….

      so better ask your father what wrong he has done to suffice all the things that had happend… make sure to know the whole story not just from your father but to others as well…

      when my father is in bicol, everyday alot of people go to our house politicians, laborers, jobless, freaks, two-faced people, opportunist, suspicious people… they seek my father’s help all the time… they eat with us sometimes there’s not even food left for us… it’s so hard on our part for we are his second priority… I hardly ask for help because he has already alot of undertakings in his shoulders but these people hate him if they will be ignored or not be prioritized….

      Sacrifices surely is needed to give room for improvement… there’s nothing hard to decipher with the context of your opinion… I support you with your opinion and emotions… I just wish you knew better, read more, ask more…

      If my father hurt your father I am really sorry for that.

      I know for a fact that it’s not personal… he is really angry with people who fails to uplift betterment and who lacks work ethics (wrongdoing, malicious acts, consealment of the truth, mischievousness, etc)…. for him, “if it’s work you should work like a farmer does, if it’s leisure time then why would he care at all…

      thank you for sharing the same emotions that i have. Although one cannot insinuate to tolerate such a diabolical insult for my field… my being a law student does not preclude anything but a striving student to help maintain peace and order, defend and voice out the people who may not…. so you are in no position to attack me….

      I will never attack you with contemptuous rudeness. I respect your social standing, work profession and intelligence over the matter…

      this will be my first and last reply, hopefully.


      • odin floranda

        The decency of your pathetic father is not enough to wrap his wickedness. I know the whole story. Because in my young age I always companion with my father, even my father visited in the hospital when your father was unwell, ill. And I saw also when your father was hospitalized, your mother (mrs. Flor) was not beside of your sick father but instead of that,………, beside of your unwell father. And I hope you know the position of…… in your father’s life. Don’t ever tell me what to do. Baka ikaw ang walang alam sa pinagmamalaki mong ama. Bigbigyan po kita ng isang instance. During the INAUGURATION CEREMONY. Your father delivered a short speech. And of course one of the companions of your father is……….again. And the main point of his speech is..”hanggat siya raw ang nakaupong congressman dito sa 2nd destrict ng sorsogon hindi raw makakaupo ang tatay ko sa pwesto.” Ang itinutokoy nang napakabait mong ama ay ang election protest na iprenotesta ng aking ama laban sa kanyang katunggali. With due respect to you miss. Joanne Solis as a law student. Do you think your pathetic father as a legislator, lawmaker is permissible, acceptable to deliver that announcement/statement??? And to your previous reply to Mr. fernan. Kumbinsido ka na ang iyon ama ay tumotulong sa mga mandaraya? e panu naman ang mga dinaya nang mga mandarayang tinulungan at tinutulonga pa ng iyong ama? Imbes na tulongan ng iyong ama ang tama ay kinokonsinte pa ang mga maling gawa. At Kung maaari ay huwag mong ihalintulad ang ama mo sa diyos. Sapagkat kalian man ay hindi nag lapat ang langit sa lupa. Your pathetic father was not crucified even he has a sins. Sarili nga ninyong pamilya ay hindi nya maayos ayos nangangarap pa sya na ayosin ang boung probinsya ng sorsogon.

        Godspeed po.

        *odin floranda*

      • Joanne Solis

        Oh my Goodness Mr. Odin,

        By your statement comes the whole story of your comment and its intention… this is a personal and political attack… thank you for telling this to the column… it just so happened that my personal family affairs are no longer in the realm of the topic here.
        Since you broadcast everything here. I want to come upfront so no need to tell me who we are…

        I am the daughter if I am not mistaken the 2nd to the last out of 7 or 9 ( we are 2 from my mom) and the last family, yes true I have half siblings but we are still together and we are not dysfunctional… is that a crime to have half siblings before marriage? or is it a crime to be good to those women whom my father have loved before and still supporting them…. if he would do the other way around, would you then say that he’s bad for ignoring my half siblings and the mothers concerned? tell me.

        my mother happens to go to cebu, manaoag, and naga with her pilgrim (prayer vigil) for my father… it’s my father’s crooked principle not to let my mom stay at the hospital as a matter of fact I’m the one who always visits him… also to give way and pay respect to others you are talking about… so are you done with telling the story of my father’s intimate and ought to be personal life?

        Oops! question why did you put the whole name of my mother? Hhmmm?
        you just prove to me that your motive is purely to tell the world that we are dysfunctional in order to gain politically and personally so henceforth you may grasp the limelight for you and your father…. oh well you did no harm at all Sir for we know everything and deal with the matter in a mature way… not unless you’re an aggrieved lover?

        Lahat ng yan di mo kailangan sabihin dahil pamilya kami alam namin yon at hindi kame bulag….and yes my father is not ashamed of it kaya nya nga nakakasama eh…kung kami ang unang pamilya eh ibang usapan nayon….

        this will never stop mr. Odin… because your intentions are based politically… if your not running for office i believe and sympathize with your opinion… because on my side i am not… the question relies on you, are you? tell me.

        My father is a very self-righteous person and so I am too… what i say here are all true no political agenda or some sorth..

        read my comment if ever i say to please love my father, please vote,or please sympathized with him… i never said that… i commented on Mr. Jun’s column because i got hurt personally nothing more….

        With the thing you said about politics… my father will surely say that in his speech for he truly won the elections as a matter of fact my father’s votes were being eaten up by the contender because of you know why and yet he won and he deserves it better for he does not invoke personal gains… we don’t need it…

        alam mo ba kung bakit nya nasabi iyon sa speech nya… you should know for you know him personally… all because he said he is old already and wants to dedicate his last decade to his hometown is that immoral?

        alam mo natalo ang daddy ko noong 1999 elections dahil bakit kamo alam mo ang sagot dyan hindi ko kailangan sabihin yun dito dahil ayoko manira ng tao… nanalo ang tatay ko noong 2001 bakit? diba alam mo rin ang katotohanan… alam mong ginusto sya at mahal sya ng tao wala syang hinatag na kahit ano sa tao kundi ang mga prinsipyo nya… wag mo sanang ipagkaila yan…

        alam mo ang tagumpay ng isang tao nakukuha sa sariling pagsisikap… nasa kampanya ka alam mo na sinasabi ng tatay ko “iboto nyo po ang taong palagay nyo ay makakabuti hindi dahil pogi sila o mayaman”…

        mamatay man ako ngayon kahit kailan hindi nya sinabi o binigkas ang salitang iboto nyo ako…

        kung ang tatay ko wala pa sa posisyon noong araw sinasabi mo ba na namanipula yun? hay naku sir eh nung huling halalan nga hirap kame dahil maraming threat sa amin hindi ba dapat sa ama ko sila takot bakit kami ang tahimik at ang iba dinadaya ang balota… alam mo yan pero nanalo parin biruin mo yon… kasi sa boto ng tatay ko nuhay lang ang mga taong bumoto ewan ko sa iba lumulutang ata…

        kahit kelan hindi mapipilit ng isang tao na iboto sila… you need to gain it and prove it to them…and kailangan respetuhin ang desisyon nila sa pagboto…. for we believe in democracy…

        Your reasoning is very shallow sir… next time you post a comment make sure it is a comment for that matter….

        why? if you don’t have political interest why bother to tell? if only Mr. Jun has not restricted to place names here i would even include the entire biography of each of the family member… Sir alam ko po name ng nanay ko you could have just put the wife right? hhhmmm(thinking)?

        We felt like a minute scrap of humanity when my dad didn’t win… and yet he did not do anything… but when he did win he promised the 2nd district that he will rule long… so mali pala iyon…

        kung sakali ikaw nanalo ayaw mo rin bang maipagpatuloy ang sebisyo ng matagal?

        actually na bypass ko itong message mo kase akala ko civil kang tao di pala namumulitika ka pala…

        Well to tell you again… Sir, ngayon you are happy and content because of this… Surely you take advantage of the controversy to ridicule my father and throw everything on his face…

        it’s ok then… noong una akala ko sensible kang kausap di pala so i don’t care now… just remember tomorrow is another day….

        you have your time enjoy it, we’ll have ours and will wait for it…

  5. Joanne Solis

    –My Father The Victim–

    All along i thought people sympathized to those who are victimized in a case… say for example in a teleserye since pinoy loves to watch it, our hearts belong with the bida right?…

    As i said early on that if only I can tell you the real Facts of the story then i would… but then again in the right time you will find out after appeal…
    As to those who said “my pathetic father” surely he is and certifiably so and why? because his name was just implicated here and he has not in any manner benfited or acquired any self-enrichment to any of it…

    I respect you Mr. Jun as a very powerful man and now i commend you for what you have written in your reply its fair enough for me and my family… it has a heart of a bulaeno…. I feel a responsible writing now… As a Media (Mediator) for that matter who should stand in the middle of every issue to please just maintain the balance of responsible writing…. i love that you have replied with me in a good manner….

    –Final Say–

    • odin floranda

      Oh come on Joanne, I wasn’t born yesterday. Alibi ba ang katandaan ng iyung ama kaya nya nasabi ang ganyan sa kanyang speech? Para syang walang pinag aralan. Eh quenistion mo ang kaalaman at capabilidad ko eh, kaya binigyan kita ng mga halimbawa na hindi mo pa alam. Ngayun sinu satin ang walang alam? It’s not my intention to devastate the credibility of you family, ang gusto ko lang ipaabot saiyo ay hindi mo kaya lahat ng tao. At hindi mo alam lahat. Ngayun, ikaw ang umalam sa pagkatao ng iyong ama, base po sa lahat ng mga comment mo, ang sinasabi mo lang ay ang kabutihan ng iyong ama, natural, ama mo yun eh. Pero wag mo sanang sabihin na kilalang kilala muna ang ama mo. Not all the time ay kasama mo ang ama mo. Kung maka asta kasi yung ama mo akala muna kung siya na ang dyos, walang dyos sa lupa, at walang dyos na makasalanan. You are a child of congressman, a law student, but look at your self you act like a child. dati humahanga ako saiyo kasi you are a daughter of a congressman and a law student. Pero sa inaasal mo ngayun para kang walang alam sa mundo. natural nang ipagtanggol mo ang ama mo, kasi kahit gaanu pa kasama ang ama mo, ay ama mo parin siya. Sa kadidipensa mo sa ama mo ay para mo naring pinapakita na guilty ang ama mo. Ang tanung may dapat ka bang idepensa? Politikong tao ang ama mo. Kung ako po saiyo, ay ititigil ko na ang pag comment ditto sa forum, kasi mas bababa lang ang integeredad ng iyung ama. Madadamay kapa, sayang, napakaganda mo pa naman,, heheheheheh,, ay sus ok lang yun, kay di man yun papabayaan c papa mo kung makulong man. Kung makulong. Ang utang ay utang.. dapat talagang bayaran…mahirap pong kalaban ang karma. hehehehe.. amo?? Kung na hurt man kita ay so what, sorry,hehe. Politics is a politics. Keep going no matter what.

  6. rudyb

    it’s very hard to comment on this matter, but since a fellow Bulanon is being implicated and the concern affects not only local but national issue, one can’t be just passive, inert and unreceptive. i don’t know cong. solis personally, i have just heard and read his name as our congressman, a retired military man, a professional, the former head of NAMRIA, a fervent ally of the president and so forth. but after reading the posts and threads here, i can say i only had a very little hint and glimpse of his personality. i can say he is a disciplinary man – and i believe he is, knowing that he’s a former soldier just like my father. i haven’t heard or read anything anomalous deals and irregularities during his tenure as the head of NAMRIA – until only at the moment. one can only wonder why only today, the timing of the verdict – in the midst of political hustle and bustle, jockeying and positioning. we can also think of the personalities involved – who was(were) the complainant(s), his/her motive? is this a political scheme and strategy? on the other hand, we can also think of a professional slip up and blunder. we should remember that public officials are accountable of their functions and behavior while officially performing their duties – command responsibility. once he fixed his signature to an official document, he is assumed and understood that he knows what he is signing and it’s consequences and implications to his job and his office.

    as an observer, it is not just and fair, decent to say that he is corrupt at this point in time as the verdict is not yet final and drawn to a close. there are still venues to appeal and move motion for reconsideration up to the Supreme Court. only such time when the final verdict is handed we can only make our comments and criticisms.

    as an advocate of a corrupt free country – institutions, public offices, private entities, we will strongly denounce and condemn him only such time IF FINALLY found guilty. i stand by with my advocacy of identifying, prosecuting and executing all corrupt officials to zero base and start with a clean sheet program.

    politics, corruption and the pesky threats and intimidation of the catholic church is the reason why our country is still in the bottom of the economic pit where we are in, why our countrymen are the servants of the world, why we are the economic laggard and slowcoach of Asia. we are now being overtaken, in terms of economic performance by no less than Vietnam!

    • Joanne Solis

      Rudy B,
      A very impressive comment! i commend you for giving a very intelligent approach on this matter…

      I have no further things to tell for you obviously know a lot even before hand…

      Personally you don’t know us but still have early on weigh things fairly… You are right we share the same family background having a military man as a father is a big challenge already…

      Thank you again and I hope I can pose here ASAP the new updates…

      God Bless you and your Family!

      All i can say is thank you!

  7. fernan

    wag na po natin damayin ung DIYOS dito, hindi ka ba kinikilabutan? alam mo naman ang totoo natural anak ka niya ipagtatangol mo siya pero hindi mo pwedeng gawing tanga ang mga tao… tutulungan mo ba ang alam mo ng mali?, So parang tinolorate mo na un, di ba? buti na lang kung kriminal na gusto magbagong buhay depende di ba sa sitwasyon kung tutulungan mo o hindi, anyway dont wori alam naman natin di makukulong ang papa mo kasi kaya niyang bilihin ang batas, ang justice kasi pang mayaman lang yan. pagdating kasi sa ganyan delaying tactics ang umiiral pano mo pa mapaparusahan kung patay na ung paparusahan kasi pinabagal na ang proseso para makamit ang hustisya… daming dinadaanan, meron pang apela milyon ang katapat para ma delay ang resulta…..

    • Joanne Solis

      Disente akong tao Mr. Fernan… unang-una sa lahat di ko gimamit ang panginoon sa paraang mali sa pag-iisip mo…

      dahil nagamit ko sya bilang pambungad dahil halos pareho ang nangyari.. wala ngang ginagawa ama ko pero sya napaparusahan…

      kung mali at alam kong mali ang tatay ko hahayaan ko syang makulong ako mismo ang gagawa noon… dahil ganyan kami pinalaki ng ama ko…. pero hindi eh alam ko kasi ang lahat ng pangyayari… alam mo ba ang pinagsasabi mo? makapagsalita ka akala mo may matinding galit ka sa ama ko…. at meron ba?

      kahit kelan hindi tanga ang tatay ko para pumirma hindi mo ba inisip na may nagtatraydor sa kanya… inuulit ko bka hindi mo kasi naintindihan biktima ang tatay ko dito sa issue nato dapat nga kami ang maghabla sa mga taong concern… mag antay ka at tska mo isampal samin yang masasamang salita na galing sa dibdib mong sumasabog…

      may mga tamang paraan para ilabas ang sama ng loob… ang mga sinulat mo eh asal bata na walang basehan at parang nag aamok ng init ng away…

      ikaw di kaba kinikilabutan sa pinagsasabi mo? dahil una sa lahat alamin mo ang lahat ng pangyayari bago ka magsalaysay ng nararamdaman mo… ikaw ang matakot sa panginoon dahil isa ka sa mga taong nagpunyagi ng pinakawalan si barabas at si hesus pinapako sa krus… alam mo ba yun?

      Ang Ama ko ang biktima dito!!! wala sya sa katungkulan ng mangyari ito basahin mo ang kaso ng maigi para mapag aralan mo… at matimbang mo sa sariling mong pananaw kung ano talaga ang nangyari…

      bakit ang mga taong kasangkot sa pangyayari asan sila at bakit wala sila sa kaso? bakit tatay ko lang kung sino pa ang walang kinalaman… tapos sa kanya ka galit? Bakit mR. Fernan ganyan ka ba tumingin ng isang tao? mapanghusga?

      kung tatanungin kita kung ikaw nasangkot sa gulo at wala ka doon pero tinuro ka lang at ginamit ng kaibigan mo anong gagwin mo? tatahimik ka lang ba at mumurahin ang mga taong gumawa nyan sayo o pupunta ka sa husgado at aapela? eh kung nagkataon may pera kang malaki at kilala ka sa bayan pagsinabi sayo na nakalaya ka dahil nagbayad ka ano mararamdaman mo? di ba sinabi mo para sa mayaman lang ang hustisya? nagkakamali ka…

      wala ka sa posisyon para laitin ang hustisya sa pangkalahatan… dahil hindi mo alam kung gano kahirap ang trabaho nila sa korte… ano ba ang propesyon mo mr. fernan? kung sakaling doctor ka at sabihin walang kwenta ang mga doktor sa pilipinas ano mararamdaman mo…

      alalahanin mo na hindi lahat ng tao ay masama! malamang ayaw mo rin masabihan ng ganyan diba mr. fernan?

      ang pagtugis o pagkutya sa ibang tao ay naayon sa tamang salita at tamang paraan…

      uulit ulitin ko sayo ang ama ko ang biktima sa kasong ito. 1 taon na syang wala sa Namria(opisina) nang mangyari yun… kahit kailan di sya nagsaway o nagpabaya sa batas o trabaho… bakit hindi ang boss doon ang inuusig… kung ikaw tatanungin hindi mo ba maiisip na may foul play nangyari? don’t you think it was kind of absurd?

      Sana matapos ng apela ng malaman mo ang buong katotohanan dahil sa ngayon dipa pwedeng iswalat…

      Sana matuto kang magsulat ng may dignidaad, at integridad at didiplina sahil column ito ng isang respetadong tao hindi ito text messaging…

      (para sabihin ko sayo) ang tyuhin ko nakulong at ang sabi ng tatay ko “damputin sya at ikulong”… oo may sama ng loob ang tyuhin ko dahil nakipag away sya sa tanod pero kahit isang kusing nang patulong hindi ginawa ng tatay ko…

      laging pangaral saamin ng ama ko kapag kame ay gumawa ng problema o kalokohan mamuhay kami ng sarili at magsikap ng sarili kahit kelan di nya kame tutulungan… at totoo yon dahil lahat ng naging problema ko sa buhay ko ni isang beses di ako tumawag ng pansin o tulong nya dahil ganun kadisiplinado ang tatay ko…. pero ang ibang tao kapag lumapit sa tatay ko di nahihiya humingi… kahit magtanong kapa sa mga press sa congress kilala nila ang tatay ko magimbestiga ka dun ng malaman mo…. dahil sya ang pinakamabait, pamagkumbaba, matulungin, at isa sa mga pinakamatalino doon

      galit sya sa manloloko pero kapag kailangan ng tulong ng kababayan nya binibigay nya ang lahat lahat pero sa amin hindi…

      sana magkaroon ka ng konting puwang dyan sa isip mo para mapagtanto mo ang ugali ng tatay ko nang sa gayon e kahit paano masilayan mo kung makakagawa ba tlga sya ng ganun…

      malinis ang track record ng tatay ko… aktibista din ang tatay ko pinaglalaban nya ang katotohanan… nasa edsa 1 sya at tumayo laban sa diktador, lumaban sa vietnam, at iskolar ng U.P. at marami pang unibersidad…

      2-4 years ago inambush ang tatay ko ng masasamang loob sa bicol sabi sa knya dumapa sya kundi papatayin sya dahil ang pinsan ng tatay ko nabaril na nila at ang sabi ng maraming tao na “humiga kana eddie parang awa mo na” pero ang sabi ng tatay ko “KAHIT KAILAN HINDI AKO LULUHOD SA HARAPAN NYO DAHIL ISA AKONG SUNDALO AT MERON AKONG SINUMPAAN SA BANDILA KO PATAYIN NYO KO KUNG GUSTO NYO” alam ng maraming taga bicol yan dahil marami ang saksi ng panahon nayun… kung ang tatay ko takot dahil masama syang tao malamang hihiga yun pero puno ng prinsipyo at katapatan ang ama ko dahil ganun sya talaga kahit noon pa…

      pakitanong ang mga buhaya sa bicol kung ano-ano ang mga nagawa at pinagbawal nya ng malaman mo kung makakagawa sya ng bagay na inaakusa sa knya…eh halos lahat nga ng projects nya iba umako pero nanlaban ba ang tatay ko? hindi sabi nya saki “hayaan mo sila” malumanay nyan sinabi ito…

      sana Mr. fernan alamin mo ng husto ang totoong pangyayari … magresearch ka… at pagisipan ang lahat lahat bago ka magpunyagi….

      • Joanne Solis

        To Mr. Fernan,
        wala akong tinatago kahit nga ang katauhan eh eh nakalantad buong buo… sana mangyari ay respetuhin natin ang column na ito…

        Lahat ng taong nagcomment masama, katotohanan, mali o tama lahat ginawa sa tamang paraan tila ikaw lamang ang nagcomment na pabalang….

        ayoko na magcomment sayo dahil nahiya ko kay mr. Jun i respect so much so please do your part….

        write responsibly….

      • fernan

        Hindi na kailangan…. dahil may mga hindi ka rin alam.

    • Claire

      Mr Fernan, its obvious na may halong galit or inggit ka sa pamilyang Solis. Anak k b ng natalo ni Cong Solis kaya k ganiyan? wala namang kwenta ang point mo sa topic dito.

  8. fernan


    totoo ba yan? parang nakakakilabot…. Wag na po nating idamay dito ang Diyos it’s a mortal sin lalo na pag di ka nagsasabi ng totoo….

    • Joanne Solis

      Mr. Fernan,

      ikaw malinis ba ang konsenya mo na ang opinyon mo eh pawang katotohanan at walang bahid pulitika, galit, o anomalya?

      kahit galit ako kahit kailan hindi ako magiging pakawala… kaya sabihin mo na lahat basta alalahanin mo lamang na rumespeto sa column na ito…

      kung ikaw di ka nahihiya ako tumitindig ang mga balahibo ko sa mga sinasabi mo… kung gusto mong laitin ang ama ko at ako sa pagsulat ko dito malaya ka kahit pa pumunta ka samin at laitin kame dahil nasanay nako sa mga taong tulad mo….

      “ang magandang damit kapag naputikan mabaho at marumi na sa mata ng tao… ngunit ang pangalan nya dimo ba aalamin at kung bakit sya nadungisan?”

      ito ang kaduluhan ng reply ko sayo mr. fernan.. parang text diba… ayoko pumatol dahil matatag ako lumalaban sa paglabas ng hustisya para sa ama ko na biktima dito…

      Salamat narin dahil isa ka sa mga dahilan kung bakit lalo akong naging matatag, malakas at mapagpursigi sa laban na ito at sa personal kong buhay….

      malapit ng lumabas ang katotohanan at lalaban sya sa tamang paraan…

      sana makulong ang taong nasalikod ng laht ng ito… kung dika makapag-intay… ganun din ako…

      • fernan

        Anong klaseng katotohanan? katotohanan na naimpluwensiyahan?…..

      • fernan

        opinyon ko po pawang katotohanan walang bahid pulitika o anomalya, siguro galit meron ako… kasi galit ako sa mga pulitikong walang magawang mabuti at kung may mga nagawa mang kabutihan mas marami pa rin ung nagawang kasamaan,

  9. jerry

    Pano mo nasabing walang kasalanan ang yong ama? tao lang po tayo lahat nagkakamali, maraming natapakan na at naapi yang ama mo…. siguro naman lahat makikisimpatiya kung talagang inosente ang father mo hindi ka makakabasa ng negatibo na comment para sa kanya kung alam mo lang maraming naging miserableng buhay dahil sa kanya maraming nasirang pangarap dahil sa kanya, sa maka Solis idedepensa siya… sa mga galit tuwang tuwa sila… dito kasi sa mundo alang kasalanan na di pinagbabayaran, Di man makulong siya at least kahit papano may ganti na sa pinaggagawa niya

    • Joanne Solis

      Mr. Jerry,
      pano ko hindi malalaman ang katotohanan eh kung pwede ko lang sabihin ngayn ginawa ko na pero hindi eh pag apela tska nyo sabihin sakin ang opinyon nyo…

      Tama ka don maraming nawalan ng trabaho dahil sa ama ko… ang dami nyang pinabagsak, pinatiggil, at pinasarang ILLEGAL na negosyo….
      Tama ka maraming nasirang pangarap dahil sa ama ko at bakit? dahil nawalan ng trabaho ang mga magulang nilang tiwali, marami ang inusig at pinasabihan ang tatay ko maliit man o malalaking tao at wala syang pinipili… subalit sa kabila ng lahat ilang navy ng 2008 ang nabigyan nya ng lisensya dahil pinaglaban nya ito sa mga hurado at kongreso, lahat ng pulis at militar tumaas ang sweldo dahil sa knyang pagbubuti na maipasa ito, nagkaron ng awareness sa vietnam veterans sa amerika dahil tumulong sya sa pagtulak nito sa amerika… marami kaming iskolar na estudyante… marami ang mayor, governor, vice, bokal, tanod, etc dahil sa tatay ko…
      kung may 500 nawalan ng trabaho dahil sa kanya 1000 naman ang nabigyan nya ng bagong pag-asa sa buhay…

      i know my father to well for he’s the apple of my eye…alam ko lahat ng mabaho at mabango…. sorry sa mga nawalan maaring may mali kayong nagawa…

      TAma karin na walang kasalanan ang di mapagbabayaran… kaya magapela kame para ang taong dapat nasa kulungan ang syang managot dito….

      Tama ka sa mga taong galit sa knya ngayon ay nagpupunyagi… bakit? dahil kung makulong ang tatay ko malaya na sila sa mga katiwalian nila… wala na silang kalaban sa kabutihang nanalantay sa ama ko

      Tama ka sa mga taong may kakilala sa knya nagdaramdam sila dahil wala ng tutulong sa kanila, wala ng congressman ang tulad nya na magtatawid sa kanila sa laban ng buhay….

      Lahat may ganti tama karin doon dahil itong pangyayari nato eh wake up call na sa knya para tumigil na sa katahimikan at lumabas at matutong lumaban

  10. fernan

    To Mr. Odin, parang may traumatic experience ka ha? at your young age naranasan mo na ang lupit ng pulitika.. it’s so sad…. tsk tsk…. ito ba ang nararanasan ng mga kabataan sa gobyerno natin? dahil sa magagaling na leader katulad ni Solis?

    • odin floranda

      I’m only 19 years old. At 18 years na ang aking ama sa politika. Simula noon hanggang ngayun ganito na ang nakagisnan kung klase ng politika diti sa 2nd destrict ng sorsogon, sana naman ay kahit minsan ay maranasan ko ang ginhawa sa tuwing naglalakbay ako at dumaraan sa bako bakong kalsada na ni minsan ay hindi naipagawa, kung sakaling naipagawa man ay tinitipid pa ang mga materyales kaya madaling masira sa paglipas ng ilang araw, naway bigyan mo po ng malakas na pangangatawan si cong. Solis upang mapagdusahan naman nya ang kasalanang kangyang ginawa.haha.

      thank you mr. fernan

      • Denver

        katuwa kayong dalawa, Odin at Fernan, how come nalaman mo agad na si Odin eh young age? Odin mentioned his age after you said na young age sya! may nagbayad b sa inyo para manira ng iba? curious lang ako sa mga kalokohang pinagsasabi nyo ng dalawa?

  11. fernan

    “if a person betrays you forgive him if he does it again forgive him until he comes back then he is a renewed person”

    ginagawa ba to ng father mo sa nagkasala sa kanya? hmhmh!!!…Hindi ako naniniwala parang imposible… super bait naman niya….

    • Joanne Solis

      oo mr. fernan maraming salamat… dahil totoo yan ang sinabi nya sa amin at maraming tagabicol ang pinagsabihan nya nasa hapagkainan kami noon… wag sanang magagalit ang mga kaibigan ng tatay ko pero halos lahat nagkasala sa knya pero andyan sila mayroon iba tuloy parin sa ginagawa nila pero tinatanggap at pinatawad ng tatay ko..

      mr. fernan, if you are from bicol o kahit hindi i personally invite you to go to our house, just as a civil man who is concerned with alot of things… para lang kahit papaano makilala mo ang taong inuusig mo… kahit ngayon mismong oras nato dahil isasng linggo na kami di naguusap dahil busy sya at busy din ako… subukin mo sana malaman ang katotohanan bago ka mang husga….

      as a matter of fact my father doesn’t have any idea that i’m posing a comment here for surely he will really get mad pero hindi ko kayang tumahimik lamang…

      dahil mali ang sinasabi mo… sige magparatang kayo sa ama ko ng nangyayari sa kaso pero hindi sa anu pang bagay…

      FYI: lahat ng sinabi kong quotes ang nanggaling lahat sa kanya at lagi nyang sinasabi saamin…

      • Joanne Solis

        sa sobrang bait ng tatay ko nabibwisit na ang nanay ko kapatid ko lalong lalo na ako… dahil sobra na ang ibang tao pagkatapos nilang gamitin ang tatay ko asan sila?

        bwisit talaga ang sobrang kabutihan nya
        dahil lagi syang inaabuso….

        bwisit tlga ang mga di makatotohanang mga opinyon at prinsipyo nya dahil unting tao lang ang naniniwala

        bwisit talga ang tatay ko dahil bakit nya pa minahal ng sobra sobra amg mga tao

        bwisit tlga ang tatay ko dahil bakit minasan wala kaming pagkain o pambayad dahil binigay na nya sa ibang tao

        bwisit tlga ang ugaling meron sya dahil bilng sa palad ko ang taong tulad nya

        bwisit ako sa tatay ko dahil lagi nya sinasabi sa amin nawag pumili ng tao

        bwisit tlga ang tatay ko dahil bakit lagi nalang kaming nananhimik at inaapi sa sariling bayan namin

        bwisit tlga ang sobrang disiplinado ng tatay ko dahil marami ang nawalan ng ilegel na trabaho

        bwisit tlga ang sobrang mapagbugay ng tatay ko dahil pati ako nahihingan ng pambili ng gamot sa bicol

        bwisit tlaga ako kung bakit ganyan ang tatay ko pero sa kabila ng lahat mas gugustuhin ko ang maging tulad nya dahil mas masarap ang naapi dahil sa dulo ng lahat iyon ang nagpupunyagi….

        as i qoute him he calls me darling so just you know the entire conversation” darling it’s not bad to be good”

        hay kapraning at kabwisit diba? minsan pati ako inisip ko san pinaglihi ang tatay ko suuuuuuupppppeeeerrrrr bait!!!!

        at bwisit ako dun! bakit? ano ngyn nagyayari sa amin dahil sobrang bait nya dapat nga pakulong namin ang gumawa nito dahil biktima kami…. alam mo sa bagay hindi malayong isipin na ang tao hirap maniwala
        dahil kapag ang isang babae na rape at sinabi sa korte diba anong unang pumapasok sa isip ng tao” siguro malandi sya” diba tama ako

        so Mr. fernan magcomment ka lang ng naayon sa pangyayari grabeh ka para kang walang natutunan sa buhay…

        isa kang bully yan ang masasabi ko sayo mapaglait ka…

      • fernan

        Hindi ba siya gumaganti? parang hindi totoo?

      • odin floranda

        iiyak si joanne, iiyak si joanne, iiyak si joanne..hehe

    • Reminder:

      To respect privacy, please don’t mention names of other people.

      jun asuncion

      • fernan

        hahaha…. hindi ako mapanglait at bully… sinasabi ko lang ang totoo.. hindi rin ito political attack… nagkataon lang na malapit na ang eleksiyon… saka pa napasok sa malaking problema yang tatay mo, nakakalungkot naman… tsk tsk!!! totoo baka biktima lang ang tatay mo or gumaganti na ang PANAHON sa mga nagawa niyang kasalanan… atsaka lahat naman tayo may natutunan sa buhay sira ulo nga may natutunan…

      • fernan

        Lumalabas yong pag ka childish ni Ms. Joanne nawala ang pag ka law student niya hehehehe

  12. Joanne Solis

    Mr. Jun,
    thank you for writing a column such as this… you gave me hope to work better… to pledge my emotions and opinions….

    you sincerely gave way for enlightening a lot of people and even I, myself learned a lot from here…

    I support you with all your hard work and intelligent profession… may you continue to inspire people…

    May the Higher Being Bless you More and more…

  13. mila asuncion

    Hi Joanne Solis,

    I do not know your father but I can feel what you feel and understand what is in your heart. I was not a victim like you but I grew up in politics. My father was with politics more than half of my age. When he retired in politics he was not finished dealing with politicians because he had to support them further in every election.

    He did not tell us what was going on but as a child I felt how it was. I know, in politics you must have to swallow your food without chewing. Even having a hot soup you must not spit it out but you have to close your mouth. Opponents are always happy or rejoicing for such situation.

    I appreciate your faith so much. So go on!
    At this crucial moments of your family, I purely believe you lost your friends, you lost your people. This time you can only count who stayed behind.

    This is a challenge for your home, for your family. It is not easy for everyone of you, but be strong and have more courage to fight and go on.

    If ever your Dad had done these accusations or not I advice you to be with him by hook or by crook because this is the time where your father needs his family the most. You have the right to defend your father. Inspite of this bitter moments seek for guidance and wisdom for the whole family.

    Marami ang naka ngiti, marami ang humahalakhak, marami ang nagbubunyi. Marami pa rin ang tatadyak sa inyo kahit nakadapa na kayo. Ngayon ninyo makikita ang kulay ng tao.
    Ito ay hindi mo matatanggal sa kanila na kayo ay laitin.

    Sa mga nanlalait, hindi iisa ang panahon.
    May- roon din araw na nakalaan sa bawat isa sa ilalim ng araw.

    mila asuncion

    • Joanne Solis

      To Ms. Mila Asuncion,

      I hardly encounter people who look firmly with, concise, precise, dignified and honest to goodness mature thoughts such as you are…

      Thank you for giving a very peaceful comment…

      As i did my reply to the following people it’s just now i became exhausted only because i see where they are going to… people who really are happy right now with our agony are those who depict deprivation and desperation… if only by knowing early on that there comments were like that i wouldn’t have replied at all…

      sa totoo lang nawalan ako ng gana dahil ang pagkakaalam ko eh intelligent comments ang nilagay nila… politika pala…

      i will reply only to those sensible like you, Mr. Jun and Ruby.. dahil hindi ko kayo kilala and yet you gave equal and fair comment…

      There’s nothing really hard to manage with my father except the smallest things i can imagine… but he always make it a point to have precious time with us.. i even had the best childhood one could ask for …every weekend we always go out with him literally everywhere ….every time it’s a new place… even up to now… ganyan ata talga ang sundalo kahit mahirap ginagampanan…

      So Personally my father has no shortcomings towards us… i only see that amidst all the love he shares with us come this huge passion and love for Bicol… it’s undoubtedly true… but enough of what my father is for i know some are not really interested at all…

      I thank you for sharing and giving words of wisdom see how powerful can this be… i am not just sure if some people will believe you because definitely by the comments we have here i don’t think they will ever believe that one can be good… but the important thing is that your love shines upon your heart… it clearly shows by the way you say things….

      Thank you once again! God Bless!

    • Claire

      well said…

  14. Aj Javier

    To Ms. Joanne Solis

    I salute your father’s great accomplishments and the love that he has for his province and family. After reading every comments in this thread, your father still cannot please everyone even if he has pure intentions as a public servant.

    As the daughter of a reputable man, I admire how you answer all the allegations of some people who seem to have burden against your father. Nobody knows your father too well than you and your family.

    It’s true how our government works in some instances that is why some people doesn’t trust them kahit na totoo ang serbisyo ng isang pulitiko.

    I also admire you as a law student. By answering some comments here in a civil way is hard, especially for the fact that you are the daughter of Congressman Solis. Truly you are emotional but it is still a mind over heart matter. Maybe some people just doesn’t understand how that works.

    Prayers is the best therapy for this battle. Your father and your family will surely overcome this fight after the supreme court’s verdict.

    You are right. The fight isn’t over yet.
    Keep on fighting.

  15. Joanne Solis

    To Mr. Odin

    In addition to my former statement I always go with my father in his campaign as well so don’t push it to me that i know nothing because i do. I even went to places beyond people’s knowledge and there I saw they live a very distinct lifestyle. No television, electric fan, or any other things which makes life comfortable because they don’t even have electricity…. and as they said it was their first time ever to see a politician and other people besides the usual…

    I just don’t rely on him alone… I investigate, research and study him, his behavior and his actions same as to other people around him… and I definitely don’t instigate like others there….

    our country belongs to the third world meaning we are not that competitive enough to our neighboring countries
    The apathy of people like you to have balance in life may it be politics or personal will never be achieved. For “some” who think this way i repeat i am not saying everyone… People who only look at one side of the issue, who point fingers to politicians and blame them for everything, who ousts president…. how can one be productive…

    Sir, your insult to me and my father only shows your true personality if you are ever be running for office if i bring back the question would you or would you not be as dedicated like my father? of course your answer will be yes, am i right? can you tell me why? for you share the same love for people… so kindly stop insulting my father or questioning his principles for you alone cannot divide bicol… Be responsible with what you say for a lot of them look up to you as well…

    If my father said the things he said before it was only because he has his own beliefs just like as you have your own… am i right? correct me if i am wrong with that….

    Stop Discriminating my studies because for the fact i am still studying Law i am determined to know more… your conveyance to the matter is not mature enough… surely your grudge to my father goes back from your childhood and was never erased…

    If you as a Bicolano opting to improve more the province that we also love not only you just to let you know… how can you do this if you yourself doesn’t believe with the people living in it and the public officials elected for that matter…do you ever want that people will dishonor because of one false issue? Don’t be a sour grape. accept your defeat. move on and try again.

    Are you really running? Have you ran before? well with or without answer i know for a fact that yes… so now tell me were your comments moral or immoral knowingly your position right now? I have no vested interest Sir do you?… as i said i commented on Mr. Jun though it was a very intelligent writing on his part… i just got hurt… but there you are commenting for personal matters? is that fair at all? where is your ethics in the election code or even to your community? where is your moral obligation to be not corrupt to take sides in any event? were you thinking fairly enough for those you are representing?

    in respect with using Jesus i never said that my father is Jesus… his situation is like one… that’s very far from what you are invoking sir… kahit kailan walang papantay o makakagaya sa Diyos yung pinagdaanan nya eh katulad lamang… if i need to elucidate further then just let me know…
    mahirap kasing magpaliwanag sa mga close-minded na tao…

    Si mr. fernan umpisa palang alam ko na ang naramdaman nya ngunit sayo po nagulat ako sa reply nyo… all along i thought it was plainly a comment of a concerned bicolano but then yet as i browsed more so mali pla ako… i would have accepted your grievances but your implication of my mother’s name does that make you immoral too?

    if you just read again all your comments as well as mine think more… i never attacked you but you attacked me… i gave my respect to you but what you did was gave three weak-points here. If i may reiterate; 1) my mom’s name 2) my father’s personal family affairs 3) my dad being ill (in the hospital)… tell me what your intention were sir running for office?

    1) poor mom her name was even mentioned here, and why? why oh why? has she done something too? doesn’t she deserve a bit of respect to not include her name anymore? then what does that make you?

    2)i just realized that you meddle with our personal lives. Is that morally correct on your side?

    3)you were there in the hospital…was it really illness or complications, yes he underwent operations and it was roughly his ninth or tenth already because he is only human…what’s wrong with that? he has a clean record and performs very well with work. alam mo yan.

    sa lahat ng ito what does this make you as an aspirant sir? well i naturally i should not care with what people may think of you but i do because you have a great responsibility to them and even to me… but now i just care my own business we have a life too!

    Lastly, my father has a complete family may additonal pa nga diba your very concerned at talaga naman included sila dito siguro may nagwa din sila…

    FYI: di hamak napaganda na nya ang bicol sa malayong paraan kahit nga di natin bungto tinulungan nya sa livelihood, schools, daycare, kalye, kuryente, sahod, patubig lahat yan name it alam mo yan…. he is actually one of the best to achieve enormous amount of projects done and achieved it in and out of our town…

    ok lang sana laitin mo ang tatay ko kung wala syang nagawang maganda at binigay sabawat municipality ng 2nd district dahil alam mo tong lahat ng ito dahil matalino ka diba.. pero wag mo rin akong insultuhin na wala akong nalalaman dahil ako may hard copy ikaw meron ba? para sabihin mo na nangarap pa ang tatay ko mapaganda ang bicol? bakit ikaw tumatakbo ka wala karin bang pangarap?

    don’t tell me with due respect to me for in the first place you have already mocked me so stop pretending to be a clean slate… Stop being a hypocrite go out from the shadow of the past handle the present well for you now should be a greater example to those surrounding you.

    Laugh now, enjoy every minute of it… for when the day comes that you have wronged it will just go back to you like a ghost that haunts you from your past!

    Respect is earned. Start now!

    • odin floranda

      hahaha.. I’ll beg your pardon ms. joanne,, 19 yeas old palang po ako,, at pag tanda ko ay di ko gagayahin ang tatay mo, kung pumasok man ako sa politika di ko parin gagayahin ang tatay mo. aram mo po, kung babasahin ko po ang mga comment mo, para ka pong nagpapaawa.. babae ka nga talaga,, try to accept the consequences. makulong man o hindi ang tatay mo, hindi muna mababago ang aming mga saloobin.. kasi kahit ikaw ay di mo pa nararanasan ang mga ginawa ng tatay mo sa tatay ko at sa boung pamilya ko..di nyo kayang baguhin ang damdamin ng isang maralitang bikolano.. ikaw nga baka hindi ka marunong mag salita ng bikol..

      • Joanne Solis

        To Whom it may Concern:

        As the daughter of the person in the issue here, I end all my sentiments for it’s not conducive anymore on my part… i believe and respect Mr. jun with what he said early on that this column should be constructive enough for the followers…

        I thank you all for your comments and learned from these, but i love bicol so much that my emotions aren’t important at all… what’s important is that we as concerned bicolano help one another in order to achieve our dreams for it.

        I support all of your grievances and will surely be noted…

        Justice has his own way of handling a case such as my father’s. Let’s respect it and honor it.

        I seek peace and unity not annoyance and chaos for I in return understands a little of the dialect speaks it wrongly but no one can question how i love bicol….

        I’m an Economics Graduate and based from what I have learned a country can not be progressive if it is divided politically and morally… For one is very insatiable, One seeks more, then the never ending trend goes on and forth…

        As a catholic, there should still be a strong wall dividing the church from politics(constitution) in order to construct an up-to-date answer to the problems we are practically encountering.

        As a concerned citizen, i will never attack anyone personally with their weakness for my own interest… in fact I will even try to research more so in due to the elections I will be able to vote properly and wisely…

        Thank you Mr. Jun this will be the Last. Thank you to all those people who shared their support amidst of everything and also thank you to those who delivered their plea for in here made me just more stronger and a believer in truth, life and justice…

  16. Mr. Justice

    I work at NAMRIA and I know that he is corrupt. He started the graft culture in our office.

    • Joanne Solis

      It’s Very straight to the point! I consider it! good but please include factual basis so that readers will not be floating… thank you!

      Note: so just you know my the Congress my dad primarily allocated enough appropriation for the budget of Namria in order for the employees to have salaries in case you don’t know you had no budget these couple of years….

      • To Joanne,

        Continue your studies of law for I guess you’ve got what it takes to be a defense lawyer. But I hope I wouldn’t be needing your counsel any time in the future!

        As you have said somewhere here, the future lies in the hands of the youth of today. Well, there’s no doubt about that but that future also depends on what the youth are doing and learning today and on what the elders are doing and teaching to their youth.

        I’ve seen different cultures and societies in different stages of their development; I have been in places where our dreams of a better Philippines are their day-to-day realities.

        And everywhere the youth carry this responsibility of improving or preserving their society. In advanced societies, the youth learn quite early the necessity of working together to sustain their society.

        Hence, their thinking is focussed on how to help one another in offering solutions to their most practical problems involving the environment, housing problems, traffic system, etc.

        In this way, they are introduced early in life to a political system that’s based on program or on problem-solving.

        Today’s Filipino youth

        – should also be taught this way of thinking and doing, of constuctive and problem-solving thinking and doing.

        – should learn to think independently and critically and to treasure one’s own opinions, learn from the mistakes of their elders so they can avoid commiting the same.

        – should begin to humble themselves and appreciate simple things.

        – should value and fight for democracy, justice and truth freedom and constitutional rights.

        – should value hard work, sincerity and self-respect.

        These are, in my opinion, the five pillars the youth have to provide for the Philippines to become a much better place at the time when they become elders themselves.

        The same five pillars I suppose that would make any student of law a good lawyer in a few years to come.

        Thanks again for your short- yet, I should say, stormy- visit.

        jun asuncion

      • Joanne Solis

        Sir Jun,

        I Hope I can Thank you personally, for touching my heart and encouraging me more to pursue my studies. You made me stronger and believe more on myself…

        I Pray that you will be more happy and successful in life for so you will be able to encourage more youth to become a better person…

        You truly are deserving of such power of writing, wisdom and intelligence… I hope to bump into you someday…. If only given a chance I will then be Honored and grateful to be meeting you….

        May the Higher Being Bless you More than what you desire and more than what you deserve!!! More Power!!!

  17. To all concerned:

    The Solis event was for sure a big political event nationwide so we have allowed these emotional discussions to go on for a while since they’re in a way a part of the whole event.

    But now it’s time to bring the discussions to a higher level after all these purely personal squabbles or family feud.

    For though we react to political corruption cases, Bulan Observer remains a place for constructive dialogue and criticism and was never meant to be a hate site.

    Again, we ask for more cultured reflections in relation to the Solis’ case after we had allowed enough room for the most basic of human emotions and after we had realized that we couldn’t achieve more if we have to remain in this level of discussion or in dealing with one another.

    Joanne Solis has of course the right anytime to counter any hurled criticisms or insult to her or her family. But I ask the others now to refrain from posting purely personal attacks. In this way we help one another break this cycle of aggression and hate and give way to a more civil and intelligent cycle of discussion.

    Young people grew up in this kind of political system and, as expected, we have seen it mirrored in their dialogues. You cannot blame them. As I mentioned long ago, the younger ones suffer the most in this dog-eat-dog political landscape.

    Remember that if we continue this way, we are voluntarily supporting the system that we oppose. That would be an insult to all of us.

    So, we all are wanting to do a new landscaping for our younger people so that they grow more in an atmosphere of trust, which is healthier I supposed; for the minds of the youth reflect only the social reality that they perceive. And the fact that social perception differs from society to society, it gives us an important hint that a change in landscaping will change the social perception of the younger people.

    But truth be told, this is a very complex issue, too vast that we don’t even know when or where this new landscaping (or social change) can start. We have talked about electoral reforms, etc. but all of these require time and many other factors to happen.

    For the meantime we just forget its complexity and begin this new landscaping in the way that we treat one another here in this column with respect without sacrificing our right to freely express our own opinions on issues that matter to us all.

    The Solis’ case is a matter of public interest and so we will observe its continuation. It’s also a chance for us to start this new landscaping.

    With this in mind, I also personally hope that the people who post their comments here also learn something better about themselves- or experience new landscaping- every time they come back to review them.

    Let’s all work for a better place.

  18. Joanne Solis

    Sir Odin,

    Sino satin ang patal? akala ko ba kilalang kilala mo kame? at tinatanong mo pa kung sino nanay ko oh well para malaman ng mga tao yung binanggit mong pangalan “F” yan ang nanay ko.

    Wala ka talagang tulak kabigin kundi wala akong alam. Fine! Miserable ang Family ko Fine! Bobo ako Fine! Sa pananaw mo! lahat ng kapangitan sabihin mo na! dahil yan kase lang ang pagbulwak mo sa tatay ko lalo pa pati sa pamilya kong nananahimik… nakakaawa ka naman sobra sa kadesperaduhan! yan ang MoraL na tao! isang huwaran tulad mo!

    Excuse me lang no! ako lahat nalibot ko ang never pang naabot na lugar ng mga tagabicol dahil walang kotse o bangka ang makakapunta doon…
    pinakilala nya kapatid ko 1 lalaki… ok lang bakit ano epekto sayo? syempre nirespeto ng tatay ko ang katayuan ng half brother ko. and i love them all.
    wow eh halos 80% ng campaign ng tatay ko andun ako. pano ko hindi alam eh nagdeliver panga ako ng speech. imbento ka grabeh.

    naawa ako sa mga masasakupan mo dahil puro personal ang attake mo… ni minsan nga hindi napress-con ng tatay ko yung mga kawalanghiyaaan ng taman ang tatamaan eh dahil di nyo sya katulad.

    ikaw ba ang diyos para pahintuin ako sa pag-aaral? nakakahiya ka. Diba bilang mabuting ehemplo sa kabataan diba dapat inuudyok mo kame na mga-aral mabuti dahil kame ang kinabukasan ng bayan? o hindi ka huwaran kya pinahihinto mo ako? so anoka ngayn Moral o Immoral?

    ako anak ako kaya ngacomment ako at sinabi ko nasaktan ako ikaw sino ka? at puro personal ang sinasabi mo? eh lahat halos ng taga bunto alam na yan? wala ka na bang bago? tutal kambal-tuko kayo ng tatay ko kase ALAM MO LAHAAAAAT diba?

    Sino satin ang sumasawsaw bago ng eleksyon? kase ako hindi tatakbo… ikaw diba tatakbo ka? tsktskstk…. kakahiya! yiiii….

    nakiusap ako sayo na respetuhin ang pagkatao ko pero hindi mo naibigay… maaring ganyan ka kahit sa tatay mo…. hmmmm? o pinaplastik mo lang ba?… hmmmm? o ikaw plastik sa mga tao? siguro pinapantayan mo tatay mo pero hirap?…. tsktsktsk…. hirap kabang manggaya sa kanya?…. tsktsk

    bakit hindi mo isulat sa dyaryo lahat ng baho ng tatay ko. lumang-luma na kase eh 1992 palang meron ng isang magazine andun lahat ng personal at pulitikang buhay ng tatay ko… take note walang magandang sinabi…. tsktsktsk… dahil isang katulad mo ang nagpalaganap nuon…insecure…. so ano pa bang sakit ang maidadagdag mo sa kin? kung halos lahat ng sakit nasuntok na sa mukha ko… eh luma na kase lahat ng sinasabi mo db…

    ikaw wala na sa hulog, ang pag-iisp mo ng paraan para manira… ikaw na nagsabi na walang kwenta tatay ko… eh bakit ang dami mo pang ginagawang propaganda laban sa kanya? wala palang kwenta eh… kahit ano pa man ang bato nyo sa ama ko kung mananalo sya dahil sa boto ng tao so be it….tskstk… akala kase ng marami kahit may kaso sya ngayn eh hindi sya pwedeng iboto… tsktsktsk… eh kung matalo naman kame tatanggapin namin yun dahil nangyari na dati yun sa amin…and we accepted it and swallowed everything with a fishbone on our throats nothing more….

    tell the world everything about my dad’s political life as you have always pulvorized it at the first place but, minsan mo pang banggitin ang mga pangalan o katayuan ng pribado kong pamilya my immediate and additional family… i will be compelled to summon you…. not unless gusto mo tumulad sa tatay ko binigayn ng kaso bago eleksyon?

    Si mr. Jun desente kase sya kaya nagcomment ako kc nasaktan ako. pero sa taong tatakbo na katulad mo na oprotunista hmmm hinding-hindi kundi! eh pinapatawa mo nga ko… kaseh ako kahit sabihin ng ibang tao patal ako, ok lang no damage done eh sa mga pinagsasabi mo dito ano iisipin ng mga tao sayong boboto?….tsktsktsk….

    Kung gano mo sinisiraan ang taong tulad ng tatay ko pati ako at nanay ko at mga kapatid ko sa labas at mga ina nila na you have deprived them of their right for privacy kaseh bastos kang tao walang maisip kundi manira ng manira di mo sukat malaman kung pano mo kame sinisira yun din mismo ang tumtulak sa mga taong botante para mag-isip laban sayo…. sa sobrang babaw at walang kakwenta-kwentang bagay….

    Sana pagalitan ka ng tatay mo! dahil malalaman nya na ang gingawa mo eh ang syang makakadungis sa pangalan mo lalo na sa pamilya nyo…

    ako never ko ikahihiya ang personal na buhay namin… proud pa nga ako eh… ano naman ang pakialam mo sa literal family life namin? naiingit kaba? isalaysay mo na lahat hiya kapa… eh ako babae ako ikaw ano ka? maynalalaman kapang sigurado eh alam ko namang abusado kang tao…

    wala ka ngang sinagot sa mga tanong ko eh… yan ang matalinong lider na nagangarap tumakbo… wala karin sigurong pangarap sa probinsya no? kaseh lagi mo sinasabi yan tungkol sa tatay ko eh… ang tatay ko proven to have served his countrymen 20 years old palang sya sundalo na sya nalagay sa tunay na mga gera eh 7 dekada na tatay ko “nagbuwis sya ng buhay”… ikaw ano na ang naibigay mo para sa mga tao? yang tsismis mong mala talk show host?

    “Ignorancia Lexis Non Escusat”

    You are right with personal affairs 100% no denial on my part at least we are the last family and my mom married to my father… but to the rest you know for yourself that you are using this column for political interests… aren’t you ashamed enough? even with the choice of words you put into your comments are really an example of a person who does not do anything but gossip for that matter…. and why for you have placed “….” very malicious….

    Ako on my part i give credit pa to mr. Fernan though he said bad things about my dad atleast he was honest enough to say it here but for your part, you have manipulated me to believing that you are a respectable aspirant leader, concerned citizen, MORAL person… for all the things that you said against us are things out of your range already… si mr. fernan totoong tao ikaw? though i don’t know him…

    Believe in the people so that they in return will vote for you… don’t ever question their capabilities for you don’t live by their perspective…

    • odin floranda

      hahahahahahahahhaha.. sino kay ng kawawa sa ato na dowa.. kitaa daw yun na katayuan ni ama mo..hahahahah. napaka depensib mo naman sa tatay mo…hahahaha.. inamin mo narin ang kalokohan sin ama mo..hahah

      • Bulan Observer

        [malicious comments and threats are automatically replaced with this message]

      • aj javier

        To Mr. Odin Floranda

        As a concern citizen, let us stick to the subject of this column and stop attacking Ms.Joanne Solis.

        The column is not about the personal life of the Solis family. The column is about an anomaly regarding the event that has happen in NAMRIA years ago.

        If we are to read briefly and will try to understand the comments from the start, Ms. Joanne Solis wasn’t trying to provoke any kind of attempt. Let us not attack her.

        Just like how you believe in your own principles Mr.Floranda, Ms.Joanne Solis believes in hers too. Let us respect what she believes in and sympathize to what they are going through at the present. How you criticize that his father is immoral then show them how moral you are. In case the Solis Family don’t know what that means (which is implied to your comments), then it’s better that you teach them morality by being a responsible writer in this column.

        Your personal feelings Mr.Floranda towards the Solis Family is giving tension in this thread. This is not the right place to express your emotions.

        It’s good that you believe in our GOD. Then maybe the best way is to keep quiet and pray for the Solis Family if they caused you and your family harm.

        Thank you.

      • odin floranda

        to mr. aj javier…

        hahahaha.. ok, i do…ang pagsasabi po ba ng katotohanan ay kasalanan? kung hindi dito ang tamang lugar, kung sa gayun ay saan po?lets us shed light on the tearing off, that the electorate should be paramount.. actually po si cong. solis po ang dapat sumagot ng aking mga komento, kaya lang ay si miss joanne lang ang sumagot..hehehe.. pero ok lang..hehehe.. thanks for the word of wisdom.hehe

  19. dennis francis

    dencio, ano ba yang ginagawa mo?
    tigilan mo na yan!

  20. Ryan Gibbs

    It happens before, during, and after the tlga ng mga yan. Sensya na kc apektado rin ako sa kadahilanang naranasan din ng pamilya ko to. Jo anne solis, ikaw na ngayon ang idol ko hindi na c santino. God bless!!!
    At sa taong walang magandang cnabi sa thread na to – lumaban ka ng patas!!! 🙂 ehe. Aw prng txt lng!!

    • janno gibbs

      nakakapag pagaling rin ba c joane?

      • posh spice

        janno gibbs, bakit di mo subukan magpagamot kay joan? ang labo ng tanong mo parang wala ka isip! cguro wala nga! hahaha wala ka sense!!

      • janno gibbs

        hahahaha.. ikaw an mag pagamot kay ikaw an naka isip, hahaha, bobo. walang sense kasi bobo ka mag basa..hahaha

      • posh spice

        ganito nlng janno gibbs. mag-aral ka syano ka! hahaha ikaw ang magbasa dahil sa probinsyang pinag aralan mo hindi maabot ang edukasyon natamo ko! hahahaha

      • Oliver Geronilla

        posh spice and janno gibs,

        Oh God…. A little decency would be highly appreciated. I beseech you…. please show your erudition by displaying civility.

        Oliver Geronilla

  21. Ryan Gibbs

    D ko naman sya cguro 🙂

  22. leonajomari

    every public official is presumed clean & honest until proven otherwise, everyone is presumed innocent even “skalawags” until proven guilty in the proper court…

    • fernan

      Proper court is useless…. wala na po akong tiwala sa justice system dito sa atin… para sa mapera lang yan, pati nga batas ang daling baguhin ngayon pabor sa nakaupo, lalo na sa election matter, kaya sana magising naman tayo pumili tayo ng maayos for this coming election para mabago naman.Dahil tayo lang naman ang kawawa.

  23. Becky

    ata gud guilty si papa mo….udong na sin surumaton…

  24. jing

    i am saddened by this event na nangyari sa ato congressman. may-on man po kita proper court, an court of appeals, na madetermine kun nagkasala o diri an congressman nato. so i won’t argue sa mga nagsurat didi sa blogs, pabor man o dispabor.

    gusto ko lang po maaraman na sa personal ko na pagkakalilala sa saako ninong na si tyo eddie. batog san una ko siya nakilala tolo na na dekada an nakaagi.

    sa pananaw ko, diri ta man mabasol an congressman nato kun pan-o siya maging loyal kay gma. naging aide-de-camp man siya san ato presidente, kun kaya diri nato mabasol kun naging close sya sa ato presidente maskinano ta kahabo si gma.

    sa pagkakadumdom ko, saro ako sa nagbolunteer na maging youth organizer ni tyo eddie san nagkandidato siya san 1998. hapot ko lang po: diri san panahon bag-o mag may of 1998, wara na siya sa namria bilang administrador nan undersecretary san denr? san-o po nangyari an nasabi na pinirmahan na dokumento?

    maging nano man po, nagkasala man o diri an congresman nato, sana po ma-appreciate san mga taga bulan an mga nahimo niya na danon sa ato bungto, sa mga nahatagan niya trabaho maski diri pa inkukuno-kuno na me-entra siya sa pulitika.

    nadudumduman ko an sabi niya sa ama ko: “padi kaipuhan nato mahatagan ini sin mayad na trabaho an mga nag aayo danon na kwalipikado man, kay habo ko na na danason nira an inhihimo nato sadto sa pagbaklay na wara man lang tsinelas, maka eskwela lang. sana makadanon ako sa pamilya nira.”

    diyos mabalos po sa ato congressman. maski nano po an resulta san apela mo sa korte, diri po mababag-o an hataas ko na pag-imod saimo.

    • To Jing,

      For good thoughts or actions in the past or even in the future, no court would convict anyone because of them; but a proper court convicts anyone who is guilty beyond reasonable doubt of committing a crime done in the past or even of planning to commit any crime sometime in the future, as in making a bomb to blow out something.

      On the other hand, good deeds in the past or even at present or even good plans for the future must not serve as excuse for any specific crime committed any time and when proven as true by a court of law.

      Any public official must be punished for any crime committed thus allowing Justice as impartiality to prevail always.

      One thing more, the people can only show appreciation for good performance but are not beholden to any public official for the same reason. In general, good performance is expected from government officials as this is also required by law and as they are duly compensated each according to position and scope of responsibilities and appropriated financially with public funds (taxes) for their projects.

      That’s why it is wrong when pubic officials put their names on any public project that they make such as school buildings, park, basketball courts, pavilions, bus station, etc., for such projects belong to the people, to the community. For me this is nothing but piracy and vote-buying.

      In Canipaan, just in front of the Asuncion compound, there is such a public school building boldly printed with the name of the recently convicted congressman.

      If the typhoons cannot erase such willful “spraying” on public buildings by public officials, then it should be included as an act against the anti-littering law and each community should start to organize an official anti-littering brigade whose task – aside from fining such politicians- also include the cleaning up of walls of all public buildings bearing the names of public officials- except when said building is privately donated to the public and proven as privately financed by the said official. This is just to bring the honor back to the people. Let’s start in Bulan.

      • concerned

        You are awesome, thank you so much for providing us facts and relevant information that truly help us decide who is qualified to run our town and the role of youth today. “We are the hope of future”. I just wish that all of our kababayans have an access to computer at home so they would be able to join us. Hope you will continue what you are doing and please don’t get tired, we love you Jun.

        Honestly, I learned a lot from you.

  25. Thanks for “loving” Bulan Observer! As long as Bulan exists, there will always be a concerned Observer- like you and me and the rest, and we learn from each other’s mistakes, too!

    I never get tired watching the beauty of the moon in all its phases- and you see them wherever you are. I hope you do the same.

    Time will come when computers will be affordable to everybody in Bulan. For now let them enjoy this freedom of personally communicating with each other, of meeting with friends at the pier when the moon is full instead of sitting alone in front of a monitor.

    jun asuncion

  26. 07

    nakakalungkot isipin na sa kabila n gpagsasakripisyo ni cong. solis at pagtulong sa mga tao sa sorsogon ay may mga taong kagaya ng iba dito sa column na ito n di mganda.. sbagay ganon yata tlga tumulong kna sa kapwa nililibak kpa.. at ndi nga nmn natin mapi-please lhat ng tao.. pero kasi alam nmn ntin kng anong klaseng justice mron tau dito sa pilipinas. kung cnong mapera at kaya magbayad xa ang mkapangyarihan at hawak nya ang batas. nakakalungkot isipin pero ganon ang batas dito. kung alam nyo lahat ng istorya dto sa issue na toh’ at kung aaralin nyo lahat ng statement ng mga taong involve at kung susuriin lng mbuti.. obviously cong. solis is an innocent man. mas higit na disente nmn at makatao c cong. solis at kapaki pakinabang nmn lahat ng gnawa nya sa bikol compared to other politicians whose running right now.

    • 08

      sus, kay sino ka para sabihun mo na ikaw an tama nan kami ang sala?? natoral na mag tabang yun kay incumbent congressman yun, kay diin hali yun na intatabang nya sa tawo?? kungdi hali manlang sa buwis sin tawo. kwentaha daw kung kompleto yun na intatabang nya sa mga tawo. kay insulsulan namo yun si solis para mag kandidato congressman? cya pa garing an may utang na boot sa tawo kay naging congressman nya.. sabi pa nga ni solis surogoon daw sya sin tawo, pero sugoa daw yun na solis na yun kung toodun ka??kung habo nya sin komentar dina cya mag kandidato. ay sus kung may bowaon dini sa kinab-an numero uno na yun si solis, an kabuwa sun na tawo na yun… ibig mung sabihun patal an huwis kay hinatulan si solis??

    • Thanks for passing by 07 – and also to 08.

      There are two or even more sides to every argument and each person has the right to express his/her side.

      Article III, Section 1 (Bill Of Rights) of the Constitution states that “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws.”

      For sure Solis- being a lawmaker himself- was aware of his rights, had also his defense lawyers during the Sandiganbayan trial and also had enjoyed the right to due process. His right to appeal his conviction to the Supreme Court also belongs to this due process of law.

      As mentioned, each one can express his own “personal” judgment regarding the whole story. But it’s not about the whole story of the life, career, accomplishments, etc., of Solis but is about specific violations of law, namely the anti-graft laws and falsification of documents for which he was convicted beyond reasonable doubt by the Sandiganbayan court.

      I guess, election time is the best time to file corruption charges with the Sandiganbayan Court because at this time the rule of law seems to function in the Philippines as no political candidate will try to risk his / her candidacy by helping a “friend” who is charged or convicted with corruption crime.

      jun asuncion

  27. o8

    hehehe,, amo tabi,, medyo tama ka sir jun.. maski nga patal na tawo kaya edepensa an sadiri nya lalo pa si solis na medyo lang…hehehe. ini na column na ini di man para sa accomplishment(s) ni solis, para ini sa kaso nya sa namria. kaya wara cra karapatan na ipamukha sa mga elector an mga nagkagiribuhan ninda. amo po sir jun? in sasabi ngay’an nira na innocente si solis, nakay di nalang sinda nag huwis, sabihun lang na inocente? kalokohan. tandaan nira na incumbent congressman yun na kakampi nira, nasa linyada pa sin administration kaya di nira pagsabihun na kawawa an lambang saro sainda.. kay diri sinda an api dini kundi an ato mga karamanghod na pilipino.

  28. Love

    Nakakapagtaka lang kung bakit masaya ang ibang mga bloggers sa naging conviction ni Solis. Samantalang halata naman na sila ang mga perennial political benefactors kay Solis. Nangagagalaiti sila ngayon dahil iniwanan na sila ni Solis. Kaya sa naging conviction ni Solis kulang na lang sabihin nila kay Solis: Mamarit ka pa kay binaya-an mo kami… At least, it´s not too late for Solis to realize that he was in the company of wrong politicians for so long a time since he joined politics in year ?…, ang desisyon ni Solis´na tumalon ng bakod this year´s local and national elections is truly commendable… dahil “Mr. Clean” ang grupong nilipatan niya. Hindi pa huli ang lahat kay Cong. Solis….

    The camp of Congressman Solis has already filed or still in the process of filing a motion for reconsideration before the Supreme Court, therefore, the decision is not yet final. I have the background of the case, and I truly and firmly believe, Solis will be exonerated in the end. Let´s just be prayerful. May God bless us all!

  29. Love

    To Joanne Solis

    Just keep on believing to the saying: HABANG MAY BUHAY…may pag-asa, at may magandang umaga.

  30. loveless

    ok na po yun.. aram naman namo na dai na makukulong an saimong padaba na congraceman. pero kitaun ta kung maka kapot pa ina pwesto sa gobyerno. dai na nga nakalakat nang didirota pa, anung klase ina? hehehe

  31. mo

    If Congressman Solis will not get justice from our courts here, he will surely get one before God. I admire Ms. Solis’ manifestation of her love, adoration and respect to her father. You are a very good daughter and I respect your views concerning your father. On the other hand, you have to respect also the negative views of his constituents. For his constituents are the rightful judges of your father. Your father has been judged as guilty by the court. He was judged by the people when he lost in the election. Let him prepare also for the forthcoming judgement of his CREATOR.

  32. Omar

    Mgandang araw sa lahat…

    Di ko po natapos basahin ang comment ng bawat-isa pero mababasa mo sa kanilang kaisipan at pananalita kung sino may puso na nagsasabi ng totoo ng tama at meron maayos na pagkatao…humahanga ako sa katatagan mo Joan sa patuloy mong pagdepensa ng iyong ama…umaasa ako na malampasan nya ang gusot na kinasasangkutan nya at nawa,y maghari ang katotohanan at ng marami pa cyang matulungan…tulad mo na sana balangaraw kapag isang ka nang ganap na obogada e marami kang matulungan na mahihirap at inaapi….

    Mabuhay ka!

    • anonymous


      Masyado ka naman bias, naiimod mo na na sobra an kurakot niya sa mga taxes san tawo, seguro ko diri ka man taxpayer kaya diri mo namamatian an pinagalan namo,inkukurakot lang san mga pulitiko, kaya an karma mabalik sa tawo kun nano man na greediness para lang yumaman, how can Solis afford to have his wealth, he is only a public employee. Sad to say na saro kuta siya representante san Bulan sa Congreso, imuda an hospital natu, makaluluoy an pobre kay wara man sin priviledge, nano sira kay nakapaseguro na. Kaya diri naasenso an Bulan kay maski aram na kurakot, babaliktadun pa.

  33. dakilang maglulupa

    Dios marhay na bang-gi tabi saindo gabos… sobrang sensitive ng topic…hope and pray for the fast recovery of the family as well as the patriarch… sa mga mapanghusga salamat at nailabas nyo inyong saloobin at marinig ng nakararami kayo po ay may puntos at tama…

    tamaan din sana kayo ng kidlat mga epokrito…

    Wala po mangloloko kung walang magpapaloko…

    Ang pagbabago ay nagsisimula sa ating mga sarili hindi sa pamilya o sa kumunidad kundi sa sarili…

    • “hope and pray for the fast recovery of the family …

      tamaan din sana kayo ng kidlat mga epokrito…”

      “Ang pagbabago ay nagsisimula sa ating mga sarili…”

      To Dakilang Maglulupa,

      The logic of your language reflects your thinking and attitude.

      And as I can see in your comment, things that you mentioned do not fit to one another.

      And when things do not fit one another, I don’t see any possibilty for (better) change to occur.

      I see no hope then of pagbabago (na nagsisimula sa sarili, as you have argued) in an individual where thinking, attitude and action do not fit one another.

      The logic of change requires harmonic proportions.

      jun asuncion

  34. dakilang maglulupa

    definitely correct…individual differences… in a simple way did someone ask you to do good things or bad things…did they ask you to eat, sleep, laugh or cry.

    the point is we have our own choice… sometimes it is not the right one or better choice, but what ever the consequences still life must go on.

    Ang kabataan ang pag asa ng bayan…we have the resources and oppurtunity to prove it but happen corruption, high criminality rate, insurgencies, drugs etc…bakit sa pulitika pamilya pamilya lang it because we are allowing them…

    Luckily in our community still a little we have freedom to vote comparing in mindanao basta mabayaran tapos na at bili na boto mo.

    Aminin natin o hindi majority satin mga epokrito pag nasa harap kaibigan at pag talikod kung ano ano sinasabi…sa mga teacher sana naman po ituro natin ng tama at maging modelo tayo para sa bata hindi yung tularan tayo para magbenta ng pulburon at yema…

    salamat…honestly po mr. jun swerte ng plac natin ang daming chances at oppurtunidad pero bulag at pipi ang karamihan kaya iilan lang ang nakikinabang..harmonious relationship po siguro

    • mo

      Dear Dakilang maglulupa,

      The problem with you is that you are not thinking about what you are writing that’s why you ended up thinking of what you have written. You cannot just make a hasty generalization that everybody who commented here is a hypocrite. You have zero knowledge of who we are and you must be ashamed of what you wrote. I think that you are not worthy to use the adjective “Dakila” in your alias.

  35. istambay

    mahirap tanggapin ang katotohanan…mali man o tama but the point is ano ba epekto n2…sino talo o panalo…magsisisihan lang ba tayo…

    maganda na magpakabobo kaysa naman nagpakatalino e wala naman maitulong…

  36. darkpalos

    what happened to the case na? nakulong ba si florencia at cong solis? sadly i’ve seen groups of sales agent using documents of the said 4000+ hectares here in bulacan,looking for financiers.

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