Three D’s of Success

by Jess Guim, Taga-Bulan sa New York City

Whatever you do in life, you always expect success as the end result of your efforts. But victory is not easy and could not be achieved without nurturing these three D’s of success. Remember this, one of them can not help you succeed in life without the other. So, nurture them all within yourself, and you will reap the fruit of success.

First, you need the DESIRE or motivation to achieve your objective. The starting point of all achievements is desire. Some people might say your dream is impossible to achieve, but with your own desire to accomplish it, there’s nothing you can’t fulfill without it. A poor man becomes a millionaire because of his desire to have more money. An NBA star believes he could fly to shoot a ball in the ring, because of his desire for fame. A writer never sleeps at night, as long as ideas come out of his mind, because of his desire to become a blockbuster novelist and movie screenwriter.

The desire (motivation or passion), on the other hand, should be strengthened by DISCIPLINE. There are people, who in the midst of their near-success, meet temptations that lead them to the wrong direction. A student who’s almost graduating in college failed to finish his course, because he joined a fraternity that buried him into the ravine of drug addiction. An entrepreneur who’s almost becoming a millionaire with his innovative marketing ideas, went bankrupt when he associated with gamblers who turned him into compulsive gambler. These are simple examples of temptations, that lead people to failure when someone’s discipline is not strong enough to achieve one’s objective to succeed. So, strengthen the discipline in you by surrounding yourself with like-minded people.

DETERMINATION is the father of desire and discipline. You can never achieve and win what you desire if you have no definiteness in acquiring such victory. But simply having determination doesn’t mean you’re already on the road to success. Determination should be powered by knowledge of the skills needed to achieve an objective. You need to learn about the skills and place them into practice. Then, when you have enough training to strategize your steps, you need to develop your experiences into expertise. It is these expertise that strengthens your determination to achieve success.

About the Author:

Jess Guim was born in Canipaan, Bulan; raised by his parents in Gubat; and got married to a Sorsoganon (Kapitolyo). He is currently living in New York City. He is the owner and web developer of the new web site “Experts Write About…” at

8 thoughts on “Three D’s of Success

  1. Thanks Jess for your tips. Your article is a refresher, reminding us of the basics of success and of a fulfilled life, that success really begins and/ or ends in our mind. These 3 D’s are nothing but events in our mind, our reactions to the perceived environmental factors or stimuli.

    Researches in the relatively new science of epigenetics reveal that the genes do not dictate us but we- this means our perception- dictate the genes, hence, our destiny, that thoughts- both posive and negative- permeate the cells of the body and cause them to either reaction that leads to growth or reaction that leads to defense, that the genes are in themselves helpless without the command inputs from the enviroment.

    These 3D’s work then as a kind of positive filter – and positive thinking and perception produce more often than not positive results- to growth or success than defense or failure.

    Defensive position or attitude is in the long run to be viewed as a failure for it isolates us from others more and more, and- viewed on the cellular level- this defensive cell attitude leads ultimatey to death of these cells.

    In effect, these 3 D’s have also their biology for they are explainable within the physiological or cellular level.

    Hence, these 3 D’s are- like other positive qualities- in themseves already have a positive effect on us internally (inwardly), on our own body, on our own health aside from the success they geatly contribute in improving our social life and in attaining our goals in the outside world.

    We can expound this topic more in the next session by considering other psychological points of this theme.

    Now, back to Bulan politics, it is to be hoped that whoever will be elected in this year for all these positions, they should at least have these 3 D’s in leading Bulan: The Desire for everything that is good for the town and its people, the Discipline to maintain this desire and the Determination to keep this discipline over the years that they will be in office as Public Servants.

    To round up for now our discussion on the secrets of success- the 3 D’s, let us mention the three kinds of minds- or the 3M’s– as already contained in this familiar qoutation:

    “Small minds talk about people. Average minds speak about things. Great minds speak about ideas.”

    Again, placed within the context of the coming election re political candidates, we could adjust this line as follows:

    “Small political minds talk about people. Average political minds speak about things. Great political minds speak about ideas.”

    Therefore, we ask the people of Bulan to listen intently when their candidates are casually talking with them or when they are delivering their speeches.

    It is clear: Don’t vote them when they only talk about (other) people!

    jun asuncion

    • My father would always tell me, “In politics, there’s no permanent friends, no permanent enemies – only permanent personal interests.”

      Choosing or electing the right person is like choosing the right move in a game of Chess. Whenever I played with him, (being a multi-awarded Chess champ in Bulan and the whole province of Sorsogon), he would tell me first before I do my final move, “If you find a good move, look for a better one.” So, if you’ve thought candidate “A” is a good candidate, check candidate “B,” ‘coz he might be the “better one.”

    • “…The Desire for everything that is good for the town and its people, the Discipline to maintain this desire and the Determination to keep this discipline over the years that they will be in office as Public Servants.”


      Indeed… everything should come from that genuine desire to serve the populace; it should be their guiding force. But that desire must be translated into action without losing sight of the real needs of their constituency.

      Their programs, if possible, must be completed within “their” term/s of office, and not during their kith and kin’s terms… This is what we call efficiency which of course entails accountability. And if it cannot be done, at least they should bear in mind how these PROGRAMS can be continued, improved, and perhaps emulated.

      Yes, it’s all about conceiving, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating doable programs. It should never be about remaining in office for a long, long time.

      Alas, most people in our country think that Public Service is a God- given right. And so you see the same clan ruling a town, a district, a province for ages. People should be empowered to vote with their feet when they sense things go awry.

      The annual report of the incumbent mayor has given me a sneak preview of what her administration has accomplished. But as what Jun has articulated in one of his write-ups here, there are things that need to be touched, but they’re never mentioned in the report, not by any stretch of the imagination.

      So, Mr. Gilana, being a political interlocutor of high caliber, can perhaps give us updates or the LGU’s perspective on:

      1. The Pawa Hospital issue
      2. The construction of Bulan airport
      3. Women empowerment
      4. Programs for the physically-challenged
      5. waste management
      6. literacy-numeracy program for the underprivileged
      7. mortality and morbidity rates (including their causes of course)
      8. farming system
      9. extension or affirmative action programs
      10. crime prevention projects

      Some of these might not be within the purview of the Local Government Unit, but I suppose my esteemed teacher can still put his two cents worth in.


      Oliver Geronilla

      • Yes, the logical continuation- other things being equal- is the translation into action of these 3Ds, an expectation already hinted in the phrase “over the years in office as public servants”.

        To serve is to act, and a (public) servant with these 3D’s in mind would surely bring good things to the people of Bulan.

        I’ve been reflecting on the value of transparency and accountability yesterday and how this could boost the image of a mayor and contribute to the general well-being of the people of Bulan.

        I came to the simple conclusion that these two things would remove our mayor from the defensive position, establish her strong moral superiority and contribute to the satisfaction of the people.

        The opposition has been claiming moral superiority, albeit indirectly, over Mayor De Castro by their series of corruption charges against her in the past, and maybe even at present.

        Quite simply (and on the condition that she would win this election), once Mayor De Castro
        would make it to get herself out of the defensive position, the opposition would be weakened substantially.

        The opposition always live upon the weaknesses of the ruling party, that’s their bread and butter, so to speak.

        But it’s weird in a way that by taking away someone’s bread and butter, one achieves moral superiority.

        We have never heard yet anything substantial about the opposition. What we know is that Atty. Guyala also wants to be mayor of Bulan. But is that enough ? Is his mind also marked with 3 Ds? We would be glad to hear him talking about his visions for Bulan, how he would do it better than the De Castros, his concept of leadership and his stand on Pawa Hospital, Bulan Airport, Bulan Integrated Bus Terminal and all the other issues as mentioned by Mr. Oliver Geronilla in his comment.

        The people of Bulan have the right to know and the right to judge who among these local candidates could better solve these issues.

        Meanwhile, coffee or tea, as we wait for Mr. Gilana’s answer to the queries of his former student Mr. Geronilla who is now intently observing his old town Bulan.

  2. jun/et al,

    i think tonyboy will never answer oliver’s questions just like how he ignored and avoided my similar questions – qualifications and transparency, in the past if you still remember. until now i did not and never get any answer from him…

    • To remain silent is an option. But when do we resort to it? Answers abound.

      In my case, I remain silent when I am not certain about my answer/s or how to answer a question. But I make it a point that I recognize or acknowledge the [person’s] query and ask for ample time to get down to the facts and to gather my wits. And If I really don’t know the answer, I simply say, “I am sorry, but I don’t know the answer.” No frills, no fakes.

      But that’s me.

      Mr. Gilana’s silence is quite understandable. He’s not a polymath to know “everything” and to answer things at the drop of a hat. Probably, my queries need some kind of research work. Perhaps he needs to collaborate and corroborate with the concerned agencies to get the facts straight.

      And for sure things don’t end there.

      There are many things that need to be considered. Among them– and perhaps his biggest concern– would be how to get the nod of the chief executive before making any move. Alas, nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.

      And what about the unanswered queries made by Rudyb? Should I take that as a precedent?

      Perhaps Rudby knows when silence IS not golden.

      • We have more than enough patience for good things, and enough coffee or tea for our waiting.

        Mr. Gilana has other things to do for sure and he needs not only time for writing but also the help of others- or the approval of his superiors.

        But with or without answer from the PIO-Bulan, we will just continue with our task. After all, our (or BO’s)existence or raison d’ être depends on those who care about Bulan, not on those who do not.

        But I think that the publication of the Municipal Budget for 2010- and that of 2009- partly answers already rudyb’s old questions pertaining transparency.

        This is the first time ever that the LGU has laid open its financial book to the public. Before it was such a taboo, much to the chagrin of Solis.

        So, it is a commendable politics and we all hope that this outlives this coming election, or that this shall be the beginning of the cuilture of transparency in Bulan.

        “You think not? We shall see”, says Oliver’s blind horse.

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