Does A Politician Or A Political Clan Need To Cheat Or Kill In Order To Serve The People?

by  jun asuncion


We are greatly thankful to the Press Information Office Of Bulan for providing Bulan Observer with the COMELEC”s (Commission On Election) List of Local Candidates For The 2010 Election.

The Month Of May: A Long List

May this list serve as an initial guide for the people of Bulan and of the whole Bicol region in choosing for the next group of public servants who shall be serving them for the next years to come.

May corrupt officials no longer be elected.

May another list  – a list of election-related violence and death casualties-  not be added to this Candidates list.

May this May election be a peaceful and intelligent one.

May the people of Bulan and of Bicol use the power inherent in them to effect a positive  change of direction in their localities-  a direction that points to a more civilized governance through transparency, accountability, civility and adherence to the laws of the land.

Extremely barbaric and bloody carnage in the southern Maguindanao has marked the  onset of this 2010 election. What a message of degeneracy to the whole world! Are Filipinos really a degenerate race? I think the answer is no, not all Filipinos are barbarians. But truly, some Filipinos are proud of their degeneracy, barbaric mentality and impish impulses- like the perpetrators of this Ampatuan massacre and those police, civilian militiamen and military officers who let themselves be foolishly instrumentalised by their power-greedy imbecile employers who ordered them to shoot and hack to pieces  helpless men and women last November. Many of these murderers were probably parents themselves.

 So I ask them: Do you really need to butcher your political rival’s emissaries for you to retain your post and serve the people- some of them being the relatives of the people you murdered? What kind of  a Filipino mutant are you? For the followers and blindly obeying murderers : Do you need to obey criminal orders from public servants to  kill fellow human beings who had done you personally no harm at all in order for you to receive a measly amount enough for you to feed for a day  your family? Isn’t it tantamount to killing your own innocent wife and children also?

This happened in Maguindanao and this should not be replicated in Bulan or anywhere else in Bicol and in the whole Philippines. The region of Bicol is different!

Therefore I ask  all of my fellow Bicolanos to use the power inherent in them in bringing about  positive change in their respective localities by choosing their candidates carefully so that poor government administrations of the past tainted with corruption scandals and series of insults to the Bicolano mind  shall not be repeated come 2010.

I appeal to the local candidates listed above to draw a significant  lesson  from the Maguindanao massacre which is: That the end or triumph of  a political dynasty or clan-  or the end of an individual political career- should not necessarily be bloody but decent and democratic if they should only avoid clinging desperately to power and greed and submit themselves to the rules of free and honest election and above all  by paying respect to the inviolable dignity of each registered voter.

Let those candidates be declared now as winners of this election if they carry within themselves the right and honest intention; and let those candidates who carry within them the opposite of intention be declared now  the losers.

In this way, we could escape the tendency of becoming a totally degenerate race.

                                                                                                                   — end–


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