Submitted on 2009/12/02 at 4:10am


Bulan, Sorsogon, December 2, 2009: The filing of the certificates of candidacy for the national and local elections in the May 10, 2010 automated election officially closed at 12:00 midnight of December 1, 2009.

Bulan Comelec Officer Ma. Claire Salut-Laceda furnished the Municipal Information Office the list of those who filed their certificates of candidacy for the various local positions.

Here’s a summary of the list of the local candidates:

Lakas-Kampi-CMD Party:

Mayor: Helen C. De Castro (incumbent)

Vice-Mayor: Manuel D. Gogola (incumbent)


De Castro, Guillermo, Jr. C. (incumbent)

Dellomas, Jolife L. (incumbent)

Delmonte, Luis C. (Zone 4 capitan)

Gerona, Simplicio U. (incumbent)

Engr. Gigantone, Ronnie L.

Guran, Patricia L. (incumbent)

Hao, Bernard H. (incumbent Board Member)

Tan, Jose G. (former councilor)

Aksyon Demokratiko/Liberal Party

Mayor: Cesar O. Gogola

Vice-Mayor: Crisostomo G. Gotladera


Alcantara, Noli G. (former councilor)

Asuncion Angelito Xavier L.

Diesta, Arque DV

Evasco, Permo E. (San Isidro capitan)

Porras, Andres G. (former Liga President)

Kampi Party

Mayor : Redentor G. Guyala

Vice-Mayor: Oscar G. Deri (former Board Member)


Bautista, Ernesto D.

Boncan, Antonio B. (Gate capitan, incumbent)

Cano, Vicente A.

Golloso, Alvin G.

Grafil, Jose Gunao

Guray, Gerry G.

Oseo, Gilbert C.

Valeriano, Recto G.

Nacionalista Party:

Councilor: Que, Roberto, Jr. M. (incumbent)



Burias, Elmer C. (incumbent councilor)

Dellomas-Fundano, Joy L. (former Board Member)

Robles, Marnellie B.


Gernale, Arturo G.

Gocoyo, Ronaldo M. (former councilor, Lakas-Kampi, De Castro wing)

Grafil, Jose Golloso

Uy, Louie S.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Information Officer was able to obtain a partial list of candidates in the Provincial and District Levels.


1. Incumbent Governor Sally A. Lee (of Sorsogon City) Lakas-Kampi-CMD

2. Incumbent II District Congressman Jose G. Solis(of Bulan), Kampi Party

3. Ramon Gallinera (of Bulusan)


1. Former Mayor Guillermo O. De Castro, Sr. (of Bulan), Lakas-Kampi-CMD

2. Board Member Rosario Diaz (of Sorsogon City), Kampi Party

3. Former Vice Gov. Antonio Escudero (of Casiguran), Nationalist People’s Coalition

4. Former Mayor Nida Gamos (of Sta. Magdalena)


1. Incumbent Salvador Escudero (of Sorsogon City), Nationalist People’s Coalition

2. Former Casiguran Mayor Edwin Hamor (of Casiguran), Nacionalista Party

FOR CONGRESSMAN, Second District:

1. Flor Solis (of Bulan), Kampi Party

2. Former PCSO Gen Mgr. Ricardo G. Golpeo (of Bulan), NPC

3. Dr. Sappho Gillego-Ong (of Bulan), Independent

4. Cyril Ramos (of Gubat)

5. Mayor Deogracias Ramos (of Gubat)

6. Judge Escalante (of Gubat)

7. Incumbent Board Member Arze Glipo (Irosin)

8. Bulusan Mayor Juan Guysayko

Certificates of candidacy have also been filed with the Provincial COMELEC for the Provincial Board positions.

In Bulan, the three independent candidates for Vice-Mayor, Elmer Burias, Joy Dellomas-Fundano and Marnellie Ballesteros-Robles have all decided to adopt incumbent mayor Helen De Castro as his/her mayoralty candidate.

A total of  46,125 voters  have been registered by Bulan COMELEC. There are 265 precincts which shall be clustered to 83 polling precincts during the May 2010 elections.



  1. Dear Jun,

    Kindly make the necessary corrections po. The local COMELEC Registrar has updated us on the final voters’ count for Bulan. There are now 46,125 registered voters in Bulan for the 2010 elections.

    Thank you,


  2. A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all!

    Thank you for this valuable information.

    May God Bless all the candidates of Bulan, Sorsogon! May Our Good Lord give them the strength to endure the coming days, the campaign period and the election day proper! I pray that peace and unity will still prevail after the elections. Let us not be divided by this political exercise for I believe that we all want a peaceful and prosperous Bulan.

    • I share with you the same prayer Arvin. We candidates would just like to offer Bulan voters more options to choose from. I earnestly pray that may the 2010 elections be a professional and healthy political contest for the aspirants… that after elections, our kababayans will have the pride to say it’s great to be a Bulaneno!Because in Bulan, there’s HOPE! Honest, Orderly & Peaceful Elections. Let’s keep on praying for God’s blessings in this election season! Merry Christmas!

      • Merry Christmas too Joy and a Prosperous and Peaceful New Year to you!

        I miss our beautiful town of Bulan since my last visit there was in November 2001.

        By the way did you serve in the Sangguniang Kabataan during the 1990’s or was it Cristy Caño who was SK Fed of Bulan during my lola’s term as mayor? The reason why I asked is that I think we’ve met before.
        Anyway, my family and I never cease to pray for the people of Bulan. I also hope someday that we could make a difference not just for Bulan but for the whole Province of Sorsogon.

        God Bless po!

  3. Dear Jun and Arvin,

    It is good that we are receiving a lot of positive feedbacks in our blogs, both with Bulan Observer and the Bulanblog. As we have promised, we have furnished Jun a list of the candidates in Bulan. I hope I shall be able to get some more information and the complete list of the provincial candidates and the candidates from our neighboring towns. It so happens that we are really very busy with so many activities in the local government unit. Anyway, we have still many months ahead. We’ll keep you updated.

    Our Bulan website has just been updated. Also, Mayor De Castro will come up with her 2009 Year-end Report to the People. We shall air it in simulcast over Bulan Radio stations this end of December, and also we shall have it published in our website and we shall also furnish Jun a copy. This has been the mayor’s traditional year-end report, sort of a State of Bulan Report, to inform our people of the LGU’s efforts, accomplishments and activities.

    In Bulan, we are proud that despite the heat generated by election politics and partisanship, we have relatively peaceful elections, and Bulanenos never resort to violence as a means of achieving power. We have to give credit to our leaders and to the Bulanenos ourselves for a very positive outlook on our electoral process.

    Although, a brief look at local history, which I will perhaps write later in our bulanblog’s History Category is the November 1949 election incident in which then Acting Mayor Higino Obsum fell victim when he was fatally stabbed by a certain Cabo Tino on election day. That was over half a century ago. After that we never had a single incident of election-related violence. The case of Mayor Luis De Castro’s death in 1971 in the hands of a fellow mayor from Matnog was more a clash of personalities. If I have time I’ll be writing on this too, since I have already a complete research on this.

    Indeed, it is necessary for us to bless our candidates, that they may have that positive, peaceful, patriotic disposition.

    Mabuhay po kamo!

    Tonyboy, PIO-Bulan

    • pwee…kung balikan ta an history san bulan san panahon na deri pa c gaming an mayor,.wara man son na mga napipirata sa dagat,an drugs bbhira pa un kay ultimo marijuana,tagoonon pa un sa bulan,…..isipon mo ha kung ikaw man sayo na nagmamaw ot san bongto mo,matitios mo ada na irog son an ngyayari..deri d mao?,,pero kay kung nagnginabang man kamo mag bubuta butahan kamo……sa mga makapal an pandok na mga mahambogon don sa munisipyo,,tandaan nyo pag nawara an amo nyo,maoobos man un na kwarta na kinawat nyo sa municpyo..an hambog nyo na an kahuna nyo habambuhay na kamo dun,,deri tabi….waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,makalooy man kamo kay wara kamo iba na aram kun deri an pangawat sa pondo san bulan…………lol

      • lol…..i agree with you.yabang lang yang mga yan,specially those peolpe assign in municipal hall of bulan…dire ko tabi malimutan san nag lakaw ako dun san papers ko na kaipuhan ko sa us embassy..aw badaw ka grabe na pasamba maski wara man ginhihirimo kundi nag iiristoryahan lng tabi sira sankung nano nano lang..grabe..kahuna mo kung sira sino na harataason an sweldo. kay mga mahambogon nan mga murosot pag ka istoryahon..

  4. Dear Manoy Jun and Tonyboy:

    Bulan’s Elections are really exciting. I’ve read that at one time there was a candidate who won by one vote in the 1940’s wherein the losing candidate did not protest.

    In the November 14, 1967 Election, the late Mayor Luis G. De Castro won by 12 votes over the late Julian G. Ginete(is he the one who was called Tata Julian who succeeded my Mama Nena in October 1993?). The facts of which are in the SCRA (Julian G. Ginete vs. Hon. Ubaldo Arcangel G.R. No. 28358 Dec. 8, 1967 and Luis G. De Castro vs. Julian G. Ginete G.R. No. L-30058 March 28, 1969).

    Well, anyway I wish the best for our beloved Bulan. It’s really nice to have this site. Would it be possible also if you guys can post the results of the elections indicating each of the candidates votes?

    May God Bless Us All!

    Arvin Gotladera

    • It’s also nice to have a town observer like you Arvin who stays around. Thanks for calling our attention to these facts: SCRA (Julian G. Ginete vs. Hon. Ubaldo Arcangel G.R. No. 28358 Dec. 8, 1967 and Luis G. De Castro vs. Julian G. Ginete G.R. No. L-30058 March 28, 1969).

      I will google it for it sounds very interesting.

      Mr. Gilana will provide us the election updates, so just hold on. It is impressive how Mr. Gilana is balancing out conflicting situations, his time and duties without losing his scholarly interests. We need more people like him in Bulan for he seems to be immune from the virus of ningas-cogon, not the type of “here today – gone tomorrow” Bulaneño.

      Thanks again!

      jun asuncion

  5. Dear Arvin:

    The Bulan 1940’s election result involved Germiniano Girado vs. Teodoro De Castro( the grandfather of Guiming). De Castro lost by one vote to Tata Nanoy Girado. De Castro did not lodge a protest. These people were true statesmen.

    Funny, but lately, here in Bulan, there is one lawyer who has been a perennial candidate for the mayoralty since 1992. Everytime he loses, he cries and protests of “election fraud”. And he has lodged election protests that they were cheated. At one time he landed fourth. The other two losing candidates who got more votes than him conceded, but he brought his case to court. The case was dismissed. It is sad that he even involved many innocent teachers. All these people are now angry at him. At one time, in 2004, he filed a pre-election protest against another candidate, a woman, on the allegations that his rival was a chinese citizen and was never qualified. The court dismissed his case.

    He is running again this time.

    If I have time I’ll write about a case during the Spanish Period of an election fraud here in Bulan, that was sometime in the 1820’s. It was recorded in our archives. These shall be good story material while we are in the period of elections. I’ll keep you posted here in Jun’s blog.

    Thanks Jun for your compliments. You see tabi, writing our local history is one way of showing love for this wonderful town. Besides, I’ve gotten an idea when I once researched at the National Archives. I saw there a quotation from a German author ( I forgot his name), when he said, to paraphrase him, that it is difficult for a nation or a community to reach a level of political maturity if its people hasn’t reach a level of appreciation of their own history.

    And before I forget, Jun, kindly inform James Gravador of Mayor Helen’s gratitude for his good esteem of her administration. And we wish him luck on his candidacy to the student council of his school. Keep up the good work po, James!

    Merry Christmas to all.

    From us here in the Municipal Information Office : Tonyboy, Glo Olmeda and Jason Grafil

    • To Tonyboy,

      I’m almost envious with your having access to our local archives. For sure what a wealth of valuable historical materials! Hence, if I could only trade places with you. Given a day or two to research in our local archives, I would devour them!

      History is identity. Your own personal history is also what makes you a distinct person; the same with a community.

      Hence, as we have said before, local history (Bulan history) should be taught in Bulan schools also so that each student leaving the town carries within him/her a solid Bulaneño identity.

      So , please tell this to mayor Helen De Castro. With your help, she might make the first step in meeting with Bulan educators to talk about the importance of this subject. Of course, historical materials can easily be published on the internet nowadays but there is no substitute in learning local history within a classroom for there is more dynamic interactions among the pupils/students.

      Have a nice day!

      jun asuncion

    • This is in response to tonyboy, glo olmeda & jun grafil´s highly critical observations concerning a lawyer w/c they posted in ur blog, Mr. Jun A. I would like to tell them all that if ever there´s a perennial loser, it is because there is a perennial CHEATER. The real loser in the past election battles was not this “lawyer”, whom tonyboy et al. tagged as “perennial loser”, but rather the PEOPLE OF Bulan.

      I would not comment any further on this as I believe that Christmas is supposed to be a time of love, peace, sharing, goodwill to all. But with all the harsh words that tonyboy et al. had written against a particular political opponent, they (tonyboy, et al.) end up acting like a fearful & terrified spectators in the political arena in Bulan, rather than acting like Santa Clause, at least for ds year´s yuletide season.

      To tonyboy et al., I woud like to share them the following passages in the Bible in Psalms 9-10 (Thanksgiving for Victory & Prayer for Justice). You may ask why?- maybe because there is a relevance at hand. I incidentally came across these biblical passages after having read tonyboy, et al.´s aforecited comments and redirected myself to open the Bible at once to seek any signs of the time, and these are the passages that were offered to me by the LORD, that indeed struck me from beginning to end, to w/c I quote: “I will praise u, LORD, w/ all my heart; I will declare all your wondrous deeds. I will delight & rejoice in u; I will sing hyms to ur name, Most high. For my enemies turn back; they stumble & perish before u. You upheld my right & my cause, seated on ur throne, judging justly. You rebuked the nations, u destroyed the wicked; their names u blotted out for all time. The enemies have been ruined forever; u destroyed their cities; their memory has perished. The Lord rules forever, has set up a throne for judgement. It is God who governs the world w/ justice;who judges the people w/ fairness. The Lord is a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who honor ur name trust in u; u never forsake those who seek u, LORD. Sing hyms to the LORD enthroned on Zion; proclaims God´s deeds among the nations! For the avenger of bloodshed remembers, does not forget the cry of the afflicted. Have mercy on me, LORD; see how my foes afflict me! You alone can raise me from the gates of death. Then I will declare all your praises, sing joyously of ur salvation in the gates of daughter Zion. The nations fall into the pit they dig; in the snare they hide, their own foot is caught. The LORD is revealed in ds divine rule: by the deeds they do the wicked are trapped. To Sheol the wicked will depart, all the nations that forget God. The needy wil never be forgotten, nor the hope of the afflicted ever fade. Arise, LORD, let no mortal prevail; let the nations be judged in ur presence. Strike them w/ terror, LORD; show the nations they are mere mortals. Why, LORD, do u stand at a distance& pay no heed to these troubled times?. Arrogant scoundrels pursue the poor; they trap them by their cunning schemes. THE WICKED EVEN BOAST OF THEIR GREED; these robbers curse & scorn the LORD. In their insolence the wicked boast: “God doesn´t care, doesn´t even exist”. YET THEIR AFFAIRS ALWAYS SUCCEED; they ignore ur judgment on high; THEY SNEER AT ALL WHO OPPOSE THEM. They say in their hearts, ” WE WILL NEVER FALL; NEVER WILL WE SEE MISFORTUNE.” THEIR MOUTHS ARE FULL OF OATHS, VIOLENCE & LIES; DISCORD & EVIL ARE UNDER THEIR TONGUES. They wait in ambush near towns; their eyes watch for the helpless, to murder the innocent in secret. They lurk in ambush like lions in a ticket, hide their to trap the poor, snare them & close the net. The helpless are crushed, laid low; they fall into the power of the wicked, who say in their hearts, “God pays no attention, shows no concern, never bothers to look.”Rise up LORD! Raise ur arm! Do not forget the poor! Why shoud the wicked scorn God, say in their hearts, “God doesn´t care”? But u do see; u do observe ds misery & sorrow; you take the matter in hand. To u the helpless can entrust their cause; u are the defender of orphans. Break the arms of the wicked & depraved; MAKE THEM ACCOUNT FOR THEIR CRIMES, LET NONE OF THEM SURVIVE. The LORD is king forever; the nations have vanished from God´s land. You listen LORD, to the needs of the poor; you encourage them & hear their prayers. YOU WIN JUSTICE FOR THE ORPHANED & OPPRESSED; NO ONE ON EARTH WILL CAUSE TERROR AGAIN”.

      Unquote, again, to Tonyboy & co. try to grasp the essential meaning & relevance of these beautiful Biblical passages with the matter at hand.

      God bless Bulan and I wish you, Mr. Jun A. a joyous Christmas!

      from: Nenette Guyala-Bustillos
      Philippine Embassy, Madrid, Spain

      • To You Nenette:

        The Logic Of Christmas

        I have always considered the teachings of Jesus Christ not only as a philosophy of morals but also of transcendentalism, Jesus being the first transcendentalist, way back earlier than the German philosopher Immanuel Kant who had maintained that “all knowledge transcendental which is concerned not with objects but with our mode of knowing objects.”

        According to its adherents, transcedental philosophical and religious principles are not based on “falsifiable sensuous experience, but from the inner, spiritual or mental essence of the human”.

        The most famous, human experience-transcending teaching of Jesus is: ” Love Your Enemy”.

        The whole verse is to be found in Matthew 5:43-44:

        You have heard that it was said, “Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.”

        But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you (Matthew 5:43-44).

        Jesus has been telling his disciples to get out of the ordinary by asking them for instance what is being special or extra-ordinary in loving only the people who love you already?

        Hence to be a Christian is to be extra ordinary- to be a transcendentalist, obviously not an easy discipline to practice for many of us.

        This is how I understand the yearly celebration of Jesus’ birth, of Christmas Day, which is to remind us not to give up this difficult teaching but allow it to become part of our morals as we mature in our spiritual existence.

        This is a concept not easy for anyone to grasp whose mental focus is very much fixated or embedded in the material sensation only. Only intuition and a very personal religious experience reveals to the person the immediate meaning of this particular teaching of Jesus.

        So for me, when someone wishes me a “joyous Christmas” it is not an easy task but I thank that someone for helping in reminding me of this difficult teaching of ”joyously” Loving Your Enemy.

        On a very personal level, this Jesus’ teaching and this joyous wish are even much more complicated and maybe painful, yet interrelated. If you let me explain why, here it is:

        In human experience, enemies (of varying degree and classification perhaps) do not come out of the blue or out of total strangers but they come mostly from your own personal acquaintances or friends- hence from people you once respected or even loved!

        They come not directly from strangers for on the contrary, we usually win acquaintance or friendship from meeting with strangers, of getting to know the unknown.

        Do you not notice also that when you’re in actual trouble they are your friends whom you lose the first and mostly help comes from just shallow acquaintances or even complete strangers?

        Hence, it is friendship that also breeds enemies for expectations and interests of each one involved collide with time.

        Jesus is right again in His logic: To Love Your Enemies should actually not be a difficult task for these enemies were once our friends we had loved and perhaps once shared our dreams and visions.

        “Merry Christmas!”

        jun asuncion

      • Dear Mr. Asuncion,

        Further to my 18 December 2009 respond to tonyboy´s “perennial loser” tirade, again, I would just like to share with tonyboy an article about Abraham Lincoln. Hereunder are the excerpts from the “Seasons of Life” by Chuck Swindol.


        “At age nine, while still a backward shy little boy, his mother died.

        “At twenty-two, he lost his job as a store clerk. He wanted to go to law school, but his education was not good enough.

        “At twenty-three, he went into debt to become a partner in a small store. Three years later his business partner died, leaving him a huge debt that took years to repay.

        “At thirty-seven, on his third try, he was finally elected to Congress. Two years later he ran again and failed to be reelected. And it was about this same time he had what some today call a nervous breakdown.

        “At forty-five, adding additional heartache to an already unhappy marriage, his four-year-old son died.

        “The next years later, he was defeated for nomination for Vice-President.

        “At forty-nine, he ran for the Senate again. . and he lost again.

        “Add to this an endless barrage of criticism, misunderstanding, ugly and false rumors, and deep periods of depression and you realize it’s no wonder he was snubbed by his peers and despised by multitudes, hardly the envy of his day.

        “At fifty-one, however, he was elected President of the United States. . and ABRAHAM LINCOLN became the most inspirational and highly regarded president in American history.”

        This might serve as an inspiration for each and everyone who wish to fulfill his/her dreams in whatever field of endeavor he/she may opt to enter.

        By the way, Thank you Mr. Asuncion for sharing your wise thoughts about the “The Logic of Christmas”.

        Good luck to you and GOD BLESS BULAN!

        Nenette Guyala-Bustillos
        Philippine Embassy, Madrid, Spain

    From: Tonyboy Gilana, Bulan PIO

    Bulan, Sorsogon, December 11, 2009: We are here furnishing our internet readers, particularly Bulanenos and Sorsoguenos, of the complete list of provincial/congressional candidates who filed with the Provincial Comelec Office to run in the forthcoming May 10, 2010 National and Local Elections:


    1. Amadeo “Ding” S. Brin, Philippines Green Republican Party;

    2. Ramon “Monching” M. Gallinera, Aksyon Demokratiko/Liberal Party

    3. Felizardo “Feliz” G. Garil, Alpha Omega 9K Party

    4. Antonio “Tony” V. Imperial, Independent

    5. Sally A. Lee, Lakas-Kampi CMD

    6. Jose G. Solis, Kampi Party


    1. Guillermo “Guiming” O. De Castro, Lakas-Kampi -CMD

    2. Rosario “Cherry” D. Diaz, Kampi Party

    3. Antonio “Kruni” H. Escudero, NPC/Liberal Party

    4. Nida F. Gamos, Aksyon Demokratiko/Liberal Party

    5. Mirafe D. Godisan, Alpha Omega 9K Party


    1. Abitria, Edgar M, Independent
    2. Amor, Owen B., Kampi Party
    3. Anonuevo, Rolando, R, Lakas-Kampi CMD
    4. Aquino, Rebecca DL. , Liberal Party
    5. Borromeo , Nonito, Jr. , J, Kampi
    6. De Hitta, Joseph G., Kampi
    7. De Jesus, Gregorio M., NPC/ Liberal Party
    8. Dioneda, Mark Eric, C., Liberal Party
    9. Duran, Fernando David III, Lakas-Kampi CMD
    10. Hitta, Marife L. Independent
    11. Laguna, Ferdinand E. , Kampi Party
    12. Lotino, Eddie O., KBL
    13. Lucila, Raul M. PDP Laban
    14. Marianito, Ramil A. Nacionalista Party
    15. Merciales, Antonio R. NPC/Liberal Party
    16. Perete, Arnulfo L., Liberal Party
    17. Ravanilla, Franco Eric Ong, Liberal Party


    1. Barrun, Rolando G., Independent
    2. Camposano, Gina F, Kampi Party
    3. Doma, Benito, L., Lakas-Kampi CMD
    4. Escandor, Angel E., Lakas Kampi CMD
    5. Flores, Mariam D. Kampi Party
    6. Frivaldo, Francisco G., Lakas Kampi CMD
    7. Frivaldo, Juanita T. AksyonDemokratiko/Liberal
    8. Frivaldo, Vladimir Ramon B., Kampi Party
    9. Fungo, Salvador G. Independent
    10. Genova, Angelita A. Alpha Omega 9K Party
    11. Gois, Joey L. , Liberal Party
    12. Gonzales, Toby A. , Lakas Kampi CMD
    13. Guban, Renato DV, Lakas Kampi CMD
    14. Guyala, Albino G., Kampi Party
    15. Laguna , Theophane, E., Independent
    16. Lopez, Saturnino L. Independent
    17. Reyea, Carlos M., Kampi Party
    18. So, Gino G. , LP/NPC


    1. Escudero, Salvador H. , NPC

    2. Hamor, Edwin B., Nacionalista Party


    1. De Guzman, Flocerfida A, Kampi Party

    2. Escalante, Edmundo H., PMP

    3. Gavanzo, Rosario G., Alpha Omega 9K Party

    4. Glipo, Arze G. , Partido Demikratiko Pilipino Lakas ng Bayan

    5. Golpeo, Ricardo G., NPC

    6. Guysayko, Juan G., Nacionalista Party

    7. Ong, Sappho Gillego, Independent

    8. Ramos, Cyril E., Independent

    9. Ramos, Deogracias, B., Liberal Party

    Meanwhile, in Sorsogon City, it will be a fight between incumbent Mayor Leovic Dioneda (Liberal Party)and the incumbent Vice-Mayor Edmundo Atutubo(PMP) for the mayoralty, while the Governor’s son Bobet Lee( Lakas Kampi CMD) will slug it out against incumbent councilor Roel Sta. Ana (Independent).

    There are three councilorial districts in Sorsogon City, East, West and Bacon District. A total of 56 candidates will vie for the councilorial positions.

    In Barcelona Town, Second District, Incumbent Mayor Salvador Estuye (Kampi) will try for a second term on an one-on -one battle against Provincial Administrator Manuel “Wowo” Fortes ( Nacionalista Party). There are four vice-mayoralty candidates and 21 candidates for councilor.

    In Donsol Town, home of the world-famous Butandings or whale-sharks. Incumbent Mayor Jerome Alcantara (Liberal Party) will fight against three other mayoralty candidates: former Mayor Salve Ocaya (Lakas Kampi CMD), Incumbent Vice-Mayor Cleofe Migdonio (Aksyon Demokratiko/Liberal Party) and Pancho Abitria of Kampi Party. There are three vice-mayoralty candidates and 31 candidates for the municipal council.

    Other Sorsogon towns will follow in our next PIO news release.

  7. I appreciate very much the manner in which the administration of Mayor Helen De Castro is now using all the available media resources in providing the public with relevant information.

    Alone this furnishing the readers of Bulan Observer with the election updates through its Public Information Office is already a great help for our discerning people and also of high value for other people from different regions of our country- and even of the world- who take interest in the events happening in Bulan. This is progressive thinking and good public service.

    The forthcoming Mayor De Castro’s 2009 Year-end Report to the People is another report we are all waiting for which is another step toward transparency and accountabilty, two things that the LGU-Bulan should embrace more and more.

    This report shall give us all an overview of her administration’s achievements for this year.

    Thanks again for the election updates.

    jun asuncion

      • I understand your outrage, but try to temper it with reason by presenting your argument- if there is any- the educated way. A wild verbal attack is never listened to- even by your own enemies and you’ll end up being ignored (they have the right to ignore you) for they think you’re just one of those crazy ones; hence you’re missing the point of making even a little difference in your hometown. Consider this friendly advice.

        jun asuncion

    • Thanks Nenette Guyala Bustillos for sharing this excerpt from the “Seasons of Life” by Chuck Swindol outlining Lincoln’s hard life which you says “might serve as an inspiration for each and everyone who wish to fulfill his/her dreams in whatever field of endeavor he/she may opt to enter.”

      You are right that the better thing we can do is to inspire people to realize their good dreams than to pull them down, unless we all suffer from Schadenfreude sickness.

      Each of us can’t become the great Lincoln, but it’s great enough to be inspired by his deeds and attitude.

      Actually, all our life we have been inspired by too many people who have moulded us and helped us find the way. So why stop this flow and be hard on others?

  8. jun /et al,

    As a child of Bulan though residing now a thousand miles away, I am always concerned of our beloved town and of our youths’ future. In the past we have heard or read news of NPA trying to influence the result of the elections – a democratic process of which they don’t believe in the first place. They try to intimidate candidates and most probably the electorate by threatening them with harm if the candidates would not pay the “defined” compensation as per candidates category or the ordinary elector for not voting the recommended contender. This course of action by these people is synonymous to rigging/manipulating the results of the election. In the end, the people’s preferred aspirant may not prevail due to lack of fund or simply due to risk and hazard of being a candidate. And this is only the NPA, how about the other factors that determine the outcome of the electoral process – gold, guns, etc.?

    How sure are we that the winning/proclaimed candidates are the most suited and fitted public servants that will be sworn into the most sensitive positions? They will steer the destination of our town for the next four years or as long as twelve years which is always the case. The ominous Maguindanao factor – family dynasty, unexplained wealth, crippling poverty, etc., are present all over the country and not only in our town. Maybe our town is not as comparable as to Maguindanao, but the parallel signs are present sans the barbaric massacre.

    So, like everyone I also share the same prayer that the 2010 process may the most peaceful and may the most fruitful elections that will be practiced and accomplished for the sake of our youths. I pray that our town and the whole country for that matter, be spared from the lords of the land – the warlords, the drug lords and the praise the lord. As a result we would like to see a more economically developed town, a drug free community, nil crime rates, more educated citizenry, healthy and active population and all the best for our town.

    God bless us all.

    • (I have posted this comment in Bulan Forum originally and I copied and pasted it here -with some alterations- for I think this could serve partly as an answer to rudybellen’s comment and should not be construed as defending any politcal clan but as my way of viewing the Philippine political reality.)

      It’s interesting to know the Barangay officials’ perception of Bulan political leadership. Since they are the grassroots, the very basis of democracy, their arguments of why they support or not a particular party is very substantial and decisive.

      In my view (just recently), the hot debated issue of Political Dynasty as expressly prohibited in Art. II, Sec. 26, (that “The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law.”) is not only ambiguous but an anchronism, and that this should rather be amended to suit to the realities of Philippine society and better serve the needs of the people.

      Though formulated clear and simple, this article doesn’t mean that this works in today’s Philippine reality. The unwillingness alone of many lawmakers and politicians to define political dynasty is already symptomatic that it doesn’t work and it shows us how complex this issue is for it is deeply ingrained in our cultutre- this culture of political clanism; in (democratic) practice, this could not easily be undone.

      The Philippines has always been ruled by clans since the beginning of recorded political history, powerful families who simply took over the leadership of their small communities, with sons succeeding their aging fathers to continue the leadership. If there were change at all in leadership, then it was through violent means (or any other of those causes that lead to the death of a political dynasty) as any rival dominant family assumes the leadership- . This was in a way a “natural” mechanism of social change prior to the modern concept and practice of democracy.

      This direct take-over of political power from relatives without consulting the “vox populi” was common at that time- as well as this violent termination of political leadership by a rival family. It is within this historical context and the practice of direct take-over of leadership should this term Political Dynasty be understood.

      Now, with the introduction of democracy in our country and the instrument of election and the right of suffrage, I’ve noted that this term doesn’t apply anymore no matter how the intellectuals of our country would want it as such to be understood by the masses and be prohibited. There will always be a conflict in trying to understand this concept and an impossibility or naivity to try to put it (this constitutional provision) into practice (as it collides with other democratic rights) within the Philippine setting.

      For things and circumstances had changed already.
      Now, for instance, there is no legal argument either to prohibit an able member of this political clan who wants to serve the people from running for an elective post or to stop the people from electing such a candidate.

      This is where we should ground the arguments of our Barangay officials that it’s the people who elect their town leadership and if they will be willing to elect always the same political family, then that is a democratic choice, it’s not a willful succession of power but an expression of the “vox populi”, the voice or votes of the Barangay officials and the people of Bulan.

      So, there is nothing wrong when one family rules for a long time if the people want it that way (provided this happens in an atmosphere of freedom and not of fear), and there is nothing wrong when the majority of the people of Bulan do not vote for the political rival of this family. It’s the mandate of the people that should be respected.

      One indication that democracy – no matter how bad is our experience of it- is not totally absent is the case of that powerful Ampatuan family in Maguindanao that just resorted to the old primitive dynastic practice I just mentioned here by savagely eliminating the rival family. This was a classic example of use of power and this would have functioned perfectly if this had happened centuries back. Now on the contrary, this has led to their downfall, they are behind bars now, and I don’t think the Maguindanao people would re-elect them next year. The message is: To maintain the political power, violence is an outdated modus operandi and a political clan risks losing it should it emulate the Ampatuan.

      In previous Bulan local elections, I haven’t heard yet of any killing or attempt to kill any of Bulan political figure. There were rumors that other sort of subtle violence (threats, intimidation…) were being employed in Bulan, that Bulan is not very different from Ampatuan only that massacre of that scale hasn’t occured yet in Bulan.

      A massacre in Bulan? I’ve been living far away from Bulan, but as a Bulaneño, I don’t feel that Bulaneños would be that degenerate as to be able to even think in this direction.

      In any case, let our Barangay leaders and the people of Bulan confirm to us the validity of these rumors as they cast their votes by next year’s election.

      jun asuncion
      Bulan Observer


  9. Dear Michelle,

    Good morning!

    Yes, Melchor “Choy” Daep Morada is running for Councilor in the East District of Sorsogon City (First District) under the Liberal Party banner of incumbent Mayor Leovic Dioneda.

    Tonyboy-PIO, Bulan

  10. Good morning Manoy Tonyboy!

    Is Emilio “Jun” Ubaldo, Jr. the former board member running for any office? How about his father the former Mayor of Matnog?

    God Bless po!

  11. Dear Arvin:


    Former Board Member Jun Ubaldo is not running for any office this time.

    His father, former mayor Emilio “Panday” G. Ubaldo, Sr. is once again running for the mayoralty in Matnog, Sorsogon. He is under the Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino Party.

    He will be up against five other candidates — Claudit So (daughter of incumbent Mayor Guaming So; she is also an ex-officio Board Member representing the Liga ng mga Barangay); Councilor Jaime Gata, Jr., Ikoy Frencillo, Councilor Ardel Dejano and former Councilor and Vice-Mayor Pio Bisco.

    There are four candidates for vice-mayor: Alex Dulay will be Ubaldo’s running mate; and Boyong Bongaling is Claudit’s vice-mayor. A certain Meyith Garcera and Eleanor Villareal are also vice-mayor candidates. There are 34 candidates for councilor.

    Among all the candidates for Mayor, it is a three-cornered battle for the top executive position between So, Ubaldo and Bisco.

    Matnog town has one of the greatest potential for progress. The town is the gateway to Luzon and Visayas and has one of the biggest transit port areas in the Philippines. It has vast tourism destination prospects, and the land is rich in agricultural and fishery resources.

  12. POLITICAL UPDATES ON THE TOWN OF GUBAT, SORSOGON (Excerpts from Sorsogon Newsweek, JLG, November 29-December 5, 2009 issue)

    Three strong contenders are expected to slug it out in the forthcoming May 10, 2010 mayoralty race here. These personalities include businessman Ronnel Uy Lim (Nacionalista Party), incumbent Vice-Mayor Danilo Pura (Kampi Party), and former SORECO II Director and Board Chairman Rene Hermo(Ang Kapatiran Party).

    Hermo is said to be banking for support from the business and religious sectors here; Pura on the other hand reportedly depends on the political and logistical support of gubernatorial aspirant Jose Solis; while Lim is said to be supported and indorsed by the majority of local and barangay leaders.

    Outgoing Mayor Deogracias Ramos (Liberal Party), who is running for the Second Congressional District is expected to be neutral, or shall decline to indorse anyone from among the three contenders.

    The younger Lim, is said to be getting the edge, as of presstime.

    Other Mayoralty candidates include Cesar Bartolome (Independent), Alfredo Buergo (Independent) and Ramon EScoto (Independent).

    In the Vice-mayor’s race, it will be a battle between incumbent vice-mayor Ramon Encinares (Ang Kapatiran Party); Councilor Juanito Escandor of Kampi; Sixto Estareja of partido Liberal, councilor Adan Eva (Independent). Another candidate is Angel Esmeria, independent.

    There are 41 councilor candidates.

    Meanwhile, there are three congressional candidates from this town. They are incumbent Mayor Ding Ramos, Cyril Ramos and Judge Edmundo Escalante . They will up against political bigwigs of the second district, like the wife of Congressman Joey Solis, former PCSO Manager Cardo Golpeo, Dr. Sappho Gillego-Ong (Daughter of the late Congressman Boning Gillego), Bulusan Mayor Johny Guysayko, and Provincial Board Member Arze Glipo of Irosin.

  13. Hi Jun,
    Yes , It has been a long time. Are you based in Switzerland? Your batch is only 1 year ahead of us.
    Im here in New York City, married to former Maria Luisa Ariado( my clasmate in KRAMS) with 1 daughter.
    I am constantly in touch with the Luzuriaga’s (Tio Dodong’s familyg o), the Grafilo’s & Ariado’s family here in the US.
    I will forward this web site to them.

    You are really up to date with what is going in Bulan. I am impressed.

    Best Regards,


    • Leandro,

      I’m in fact just a Bulan Netizen and a distant observer of our town. Credit should be given to Mr. Gilana for updating us with factual events.

      Pass Bulan Observer around in the US and let us help one another in this way build up a huge Bulan Online Community- one way of showing our loyalty to our beloved town.
      Some people may suspect us of political partisanship just because I’ve been communicating with Tonyboy quite regularly by now – and the fact that he is with the De Castro administration.

      Would you communicate with somebody who doesn’t want to communicate with you? I think not. But Mr. Gilana takes time to communicate with us not only about politics but about Bulan culture which is actually my primary interest, not politics. I have tried approaching other people who reside in Bulan to write for Bulan observer and update the Bulan Netizens with the actual events but none of them were interested- or maybe do not have the capacity to do so.

      So, it’s not political partisanship but cultural dialogue that’s happening now between me and the administration of Bulan, although this doesn’t hinder me also to give positive comments on positive accomplishments of Helen De Castro’s administration.

      A good day to you- and extend by best wishes to the Luzuriagas and Ariados.

      jun asuncion

  14. Dear Jun,

    I can only sigh to myself at the very vitriolic, violent and angry comments of people like Jack Ass and Nano N. Imos at the way they look at people in the local government, or the municipio. Kairuman san mga empleyado ta. This is not true. We are there to humbly serve people. If some in our staff may have some lapses in decorum at the way they treated clients, we don’t tolerate it. I have already made known to them of these comments. Mayor Helen does not tolerate arrogant employees

    And to your lady blogger also, I did not read her comments anymore, especially when she quoted biblical passages. I shun people when they start moralizing and then use the Bible as reference, and then point fingers at others. If we try to read the papal encyclicals, the words don’t condemn, they enlighten. When I write or point a finger at somebody else, because in my opinion, or, I think, he or she was wrong, I never used the Bible. It’s too sacred to be blasphemed and to be used to judge others. There are a good number of people who may not be going to church regularly, or who may not pray very often, or may not even be reading the Bible, or may not be pious-looking, or may walk with the swagger of a proud man, but deep down the heart swells in goodness, or humility. And in every man, there is always that space of dialogue between him and his conscience, and it will all depend on his understanding of himself and that which is around him. And here comes in the logic of Christmas, when that Great God lets Himself be transformed to be like us.

    But please don’t push somebody too hard tabi as if the good Lord will smite us to smiteerens (is my spelling correct?, or do I get judged for my wrong spelling?), as what you have quoted in the Psalms po. Anyway, it is your opinion.

    The issue of victory or defeat, and maybe of cheating, will once more surface, as election time comes. People will decide who they think will
    be karapatdapat. If they say it’s another term for the De Castros, w shall humbly rejoice. If people say , well, its time for the Guyalas na, we’ll humbly accept din tabi. And mind you tabi Nenette, maybe since this will be an automated election, and after a few moments after poll closing time, the results will immediately be in, I don’t think there is anymore time to maneuver to cheat. This time we’ll really find out if indeed the Administration has been cheating as you have opined. All we have to do is give ourselves time.

    Regards by the way to Leandro Carpio. Nice to hear from him. We’ve been together in Adamson U when we were taking up Chemical Engineering.

    Jun, I think we have been fair enough in informing our kabubungtos. You see tabi, even in our bulanblog, we also publish comments that are hard on us.

    Thanks for the great, great space allotted us.


    Tonyboy-PIO Bulan

  15. The list of candidates are quite exciting.
    It would be a tough decision for a voter like me to choose whose who.

    They are all competent I believe, but whoever will give the best platform of governance will surely take the nod of the populace.

    I’m impressed by the improvements that the incumbent mayor has done over the years… and still doing up to now but there are things that need not to be neglected or I mean things that the present administration need to focus on (i.e.-the government hospital in Sitio Pawa).

    Honestly, I am working and living abroad and part of my remittance somehow add a boost in Philippine economy.

    “Bulan? I’ve been there 6 years ago, the place is clean, very orderly”
    This is what my co-worker and fellow Filipino told me.

    I take pride of being a “Bulanon” or “Bulaneño” whatever the term may be.

    • Holiday season that’s why I have time to reply to the comments being posted here.

      Things that need to be neglected or to focus on by the present administration?

      For me it’s simple: The present administration should neglect things that put them in the defensive and focus this time on things that they have neglected.

      What it is to be a Bulanaon? It is to shine to the fullest like the full moon above, to be proud of Bulan, feeling free and feeling good just like when it’s full moon in Bulan as you take a walk with your old friends to the pier and just enjoy the beauty and serenity of the evening.

      Happy Holidays!

      jun asuncion

  16. Many thanks to the creator of this website, I’m impressed and updated about the political issues in Bulan, also to the not so clever comments being posted.
    Its good to know both sides of opinion expressed in this blog; truly educational.
    I hope you can also include history of bulanenos who contributed to make Bulan famous.

    Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear to all Bulanenos!

    • Thanks for the kind words, EraZun. This website is meant to be collectively managed or sustained by the Bulanenõs so everyone is free to express his/her opinion here and/or contribute any article that interests us all.

      Bulan Observer is not an online-newspaper but an interactive platform and meeting place for all Bulanons irrespective of political or religious orientation.

      Perfection is not expected but respect in dealing with one another.

      For your question on Bulan history, please visit the LGU Bulan website or Bulan Forum.

      Happy Holidays!

      jun asuncion

  17. Hello Jun and family and to all bulanenos,

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I missed a lot of news. I am trying to catch up with the latest news in Bulan.

    Angelita (dora the mouse)

  18. Dear Jun,

    We have sent to you the 2009 Year-end Report to the People of Bulan, by Mayor Helen C. De Castro.
    Please make the necessary highlights or underscoring to the titles, subtitles and other subtitles so that it will be easier read to your readers.

    We may also be sending you the Mayor’s traditional New Year’s Message which she delivers before our people after the New Year’s Eve mass.

    Thank you very much. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Tonyboy, PIO

    P.S. We are encountering problems with our local website. Please bear with us for the inconvenience.

  19. Dear Jun,

    Thank you for publishing as headline the Mayor’s Report.

    By the way tabi, there are still subtitles ( you will notice this po as a phrase before the start of a paragraph with a colon, or a period, at the end, and then the explanation of the program). It cites in detail specifics about a program or project or activity.These subtitles are found all over the report po. If it is not too much, can we also request po that they be highlighted as well?

    We are airing this 62-page, 2-hour Report, as has traditionally been done by the Mayor, over all the four radio stations of Bulan, beginning tomorrow (December 30-January 2) after every four-hour interval.

    It’s quite long and tedious to read, but for people seriously interested in the affairs of our town this Report is a must. I invite even our critics to seriously read what the De Castro Administration has done. In a civil society like ours in Bulan, I believe the democratic space affords us to put the arguments from every side forward, so that we can build a truly just and humane and progressive community.

    Mabuhay an entero na taga-Bulan tabi!


    • hi there to all concerned reading my mssg… just want to know what is the latest news about the case of my teacher, the late sir diokno gonzalgo….

      • is it true that the death of the late Diokno Gonzalgo involved a very close relative of a very prominent “political figure” in Bulan?

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