The True Identity Of Dora The Mouse

by jun asuncion

Here’s a motivating,  inspiring comment from Dora The Mouse:

To Jun and Tonyboy Gilana

“I love the exchange of comments! It is so honest, democratic, educational, open minded and frank. This is the way it should be. I give you my respect for the honesty and sincerety of your individual statements, concerns and opinions.

This is what I admire about Bulan Observer. We can express our opinions, thoughts and concerns. Through exchange of views and concerns, we are continously learning new things either in politics, science, philosophy or even witty jokes from Atty Benjie. I am interested to buy the book History of Bulan when it is ready.

Bulan Observer is the place for everybody to have the chance for young taga-Bulans to contribute their talents and fresh ideas and for older people to share their wisdom and life experiences so that other people will learn from them. It is a great place to give and to share ideas and sometimes take those ideas and apply them to your daily life.

Thank you Bulan Observer for the many fine articles you shared with us readers.”

Dora the Mouse


Angelita De Guzman Kowalewsky  aka Dora The Mouse

Dora The Mouse has decided to get out of the hole  where she used to live (or hide) and is now sharing us her true identity after she had read my post The Town Of Bulan Is Different where I touched on the issue of Anonymity. Her true name is Angelita De Guzman Kowalewsky. She authored for us articles like Poignant Memories  Of The Past, Money Is Not Everything, etc. She is also  the founder of St. Remedios Charity Medical  Clinic. We thank her for all her charity works!

Thanks Dora, I mean Angelita, for your true concerns for our town Bulan!

jun asuncion

Bulan Observer


4 thoughts on “The True Identity Of Dora The Mouse

  1. To Angelita Kowalewsky,

    Please re- connect. We have gathered some medical items for Sta. Remedios Charity Clinic.
    It will be personally delivered . Remember?
    I told you about that support! Now , here we are.
    Hope you are doing well.

    Mila Asuncion

  2. Hello Mila,

    Glad to hear from you. Yes, I had been sick for several months and was taking it easy for awhile.

    We are renovating the clinic and have it painted and re-arranged the reception area. There were some leaky spots from the roof after the powerful typhoon. I am shipping out a brand new commercial printer to be connected. The printer is 110 volt, the Philippines has 220 volts. I am sending with it a transformer to solve that

    Please email me when you plan to go to the Philippines. I want to meet you there.

    Nice to hear from you again.

    Angelita ( dora the mouse)

  3. Hello Angelita, ( Dora )

    I am pleased to hear something from you again- and thanks for connecting.
    I just don`t know if you received my e-mail, but any how thanks for Bulan Observer for reaching you out again.

    Please let me know if your e-mail is still the same so that I can give you the details of the medical items prepared for Sta. Remedios Clinic.
    Hope you are doing well now.

    A big hug!

    Mila Asuncion

  4. hello im ur cousin Bitong! genetia .son of Moises genetia from Sta. Remedios.reply me a msg hon my facebook account:gaspar genetia..tnx

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