A Letter To Mayor Helen De Castro

To Mayor Helen De Castro:

In response to the death incidence in Bulan Terminal just recently, I commend the actions you and your team have undertaken. It shows that in Bulan life is valued, that we care to all who come and go in Bulan.

We express our deepest sympathy and condolences to the bereaved family.

I now suggest strongly that a small yet functional medical clinic should be integrated in Bulan Integrated Bus Terminal. It should be financed partly by the revenues collected by the Bus terminal. There is enough space for such a small clinic.

Its function is to guarantee basic medical security for all the travelers and to be able to respond quickly on the spot to emergency cases like heart attack, circulatory collapse, nervous breakdown, diabetes-related problems (hypo-/hyperglycemia) and physical injuries. A wheelchair and a stretcher should be in place- and most importantly medical personnel and trained first-aiders.

 I suggest that you acquire one of these automatic cardio defibrillators  available today which is affordable enough and easy to operate with little training.

This death incidence in Fabrica is a sad news. However, we must expect more such emergency situations to happen in Fabrica because people are exposed to mental and physical stressors when they travel long distances plus factors like bad weather conditions(typhoons, flood) broken roads and bridges, bad news, etc. And we will have more and more travellers coming  to or passing our town Bulan in the future.

We are not in control of everything that life brings with it, but a medical clinic in Fabrica is a realistic project that we can control.

I thank you for considering my suggestion. I know  that you always  take my word seriously.

Respectfully Yours,

jun asuncion

Bulan Observer


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