A letter To Governor Sally Lee of Sorsogon

To Governor Sally Lee:

We are pleased to know that you’re visiting our town Bulan. May your visit be a memorable and fruitful one this time.

Since your purpose is to discuss the Pawa hospital issue with Mayor Helen De Castro, the Bulaneños at home and abroad are already excited about the upcoming results of your talk.  The Pawa issue is not only a local issue, it is an international issue for Bulan expats all over the globe are concerned about it and are monitoring closely the developments especially how the concerned authorities are tackling the problem. Pawa Hospital is a big problem in Bulan.

We can only hope for positive results this time, which means that something concrete  must be done right after your discussion to the Pawa Hospital that would lead in a short time to the renovation of the building and upgrading of the hospital and medical facilities. That’s the basic- and the most important.

Once renovation and upgrade of all facilities has been done, Pawa Hospital will become attractive as a working place for medical personnel such as doctors, nurses, technicians and office workers. The Pawa Hospital’s present condition is very desolate so we should not wonder why it doesn’t attract local medical personnel to apply for open positions. The market in this area is highly competitive everywhere in the world. Hence, if closing the Pawa Hospital- or of transforming it to a PNP station- is not an option since the expanding population of Bulan desperately needs Pawa Hospital for their basic medical needs and security, there is categorically only one option left for us which is to renovate and upgrade it and make it attractive. This is the only way.

Therefore, since you are politically directly responsible to Pawa Hospital, we ask you to exhaust all your available means afforded by your office to upgrade Pawa Hospital and support the local government of Bulan in all its efforts to maintain Pawa Hospital. This time,  the  COA (Commission On Audit) will surely not make it difficult for you if the provincial financial resources are truly spent in a great project like Pawa Hospital. The people of Bulan would be happy if they don’t lose Pawa Hospital and would trust their leaders ever more if they could solve this problem. That would be the biggest gift to the people of Bulan.

We thank you for visiting Bulan and for all your efforts for the Pawa Hospital. We will be closely monitoring the developments in Pawa.

Respectfully Yours,

Jun Asuncion

Bulan Observer

(This letter was also sent directly to the office of Governor Sally Lee)


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