Submitted on 2009/09/25 at 8:16am

By Tonyboy Gilana-PIO Bulan

Jun, I think it’s about time that your readers be informed about the PAWA HOSPITAL which has indeed been the source of so many hurt feelings and complaints from our residents.

I myself felt the same especially only a few weeks ago, some of my relatives who were supposed to be treated there has to go to Irosin District Hospital for their medical needs.

Mayor Baby told me to write you and inform your readers about the true situation of the PAWA Hospital. Mayor Baby has been very concerned about the situation although this is not within her ambit of administrative responsibility, since Pawa is under the provincial government. She knows that ninety nine percent of the patients are Bulanenos. But she says she does not want to point fingers at anybody because she has also known of the concern of Governadora Sally.

The problem with PAWA HOSPITAL is the lack of doctors. AND EVEN IF THERE IS A VACANT ITEM NOW OPEN FOR ANY DOCTOR TO APPLY FOR, THERE ARE NO TAKERS! The reason? Medical practitioners shy away from a government position because of the low salary na talagang dire mo man puwede ikabasol sa mga doctor ta. Most of them are in private practice po. But the provincial government cannot appropriate salaries more than ordained by law.

Nano tabi an inhihimo ni Mayor Baby san Problema sa Pawa: Mao tabi ini.

Seguro po dire aram san iba nato na mga kabungto, na an duwa na doctor doon sa PAWA is already being shouldered by LGU BULAN. DR. James APIN and Dr. Bernard SAN JOSE.

An Pawa po has only one resident doctor before. Mao po ini an mga nagsurunod, si Dr. Monina Luzuriaga. When Dr. Luzuriaga retired, Dr. Gordola was assigned there, then she went into private practice. Dr. Lustestica of Prieto Diaz came, then he was transferred. Then Dr. Tita Palad. During all these time, that one single doctor did all the work at PAWA!!! Imagine one doctor working 24/7! Even the nurses and attendants cannot afford this difficulty, not even if he is a superman.

Mayor Baby and Governor talked with each other last year and the Province added another item for PAWA. That should have made it two doctors.

Meanwhile, didi man sa Local RHU nato, because of the increasing demand for medical services, Mayor Baby added another item for local doctor. Kaya si Dra. Payoyo of Irosin nagkaigua sin kadanun in the person pf Dra. Kates Rebustillo. We also filled up another dentist item, Dr. Mariel Rebustillo, but Dentist Mrilou Jimenes also died last year kaya sayo na naman an dentist ta.

Sa PAWA, may position open for applicant -doctors pero wara sin nag-aaplay. Kaya solo permi si Dra. Palad san trabaho niya. In fact, didi na siya nag residence muna.

Pag Saturday, Sunday wara doktor, kaya an hinimo ni Mayor, naghimo paagi na ma-hire temporary every Sat and Sun lang sira Dr. Apin and Dr. San Jose. So that solved the week end problem.In fact Mayor was even scolded by COA for giving honoraria to the two doctors which are not supposed to be because it is against the law!! Imagine this situation. Pero Mayor reasoned out that it is for PUBLIC WELFARE that she is doing it! Mayor Baby continued to have these two doctors serve Pawa.

NOW… here comes again the problem. Dr. Tita Palad was shuffled to Sta. Magdalena, and a new doctor was assigned to Bulan, Dr. Pierre Ayuban. But you know he is from Camarines Sur. And he has to travel all the way up and down here also because he has a family out there in Camarines. He comes on time alright, but his assignment is by schedule, Monday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon. That leaves Wednesday evening to Friday afternoon with no doctor again!!! Also, Sunday evening to Monday morning there is no doctor because Dr. Apin and Dr. San Jose has to go back to their original posts!!! Kapagal!

At this time would you believe that Dr. Ludovic Tan of Irosin Diostrict is our in-charge? He has to oversee two hospitals all at the same time!!!

Governor Sally Lee requested one doctor from outside of Sorsogon to come to Bulan, but after about a month or two, dire na nag-report kay mapagalon daw sa kamutangan niya. Again, pan-o mo ini mabasol?

Kaya an mga pasyente ta sa Pawa may mga time na dire naatenderan san Doctor. May nurses, may attendants pero pan-o man kun wara doctor! Sa Bulan liwat we are already 96,000 people as of latest count.

Pero sa RHU wara kita problema.

Governor and the Provincial Health Office is very much concerned. Pero maski ngane sa Provincial Hospital, an iba sa alley na nakahigda. Grabe talaga an kaipuhan ta. Kaya ngane pag wara doctor didalagan na lang sa mga private clinic o kaya pa Irosin o kaya paRHU. An problema kay kun kawaraon ini na mga tawo.

An ihimo na lang san mga pobre ta na kabungto dalagan sa MSWDO, o kaya sa Opis ni Meyor. which we attend to with great passion.

WE ARE CALLING UPON ANYONE WHO KNOWS ANYBODY WHO WISH TO APPLY FOR A POSITION AS DOCTOR SA PAWA. The item is there, will somebody take it please? Tama man an sentimiento san sayo mo na reader, angay suon pasirahan an PAWA. Pero, dire man ada tabi puwede kay kaipuhan ta gihapun.

Last year, I was informed by Bokal Hao that the Head Nurse in Irosin went abroad because the pay there is better. Of Course , nobody can blame them because they have a family to raise po.

But we in the Local Government, lalo na si Mayor never tire out of trying to figure things out and look for solutions to the problem of Pawa, even Governor Sally also. I think, she is planning a visit one of these days.

The Local Government Unit has a Health Program, please check it out once our website comes out October 1. Also, we intend to purchase a mobile laboratory this year to reach out to our farflung barangays. Mayor has seen to it that there is now a maternity clinic in Otavi and Obrero. These are now operational. The BHWs are very active. Pero talagang dako na an Bulan, and we are adjusting to it. Even our local ambulance is kept almost busy every day. There are times when our ambulance has to bring in three patients in one single day. Our ambulance driver Tio Nani just passed away a few months ago, and to us he was a real hero, serving our patients even in the middle of the night or early dawn.

Next year Mayor wants to have a bigger RHU complete with lying -in clinic.

You see po, we can only do as according to our municipal budget. But we continue to source out sponsors like World Vision, PhilCAT, Center for Health Development, the DOH,the DSWD so we can provide for more for our people.

And also from the positive side, sa tutoo po mga mayadun man an mga personnel ta sa Pawa. I find them very friendly an dedicated. Un nga lang may mga time na seguro dahil kun minsan surunod sunod an pasyente lalo na kun gab-i may mga nagiging grumpy kay kun piraw na. Pero by and large they are wondeful people doing their jobs with passion.

I can personally vouch for them because I had my two baby girls delivered sa Pawa Hospital. Even my brothers had their kids delivered in Pawa. When my Papa was hospitalized until he died in Pawa due to a really incurable emphysema, the doctors and the nurses were very warm and accomodating, and they emphatized with our pain and sadness. And I know there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other people who were served well in Pawa and by Pawa.

It is only unfortunate that the problems are present. In a life and death situation, you cannot blame people with how they feel especially when indeed when it is time that the services are needed most they are not there!

I can only empathize with those who were brokenhearted because of the day when they needed Pawa most and there are no doctors. If I were in their shoes I will feel the same anger and hurt.

But, at the same we wish to assure the good public of Bulan, the very people we are serving that our Mayor and Gobernadora are doing the best they can to help alleviate the sufferings of our poor people who depend on Pawa.

We are not offering excuses for whatever lapses there maybe. Nor can we resurrect back those who may have gone through fatal moments just because of the few minutes or seconds that were lost just because there was no one to attend to them at PAWA.

PAWA Hospital is our primary and priority concern because of what is happening now. Two days from now, Mayor De Castro, Governor Sally Lee and the hospital staff will come together to talk about what is happening in Pawa. We shall keep you updated po.

Now. This year we just won the Best Brigada Ahensiya search in the Bicol Region. The award is given to an agency that has initiated and nurtured a program or project. We have the ecopark for an entry.

The Mayor’s staff decided that after we have received the Brigada award , we shall focus to another project– this time to Pawa Hospital. We shall plan out schedules so we can help there the undermanned janitorial staff to spruce up and beautify the physical facilites of Pawa. This is our way of contributing whatever we can for Pawa.

The Liga ng Mga Barangay donated 12 units electric fan to Pawa from 14,888 pesos we solicited during the barangay night. We shall have it installed anytime now.

Thank you for reading this. And thank you for your understanding. Indeed, PAWA is a concern to us and we are doing something for it, but closing down Pawa Hospital is out of the question po.

Tonyboy Gilana-PIO Bulan



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5 responses to “PAWA HOSPITAL ISSUE

  1. rudyb

    it’s very unfortunate that the only medical institution that the majority of our people can look up to is in this unreliable state – understaffed, under-supplied, dilapidated structure, antique equipments, overworked staff, etc. but the Pawa hospital is not unique and not alone – this scenario is common to most of the government hospitals all over the country. the good thing is that the LGU has taken steps to augment the capability of the hospital – eg two supplement doctors inclusive of their salaries for weekend duties. i would suppose that the Pawa hospital is a community hospital and it’s function is more focused on emergencies, outpatient support and medical outreach programs. especialized medical functions are handled by bigger hospital such as the Irosin district unit.

    the local executive should be commended for the right decision and approach they have instituted – assuming responsibility and risk taking (paying two doctors honoraria). these are amongst the qualities of a strong leader/manager. let us not also forget the support personnel for their unselfish services to the people – “sa tutoo po mga mayadun man an mga personnel ta sa Pawa. I find them very friendly an dedicated. Un nga lang may mga time na seguro dahil kun minsan surunod sunod an pasyente lalo na kun gab-i may mga nagiging grumpy kay kun piraw na. Pero by and large they are wonderful people doing their jobs with passion.” (Tonyboy Gilana)

    if i may suggest, the LGU should leverage with the Irosin district unit on how they are addressing their staff requirements and learn from their experience. from there, they can define their own systems and processes based on their local needs if they don’t have them yet or improvise if they already have an existing one. you don’t have to invent, just innovate – it will save you precious time and resources.

  2. “PAWA Hospital is our primary and priority concern because of what is happening now” -Tonyboy G.

    What is happening now and what had happened before? I think the same thing: Pawa was a sick hospital as it is until now.

    The difference is that more and more concerned Bulaneños are speaking out now and are expecting concrete results and that the LGU Bulan is becoming more active in “healing” this hospital.

    I have already overheard remarks that this is just pre-election publicity, hence, devoid of sincerity. Well, we must be positive for I believe this would help us more. And we must not forget that it’s always easier to criticize than to solve the problem, especially when you choose to remain incognito to avoid being held responsible for whatever you say. You may have the freedom but the lack of resposibility renders your arguments unsubstantial and weightless. An unsigned document is not valid. This is the price for being undemocratic in your method of choice.

    I’d rather consider the LGU Bulan officers headed by Mayor Helen De Castro to be sincere with their Pawa Project for this would bring more positive results. I always take one argument at a time and treat them separately than to mix them all up and end up with a bitter coctail.

    Thank you Tonyboy Gilana for your personal accounts involving Pawa Hospital. I know that you are the press information officer of Mayor De Castro or the “propagandist” as others call you. As I have said I’m not a coctail mixer and therefore expect no bitterness from me. I know that you also have the sincere intention to help save Pawa.

    For a brighter Bulan! ( If I may use my old slogan again)

    jun asuncion

    • Oliver Geronilla

      (edited version)

      In discourse analysis, rhetorical and stylistic predilections are magnified and systematically analyzed to understand linguistic corpus which reflects an individual’s purpose and communicative competence especially by looking at Speech Acts. After thoroughly reading “PAWA HOSPITAL ISSUE,” I found it to be teeming with pathos, ethos, and logos– the essential elements of persuasion.

      Quite expectedly, the subliminal messages are couched in a polemic articulation of thoughts as shown in his outright admission of “the source of so many hurt feelings and complaints.” With this, the PIO sent a clear postulation that he’s aware of the issue and its ramifications.

      To make his assertion sound more acceptable to the doubting Thomases, he empathized with the readers using his personal experience. He got off on the right foot, but the readers were suddenly redirected to what seemed to be the thesis and main purpose of his exposition—defending the local chief executive. The leap was so quick that one would think the introductory paragraphs were cunningly used as baits.

      So from pathos, he went straight to logos by explaining the technicalities of the matter. Sadly, the enumeration of “facts and figures” all morphed into several powerful but fallacious arguments.

      1.Sweeping/hasty generalization. “Medical practitioners shy away from a government position because of the low salary na talagang dire mo man puwede ikabasol sa mga doctor ta. Most of them are in private practice po.”

      2.A dicto secundum quid ad dictum simpliciter. “Last year, I was informed by Bokal Hao that the Head Nurse in Irosin went abroad because the pay there is better. Of Course , nobody can blame them because they have a family to raise po.”

      3.Ignoratio elenchi . “Pero sa RHU wara kita problema.”

      Textual references also yielded two conflicting accounts of the “planned visit” of the governor. I wonder which one is true and correct.

      “Two days from now, Mayor De Castro, Governor Sally Lee and the hospital staff will come together to talk about what is happening in Pawa. We shall keep you updated po. “

      “But we in the Local Government, lalo na si Mayor never tire out of trying to figure things out and look for solutions to the problem of Pawa, even Governor Sally also. I think, she is planning a visit one of these days. “

      The former, being a factative statement, wrestled with the latter. You may ask why. The answer is simple. It’s an optative statement.

      Ethos, I suppose, would explain why and how the above-mentioned quotes peppered the PIO’s message to the populace. But we know for a fact that only the uninitiated would be lead to believe such orchestration of thoughts. Critics, on the other hand, would be delighted to pluck and dissect the writer’s hokum. Skeptics of course would just be raising their eyebrows in disbelief.

      Although the PIO cited several projects that have been initiated by the LGU regarding public health through the Rural Health Unit, he failed to mention how the town mayor would specifically take up the cudgels and translate all into action to put an end to the problem under scrutiny. Donating fans and cleaning up the hospital facilities are superficial solutions—laudable but not enough to solve the problem.

      Perhaps, my fellow Bulanenos would have appreciated the town’s official herald had he given concrete examples of action plans. Highlighting the obvious—not having enough doctors– did not in any manner help the people see how they intend to settle the problem. Adversus solem ne loquitor.

      Yes, their drive to help save the hospital is there; there’s no question about that. But nothing is clear about the steps that they’d take to put words into action. Having a meeting with the hospital staff and sitting down with the governor “to talk about what’s happening in PAWA” only show why bureaucracy is viewed negatively by many people.

      Discussions and “visits” are only done when things need to be assessed, and when problems have not yet been identified. What’s the use of these when the PIO himself has already explicitly identified the root cause of the issue?

      If the purpose is all about getting recommendations and perhaps understanding the sentiments of the staff, these things can be done quite easily by asking all stakeholders to put them on paper.

      With that in mind, it’s not wise to blame those people who, as Jun Asuncion said it, “consider the whole exercise as mere pre-election publicity.”

      Weed out all the rhetorical overtures; and here’s what you’ll get: “The whole conundrum is not within our political orbit; we can only do so much [to help]. Ask the doctors why they don’t want to take the offer. If you’re asking about how we take care of our people’s health, our RHU is on top of the situation.”

      Is that Pontius Pilate talking to us? Yes and No. The style of exposition made it so. It’ll be an ad hominem if I fall into the trap of accusing the PIO of circulating propaganda. All I can do is to analyze the message without considering other factors (e.g. political affiliation, past performance, reputation, etc) that might blur my perspective.

      Again, it’s the message and not the person.

      Now, how about if the the PIO wrote his piece using another style? For sure, the readers’ reactions would be different. A press release, an accomplishment report, an action plan, etc.,– all of these can elicit different reactions.

      Mr. Gilana knows his audience better than I do. He knows what the people of Bulan want to hear and read. Demographic and psychographic considerations always come into the picture when writers compose their message. He’s not a greenhorn not to know these things.

      Rumormongers need not be taken seriously unless they put their thoughts into well-thought out prose—preferably written– and provide counterarguments that aim to clarify issues and not to befuddle them. I’d be delighted to see how they would put things in perspective using scholarly ways. But can we expect them to do that? That’s a big question. For now, they’re mere paper tigers.

      Having said that, I still commend the efforts made by LGU despite the perceived flaws. As the cliché goes, “no one is perfect.”

      Possunt quia posse videntur.

      • Aristotle in Bulan Observer- that’s great! I enjoyed reading your textual analysis, Oliver, and appreciate your high competence in the English language, your spicing up with latin phrases here and there and above all your reservoire of idiomatic expressions. I have learned quite a lot already and I hope the same for the other readers. That’s one side of yours.

        The other side is your freedom to say your opinion which I believe is the most important one for here comes not only the art of language but the substance of thoughts and the gravity of your person, of your self.

        I guess Tonyboy was right when he “admonished” you to be “true to yourself”, a common advice that really confuses me always.

        Political debate is mostly pathethic, the reason why politicians or their apologists are abundant in logical fallacies- and paradoxically the same reason that makes them rich and lead a life of material abundance- just like the pastors.

        Vital interests alienate most politicians from the truth that’s why people suffer. Here is Aristotle wrting in the year 350 B.C.E :

        “In a political debate the man who is forming a judgement is making a decision about his own vital interests. There is no need, therefore, to prove anything except that the facts are what the supporter of a measure maintains they are.”

        That’s it – and that’s all for now.

        jun asuncion

  3. gud day sa mga taga bulan and fabrica!!! as my concern dapat lang tlg na asikasuhon an hospital san bulan kay mao an harani na madadalaganan san mga tawo na may mga inmamati…awaton na panahon uon na isyu since na na build ung hospital…have so many issue i heard eversince…sana at this point gumawa naman ng effort ang mga goverment official natin…i hope after a several days maayos na ung prblema na yan…

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