by Tonyboy-PIO

September 1, 2009 at 10:22 am

Bulan, Sorsogon – In what appears to be the biggest gathering of participants thus far, the Local Government Unit, through the Office of the Mayor and the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) are now preparing for the forthcoming Pista sa Kabubudlan 2009 to be held at the Bulan Ecological Park (Ecopark) on the first Friday and Saturday of October.

Several thousands of participants from all walks of life, especially from the youth sector, the schools, the barangays and from different organizations and sectors, will once more troop to Barangay Calomagon where the Ecopark is located to participate in different ecological activites, to be highlighted by a massive tree planting event in the 14.5 hectare-area.

This will be the fifth consecutive time this event is held since it was first launched in 2005 by the incumbent Mayor Helen C. De Castro, one of whose programs was on Environment Preservation and Protection.

The event will feature several festive activities which include environment film-showings, ecology seminars on recycling and re-use, concerts, disco-dancing, overnight camping, a Holy Mass and other religious activities, a Mutya ng Kalikasan Search, Laro ng Lahi, games and funfare, and the Tree-planting activity.

This year, several government agencies outside of Bulan, including Mayors from other towns will come to observe the Pista.

The Pista sa Kabubudlan and the Ecopark are part of the Mayor’s Environment Programs. The Ecopark was once a garbage site and the mayor was responsible for converting it to an Ecopark. Now it is part of the DILG Replication Program or GO-FAR Program for other LGUs to follow.

Bulan Town has been a consistent recipient of many awards and recognitions for its novel and trailblazing environment programs, among them the Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran, as National Finalist from 1996-1999, Saringgaya Awards in 2007, Outstanding LGU for Solid Waste Mangement Program in 2008 and as GO-FAR Model LGU in 2008.

The MENRO is responsible for preparing all the activities for this year’s Pista. (PIO-Bulan)


  1. Good morning to you Jun, and to Mr. Hizo:

    Thank you so much Mr. Hizo for your suggestion on the historical Japanese Tunnels at Layuan and Polot. Much as we would like to, the properties where these history sites are located are private. However, we are encouraging people to cherish and appreciate these sites. There were already many visitors out there. As a matter of fact, we had a partnership with ABS CBN Bicol to have this featured in their Bikol Espesyal segment. A lot of people sent in their comments about the importance of these heritage sites.

    By the way, the Bulan Website will be out by October 1, or earlier. Please watch out for it. You may log in to http://www.bulan.com.ph. come October. We shall likewise be grateful for your remarks, comments, suggestions, criticism, etc. Feel free to do so.

    On the personal side, I was doubly proud that I was able to read the name and work of one of my good students, Mr. Oliver Geronilla. I was one of his teachers at SLI KRAMS way back 1993-94. He was really a wonderful intelligent kid, very articulate, fluent, way back then, and I then know he was going places. Best of wishes to Oliver!

    I am not materially privileged with like wealth or riches, but when you come to know of people whom you may have affected someway somehow in life, it gives much fulfillment. Just like with Oliver and many more kids whom I had been privileged to teach. And there were hundreds of them already.

    In the same manner, you also come to appreciate the people who influenced you positively. If I may name them, the likes of my most beloved and the best Lola mamay Dolor, of Sisters Rosario and Seagan, Mam Edna, Mam Florence, Mam Geronilla, Tia Tancing Hugo and mam Laurenaria in Grade school, Mr. Rafael de Castro when I was in high school, Dean Domingo Bendero of Adamson U in college, Maryknoll Father, Fr. James Ferry, the Belgian seminary professor and intellectual Fr. John Zwaenepoel, the holy Spanish Jesuit priest Fr. Teodoro Urrutia, and that great and saintly American priest, now due for beatification Fr. Aloysius Scwartz of the Boystown-Girlstown fame (his life can be read in the Web), Korean Sister Michaela Kim, and the wonderful Filipino and Korean Sisters of SOM; then attorney, now SC Justice Nachura,Tio Boning Gillego when I begun to be interested in politics, my uncle Papa Todoy, and aunt Mama Nene, and now Guiming and Baby de Castro who are really good people.

    I have met them all, personally, up close, intimately and they’re the greatest of peoples, after my parents. But I have also meet great, good , wonderful, happy people, especially among those who don’t have much in life except their dignity and love. You often find the greatest of peoples among the poor!!!

    Some of them have already gone. Even it may seem too egotistic to your readers, it is my saying thank you to God that somehow in this world there is always that innate good that we can see in people, and these be taught to our young people, who are looking for heroes and role models.

    So, I am saying to Oliver, continue to be true as you have always been!

    Salamatunon tabi,

    • Sir,

      When I was under your wings, I always thought I’d remain a fledgling forever. But time and circumstance worked against my estimation.

      Remember the time when you were coaching me for the UP Ibalon Impromptu Speaking Contest? Though I was not very confident with my communication and rhetorical skills in Filipino, I accepted the challenge. And lo and behold, I (or, should I say… we?) brought home the bacon.

      The reason? Well, SLI-KRAMS allowed me and the rest of my classmates to explore all the “possibilities” and the beauty of learning. We might not have been blessed with the best facilities and instructional materials, but we were so fortunate to have the best teachers who nurtured us well like their own children.

      You and Ma’am Gilbas never failed to amaze me every time you explained our lessons with that unmistakable panache which all aspiring teachers would certainly want to have. Both of you have that knowledge-laden-idiolect that commands respect and authority.

      And who could forget the way you lead your advisees? They were just freshmen then, but I saw the confidence that they exuded during the short programs that we had every morning during the Flag Raising Ceremony. Your students put their best foot forward every time they took the “center stage” making us seniors feel challenged to do better.

      And we rose to the challenge.

      The result? Well, it’s something to crow about– our extra-curricular activities went several notches higher, and quite interestingly, our academic standing soared to unexpected heights. All of these would have not been possible without your help and support.

      This alone proves the point that hauling ourselves up by our bootstraps usually comes to naught, but getting our acts together never comes unstuck.

      Frankly, I was in hog heaves after reading your verbal commendation. Who won’t be happy to hear it from a highly esteemed teacher like you?

      Can’t thank you enough….



  2. Dear Jun and a wonderful hello to everybody, especially fellow Bulanenos:

    The LGU-Bulan website shall be going online anytime by tomorrow. Please visit http://www.bulan.com.ph. Have a pleasant visit, and kindly tell everyone about it!

    Salamat po.Mabuhay tabi an mga taga-Bulan, nan Dios Mabalos sa kada sayo sa ato!


  3. Dear Jun:

    Good morning to all your readers and visitors.

    Due to an impending typhoon Pepeng, Mayor Baby De Castro, in consultation with the MDCC and the MENRO, has decided to postpone the Pista sa Kabubudlan this Friday and Saturday, October 9-10, and we shall have it held instead next Friday and Saturday. This is for the sake of the safety of our participants.

    We ask for the understanding of the hundreds of participants and various groups who have already signified their intention.

    See you po on October 9-10.

    Thank you,

  4. To Mayor Helen De Castro,

    We are the tourism students from Taguig City University who conducted a research study regarding the potential tourist attractions of your town, Bulan. Based on the data’s and survey that we had conducted the town of Bulan has a great potential to become a major tourist destination in the province of Sorsogon.

    Our study shows that the town needs further development and promotion as an effective tool in achieving better appreciation of its local people to their town and its recognition to local and foreign tourist.

    We are hoping that the Local government will take an actions towards the development of the Tourism industry of the town.

    Thank you and more power!

    • To TCU-Students,

      Thank you for posting your message here at BO and for your concerns about Bulan’s future development with respect to tourism industry.

      By the way, Bulan has also its official website and you may use it for your next message to Mayor Helen De Castro.

      It’s good to know that your survey has found Bulan to have “great potential” of becoming a major tourist destination in the region.

      It interests me to know the criteria you have used for this study and the statistical measurements you have made. The people of Bulan would surely appreciate it if you would publish your study here or at the said Bulan official website.

      You actually addressed your message to the mayor herself and so I waited for awhile for their reply but it seems that until now they have found no answer to your positive view. Or maybe the mayor is still waiting for her information officer Mr. Antonio Gilana who either is not in the mood to work or is having difficulty with his computer.

      In any case, he has fallen prey to the ningas cogon virus for if you look at the Bulan Website, it has never been updated since after election. No new information for the public, it’s totally outdated for a municipal website. No more interest since this is the last term of his boss? In any case, information is important and the public has the right to it. This should have consequences to the information officer? Or was he already fired?

      Tourism industry is very much dependent on the governance quality of the municipality. This is for me the main criterion to be measured in your kind of study, next being peace, security and cleanliness, clean water supply, electricity, internet connections, business establishments as banks and money changers and hotels, functioning infrastructures as airport, hospitals, seaports, bus terminals, good roads and highways- and friendly people. About natural attractions, well, it’s given or not given in any place. What have you found in this respect? And which criterion among others has led you to this “great potential” in your concluding statement?

      You have mentioned the need for “further development” and promotion of tourism industry. I just wonder what our Mayor has to say about this and how she understands further development and if tourism is part of her agenda and of her priority projects. Sometimes I feel this is too much for an asking.

      Anyway, thank you and my best wishes to all of you. May you come back to Bulan as tourists someday.

      jun asuncion

  5. TCU-Tourism Students:

    “Better appreciation of its people…” <—– What do you mean?

    What sampling method did you use?

    Mind giving us an online copy of your output?

    Define tourist destination.

    Your recommendations are stated in general terms. Everyone knows that we need "further development and.." Be more specific.

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