Pawa Hospital Is Sick: Let’s Do Something And Help

My email and open letter to the president of the Philippine Hospital Association (PHA).

May 27, 2009

Bulan, Sorsogon


To the incumbent president of the Philippine Hospital Association (PHA):

Dear Sir:

I am fascinated by your motto Take That Big Leap to the issue of strengthening the hospitals of the Philippines which I copied from the PHA website and reproduced hereunder :



I come from Bulan, Sorsogon, Region 5 and also would like that our Pawa Hospital not be forever forgotten and left behind but be part of that Big Leap. I am not for strengthening our hospitals of the future but of the hospitals that exist today. Pawa is a member of PHA and has been around for many years already but it hasn’t improved since its establishment but deteriorated. It is very weak and very sick and requires strengthening now!

It is in a very desolate situation in all its aspects:

-the building has never been repaired as it looks dilapidated, dirty façade and moldy walls both outside and inside, dark corridors and broken floors, very poor illumination, dirty toilets and generally very poor sanitary hygiene. Indeed, by modern standard, it is a ruin but still continue to admit patients.

-the medical facilities and instruments  are practically missing, even the most basic ones like stethoscopes, blood pressure gadgets are very limited and partly defective, etc.

Yet, the medical personnel of Pawa are willing to work and continue helping their patients. But as we know, the lack of the right instruments and medicines and the very poor facilities limit also the capacities of medical workers no matter how good and willing they are.

Our local government has done something to increase the number of medical doctors in Pawa and help where it can. But technically, Pawa Hospital falls on the provincial responsibility, hence the LGU Bulan does not receive or does not possess the allocated budget for the maintenance of Pawa Hospital.

The photos I posted will speak louder than words. And should you come for a visit to Pawa Hospital you would- as a healthy person- hesitate to get inside in the interest of your health and hygiene. This would be understandable. You in turn would understand then what a sick patient has in mind being delivered in Pawa Hospital for “treatment and recovery”.

I ask you in your capacity as PHA president to do something for Pawa Hospital that would bring Pawa  to public consciousness and to governmment authorities directly responsible for this hospital and, last but not least, to any activities that would bring in financial resources for its repair or renovation and for the upgrade of its medical facilities.

I thank you for your attention and for all the efforts you will be undertaking for Pawa Hospital.

Sincerely yours,

Jun Asuncion

Bulan Observer











At first glance, you might think this is a deserted military camp.























 But this is a hospital, the Pawa Hospital in Bulan.











Young and friendly nurses at work. They deserve a cleaner and modern hospital to work to.










 Admission room? No computers, not even a type writer.











 Oxygen tanks, perhaps empty, beside trash bins and broom.











Sterile materials?












The very minimal medical materials, lacking medicines.












Yet, a newly born Pawa baby.


Pawa Hospital should be improved and upgraded so that it can serve our people better.

Let’s create a forum to discuss ways how we can help and eventually create an aide scheme.

I have created under Categories on the right the Pawa Hospital Forum for this purpose.

Please help Pawa Hospital.

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jun asuncion