My Dogs Georgie Boy And Lucie


By: Dora the Mouse

It was unusually cold in this particular winter night. The temperature tonight dropped down to – 17 degrees. I went out to get some firewood at the backyard and it was freezing cold. I live alone and no one is there to help me haul a few logs of firewood for the fireplace. My little Chihuahua dog was shivering from cold and stayed inside the house. I was a little bit scared going outside in the dark by myself getting the firewood. It was in this situation that I thought of getting a big dog for companion and as a guard dog.

Today I went to the dog pound and look for a big dog that I can adopt. I want to adopt a German shepherd but this German shepherd I was looking at was noisy and continuously barking and wants to bite me, on the other hand, there was this Samoyed white dog looking at me and was very quiet. He was looking at me with a sad look in his eyes as if telling me to adopt him. I went ahead and adopted this gentle white dog and took him home after paying a fee and getting his shots. I named him George.

George and I had been inseparable since then. When I watch TV, George watch the TV too. Everywhere I go, George went with me. One day, I decided to go to see my little (Ranchito) orchards up in the mountain. I planted a lot of fruit trees like peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries and pears. The trees started to have tiny buds of fruit and need some clearing of grass around the trees. I was so engrossed with what I was doing that it was already dark. George, my dog, sat right in front of me to protect me from anybody who was foolish enough to approach us. When my son finally arrived to pick me up, George gave a big growl and was ready to attack my son  and if he didn’t identify himself early enough, he could have been bitten. Samoyed dog are normally gentle, happy- go-lucky dog. That’s how protective this dog is.

I did a research about my Samoyed dog and this is what I found. The Samoyed derives its name from the Samoyedic people from Siberia. Samoyed dog is an all-white dog with a fluffy coat, upturned tail, and a characteristic smile. They were breed by a group of nomadic Samoyed people for herding and hunting deer. They were also use for pulling heavy carts and sleds. It is rare to find a Samoyed dog, aggressive, angry, and irritable. In 1889, they were brought to Europe for breeding but they mostly use for sole companion. They are very loyal and very friendly breed of dogs. I am very lucky to have my dog George with me.

One summer morning, I woke up feeling very sick and unable to get up. I was so sick that I can not even stand up. I called my son to come and see me. He lives about 30 miles from my house. Meanwhile, my little Chihuahua Lucie and George suddenly got on top of my bed and surrounded me. They normally don’t do this. I never allowed them on my bed, but this time, I think they can sense that there is something wrong with me. My son and the paramedics arrived and were trying to get me into the gurney, my two dogs were growling and refused to leave me. My son literally has to bodily take George and Lucie from me. I can sense that George was panicking and don’t want to leave me until I assured him that everything will be alright. I was confined in the hospital for five days. My son went back to my house to put some dog food and water for my dogs. Three days later, when my son went back to check my dogs and my house, the dog food was not touch. My dogs were very depressed and were not eating. I never realized how much dogs can love their master. I talked to my dog’s veterinarian and I was told that dogs can get depressed. I finally got better and went home after a few days. My dogs were very happy and I was very happy too. They started to eat and play again. Our lives went back to normal. I go to work early in the morning somehow, my dogs know exactly my time of arrival. They were all waiting and looking out the window. I can hear their happy barking. It’s a wonderful feeling to see these two dogs eagerly waiting for me.

I had been working for the past many, many years and had been supporting my relatives in the Philippines and my other charitable projects. I thought, I will spend a part of my life for myself and my dogs. It’s been my dream to travel and explore the 50 states of USA but never had the time or money to do it. I was busy raising my three children, helping my folks in the Philippines and my other projects. My children are now grown-ups and on their own. I have this charity project that I am happy to maintain and support that keeps me going too. I finally got the courage to realize my dream. I bought this 30 ft. motorhome big enough for my dogs and me. It has two separate beds in the back room, one for me and one for George and lucie. It has dining room with adjacent kitchen complete with microwave, oven, stove and a nice double sink, plenty of storage cupboard and it also has a refrigerator, a separate shower and a bathroom. It is like a self-contained home away from home. I gathered all the fishing gears, my late husband had accumulated for many years, cleaned them, bought some more baits and a big tackle box. Now I’m ready to go fishing. I went to the grocery to shop for non-perishable food and dog food. My children gave me a GPS system to help me find my way around. I am very poor in directions, it is pathetic. My children were worried for me to be traveling alone in this motorhome. Well, to relieved their worry, I bought this life size used manikin ,dressed it with a man’s clothes and put on an old man’s boots, complete with cowboy hat and sat it on the passenger side of the motorhome. See, I have a companion! They were all laughing. But you know what, it looks so real.

We went out on our first fishing trip in the motorhome. My dogs and I went to Gaviota, a seaside city park where they allow fishing where we stayed overnight. My dogs were restless and were vigilant. Every little noise, they bark and go to my bed and try to wake me up. It was an all night activity. I didn’t get enough sleep neither my dogs. But, after I had my first cup of freshly brewed black coffee, I realized that my dogs did a very good job of guarding the motorhome and me.

Well, this is what I can say about dogs in general. Whether the dog is pure breed, half mixed, native, or any kind of breed, dogs are generally very loyal animals. If properly trained and given a loving care, these dogs can give you back a thousand times more of love, loyalty and ready to be on the frontline for you. There were some instances that when a person was angry, he/she goes home and kick the dog instead. Please don’t do that. Kick the brick wall or a trunk of a tree to express you anger or frustration, not the dog. Dogs are precious like my dogs, Georgie Boy and Lucie. That is why there is this saying “Dogs are Man’s Best Friend” and it proved to be very true. Maybe, some of you can share wonderful dog stories, too.


One thought on “My Dogs Georgie Boy And Lucie

  1. Marhay na gab-i Dora,

    The fantastic world of dogs is real amazing. Sometimes we can not explain how clever they are.They are real faithful and a friend which you descrived. Truely they are.
    I grew up with dogs. Small dogs inside the house, big dogs outside.
    They were real guards. But I do not like small dogs, they are noisy but not the Chiuhuawa.They are modest but jealous, just to compare. Dobermann and the Labradors are special guards, no one would like to enter our gates though they were tied up at times.They were roaming around the yard and very sensible and alert.

    I`ve got experiences, real unforgetable as a child but the most recent experience was when my husband and I went home to Tarlac, we were met by Browny and Blacky.I was not afraid at all but my husband told me to go ahead. I told him to call their names and walk slowly behind me.They started smelling him, and that was it. He can just walk freely right after. I remember the last time when we went home when my husbands finger was bitten by a Rotweiler. So he was just careful now.Of course he loves his fingers so much that he was so angry with that dog. He said that was a lousy dog….

    The following day I was on my way with our laundry. At the terrace was a small gate so that the dogs can not get in. When they saw me with full of stuff on my hands Browny opened the gate and following blacky extending his right hand to me- just his special greetings (or perhaps he wanted to offer his help) and I gave my hand, too. I was so overwhelmed how these dogs reacted since we were just home overnight. What a lovely feeling and I amused the time with them for a while.

    In your case, just imagine if you stayed more than five days in the hospital I wonder how your dogs would have reacted.
    When my father died, I saw his three dogs hiding in their houses and did not eat. Refusing even the best meal. Within a month, the dogs died one after the other. So that’s the way dogs show their faithfulness and love to their master.

    mila g. asuncion

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