Please Release Mary Jean, Andreas And Eugenio

After turning off the lights during the Earth Day, Bulan Observer will now turn on additional lights to signal our solidarity with and help save the lives of  the kidnapped  International Committee on the Red Cross (ICRC) workers in Jolo, one of them being threatened to be beheaded on the 31th of March should the government forces do not pull out : They are the Filipina Mary Jean Lacaba, Swiss national Andreas Notter, and Eugenio Vagni, an Italian.

We appeal to the Abbu Sayyaf  group to show their side with Kabutihang Loob (good naturedness) to the World Community and release these humanitarian workers whose main purpose is to help the needy without regards to race, color, religion and political affiliations. Kami po ay nakikingutang ng loob na  pakawalan nyo po sila at huwag po silang sasaktan.


moon2We choose the moon which is maybe the last  neutral thing we could use to remind us all of the beauty when the day is over and darkness begins to fall and how it provides us with light and  payapang kalooban (inner peace). The moon is also called Bulan among our Muslim brothers in Mindanao, Indonesia and Malaysia. Let Bulan connect us altogether to the kagandahang loob (noble mindedness and generosity) that is in each one of us.

                                        We all would be happy to welcome back   Mary Jean, Andreas and Eugenio so that they could resume helping our people in need. Please help them and release them.sunrise And this will be daylight again!


jun asuncion

Bulan Observer