Talking With The Mouse Only


The Mouse says : “The rapacious desire to amass great wealth for own satisfactions. It is a never ending want for more money until the bleeding country falls into catastrophic chaos of pathetic despair and bankruptcy”.

It is a blessing that mice do not need money, that all they need are crumbs of bread (if they are lucky, maybe they’ll find crumbs of cheese) and little shelter to house their families. Mice are unemployed, don’t have salaries, don’t own acres of lands but they don’t  plunder the house where they happen to live, or hide. We know that they also collect in their nests little things they find along the way but we still cannot attribute to them Greed as we know it among us human beings. I was convinced at one point in my life that the Earth would have been better off without the human beings walking on it and making all the mess of wars, pollutions, bankings, ideological and religious extremisms, perverse politics and- according to you Mouse, – greedy and plundering politicians.

As I look  across the clear sky one night, I imagine the planets talking to one another and try to listen what our Mother Earth has to report to her (humans declared the Earth feminine) fellow planets: Is she proud of the humankind that populates her, the bloody wars that occur on her skin, the man-made cities built deep within her surface with all its toxic and pungent refuse, the giant industries, the billions of motorized vehicles, the oppression of man toward man, and man toward animals and plants, rivers and seas. And how about the moralizing Popes, the Jihad-preaching Imams and the brutal types of men in the likes of Marcos, Hitler, Stalin, Polpot, the noises of politics across the globe? And how about social injustice and poverty amidst plenty? Mother Earth finally says, ” It’s heavy with each passing day…”

The other planets pity the Earth, and Mars, being close to the Earth and has witnessed all these events, comes quick with comforting words: ” Well, don’t worry sister, all things shall pass, the human species, too, just a little patience more and soon you’ll have a break “. All the other planets agree and cheer their sister Earth.

The Sun from the other aside has heard the conversation among her children and, being the mother, cannot see any longer how her daughter Earth suffers and so, fair as she is, she comes with the final word: ” My daughter, I think you need a break now, give me right away all these that worry you and I’ll take care of them.” The Moon in between them smiles after he hears everything and shines that night even brighter.

You may wonder Mouse what kind of things will the Earth hand over to her mother Sun before she takes a break. I think you already know that the Earth will never give you away for she’ll keep with her things not greedy and destructive and noisy so that she’ll peacefully enjoy her break. As once a wise man said, “The meek shall inherit the Earth…”.

 Back to our town , I hope that our children above will inherit a brighter smiling Bulan, too, when their elders have grown old after years of hard work. Nothing is given free, everything requires us to exert effort. Even these children have to start fighting for a brighter Bulan now that they are bigger already; fight for their own kind of democracy when they’re old enough to sense the imbalance of events happening around them.

When one of them would someday emerge as their town mayor, I do wish that he would manage the town not with this logic of greed that has destroyed many in the past but wit the logic of compassion and the vision of an eagle. And he should not own vast acres of land to prevent him this feeling that he owns the town and the people are beholden to him, that he is the lord and the rest are his vassals, that only those who can donate land are allowed to lead. Here comes the illusion of power, the illusion of medieval politics, this Feudalism, which was the source of revolutions that changed the face of Europe. In Bulan, this would be the start of his own destruction- as a leader. Great leadership springs only when the mind is free from the burden of material wealth and obsession of one’s security and when the heart is dedicated to serve only.

The world could be so distorted, fractured and broken down that she is, but true models of leadership still exist. Don’t gaze toward Manila to look for it for there you’ll find only countless crooks, but look across the ocean  right into the Capitol Hills, and witness how their new leader who owns nothing leads a big nation which was handed over to him already in the brink of total collapse, and yet manages everything with such a graceful dignity, with Audacity Of  Hope. Yes, it is still possible these days, Mouse. Just never give up hoping.

 jun asuncion

Bulan Observer

16 thoughts on “Talking With The Mouse Only

  1. Jun

    Yes, indeed. I agree with you. It is time to take care of our blue planet earth. We, the people, had abused and took it for granted the blessings our planet had given us. We should join together and focus our energy on matters that will improve our environment, campaign to stop unnecessary pollution that affects the air we breathe, our rivers, our seas and our land. We have seen unusual changed of weather, the great huricane Katrina, the uncontrolled firestorm that hit southern California last year and now Australia, the drought in africa. The continued melting of iceberg in the north pole. All of these are signs of global warming.It is a wake up call. We have to do something now.
    We have to start from the very top of the ladder, that means, our politicians. They have to implement the laws of the land. Set aside personal interest for the sake of our environment. Bulan in particular is a very beautiful town. Let’s keep it that way. We should keep Bulan a place where our children and grandchildren and maybe our great grandchildren can enjoy the beauty, prosperity, peace and tranquility. It is not impossible. We can do it by working together with one common goal. Keep Bulan, a prosperous town where we can all be proud. One day, someday, somebody will ask you, where did you came from? You reply with pride , a big smile in your face and a twinkle in your eyes, Bulan. As you said, let us not give up hope.
    Thank you very much Jun for the Talking with Mouse ” article. It is a very good read.

    Dora the Mouse

  2. Jack Colero
    February 19, 2009 at 10:53 am
    Sorry, just drop by. What happened now to Bulan Airport? Is this one of those sources of corruption for the National Government officials?
    Look up people, we’re paying taxes…too high for us, too small for the politicians to appreciate it.
    Mga inutil!

    Aray! Bullseye. …I like that .
    Be who you are, say what you feel, b/c for those who mind don’tmatter,for those who matter don’t mind, Jack. Batteries are all inclusive.
    All we do is yak yak yak yak. What do we get out of this?
    I am following the posts here for about a month now, browsing
    the archives , this blog has been here since 2008? It seems pointless
    where are these discussions are going. Puro ngawa ,walang gawa.
    Typical of the taga Bungto mentality. Pasorosysalan.
    Showing off who will be the next Einstein.
    Who can quote the greatest orator of all times.
    Pero kun bation mo an mga hinaing bagaw mo an bungto is on fire & yet
    people cannot make a decision who will put off the fire, its like they are trying to
    figure out ,what is the color of the hair of the fireman who can put off the fire.
    At this stage of emergency, why care?
    It is insane. You know why this is insane?
    Those who are here sa forum ay mga elitista din. Mga anak ng mga semicon-dynastah. Aday.
    An silver bullet wara saiyo, gud. Mga kurikot an buntot.
    Itinalaga ng tadhana, itatakda ng tadhana.

    An mga taga bulod ,siwik lang, yoon na. Wara daghan na mga
    iristorya. Kun ubusan ng lahi ,be it. Matira an matibay. In order to claim
    my freedom ,I am willing to do whatever it takes to get it. I am prepared to donate
    my whole entire organs for it. We have donated several its too personal
    why not add a few more.
    Santong dasalan o santong paspasan.
    History says it all. No one in history, na lumaban ng buhusan ng dugo
    if one did not have a first hand experience of injustice, eye to eye.
    Bonifacio, Gomburza, Paciano, Rizal, Mabini, Malcolm X, Mandela, all of them was touched by personal experience.

    The Challenge of the 3rd Millenium:
    Let us begin to put
    our wallet where our mouth is.

    The home of the Radioactive Mind is

  3. Selenium,
    You seemed to have been carried away by Jack’s pathetic comment that you even repeat his AHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Ayoko na!!!!!! and that telling us you liked it that way. You have the right to your reaction and be carried away by your and other’s emotions. Actually you should have read Jack’s exclamation carefully and not only let youself be carried by his AHHHHHHH. What he was crying out actually was Ayoko na!!! My question is : Ayaw mo na rin ba?
    You don’t want to fight for your freedom anymore?
    I thought you wanted.

    So, continue your fight for freedom but don’t start by dividing Bulan into taga-baryo and taga-bungto. With this attitude you would only do harm to your town by trying to split the people into opposing camps. This is not sustainable politics, but a primitive style. I think you’re a perfect remnant of Edsa 1 &2, the edifice of ningas cogon and crab mentality, just be carried away by the tides of emotion without really grasping the idea behind.

    Start the fight for freedom with yourself, again, Socrates may help you, by recognizing that what you need is to de-colonize your mind so that you could shake off those stereotyped notions installed by the colonizers for centuries, much in the same manner that a snake shakes off its old skin and be fresh and vital again, devoid of the old scars from experienced harrowing oppression and deep-seated inferiority complex that inhabited your soul for decades. This is the first step.

    Next, when you plan to do something, do it with the sincerity and bravery of Gabriela Silang and don’t you ever show us that your case is just a case of estrogenic rebellion that is causing you to be deriding to your fellow tagabulans. This is a problem we cannot solve here in Bulan Observer but maybe the next psychiatric clinic close to where you live.

    Third, if you really are serious with your leadership, then convince us first of your credibility by telling us your real identity, by showing us your face and your real name so that we would be convinced that you stand by what you say, second, show us your concrete plans. How can we follow a leader without a plan and who is not brave enough to show his face? I for one would protest just following blindly.

    Last, unlike you I have high respect for the people in our barangays, mga taga bulod according to you, and I did not experience them as “siwik lang, yoon na” as if they were trained little dogs, but rather as sensible people with the mind of their own.
    You see, Selenium, the problem in our country is to be found in you- the lack of sincerity and deep reflection.

    jun asuncion

  4. Did Jack hit a sore nerve?

    I didn’t know you are a preacher/ Preacher. You are
    preaching at the generation X crowd.

    dividing Bulan into taga-baryo and taga-bungto.

    Half truth of the matter is in life there are always two of everything. Division. Dichotomy. Binary. Opposites. Such as:
    Joy as well as sadness.
    Falling as well as standing. HUnger as well as bounty. Losing as well as winning. Bad as well as good.
    To believe that the only way we can attain harmony is by not dividing, in undiversified of ideas,
    that we need to be numerically equal to each other, please
    not to look farther , Mindanaw. Gaza.
    It is my firm belief that to reach the point
    of harmony is to honor each other’s differences,
    whether that differences does not parallel with our own.
    ~Yitzhak Rabin.

    With this attitude you would only do harm to your town.

    How did you come to the mighty conclusion that
    it would definitely harm my town? Or our town ,no?
    The room for change always starts from division of views.
    Division is a catalyst to shed light between right & wrong.
    The word unity alone is
    borne out of dichotomy,binary,plurality of thinking.
    There would be no unity, if there is no plurality.

    With this statement of yours carries such an intensity to be righteous ( lefteous,no? wink),
    like a religious dogmatism.
    Native Americans, Aztec, Darwinians, Aetheists, Agnostics, Naturalists, etc.. are all outcasts.
    That the ultimate righteousness is to follow such a doctrine, or attitudes dictated
    by societal norms.

  5. kont’d

    “siwik lang, yoon na” as if they were trained little dogs, but rather as sensible people with the mind of their own.

    You missed the point of the sound of whstling. In Lakota tribe, whistling
    is a form of sacred calling of urgency. Flute is an instrument of whistling.
    The Western culture, unlike the primitive practice of the Native American Indians,
    One Great Law of the Iroquois, turn them into an instrument of power & control.
    That is the understanding you inherit, that to whistle is denigrating, that it belongs
    to the dogs. To insinuate again that dogs are just a piece of meat
    to be trained whatever his master wished him to be is ****
    Dogs has an incorruptible mind of their own.

    estrogenic rebellion
    Rebellion powered by estrogen. Hmmm, nice quote.

    then convince us first of your credibility by telling us your real identity, by showing us your face and your real name so that we would be convinced that you stand by what you say,

    I have no desire to convince anyone nor I desire someone to stand by me.
    Bounded by my own convictions , it is of no importance who agree & who don’t.

    Concepts such as truth, justice and compassion are
    the only bulwarks which stand against ruthless power.
    Not a face nor a name. Most especially not fame.

    These concepts can stand firmly, graciously, more so effifciently in
    the face of anonymity.
    My father’s legacy is humility. The value of kindness in his own words,
    ” to savor the sweetness of kindness is to do them anonymously “. If I can do half of
    what my father have done, I am a very happy human.


  6. If you mean by a preacher a person who is free to voice out his opinions, yes, I consider myself as one, in the same manner that you are. The main difference is that I preach for teamwork and non-violence for our friends in Bulan while you preach the splitting crab technology (“…Typical of the taga Bungto mentality. Pasorosysalan.
    Showing off, Elitista…”) and violence (“Kun ubusan ng lahi ,be it. Matira an matibay.”).

    Thanks for refreshing my knowledge of hegelian dialectic (“dichotomy, plurality of thinking..”) but try to use this technique in the context of your previous arguments, otherwise you’ll be swallowed up and down by the blackholes of your logic and be lost in the realms of your mental demiurge.

    My respect to your father for teaching you “To savor the sweetness of kindness is to do it anonymously”.
    To remind you of his teaching again, your father was teaching the sweetness of kindness, not the sweetness of violence (“Wara daghan na mga
    iristorya. Kun ubusan ng lahi , be it. Matira an matibay.”). That’s the difference.

    The anonymity here in Bulan Observer, as in every related area, is a personal right and nobody should question it. Only when you use it irresponsibly for your selfish ends and to perpetrate insults and violent threats then you allow others to challenge your right. So handle your anonymity with care, Selenium.

    jun asuncion

  7. It is a great privilege to have this dialogue going. You have courage
    so commendable for allowing this to happen.
    In fairness & for the continuity
    of the discussion, I am asking you to
    post all my comments ,jokes, views ,so people
    who are listening to us can have
    clarity of idea of where ,how,why, what
    has been said.
    It is an open book policy.

    It is a learning process
    to engage in meaningful dialogue,
    a check & balances of grace
    under pressure, humor
    under pressure.

    Team work & non violence.
    The tools of the spineless. The politicians , & the aspiring ones’ favorite rhetoric.
    The counter psychologic warfare of the slave masters.
    When Mandela was in prison for 27 yrs, 9,855 days, 236,920 hrs of
    isolation & torture what did the teamwork & non violence do? Nada.
    Tadhana took over & another warrior showed up ,
    F.W. de Klerk ( Nobel Prize 1996)
    For “whatever it takes sothat the brutes
    may understand the value of freedom & equality, I am ready
    to do what is needed to get them for my people”.
    ~~ Nelson Mandela – Nobel Prize 1996

    DASSK has been in prison for 16 yrs. What did the UN do?
    Why Mandela won’t sign the UN moratoria/sanction for Burma?
    These are global issues & we think ours is communal,
    well if we pick them apart, the facts
    are the same.
    Brutes are brutes.

    Until one knows what torture, loss , cruelty, injustice, imprisonment ,feels
    like, not until then, one must leave force to those
    who have.


  8. “It is a learning process
    to engage in meaningful dialogue,
    a check & balances of grace..”

    Yes, I can see that you have polished your language already- a sign of learning process.

    Nevertheless, your previous comments and private emails to me will remain unpublished to prevent Bulan Observer from becoming a hate site for one, and second I want to protect your person also for in these previous comments, you badly crossed the line of what is permissible in a frank yet still decent dialogue.

    “Team work & non violence.
    The tools of the spineless..”

    I wouldn’t accept the idea that your father was spineless just because he taught you the non- violence (“sweetness of kindness”) approach to life and teamwork among your parents and siblings in order to survive together. Please reflect deeply on what he taught you as a child and be sincere to his teachings.

    “If I can do half of
    what my father have done, I am a very happy human…”

    The key to that is humility, your father’s legacy. If you would be humble and would put him first in your life, you would experience a full turn. Consider this:

    He would be very happy if you could do even half of what he told you.
    (Or: “My father would be very happy if I could do even half of what he told me”)

    This is not preaching but only a friendly advice to you as my fellow Tagabulan.

    jun asuncion
    Bulan Observer

  9. “It is a learning process
    to engage in meaningful dialogue,
    a check & balances of grace..”

    Yes, I can see that you have
    polished your language
    already- a sign of learning process.

    As minute as ‘polishing’ one’s language
    (btw is language metal? no? o.. ok , wink)
    takes grace
    & courage. But that is not the case here. We are using a medium of expression of
    demeanor, emotions, intentions, in non physical verbalization form. Seemingly, you have
    taken most of my words ,postings more than what it is about. Habitually, I must confess,
    that abstract humor is not for regular audience, b/c it is hard to discern the joke & the not-nut-joke wink. I keep forgetting that these days comedians can get 50 yrs of jail for mocking democracy.

    Do you have anything more to add about teamwork & non violence?
    Why democracy still preserve an army?
    In Burma, if one of the political prisoners is your
    daughter, 16 yrs in prison already, using the method of non violence, what
    exactly is your idea, the first step to get her out of jail for a
    duration of 6 months?
    The UN have sanctioned the country
    for at least 12 yrs.
    Let us hear your input about it.

    Besides testosterone rebellion wink.


  10. “btw is language metal? no? o.. ok , wink”

    When used to heavily attack, hence hurt somebody, yes, for me language is metal, a toxic heavy metal. The same with Selenium, a mineral essential to good health, as an anti-oxidant which fights free radicals but is toxic by high intake. I hope that you don’t hail from Nebraska or the Dakotas for it is said that these regions have high Selenium levels in their soil, or that you have not eaten too much Brazil nuts in the past few weeks for they’re proven to be containing high Selenium. High blood levels of Selenium can result in a condition called Selenosis whose symptoms include “gastrointestinal upsets, hair loss, white blotchy nails, garlic breath odor, fatigue, irritability, and mild nerve damage”. Only mild nerve damage? Lucky nine.

    Bulan Observer has been exposed to a quite heavy Selenium dosage during the last weeks and perhaps it is high time now to examine the Selenium concentration in its pages.

    However good news for men for taking a daily supplement containing 200 micrograms of Selenium per day could lower the risk of developing prostate, lung, colorectal cancer, arthritis, HIV or tumor. Big help for machos and testosterone rebels.

    China has the highest known rate of Selenium deficiency. I hope somebody would export Selenium to China. What do you think, Selenium?

    “Do you have anything more to add about teamwork & non violence?
    Why democracy still preserve an army?
    In Burma, if one of the political prisoners is your
    daughter, 16 yrs in prison already, using the method of non violence, what
    exactly is your idea, the first step to get her out of jail…”

    Teamwork and non-violence are tools used by the brave- like de Klerk who freed Mandela, Gandhi who freed India and Obama who freed the US from the ignorance of Bush and by many unknown people like your father.
    Democracy still preserves an army to protect the state and its people from some greed-dominated people who do not believe in teamwork and non-violent approach in solving conflicts.
    The military junta of Burma is the reverse example for instead of protecting the state and its people, this greed-dominated group used violence to get to power, to repress the people and to mock democracy.

    To rescue a political prisoner using non-violence method?

    Well, we know that in the case of DASSK (Daw Aung San Suu Kyi) all diplomatic attempts by world leaders proved futile.

    But I do think that DASSK and many other political prisoners in Burma consider themselves as free people for they represent freedom. Freedom to sleep, for instance, and not having to continuously watch the other people.The junta and their guards are not free for they cannot close their eyes anytime they want but must have to continuously guard their prisoners even when these are sleeping. So who is free now, who is the prisoner of their own doings? Who needs to be free?

    Rescue operation doesn’t come into consideration here for it always involves violence. So for the meantime, we comfort ourselves with the idea that someday time will bring out a Burmese de Klerk in Burma to free all the prisoners without violence. It is the most realistic option in this given period of time. And it is possible for history has shown us that it is and it must. Change is a constant companion of history, no system lasts forever- this is a natural law, the law that’s just and incorruptible that would free DASSK and the other freedom fighters, and this is the same law that would take care of the rest.
    How about you Selenium, would you try to free DASSK with violent means? How would you use violence to free DASSK?
    Let us hear your realistic input about it.

    jun asuncion

  11. Ive been following this thread with a mild- healthier Selenium intakes, mind you!
    ;)—>>> may i wink too, Selenium?

    Im always an absolute avid reader and admirer of pages of interesting, realistic inputs within the context of an specific-educational discussion/argument/debate but i could only take a minimum dosage of Selenium Overdosage here!

    The longer i go with this thread, i am falling into full admiration on Mr. J.A`s Clarity, Consistency of thoughts & arguments, patient &compassionate expression of Tolerance.

    Selenium…ive been trying to grasp a bit of your encyclopedic arguments here with that of Mr. J.A. but i lost of track along the way….why?

    Thereby, i would like to ask Selenum here, if i may:



    Could you possibly try to get a good sleep, then get back to this website and simplify your “Platform” here?
    your thoughts, your expressions, your words!

    “your thoughts becomes your words, your words might become your reality.” but wait.. which reality are you in?

    Let`s boost your stunts here to maximum. Increase your fanclub among Tagabulans.
    But pls remember, were not Monty Phytonerss
    or Moonatikers !! Tagabulan kami intero.

  12. The dialogue is about violence :

    Let us stick to that.

    Again to anyone reading my posts,
    let it be clear,
    I have no desire to convince nor the
    desire to be agreed upon,
    as I do not desire
    to follow & be followed.

    It is in this spirit flows
    an expression free from the
    bondage of fear to
    be righteous or wrong-teous ( wink),
    good or bad,
    win or lose,
    the popular or
    the notso (nazi`)popular
    & most of all, to be
    swallowed by the
    fame of mediocrity.

    The engagement of this
    dialogue is
    to shed each individual thoughts
    over the use of force (violence),
    without labeling or
    from ostracization
    of who is bright
    & who is not too bright etc….But as one can tell it is always present inside the mind of the diatribes.
    One can see
    here the order of academia hierarchy
    as a prison that keeping
    ordinary people from spaeking out
    their truths without being attack us
    needing psychotropics, the undertone stupidity, the Judeo-Christian
    beliefs about women, estrogenic rebellion, crab mentality,
    strentgh & weaknesses, ningas cogon ,
    These are the indoctrination of the west.
    It never came from our

    That a graduate from Harvard is always
    better than the
    from QA. wink

    This mindset cannot come to terms
    of a naked mind, stripped
    of judgment from the


  13. tubong Q.A. man ako S. honorstude pa man gari pero dai ako nakapriso sa kaduluman saning “airheads” armed by KSP complex (Kulang Sa Pansin). tsk,grins.

    Loren Legarda, good read kuya J. Mabuhay Ka!

  14. When a selenium mineral becomes over abundance and becomes very toxic to consuming public, it is time to send this very angry mineral to China where there is a scarcity of Selenium mineral (Oink,oink). This toxic mineral will convert into it’s normal function and becomes useful for the chinese. The discussions are no longer enjoyable. The mineral is becoming poisonous and has a lot of hatred and anger. Please don’t get sucked into Selenium’s mind game. It is an open viper’s pit. I will stop reading the Bulan Observer for now until the mineral is shipped out to Timbukto.

    Disgusted Reader

  15. We now suggest to Selenium to give herself the time to rest and reflect on things she has learned from this discourse and from the reactions of other observers. Comments coming from her with the same intention will not be published for the time being, but the option is there once she is ready for a constructive and substantial dialogue, from an open attitude, and not from a victim-of-something-attitude or point of view.

    Selenium was given the chance to develop her arguments into a more useful way but she has chosen to stay by her subject of violence which is something that is not in line with the objectives of Bulan Observer. The subjects of violence and aggression are interesting per se if one would approach them in a clearly educational, scholarly manner- but not to preach and propagate them,- even when one is not serious about it.

    Selenium is not serious about it as revealed by her constant winking. She is just heavily protesting against something from her own experience.

    For me it was not really a discouse for discourse’s sake but I wanted to help Selinium to focus herself and canalize her energy to something constructive; it was a directed talk. But it showed up that she was not ready yet for such an undertaking.

    I already hinted in my last comment that “it is high time now to examine the Selenium concentration in its pages” and in a rather joking and less compassionate way that “somebody should export Selenium to China”, which means that the discussion was at its end already.

    My question in my last comment was my last attempt to wake her up by emphasizing the word “realistic” and reconsider her position. But it seems that it did not come across as evident in her answer to Maryjoy’s question.

    jun asuncion

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