Talking With The Mouse Only


The Mouse says : “The rapacious desire to amass great wealth for own satisfactions. It is a never ending want for more money until the bleeding country falls into catastrophic chaos of pathetic despair and bankruptcy”.

It is a blessing that mice do not need money, that all they need are crumbs of bread (if they are lucky, maybe they’ll find crumbs of cheese) and little shelter to house their families. Mice are unemployed, don’t have salaries, don’t own acres of lands but they don’t  plunder the house where they happen to live, or hide. We know that they also collect in their nests little things they find along the way but we still cannot attribute to them Greed as we know it among us human beings. I was convinced at one point in my life that the Earth would have been better off without the human beings walking on it and making all the mess of wars, pollutions, bankings, ideological and religious extremisms, perverse politics and- according to you Mouse, – greedy and plundering politicians.

As I look  across the clear sky one night, I imagine the planets talking to one another and try to listen what our Mother Earth has to report to her (humans declared the Earth feminine) fellow planets: Is she proud of the humankind that populates her, the bloody wars that occur on her skin, the man-made cities built deep within her surface with all its toxic and pungent refuse, the giant industries, the billions of motorized vehicles, the oppression of man toward man, and man toward animals and plants, rivers and seas. And how about the moralizing Popes, the Jihad-preaching Imams and the brutal types of men in the likes of Marcos, Hitler, Stalin, Polpot, the noises of politics across the globe? And how about social injustice and poverty amidst plenty? Mother Earth finally says, ” It’s heavy with each passing day…”

The other planets pity the Earth, and Mars, being close to the Earth and has witnessed all these events, comes quick with comforting words: ” Well, don’t worry sister, all things shall pass, the human species, too, just a little patience more and soon you’ll have a break “. All the other planets agree and cheer their sister Earth.

The Sun from the other aside has heard the conversation among her children and, being the mother, cannot see any longer how her daughter Earth suffers and so, fair as she is, she comes with the final word: ” My daughter, I think you need a break now, give me right away all these that worry you and I’ll take care of them.” The Moon in between them smiles after he hears everything and shines that night even brighter.

You may wonder Mouse what kind of things will the Earth hand over to her mother Sun before she takes a break. I think you already know that the Earth will never give you away for she’ll keep with her things not greedy and destructive and noisy so that she’ll peacefully enjoy her break. As once a wise man said, “The meek shall inherit the Earth…”.

 Back to our town , I hope that our children above will inherit a brighter smiling Bulan, too, when their elders have grown old after years of hard work. Nothing is given free, everything requires us to exert effort. Even these children have to start fighting for a brighter Bulan now that they are bigger already; fight for their own kind of democracy when they’re old enough to sense the imbalance of events happening around them.

When one of them would someday emerge as their town mayor, I do wish that he would manage the town not with this logic of greed that has destroyed many in the past but wit the logic of compassion and the vision of an eagle. And he should not own vast acres of land to prevent him this feeling that he owns the town and the people are beholden to him, that he is the lord and the rest are his vassals, that only those who can donate land are allowed to lead. Here comes the illusion of power, the illusion of medieval politics, this Feudalism, which was the source of revolutions that changed the face of Europe. In Bulan, this would be the start of his own destruction- as a leader. Great leadership springs only when the mind is free from the burden of material wealth and obsession of one’s security and when the heart is dedicated to serve only.

The world could be so distorted, fractured and broken down that she is, but true models of leadership still exist. Don’t gaze toward Manila to look for it for there you’ll find only countless crooks, but look across the ocean  right into the Capitol Hills, and witness how their new leader who owns nothing leads a big nation which was handed over to him already in the brink of total collapse, and yet manages everything with such a graceful dignity, with Audacity Of  Hope. Yes, it is still possible these days, Mouse. Just never give up hoping.

 jun asuncion

Bulan Observer