My warmest greetings to all of you!

jun2I have decided to join the views and concerns and visions of the children above and this I can do only by showing my face with them. Like them I’m mighty proud of our town Bulan and its town people and we will keep on working together for a much more brighter future of Bulan. There is no reason to be incognito to our visitors for we mean it good for our town people. Democracy is not about hiding but of being able to stand for what you say, and the first step to that is to show your face. This is transparency and accountability, things that we’ve been demanding from our leaders about which we also fall short. Now, I ask all our people to unite together in the face of the economic crisis and recession that loom in many countries today, rich or poor countries, no exception. Bulan will survive this crisis for sure as it had survived almost everything before. We just have to forget things that are not necessary for survival like politics and hatred but instead help one another creatively master this economic crisis for we are one people, we love peace and we all want a good life for everyone in Bulan. This is not the right time now to oppose just to obstruct but we should rather  think of ways to help.

I ask Mayor Helen de Castro to be with our people in this difficult time  and I wish her and her team the energy and the wisdom they need as they carry on with their task of helping our people.

Thank you and my warmest greetings to all of you!

  jun asuncion

 Bulan Observer

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