A Greeting From The Mouse

Hello Jun and family,
… Happy New Year! I know it has been awhile since I communicated with you. I had been busy the past months. I read your latest articles and other contributors of the Bulan Observer. Bulan Observer is a great channel for people to express their thoughts, opinions, concerns, ideas, inspirations, experiences and most of all it opens the way for people to freely express their voices and to be heard and not to be intimidated. I am writing a few articles and will be ready in the next few weeks. Again, I want to thank you as the administrator and one of the authors of Bulan Observer for the dedicated services it offers. God Bless You and your family.

Dora the Mouse

2 thoughts on “A Greeting From The Mouse

  1. Thank you Dora the Mouse. We’re eagerly waiting for your articles, which I guess about your view of the world and Bicol politics, revealing to us things that we fail to see due to our bigness. I wonder how our magnetic politicians look like from your angle in the light of margaja controversy. Tons of magnetic sands should actually fuse them together as one. But it seems that the logic of greed has reversed the polarities for now our politicians are pushing one another. Interesting, isn’t it Dora the Mouse?

    jun asuncion

  2. To Junasun,

    The Margaja Sand mining controversy ( people’s dillema)

    Interesting indeed to know how this Margaja mining had gone so far as to consumed kilometers of beach shores mining mercilessly without regards to the ecological destructions, dangers of flooding, inundations of adjacent properties and safe access to the beach without those gaping holes and embankments ready to swallow whoever make the mistakes of venturing into those once beautiful beaches. It is a shame that again GREED had overtaken the good senses of our leaders. The people’s dillema? Yes! The people of Bulan especially those who live along the margaja mining were witnessing helplessly what was going on in their barrios and beaches, wondering what is the government doing? Another examples of a callous disregard of our eco-system balances and environmental protection. Dora the Mouse

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