One Year Bulan Observer

After a year, and with positive reactions from its visitors and from our Local Government of Bulan, I think Bulan Observer’s plan to continue its existence is justified. And with Senator Escudero’s statement to “Keep Up The Good Work”, Bulan Observer is more than just motivated to face the coming 2009 and to continue helping through this way in connecting our people together. We have defined our goals from the very beginning and we will hold on to them  throughout the coming year again. I’m optimistic that more people will be joining us on-line to share their views and concerns for our town.

Personally, I have observed that in Bulan one can talk with our people and with our leaders. One should only transcend negative emotions and be open-minded without losing one’s objectives for the town. It is this “town-first” position that gives us the courage to say what we think and pushes us to continue finding ways to engage in a constructive dialogue with our people and with our leaders. People who think only about themselves could only end up quarreling and cutting communication with others, thus leading to isolation, in turn, an isolated person will never be able to help solve any problem facing the town. Democratic interaction is only possible if we transcend our personal emotions and find ways to work with one another. I have pointed out before the example of Obama and Hillary Clinton. If the whites can do that why not the browns? In good politics, nothing is personal. Or simply said, it is about the town, not about you and me. To round up here’s a line from the French philosopher Voltaire: “A long dispute means both parties are wrong”.

My big thanks again to my sister Edna’s  pupils above for smiling for  us the whole year by now and I hope they have not lost this smile they showed me three years  ago when I took this photo and that they are still willing to be with us in 2009. I guess this photo sums up everything about Bulan. My special thanks to Atty. Benji, Rudy Belen, J.A. Carizo, Dora and Milagros and to LGU-Bulan under Mayor Helen De Castro with its PIO Tony Boy Gilana and to all our readers and visitors.

Have Yourselves A  Merry  Little Christmas!


jun asuncion

Bulan Observer

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