Press Release

By  Tonyboy ( PIO, LGU-Bulan)

Bulan, Sorsogon – October is declared as the Month in honoring the Elderly, and the Bulan Senior Citizens, responding to the call for activeliness in community undertaking, came in big numbers representing various Senior Citizens’ groups.

The Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA), headed by former Councilor Joe Tan, under the supervision of the MSWDO and the Office of the Mayor, prepared several activities for the Month for Elders. It was also supported by various Senior Citizen Organizations like the BASCA, headed by Mr. Jose Jolloso, Veterans Post-Bulan Chapter, headed by Mr. Florentino Loilo, GRETA under Mrs. Benita Guan and the FSCAP under the leadership of Mrs. Nelly Diesta. This year’s theme is “Mga Senior Citizens, puwede pa makadanon sa pag-unhan san Bulan” (Senior Citizens, contributors to Bulan’s progress).

On October 4, during the Fiesta sa Kabubudlan, the elderly came and joined the Tree Planting activities at the Eco park.

On October 6, 800 undernourished children were attended to by the elders as they conducted a feeding program at the Bulan Freedom Park.

On October 11, the Bulan Lions Club helped in ECG examinations for the elderly at the Pawa Hospital.

On October 14, some 800 elderly came for the medical and dental activities intended for them at the Sabang Park, sponsored by the LGU. Mayor Helen De Castro, in a gesture of goodwill, also provided snacks for all of them. Present to extend medical assistance were Dr. Ludovic Tan, Dr. Tita Fe Palad, Dr. San Jose, Dr. James Apin, Dr. Estrella Payoyo, Dr. Kates Rebustillo and Councilor-dentist Jolife Dellomas, Dr. Visconde and Dr. Marilou Jimenez. The Bulan Rural Health Unit also assisted.

During the Culminating Activity on October 18, a HATAW physical exercises were rendered by the Senior Citizen. It was lead by Mrs. Anilin Diaz. Also present during the program, were Mayor Baby De Castro, Kgd. Dondon De Castro, Kgd. Joey Guban, Kgd. Goto Geronga and Kgd. Jolife Dellomas.

Mayor Helen De Castro has been greatly supportive of the senior citizen sector, especially thru the OSCA. (PIO, LGU-Bulan)

From Mayor’s 2007 Report to the People of Bulan, 2008/10/23 at 5:46 AM


  1. To Tonyboy:
    Thanks for updating us with good news from our beloved town Bulan. As you can see we are reaching more and more people who are interested about Bulan and also attracting other people who have never known our town before. People clicking Bulan Observer are mostly from places in the Philippines, from USA and even Europe. With you joining us, we hope to be able to contribute more in building bridges between our people no matter where they may be watching our hometown, but of course especially between the people who live in Bulan; building bridges than walls between us is the only way to success. You have seen the lesson from this global financial/banking crisis that even giant banks with billions of dollars of resources could just collapse and go bankrupt the next day. I for one couldn’t believe that the biggest bank in the world, the UBS (Union Bank Of Switzerland) would just collapse and go bankrupt and would be needing a federal government’s bail out of 68 billion Swiss Francs(around 54 billion dollars). It shows only that “No Bank Is An Island” no matter how big. We don’t have these billions in Bulan and that’s the reason why this pressing need all the more to be one as people, to be “bridged” together to avoid town collapse and bankruptcy, and to fight for a better Bulan for all of us; nobody should be left behind or be forgotten. A leader needs this kind of thinking in her heart, in her head so that she remains a noble public servant. A noble servant connects people more than anything else in this world.You know the connection between UBS and Public Service? UBS (and other banks worldwide) lost astronomic amount of money because the people lost their trust in this bank and began claiming back and/or withholding their cash. This financial crisis happens not because of the lack of money around-no, there’s a lot of cash around- but the lack of trust among the depositors in their banks. This is what we are working for- to avoid losing people’s trust and to help regain the trust of those who have lost it. Politics- so as Banking- nourishes itself from people’s Trust in the first place, not from their money. As I have said before, a town with people not trusting each other- especially their own mayor- is a dead town. Why dead? Because people are not willing to work with one another and with their mayor anymore and the mayor is also no longer willing to work with the people. This is the point where hate and corruption, etc. enter the scene. So development (progress) stops and the town stagnates and dies out (poverty,etc.).
    I hope that your writings will nourish the trust of the people of Bulan. You can count on us all who have nothing but this dream of a progressive Bulan.

    Thanks again. For A Brighter Bulan!

    jun asuncion

  2. Press Release
    Local Government Unit of Bulan


    Bulan, Sorsogon, November 21, 2008 – The League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) cited Mayor Helen C. De Castro of Bulan, Sorsogon as one of the Most Outstanding Mayors in the Philippines in the area of ecological protection during the League’s 2008 General Assembly at the Manila Hotel on November 19-21, 2008. Vice-President Noli De Castro, representing President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo presented Mayor De Castro a Special LMP Medallion and a Plaque of Commendation for her efforts.

    In 2004, Mayor De Castro, full of vision and zeal for the environment, launched her Solid Waste Management Program, and this led to the institutionalization of the town’s annual Feast of the Mountains and the establishment of the Bulan Ecological Park out of the once municipal garbage site. This site is now becoming a model for other communities.. Early this year, the Municipality of Bulan was awarded the GO-FAR award by no less than DILG Secretary Ronaldo Puno. Bulan is now a replicating LGU nationwide. Last year, Bulan was a Saringaya Awardee of Bicol. It can be recalled that the De Castro Administration, since the time of former mayor Guillermo De Castro, has already been a consistent winner in regional and national awards on the environment. The incumbent mayor is continuing this legacy.

    The LMP is composed of all the more than 1,500 municipalities in the country, represented by their mayors. This year’s general assembly feted about twenty municipalities with trailblazing and innovative programs, and Bulan is one of them. (PIO, T. Gilana)

  3. Please watch out for the 2008 Year-end Report to the People of Bulan by Mayor Helen C. De Castro.We shall post the Annual Report thru this site before the end of December.

    The report shall cover all the accomplishments of the De Castro Administration for the year 2008.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

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