Poignant Memories of the Distant Past

Our Land Of Paradise

By: Tiger Of Serengeti



Once upon a time, many decades ago, there were these beautiful islands sitting in the middle of the vast blue ocean on the other side of the world undisturbed of its beauty. It was like a paradise. It was indeed beautiful with its lush green forest, rivers and springs flowing with fresh cool crystal clear water from the mountains, wild birds with all sorts of colors fly freely, the thundering sweet calls of the Kalaw birds, abundance of colorful fish in the Coral Sea, the tamaraw and other native animals roam the virgin forest undisturbed by humans. The native people that lived in these islands took care of this country like a delicate maiden protected and unspoiled. They built the rice terraces, not only to plant rice, an engineering marvel, but to protect and enhance the natural beauty of the landscape. They harvested trees to build their homes, but were also careful not to spoil the habitat of the native animals that lives around them. They were very aware that ecological balance has to be maintained and considered to preserve the environment they live in.  These people were uncorrupted by greediness. They live in harmony with nature. The Aetas, the Ifugaos, the Igorots, and other native tribes lived in this beautiful land long before this country was called the Philippines. The native people had taken care of this land with the best of their ability as dictated by their beliefs and conscience. Their peaceful co-existence with other tribes  were  shattered forever by  the arrival of the Europeans, Chinese, Dutch, Indians, Malaysians, Japanese, Americans, etc. and out  of these groups of foreigners, came the modern Filipino of today. I can not call the Aetas, The Ifugaos, the Igorots and other native tribes “Filipinos” because they were already here long before the country was named Philippines in honor of King Philip 11 of Spain. I will call them the natives of the “Pearl of the Orient Sea ” and I am proud of them. These people maintained their identity and never waivered to foreign pressures to change their customs, traditions and beliefs. The native tribes were driven to the mountains by the onslaught of foreign conquest. The once virgin forest where the tamaraws freely roam was inundated of  its timbers by greedy Spanish conquestadores in connivance with Filipino politicians whose main concerns was to enrich themselves regardless of the consequences it will create. ( I happened to come across an old atlas book.  Philippine was listed as the 4th largest exporter of lumber in the world as of 1944. ) Where are the Tamaraws now? They only exist now in drawings and in pictures. What happened with our beautiful Kalaw birds and other native birds that live in the once virgin forest? Sadly, those beautiful birds were on the verge of extinction. Their natural habitats were destroyed by callous disregard of our environment by our corrupt leaders. Our leaders of the government allowed the greedy businessmen to harvest our timbers for money.  Now our mountains were denuded of lush green timbers. The head of our government did not even give a thought of replanting trees to replace what was harvested. There was nobody there to speak up and voice their concern about unabated destruction of our environment. I am sure the great majority of the masses saw these destructions of the environment around them but too timid or afraid to voice their revulsions or could it be apathy?  The denuded mountains are now growing cogon. Massive landslides destroyed homes and unprecedented death and destructions as a result of indiscriminate deforestations of our mountains.  The natural topography of our plains, hills and mountains were artificially redirected and re-routed to fit our modern needs. As a result of this interference with nature’s natural curvature of our landscapes, massive flooding occurs and no one can stop the fury of nature. Our rivers were once flowing with crystal clear water, is now murky, muddy, smelly, stagnant because of piles of garbage.  It became the raw sewage disposal place, mosquito infested, polluted and indeed a very, very sad river (see the river just below R.G de Castro College) Our rice fields was once fertile and a haven for native Hito (black catfish) and dalag that borrows itself in the mud during dry season and comes out from hibernation during rainy season fills our rice paddies. My mother told me how joyful it was to see them jumping, squiggling in the mud during rice planting season. How nature preserve these wonderful fish for us to appreciate. But all of these things are slowly disappearing with the introductions of chemical fertilizers, imported snails not even edible for human consumption, and imported Taiwanese catfish that devoured our native catfish. This is indeed very sad because this catfish (Hito) existed long before the modern human were here.  Our ocean became our garbage dump. Beautiful corals that once thrive in our shores are now slowly dying from pollution and careless scrapping of the corals by illegal fishermen from Taiwan with their big trawlers. We used to have abundance of tropical fish for our consumption and for the future generations to come, but with the insensitive disregard of our country’s rules and regulations for fishing by foreign fishermen, our corals are slowly being  destroyed and so the natural habitat of our endangered marine species. Our beaches that once were clear and the pride of our ancestors are now full of debris and broken glasses scattered around. You have to be very careful where to walk. You might step on human waste or dog’s droppings. We used to have mild weather; natural plants like abaca, rattan, coconut grow very well with the kind of weather we used to have. But when people   relentlessly harvested the trees for lumber and for other purposes without replacing it, our weather changed. It is no longer the kind of weather conducive to growth of our native plants. Our weather is hotter, dryer, less rain. These are all the catastrophic results of callously disregarding the ecological balance and environmental protection of our God given paradise land. I can’t help but reflects the POIGNANT MEMORIES OF THE DISTANT PAST of this land we call home. It was a home where we can breathe fresh air, drink crystal clear water from the rivers, the soft rustling sound of the streams, the croaking of the frogs like a concerto in C minor come rainy days, the singing of the birds in the early morning sun as if rejoicing the new day, the sweet smell of the grass after the rain, the smiling people coming home from harvesting rice, proud for collecting sacks of rice for his day’s work. It was a simple life and happy. What did we do to our land? Why did we not protect our natural resources? It was GREED, GREED, and GREED by our leaders and politicians. These politicians and leaders don’t care what happen with us and our environment. We can make a big difference by starting to be aware of our surroundings NOW. Start planting trees even one tree per family a month by the end of the year, we already had planted a thousand trees; don’t throw your garbage in the ocean, beaches or the rivers. Bury the biodegradable and recycle the reusable. Don’t use our rivers as your raw sewage disposal. It creates diseases and mosquitoes will thrive in it. Look at what happened with our very own river in Bulan. It is now a dying river and it makes me very, very sad. Plant assorted vegetables in your backyard.  Fresh vegetables are healthier than junk food. TEACH the youth to TAKE CHARGE OF THEIR OWN DESTINY; don’t expect other people to do it for you. Don’t be DEPENDENT. It is a crippling disease and takes away your dignity as a person. Teach the present and future generations to care for the animals, birds and other living species.  They are very precious to me. They have the right to live in this world too and they are part of our eco-system.  Teach them to express their thoughts and feelings in a positive way and to be open minded to positive criticism. Take pride in your work. When you work, give your 100% effort. You will feel better when you are honest with yourself.  At the end of the day, you can honestly say that you earned every centavo you made that day. It is a good feeling. For once in your life, you were honest and didn’t cheat.   IT IS YOUR LIFE AND FUTURE. Take away that ugly Filipino character of ( ma-isip, ma-o-ri, orihon, tamad, the bahala na attitude, do it tomorrow attitude, ENVY , DEPENDENCY to others will cripple your ability to survive out there in the real world. Shape your own future by working on it, not depending on others to shape it for you.  Be HONEST, take responsibility of your own mistake by accepting it, correct it, and apologize. Don’t indulge in FALSE PRIDE, it will just ruin you.  ARROGANCE is just an egotistical desire for power and dominance. We can not afford it. We are too poor for that kind of attitude and will bring you nowhere but down. GOSSIPING about other people to elevate oneself plagued the minds of the people for a long time. This kind of thinking is very destructive and it hinders progress. Let us CHANGE some of those ugly characters of the Filipino that is PULLING US DOWN TO CONSTANT POVERTY.  Keep the good traits, trash the ugly ones. We have to teach present and future generations to change this kind of mentality. We have to erase it. We have to start NOW or our country will be devoured by foreigners whose intentions are to take advantage of the plight of the poor people. They already started by building their shipyard in Zambales without regards to the destruction of our forest and natural habitat of our endangered birds and animal species. The Koreans, the Chinese, the Hindus, the Japanese, the Taiwanese, pretty soon, it will be the Vietnamese are coming in droves. They are looking, prodding, calculating, conniving with our leaders, planning, exploring, the possibility of taking over the Philippine’s natural resources, gold mining, oil explorations in the Spratly Islands, the destructions  of our sea shores from  mining of margaha right in front of our very own eyes  but people seem to be indifferent.  Is this what happened many, many years ago when our environment was being destroyed by greedy politicians and nobody was there to voice their concern?  It is sad to say that HISTORY SEEMS TO BE REPEATING ITSELF because of the total indifference of the people. I did not see anybody carrying placards saying “STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR ENVIRONMENT”! About the government projects involving millions of dollars, these countries claimed that they donated millions of dollars on the pretext of helping the Philippines build the roads and other proposed projects to benefit the people. The monies they gave are not to build government projects. It goes to the pockets of our leaders as largesse.  Our leaders are selling our country to the foreigners and were given a free reign to do anything they want in this country. The Korean company Hanjin knows exactly what they were doing. They will not invest billions of dollars in those massive projects and walk away. There will be exposures of bribery, corruptions, overpricing of materials, cooking the book, so they say. No matter how our people complained about the destruction of our forest, our leaders will give in to the Hanjin Company’s demand. They are arrogant and don’t respect our Filipino leaders because they know that our leaders are corrupt and can be bought and were already bought. Few years from now, we will be again the slave of foreign domination. This time we are losing our country to foreign domination by way of subtle economic exploitations.  Our ancestors sacrificed thousands of lives defending our country (We lost 2 uncles, grandfather from World War 11.) but we won the war. This time, it is a different war. A war dominated by economic exploitations of our natural resources by the foreigners in conjunction with our elected leaders of our government.  Our very own government is selling off our country to the highest bidder for their own benefits. It is dastardly sickening to see what is happening to our once paradise land. But we can save our country from foreign domination by working   together as a team. We have to be assertive and take control of the situation. Don’t let the situations control us. It will be a long haul but we can do it.      


Email: tigerofserengeti@gmail.com


17 thoughts on “Poignant Memories of the Distant Past

  1. To tiger of serengeti,

    Thank you for the articles you sent. They will be posted one at a time so that our friends in and outside Bulan will have time to read and post their comments. I have trouble caging the tiger you sent ( I mean the photo ! ). I will insert it in your article above as soon as I catch him a bit smaller than he is now!
    Thanks for sharing your views and concerns about our country and our town Bulan. We need more tigers like you in Bulan to wake up and reclaim the lost paradise or at least stop the total destruction of our floras and faunas, hills and rivers and of our political and cultural landscape. Truly, we need each other to protect our town. We need to remind ourselves, our townmates and our local officials about the problems and pressing issues facing Bulan. We contribute to this task by maintaining Bulan Observer and using it as our platform to reach more and more of our kabungtos in the years to come and try to awaken the tigers in them. And I’m glad you found this site and that you felt at home with it. Yes, we may all be different in our views and opinions but we share our concern for the welfare of our town people. Bulan Observer is meant to cultivate a brave yet peace-loving, progressive and democratic tiger in each of us. This is a place for creative expression of our common desires for a better Bulan. Here we meet as one people wherever and whoever we are and offer whatever we can to protect the integrity of our town. We are confident that with time more and more tigers will come in and help us observe, protect and build a brighter Bulan for the generations next to us.

    Again, thanks and till next time!

    jun asuncion

  2. To Junasun

    Thank you for your comment and thorough analysis of the present situation in our beloved Bungto.I hope that the article “Poignant Memories of the Distant Past” will inspire people to wake up and see the harsh reality of what happened when we became complacent and a “don’t care attitude.” The ultimate resultant, it affected all of us directly or indirectly whether we like it or not. I know in my heart that we can do something constructive to keep Bulan a progressive town now and in the future. We just have to work as a team.

  3. I know in my heart that we can do something constructive to keep Bulan a progressive town now and in the future. We just have to work as a team.

    @ tiger, you mean atty benjie for mayor and junasun for v-mayor? cool! hehehe

  4. Why not? I’m cool with that. I admire and love their beliefs and principles. Their articles, opinions and comments reflects their honesty, sincerety, dedications, unwaivering love of Bulan and our country and most of all, it shows the personality and character of the person. All of the above I think will be more than enough to elect them as the next mayor and vice mayor of Bulan. You and I will be there for that moment. Promise me J.A. Carizo. You started this. You better not back out or the tiger will hunt you.

  5. Now you are talking J.A. Carizo. I will count on that. You know, the tiger has the 7th sense. It can detect an approaching meal. Don’t worry, the tiger is in good mood and not frisky. Grrrrr….Well, let me know when the time comes. The tiger will show up with her tiger friends from the wilderness of Serengeti. Hey, why don’t you email me. Tiger S.

  6. Our beloved nation, and its (past & present) political leaders need to develop (1.) a sense of patriotism and national pride, or “pagmamalaki sa bansa”, – a genuine love, appreciation and commitment to the Philippines and country; (2.) a sense of the common good or “kakayahang magmalasakit”, – ability to look beyond selfish interest, a sense of community living, a sense of justice and sense of outrage at its violation; (3.) a sense of integrity and accountability or “katapatan at pananagutan”, – an aversion towards graft and corruption in society and an avoidance of the practice in one’s daily life; (4.) the value and habits of discipline, hard work or “pagsisikap”, self-dignity and self-reliance; and (5.) the value and habits of self-reflection and analysis or “pagpapahalaga at pagsusuri sa sarili”, the internalization of spiritual values, the emphasis on essence rather than the form.

    Sad to say, some of our present political leaders, or would-be politicians and warlords are believed to be the protectors of illegal logging and other forms of criminality in the country, or shockingly, they are the illegal loggers, mastermind of the kidnap for ransom syndicate, murderers or drug dealers themselves.

    The poignant memories of the distant past (malungkot na alaala ng lumipas) by Tiger of Serengeti, concerning the “don’t care attitude” of our political leaders and the people regarding the degradation or destruction of our environment has been enunciated and/or reflected in the OPM song entitled “Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran”, popularized by the “ASIN Band”, a very popular band during the 70’s & 80s and critical of the administration of then President Ferdinand Marcos.

    Undeniably, the same song is very relevant and significant as of today.

    Just sing the song “mASdaN Mo aNg KApaLigiRan”, and I’m sure, you will be reminded of the true message of the article of Tiger of Serengeti.


    by: ASIN

    Wala ka bang napapansin
    Sa iyong mga kapaligiran
    Kay dumi na ng hangin
    Pati na ang mga ilog natin

    Hindi nga masama ang pag-unlad
    At malayu-layo na rin ang ating narating
    Ngunit masdan mo ang tubig sa dagat
    Dati’y kulay asul, ngayo’y naging itim

    Ang mga duming ating ikinalat sa hangin
    Sa langit, ‘wag na nating paabutin
    Upang kung tayo’y pumanaw man
    Sariwang hangin, sa langit natin matitikman

    Mayro’n lang akong hinihiling
    Sa aking pagpanaw, sana ay tag-ulan
    Gitara ko ay aking dadalhin
    Upang sa ulap na lang tayo magkantahan

    AD LIB
    Ang mga batang ngayon lang isinilang
    May hangin pa kayang matitikman
    May mga puno pa kaya silang aakyatin
    May mga ilog pa kayang lalanguyan

    Bakit ‘di natin pag-isipan
    Ang nangyayari sa ating kapaligaran
    Hindi nga masama ang pag-unlad
    Kung hindi nakakasira ng kalikasan

    Darating ang panahon, mga ibong gala
    Ay wala nang madadapuan
    Masdan mo ang mga punong dati ay kay tatag
    Ngayon’y namamatay dahil sa ating kalokohan

    Lahat ng bagay na narito sa lupa
    Biyayang galing sa Diyos kahit no’ng ika’y wala pa
    Ingatan natin at ‘wag nang sirain pa
    ‘Pagkat ‘pag Kanyang binawi, tayo’y mawawala na


    In short, we are all violators of the law of nature as well as the human laws, (particularly the political leaders, including government men, whether civilians or men in uniform) walang exemptions, is it not?

    In fact, most of our political leaders, if not all, acted as if they are supreme and above the law, or even supreme to the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines. The nation’s Constitution is the supreme law of the land, all must bow to the mandate of this law, including the highest officials of the land, must defer. Right or wrong the Constitution or the Law must be upheld as long as it has not been changed by the sovereign people.

    If I may reiterate the message of then President FVR in 1993, during the launching of the moral recovery program of the government saying that it becomes imperative that we develop a national culture that reflects the positive values of our heritage. A national heritage founded on a deep love for the almighty God, one’s fellow beings, the country and the planet earth. In other words, we must imbue ourselves with the ideals that are “maka-DIYOS”, “maka-TAO”, “maka-BAYAN” at “maka-KALIKASAN” and let these govern the social order of our communities.

    So help us God.

  7. to: tiger of serengeti,

    .. am a little bit curious about Tiger of Serengeti. I would suppose, the “serengeti” is a national wildlife park in tanzania in eastern Africa where you can find different kinds of tamed or untamed tigers, e.g. bengal tigers, siberian tigers, indochinese tigers, malayan tigers, sumatran tigers, and the tasmanian tigers.

    To us, a Tiger (panthera tigris) is a symbol of power and superiority. (see: tiger woods, tiger airways & tiger air force, just kidding).

    On a lighter side: I do know also a roaring Tiger in our barrio, (not a member of the cats family). When I was still in grade school several years ago, an old guy named “Tito” turned out to be a Tiger, as almost everybody in the community would call him as Tito Tiger, or Tigre.

    Until recently, I had a chance to politely ask his wife, Divina, the reason behind why his husband Tito is called as Tito Tiger or “Tigre”.

    Divina narrated to me the secret story behind the roaring Tiger, in a very hilarious way, – according to her during martial law years, then President Marcos had introduced the family planning program, whereby spouses were being encouraged by the government to use condoms or take pills, and/or use other chemical devices as contraceptive to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, or whatever. His husband would refuse to use condoms during their sexual encounters. Tito has an uncontrollable urge to have sexed with his wife almost every night despite the fact they had already produced 7-children then.

    Until one night, Divina was able to find a viable solution to put a stop to the excessive desire of his husband in obedience to the call of flesh. Comes one night, “habang mahimbing na natutulog ang kanilang pitong anak sa sahig”, Divina provoked his husband to have sexed with her, but before his husband would fire his artillery, she touched his husband’s armament not knowing that her palm was full of Tiger Balm, and right then and there, she rubbed the tiger balm all over the private parts of his husband, thereupon, due to lingering and persistent pain in his private parts, Tito jumped out of the window naked, roaring and growling, to look for some water in the deep well in their backyard to ease the pain. And since then, his husband has earned the moniker as Tito Tiger or Tiger of San Ramon, a name culled from the words, Tiger Balm….. thereupon, spouses lived happily ever after.

    Tito is the roaring tiger of san ramon! hehehe

  8. That was a cute story, Atty. Benjie, hehehe. Which reminds me of the scene in Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto produced in 2006.

    But of course, I loved Apocalypto not only because of the tiger balm-like scene but also because it showcases an empire or government with greedy leaders. Just like the Philippines. The only consolation is that ours do not literally sacrifice humans to the pagan gods … though in our country we also sacrifice the heads of journalists for the sake of “silence”. To note, two in every three journalists killed during the post-Marcos period happen during the incumbency of sitting-president Gloria Arroyo.

  9. To Atty Benji,
    I agree with you 100%. This song, “masdan mo ang Kapaligiran” by Asin Banda touched my heart. I never heard this song before. If it is in the 70’s to 80’s I wasn’t here. That was the time of martial law. I was very young, fiesty and very idealistic and love my country very much but I have to leave. When I left, my heart bleeds for our compatriot that were left behind fighting for a noble cause and justice. Those were horrible years. It left a scar in my heart and in my mind and it affected me profoundly. But one can never forget the lessons of the past. And for those who had fallen, their supreme sacrifice will not go invain. I dedicate my life of continuing their work by serving the very poor, the sick and the vulnerable. Atty Benji, I salute and respect you for your wise comments and opinions. I need to speak to you outside this blog. Can you email me?

  10. To J.A. Carizo,

    I now took the first step of sending the letter as we discuss before to… you know who. I will try to convince him through the power of persuasion. Hopefully he agrees. keep your finger cross.

    Tiger of Serengeti

  11. To the Tiger of Serengeti,

    You wrote to attybenji that you dedicated your life by continuing the works for those who had fallen, by serving the very poor, the sick and the vulnerable. Where and who are these people whom you are serving? What are your programs? How do you operate your organization? Where are your funds coming from? With whom are you working with? I am just interested about it.
    Hope attybenji and jun asuncion will make a wise decision to your request with J.A.Carizo. But the whole idea is not bad! So think it over guys.


  12. to: tiger of serengeti, j.a. carizo & milagros,

    my sincerest thanks and hearfelt appreciations to all of you guys for believing in my principles & convictions, anyway, i will think it over a million times, (meaning – if by the year 2010 or before, i can accumulate million of pesos in my bank account, then i will consider the option, hehehe!)

    guys: the office of the mayor in bulan is watching us from a distance, and my high school mentor, sir tony boy & the whole world, will accuse us of pre-mature campaigning/politicking, electioneering and/or taking advantage of the free political ads in the blog of mr. jun asuncion thru grandstanding in whatever form in violation of the omnibus election code. – the resultant effect of that is, we might end-up all behind bar or lock up in jail, because electioneering is criminal in nature… wawa naman tayo!

    God bless us all, & God bless our beloved town of Bulan.

  13. Atty Benjie,

    Inducing a person to run in public office is not an election offense… hehehe. The offense is inducing the voters to vote for a prospective candidate before the elective period.

    The LGU officials of Bulan may be watching/reading us. That being the case, the more that they should look into their performance while holding on their posts. If they are confident that they have done their best for the good of the people, then there is no reason to be afraid whoever their opponents may be this coming elections. As the Bible says: The man who is full of fear runs even at the rustle of the leaves while those with clear conscience live in confidence with the Lord.

  14. I, Me, Mine Administration?

    “It’s for us some kind of public service. Mayor reads the mails you know. And she’s very open-minded. And we have read many suggestions already, she has been doing her best to respond by way of action, which we don’t need to constantly publicize, though it’s necessary sometimes. Anyway, she has her semestral report to the people of Bulan. ”
    This is an excerpt from Tonyboy’s letter to the readers of Bulan Observer. Now, I think I am justified to wait and expect the publication of the mentioned semestral report to the people of Bulan. This is part and parcel of public service- of informing the people and of being accountable to the promises made. I also expect some answers to the questions posed earlier by Mr. Rudyb regarding the management concepts of the LGU-Bulan. His questions are of public in nature, nothing malicious about them so it’s just right to respond to the queries of a concerned citizen. If the administration were now content with Mr. Guyala’s silent response to the harsh criticisms hurled at him in this site and therefore finds it no longer necessary to respond to our questions, then we might rightly assume that in these times when people from the office of the mayor were visiting Bulan Observer they did it only for their own self-preservation. Shall we be adjusting their campaign slogan then to fit it properly to their behavior in case our assumption is true ? Should it be something like this: “An Kaayadan mi, Obligasyon mi”? (reminds me of the beatle’s song “I, Me, Mine”.)
    Attybenji and Mr. Carizo are right to acknowlege that the office of the mayor is watching us from a distance, as Tonyboy writes, “Mayor reads the mails you know, and she has been doing her best to respond by way of action, which we don’t need to constantly publicize, though it’s necessary sometimes”. I respect this and expect that we are both in the opinion that a semestral report to the people is necessary to be publicized. Not publishing such a document would naturally reinforce our assumption that our LGU Bulan is an “I, Me, Mine Administration”. We are hoping that you correct this unhealthy assumption of ours. It’s part of your-welfare-is my concern-leadership.
    Bulan Observer is a mission launched to watch our town from a distance, if we mean by it non-partisanship. As we have defined from the very beginning, the authors, contributors and readers of this site are interested only in facts and arguments that bring our town and town people forward- politically, morally, socially, culturally and by hard work , patience and teamwork, surely also economically, in the long run. It is our foremost objective to spread a healthy and responsible political and democratic consciousness to the people of Bulan in the years to come. With the rest, I’ll continue and will never abandon this mission in the years ahead. Part of our task is to induce morally upright citizens of Bulan to take the courage to be more active in shaping the future form of Bulan. (about form: it’s the simple imagery I’m using which is based on the 5 phases or forms of the real Bulan (moon) above: 1) the new moon -which is also called the dark moon-, 2) the waxing crescent, 3) the first quarter, 4) waxing Gibbous and finally 5) the Fullmoon.). I do hope that Bulan will not remain between the new moon and the waxing crescent forms forever! Our striving is for the Fullmoon, for a brighter Bulan!

    jun asuncion
    Bulan Observer

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  16. i can’t help myself reading this article again, it reminds me of my early childhood years back in our town. i can still remember as a child we used to wander places that to me during those days were still “unexplored” – places like the man made caves in the range of hills just above the airport (landing) searching for “balinsasayaws”, the rolling landscape at the back of the Bulan North Central School where there were plenty of hito and jumping haruans , enjoyed swimming at the beaches of Pon-od, Togbongon and or Danao and the clean rivers of Gate and Pawa. we used to watch happily and playfully helping the blind vendor of hito catching them from the brackish water of our “suba” where nipa and miyapi were abound and flourish. we used to roam Sta. Remedios, Somagongsong and Leman in search of “biyawas”. yes, the destinctive and unusual smell of the grass and newly cut rice stalks still lingers in me and playing in hay stalks is an unforgettable experience especially if you catch “tungaws”. those were the old days, i heard the nipas and miyapis no longer exists and the subas were filled to accomodate overflowing populations and made the Managanaga river the longest toilet and garbage dump of our town. very sad indeed today’s kids and children can no longer enjoy God given wonders of our nature. very sad…

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