“Maraoton Tabi An Komentaryo Mo”

by senior citizen

(Here is a comment from senior citizen of Bulan. I’m glad that more and more TagaBulans and other Bikolanos are now discovering Bulan Observer, a website for everybody to share ideas and even emotions about things happening that concern our people in Bulan and around the globe. Bulan Observer is a venue for democratic debate and will continue in this function as long as it serves the interest of all the people of Bulan and Bikolanos alike.
The comment below is actually addressed to me personally but is open to the public for he posted it as a comment to a previous article -De Castro’s Self-Deconstruction- which is a reaction to a misguided uttering of the former mayor De Castro to the mandamus petitioners concerning the Bulan Central Terminal Project, an infamous uttering that went around the globe, which in turn led to the creation of Bulan Observer. Indeed, ex-mayor De Castro is the source of inspiration so we give him the credit to this, for Bulan Observer is one of his lasting accomplishments- that of inspiring the people of Bulan to fight for democracy and political transparency and to be more active in shaping a bright future for their town.
So, thanks to senior citizen for voicing out his views and concerns and for reading Bulan Observer. My personal reponse will follow soon. But for now,
to be disrespecting to the late Mayor Adonis Asuncion, my grandfather, is something that shows your not-being-rooted in the noble history of our town. And you are also not being informed and fair to say that his accomplishments as a mayor “otot hamok yuon san nahimo san mga De Castro.” Not being informed for Adonis Asuncion led the town during wartime, a situation you cannot compare with today and not being fair for you describe and degrade the whole of De Castro’s ( people you know so well ) political method as “otot” itself. Do not de-construct yourself even more, senior citizen, otherwise you’ll end up revealing your true identity to the public.
However, thanks for discovering Bulan Observer, for sure an exciting discovery on your part, and just hold on for more things will come for you to read that will keep you busy with each passing day as a senior citizen.
And for others to understand, your comment will soon be translated to English also,- with your permission.
jun asuncion
Bulan observer)
by: senior citizen
June 12, 2008
( With English translation by Atty. Benji Of  Bulan Observer )

to jun asuncion
My response to your column “De Castro’s Deconstruction”
My congratulations to you dahil sayo ka palan na supporter ni nonong guyala. Yadto tabi na sinabi ni ex-mayor de castro “kun dire niyo gusto kung pano i-administrar an bulan, humali kamo”, may partikular lang tabi ini na grupo sin mga tawo, sayo na doon si nonong guyala. Dire man intero an taga-bulan. Tagan ta tabi ikaw sin ideya kung baga dire ka man didi nagpipirme sa rugaring mo na bongto, na ini sira nonong guyala kalaban ini numero uno sa politika san mga de castro. Makulogon an mga boot sini kay kada eleksyon pirmi sira pyerde kay halos nubenta porsyento san taga-bulan dire man sa kanira naruruyag. Wara ini na mga tawo inhihimo kundi an pakaraoton an kalaban nira lalo na kung naabot na an eleksyon. Maraoton tabi an komentaryo mo against kay ex-mayor de castro. Dire tabi nira ugali an maging diktador o kaya sadirihon nira an bulan, in papakay-ad ngani nira tabi nira sin mayad an bongto ta kaya ngani sayo kita sa first class municipality sa panahon ta niyan. Basi tabi gusto mo bisitahon an sadire mo na bongto kay binanggit mo pa an pagdonar nira san sayo na hektarya para bugsukan san terminal, na pinangaranan mo pa na “de castro terminal”, kay nano tabi, kaya mo man magdonar? Haputa daw tabi an sadire mo kun nano man an na contribute mo sa ikadidianes san bulan? Umuli ka tabi basi maaraman mo an problema san bulan nyan an progreso niyan na eenjoy san mga taga-bulan. (An naniniwala sa sabi-sabi, ay walang bait sa sarili). Naistoryahan ka lang ni nonong naniwala ka na? Kun in muromalaki mo an nahimo san lolo mo na pagronda san canipaan, otot hamok yuon san nahimo san mga de castro. Namumundo lang ako kay marasa pa niyan ko lang nabasa na 2008 an imo komentaryo. Sadto mo pa kunta naaraman na ini si nonong guyala na buwaan, sabi niya bright siya pero tolo na beses nabagsak sa bar exam.

(Translation: My profound congratulations to you because you are an avid supporter of Mr. Nonong Guyala. Please be informed that when ex-Mayor de Castro uttered the words “If you’re not contented with the policies of the administration, better leave this town.” Truly, he was only practically attributing said utterances against a particular class or group of people in Bulan, one of whom is Nonong Guyala. But not to the entire people of Bulan. Anyway, I will give you an idea here because in so far as I know you are not anymore living here in our town, that people like Nonong Guyala is the number one political opponent of the de Castro. Would you believe, they hated the de Castro so much because they always end up loser in the elections, in so far as I know almost ninety (90%) percent of the people in Bulan were very much disgusted with them. Because what they did during and every election was to solely engage in the character asassination against their political opponents and none other.
Your remark against former mayor de Castro was very unpleasant and maybe blown out of proportion. As a matter of fact, I would like to tell you that it is not in their personality to become a Dictator nor to claim Bulan as their own property, as they are just doing their best shot for our town, and that is one of the reasons why Bulan has become the first class municipality today. Why not try to visit your hometown here, in fact, you mentioned the property being donated by them to be used as Bus Terminal which you named it as the “De Castro Terminal”. By the way, can you donate property also as what the De Castro did? Will you please first ask yourself a question, did you contribute anything for the betterment of the town of Bulan? Come home, and try to visit your hometown here so that you may be apprised of the problem of Bulan, as you will know Bulan now is becoming progressive and its fruits are being reaped by every taga Bulan today. (The saying that “an naniniwala sa sabi-sabi ay walang bait sa sarili” literal translation is – if you tend to believe a lie, you will end up a liar also”). Maybe, you have just been apprised by Nonong guyala on the issue and you did easily believe in him. By the way, if you are grandstanding the accomplishment of your grandfather in guarding all over Canipaan. That accomplishment of your grandfather was nothing compared to the accomplishments of the de Castro today. I was just sadden because it was only this year 2008 that I was able to read your remark or commentary. Maybe, this should have been known long before to you that Nonong Guyala is a great liar. He said that he is intelligent, how come he failed or flanked the Bar Examinations thrice already.




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12 responses to ““Maraoton Tabi An Komentaryo Mo”

  1. Kudos to Bulan Observer for being fair in publishing both positive and negative comments. It’s nice, actually.

    Suggestion ko lang, baka in the future you must have some rules also particularly for the regulation of not so nice words or terminologies. I agree, though, sa direcho kan kada saro na magtaram positive man yan o negative and this is being practiced in this site. Kaya lang baka maging “hate site” lugod ini instead of your (and our) vision of having a “cooperative” venue and avenue for the progress of Bulan.

    Sa mga parasurat asin nagtataong comments, there is a tip I can share: But one can be brutal without being vulgar. And one can make a killing without the actual way of doing it. Just a proper choice of words lang.


  2. junasun

    To J.A. Carizo,

    I got your point and thanks a lot really. I’ve revised mine as “nice” as I can. You know how it is when your own grandfather is being attacked…
    Anyway, with your help, we will not allow this site to be a venue of hate. We cannot strike out all unpleasant words though for otherwise we would be denying democracy that “something” that makes it human and alive. But I know, your point is of striking the right balance, which I agree for democracy is all about that.
    I have read all your latest posts in your Bik-Lish the last days and I’m actually planning a series of articles about Federalism, the ” hot pandesal ” in Manila at the moment. I’m still looking for a concept on how to present it to our town people, young and old.

    Thanks again!

    jun a.

  3. Thanks Jun and the Bulan Observer. Well, you are just publishing controversial and interesting posts, that’s why. 🙂

    But one suggestion, you can create a page containing some rules on propriety (i.e., use of proper words) on giving comments. Of course, the rules should not be too rigid or that will discourage your readers. But I know you guys. You are fair enough to accommodate every comment pro or against your sentiments. So thanks a lot and for the visitors, feel free to drop by this site and leave a comment.

  4. Office of the Mayor -Bulan

    Greetings to all who are reading this site!

    We say peace and goodwill to all.

    First, we would like to extend our congratulation to Jun Asuncion for creating this blog. Despite the fact that he is quite a distance from Bulan due to his residency in Europe, we believe his heart is still in his hometown bulan. Nobody can deny the fact that indeed there is no place like home. And we are proud in Bulan for people like Jun who are doing their best and they carry the name
    of Bulan with them.

    First, we would like to inform Jun and his readers that we have been visiting your site, and we have read the various comments and viewpoints especially those coming from our own townfolks. In a democratic society like ours, everybody is free to do so provided that they do not trounce upon the dignity of the person they so wish to comment on. All of us are human and we can feel the pain and hurt at the aspersions cast upon us. Public servants that we are though we take this seriously so that if change be for the better, so be it. However, we believe some of the comments are already personal attacks in nature, and from some other persons, too much with a partisan tone. That is quite understandable. But we think the readers should be analytical and reflective enough to distinguish what bias or prejudice or comments are to be believed or not. We think many of us naman are level-minded, just and fair in our reasoning, and can be counted upon when we come to decisions and conclusions. Especially us Bulanenos.

    Second, we would like to disown that blogger who commented about our political leaders, the great late Mayor Adonis Asuncion, your grandfather , who had done so much for our town, especially at a time we needed most our leaders during the Japanese Occupation. He was a hero to us. And truly, nobody can compare what that great old man had done and with our present crop of leaders. Similarly, the Geronas, De Veras, the Galiases, the Granados, the Gotladeras and the De Castros had/have their own share in contributing, as leaders, to the growth and nurturing of Bulan as a Community. We all owe it to our ancestors and to each of us Bulanenos. Pero, in fairness also to that blogger who commented in our favor, dire mo man seguro tabi siya mababasol kay naimod niya an tunay nan tutoo na situasyon.

    One blogger was right in commenting that hopefully, this site will not be a “hate site”, but instead a venue especially for Bulanenos to bring out their minds and thier hearts. And hopefully again, not as a site where insults are hurled simply because of political partisanship. As you well know, we can be so engaged in political biases to the point that politicians who lose in elections can use this site to advance their sourgraping and so forth and so on. Not that it is bad, but sometimes people can be misled and be misguided. Just look at how much lies are being perpetrated through the internet in relation to the Bulan Integrated Terminal. Much is being published about this transport terminal but all of it are lies! And we cannot just take it sitting down. However, we have the courts to speak for us. And just look at what the Court decided.

    Much has been published in the internet, again, about the Terminal, even about the amount with which it was loaned. Many are exaggerations, many are lies. Our political leaders, who were given the electoral mandate to run the affairs of the local government are honest, sincere, and sensible officials who know well their responsibilities to the people of Bulan. I know this kind of concern may generate and raise further issues. And we are very much ready to face those issues. However, we can guarantee our Bulan citizens both here and abroad that what ever we in the Local Government Unit conceptualize and actualize, we mean and do it for the sake of the general welfare. Question this if you may, but we stand by what we say.

    We are peeved, but not pained, not even insulted, by one particular person in Bulan who had been a pain in the neck, if you may allow us, for the sake of expression, because he had, for so many years now been throwing mud at us, in the guise that he is doing so for a better Bulan, is baloney. Using the internet now as a venue. The truth is, for so many elections now, people in Bulan have never liked them. They were always election losers. In one election, they never won even in their own barangay and precinct. So this is their only way for them to get even, the radio, the internet, the print. What do you expect from them? Good or bad opinions about us? You decide tabi.

    As a matter of course, we are publishing this also to air our side.

    Since the assumption of the De Castros, much change has come to Bulan. To those who are abroad. come and visit us. Even Mr. Guyala is benefitting from everything good that Bulan has to offer. He has taken a convenient and confortable seat at the Bulan Terminal when he went to Manila. He has gone to Sabang Park many times during his leisure time. He enjoyed in so many programs sponsored by the Local Government Unit. During election campaigns, he rode through so many farm to market roads opened and maintained by the local government unit, all courtesy of an administration that has the people in its heart. And more importantly, we collect his thrash almost daily and religiously and have this thrash properly disposed in what is now the Bulan Eco PArk. We do not distinguish friend or foe in politics, we serve because it is our call, it is a mandate. Can’t our most vitriolic critics not look the other way around, at things more positive happening in our town? It is sad, if some Bulanenos, because of being partisan, speak as if Bulan is hell all because of an elected administration. That is not fair and just. And it is a lie. While we admit that we are not perfect, may we know who is? Then let them cast the first stone. Why not look the other way around also? at things positive happening in Bulan.

    The basic idea of governance by this administration is anchored on service and general welfare. Maybe the Guyalas will have their own too if the time comes for the people to let them. But for now we beg of cooperation and solidarity. If indeed, things like questions on the legality and validity of the terminal or the abattoir or the municipal programs are there, let it be resolved in court. SINCE WE ARE A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY. We are a society for free and dignified expression and not of demagoguery. Let our views be heard during election time, and may we also answer those comments here that vote buying in Bulan in election time is massive. INSULTO YUON SA ATO NA MGA TAGA-BULAN. The people decide who their leaders are. True , we deserve the government that we elect. But in Bulan, we believe we have done our part faithfully in accordance to the mandate given us, that we have served well.

    Maybe, we shall rest here. And we again invite Jun and many more who are abroad, to come to Bulan, talk to our leaders, talk to our people , see what’s going on. We likewise give our highest salute to Jun’s family, the Asuncions, whose family contributed so much to Bulan, leaders, doctors, educators and plain good citizens who cherish this old, beautiful and faithful town.

    From our side, we wish all Bulaneneos prosperity and goodwill. We know the times are harsh and difficult, but here your leaders are doing their best so that the ideals we have for your be realized. During our campaign we called out, An Kaayadan niyo, obligasyon mi. It is a battlecry that serves as beckon to us leaders. It is a sacred mandate, a sacred trust that we carry in our hearts and shoulders and hands. We shall make this work for our people in Bulan. And one with the global community, we work hand in hand so that human dignity be achieved, prosperity and peace be realized.


  5. junasun

    To Office of the Mayor-Bulan,

    My heartfelt thanks to the author of this letter, especially that of disowning or of distancing from that certain senior citizen regarding his improper utterance about the late Adonis Asuncion, not that we disown senior citizen his rights to free expression, etc., but just to remind him that respect has also an important place in a democracy especially when it comes to the memories of our leaders who served the town selflessly and who have directly nothing more to do with the present political issues now facing Bulan and who no longer dwell with us and no longer living to defend themselves. Peace and justice to them.
    Everybody in our town is an observer, a Bulan observer. If you just look into the faces of these children above, you know already what I mean by this. Everything that we do or do not do now are registered in the memory discs of these children and affect their perception and in turn the quality of their future. If parents and town leaders would only think of their own selves now, these children will never have a good life and a bright future, in turn Bulan will not shine bright. Who among us inwardly connected to our town in one way or another desire such a life for them and such a dark Bulan? I guess nobody. For sure, our past parents and town leaders also had concerned themselves with the future of their children and of their town. But look where we are now in Bulan: divided because of little things actually, but big in their effect in a community of man where rights are sacred. And imagine a big loss of time, money, energy and productivity in courtroom warfares just because of a little section in our Bill Of Rights being knowingly or unknowingly neglected.
    Such things naturally happen but an intelligent society learns from its mistakes ( but a wise one from other’s). Can we not make Bulan an intelligent society, or better a wise one? Keep this question with you as you go on with your daily political affairs in Bulan. Little things matter a lot. And always be guided by higher principles for they count in the end. A swift scanning into the pages of world history will testify to this truth.
    Indeed, with one reading of this letter from the Office Of the Mayor-Bulan, one can already point out things that will keep us debating for a lifetime. But who likes to debate the whole life, who likes to spend his life just criticizing somebody? In the end, it’s all a waste of time and personal resources if we would just concentrate on things that divide us ( and they’re plenty!). Successful societies of today- and in the past- concentrated on their commonalities early in their history. This is the only way to success.
    And look at this: people from such successful societies just smile and shake their heads the moment they see how we quarrel each other about such issues now facing Bulan. Do you ever wonder what they are thinking when they shake their heads, smile and leave?
    So it’s about time that we focus ourselves to the tasks that need to be done in Bulan. Our poor, jobless, homeless, hungry and sick town brothers and sisters outside cannot wait any longer while we quarrel in courtrooms.
    But first correct the mistakes done before now and avoid the same mistakes in the future. This is the guarantee to efficient municipal leadership, the best tranquilizer for the critics.
    One word to the opposition: Opposition is indispensable in any democratic government. But the key to social progress is constructive opposition. Obstructive opposition is its opposite for its motives are purely personal, commonly motive of revenge. In this way, this kind of opposition runs counter to the interest of the town, to the Common Good, and therefore does not deserve the popular support of the people.
    Bulan Observer and its fast growing readership are interested only in things that put us forward as a town and give credit to whom it is due- the government or the opposition, or to any plain citizen of Bulan.
    Looking forward to a constructive dialogue among us Bulaneños! Bulan deserves a brighter future!

    jun asuncion

  6. Anonymous

    The former mayor’s remark, “kun dire niyo gusto kung pano i-administrar an bulan, humali kamo” was very unlikely of a good leader. Di sya nalalayo sa style ng administrators of another de Catro-owned RG de Castro Colleges. When the students asked for itemized miscellaneous fees, they just answer the students: “con habo nindo sa patakaran sa escuelahan na ini; humanap camo san iba!” Does it run through blood?

  7. mo

    Sa panurat sini na senior citizen, I have a strong feeling na si Guiming de Castro siya, kay habang inbabasa ko an comment baga an na iimagine ko si Guiming na insusurmaton an inbabasa ko. Niyan an pag organize san thoughts niyan mga wordings may similarity sa mga nabati ko na speeches niya. May I am wrong, maybe correct?

  8. aponilolo

    hi to you Mo! nacurious ako sa comment mo. binasa ko an posting sani ni mr. gdc. Hmm..kun siya talaga yuon na nagtaram suon laban sa lolo ko, sana patawadon siya san diyos. An aram ko, pag ngisog an tawo nadadara ini san uncontrolled emotion state niya an maraot na ginsasabi sa publiko. Kaya lang, mao baga yuon an una na kaipuhan na “strenght” san sayo na pulitiko, inmamaster mun-a san mga pulitikos o mambabatas bag- o magtaram lalo na sa radyo, sa press o sa mga public interviews. Kun diri mo kaya yuon himuon, bumalik ka na lang sa world war`s na panahon na wara ka labot kun sin o an imo badilon, me armas ka o wara (thru public speech), patalikod o harapan.

    True to this fact, yes, inrerespeto ko man gihapon an sayo na senior citizen san bulan na may respeto sa mga ex-mayors o mga tagabulan na nagsirbi para sa kaayadan san mga tawo.

    My lolo adonis rightly deserve this kay nunca siya nagkamay-on sin intensiyon o hinimo para gamiton man an “corruption” in whatever means one may define it. Si Lolo pati an kaniya magurang nagparapanghatag san kanira sadiri pati na an kaniya suweldo sa gobyerno(kun may on man baya sadto na panahon 🙂 ! Ginparahatag sadto an kaniya sadiri sa mga nagtitirios na katawuhan sa Bulan. Cuatro anos pa lang tabi ako, naiimud ko intero an pagka philantrophist san lolo adonis namo. kaya imbis yumaman naging pobre an mga tunay na asuncion`s kaupod na tabi kami suon na generasyon. Pasalamat man kami kay maski papan-o, maski naging pobre si lolo namo, proud kami sa kaniya, lalo na sa pagkatawo namo sa mga panahon na ini. Mao na siguro yuon an pinakaimportante para saamo intero na pamilya, kami na mga apo ni lolo adonis. An makauli kami, makasimba na mayadon an pamati, malinig an konsensiya kay nagsirbi si lolo adonis na nagpobre kesa sa naging super rich maski na ngani naging mayor siya!

    Pero, sa imud ko, pagbuhay pa yadto, badaw…siempre… itotour man namo siya sa amerika, sa england..diri mao tito jun? 😉 dara dara sadto an baston niya!

    Somehow, its also my duty to speak out and defend my (+) lolo Adonis A.

    Mabuhay ka tito Jun and the Bulan Observer!!!!!

    • Thank you aponilolo for passing by! I am also aponilolo.

      Our lolo Adonis Asuncion was a man of principle, a highly intelligent and educated man coming from the great lineage of the Asuncions of the old Sta. Cruz. Remember that his grandfather was Justiniano Asuncion!

      Adonis was one of those good past mayors who is remembered with pride and respect by the Bulaneños for he served Bulan unconditionally during wartime. He had to flee, however, for almost two years during his term because the Japanese were after his head after learning that his son, our uncle Agosto, was the leader of the Lapuz guerilla section in Bulan. It was a tip from somebody that saved his life. He had to leave the compound at night and disappeared in the hills of Bulan- in the company of his son Agostos, I assume.

      At this point, his 25-year-old son Andres, Sr., (my father) was hiking his way to Bulan from the heavily bombed Manila to join his family. It took him 25 days of walking and hiding till he finally reached the empty Asuncion compound in Bulan but was reunited with them at the mountainside of Bulan after a thrilling search.

      Material possessions? It’s only an opportunist type of being who comes out of a public office with another kind of mathematics. Mayor Adonis abided by the logic of real mathematics, not the mathematics of deception, corruption, jueting and all kinds of gambling. Like his ancestors before him, he left the municipio without a sack filled with stolen gold and goodies, titles of grabbed land properties and a long list of criminal charges against him in his pocket.
      Indeed, he left his office with a pocket as light as his heart.

      There is nothing wrong to accumulate material possessions if it’s done through good and honest way and hard work.

      But even then, does man really possess anything? In my opinion, as long as man is not immortal, he has no claim of possessing any single thing; and if not for for the good memory (character) that a man leaves behind him, a man possesses otherwise nothing of his earthly existence.

      Things that you call your own are in reality only things that you may use or rightly call your own as along as you can pay for the right to use them. The moment you fail to pay taxes, rental fees, etc., the state and the like will sequestrate the car that you bought, your land property, your house, etc. that in the end you’ll end up in the street homeless and begging. That’s true in all modern societies on earth even in a very rich city of Zurich. People commit suicide not because of the properties they lost but because of the loss of face that they suffer.

      Well, this sounds negative but all the while these things only remind us that man is not created to accumulate material possessions at all costs but just to prolong the life given to him as long as he can by a natural rhythmn of work, feeding and self-care. It is when man begins to look around and to care for others that he begins to exist as a responsible social being.

      Lolo Adonis was a social being, a mayor with social responsibilty and he maintained this feeling of responsibility for Bulan even in his last years suffering from old age degeneration.

      On the other hand, any public official of Bulan who comes down from the municipio with heavy sacks and pockets carries also a heavy heart in him. Such a man is an opportunist, primitive and asocial and does not deserve to lead or be remembered.

  9. An old “war” that occured here in Bulan Observer resurfacing almost in synch with the hurling of north Korean grenades to the south Korean fishing town just yesterday. Conflicts occur where there is injustice. Responding with violence or insults is only a provocation which could escalate to a nonesense war.

    This senior citizen’s comment is an old story and we don’t even have the slightest idea if this senior citizen still exist or is already sent to Hades.

    In any case, I wish him peace wherever he is.

    I have no intention to hurl grenades of revenge to senior citizen but my wish that Bulan may remain a safe and peaceful place remains. We are not for conflict but we continue to observe Bulan and to react when the values that we treasure get trampled by some insensitve politicians. That’s the point when the people of the fishing hamlet Bulan must unite and fight in a civilized way for freedom and change.

    • Anonymous

      hello! good day po..
      nakarelate po ako sa Lapuz guerilla na linanat san mga hapon. want to share an naaraman ko lately.Lolo ko din po kaupod sa Lapuz sabi nga ni papa kagagraduate lang sa Law Sch san University of Manila kaya obligado magjoin.
      sa ofis san Human Rights sa UPD last 2015 may taga Sorsogon didto na empleado nauyamon kan Escudero dahil c Gov Escudero dw hinudam an mga armas san ato kapulisan na kapot ni Lapuz tapos yang mga armas ginamit man ugang laban sa mga tawo ni Lapuz para an kaniya army an makilala san mga hapon. kaya pala may kasabihan “pilipino tago,pilipino tukdo”. kawawa naman pala an mga Lapuz guerilla kalaban na mga hapon,kalaban pa mga tawo ni Escudero?


    pobre an kadaghanan na tawo sa bulan.madali mabakal,bayadan an prinsipyo san bawat saro.an mga pulitiko na makwarta mao an nareynar.kun sin-o an maabilidad,madiskarte,makwarta nan daghan na dirty tricks sa pulitika mao an gana.mao tabi youn an katutuhanan na labanan.di man mga buta nan bungol an tawo sa bulan.magmamarangno man kami.kaso ngani minsan mapagal magkontra o magreklamo kay nabalos sin di mayad.badi maparaot pa an buhay mo o trabaho.kaati magbaralos san natatamaan.di mo aram kun sin-o an apin nan kahiran mo kay badi nabahugan na yuon.barahinbahin man lang an mga hiwag suon.may kamayadan may karaotan.a matter of survival baga.kaso pag nauungkat an karaotan syempre mangurob.mapagal pag an saro na tawo o pamilya nasanay sa money and power.gari habo na butasan.gari baga sinda na talaga an nakatalaga nakaukit na sa bato na sinda an ruler,mapaunlad,mapagayon,mahango sa kahirapan sa buhay san mga taga bulan.makakasaw na magparabati san mga pataratara san mga pulitiko pag oras san election.in short sala man yuon san mga tawo sa kaninda pag pili sa bubutuhan.sabi ko ngani pera pera lang yan.kun gusto niyo tumangap sin bayad para sa boto mo bahala ka.masasabi ko dagdag ka lang sa mga nagpipinatalpatal na bulaneno.kun sa imod mo busog ka san inhihimo mo habang buhay o pansamantala lang go ahead.ayaw pag rereklamo balang adlaw na nasala ka.mayaman an produkto san bulan.kadianis na bungto,probinsyang probinsya ang dating.may dagat,salog,kabuludan nan kapatagan.duwa an pier may location pa for future class A airport.tama lang talaga na dapat pag aragawan an puesto bilang MAYOR. OPINYON KO MAN LANG TABI INI.DI TA KAMO INPIPIRIT TUBUDAN AKO.BAHALA KA MAN SAN PAGSABOT MO.PADE/MADE SALAMAT.PADABA KO AN BUNGTO KO NA KINADAKUAN.NAG IBANG BAYAN AKO SA RASON NA DI KO NAGUGUSTUHAN AN SITWASYON PULITIKA.AKO AN PYERDE.MALUYA AN SIKMURA KO.SINDA NA LANG.

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