“An Kaayadan niyo, Obligasyon mi”

( Your Welfare Is Our Concern )

By: Office Of The Mayor- Bulan

( Here is a message from the Office Of the Mayor -Bulan for all readers of Bulan Observer, for all Tagabulans in Bulan and abroad and for all Bicolanos alike who care about and are interested in  the developments in Bulan. We are more than glad to be able to receive such a message for it completes our concept of democratic debate and brings us closer to our common goal of achieving a democratic, intelligent and progressive society of Bulan. I know that it is only by working together that we can achieve a brighter Bulan, a better future for these beautiful children above. The road to progress is not made shorter through this letter from the Office of the Mayor but it has widened it for all TagaBulans, irrespective of political ideas, to fit all together as we walk towards a modern and progressive Bulan. I know that democracy is the only way to a progress that suits the psychology of man for I have been living for decades in such a city where democracy is being practised in all levels of human interactions. The result? It’s again chosen last week as the best city in the world, in fact for several times already. Not that these people are more industrious and intelligent than we are but that they have recognized  long ago the necessity to work together and respect one another in order to survive. They did not only survive, they became the best. It is interesting to observe that foreigners in Zürich, no matter from which country they come from, with whatever religion, bring out their best right on their day one in Zürich and shortly thereafter contribute to the progress of Zürich. This is the wonderful effect of being respected, this is the positive effect of democracy. This is reality for me being in Zürich, but a big dream of mine for our beautiful hometown of Bulan.

Again, thank you for your letter. This letter will stand here in front for a few weeks to give chance to others to discover, read and reply. My Greetings To All Bulaneños!

For A Brighter Bulan! ———jun asuncion Bulan Observer  )


Office Of The Mayor- Bulan


June 16, 2008

Greetings to all who are reading this site!

We say peace and goodwill to all.

First, we would like to extend our congratulation to Jun Asuncion for creating this blog. Despite the fact that he is quite a distance from Bulan due to his residency in Europe, we believe his heart is still in his hometown bulan. Nobody can deny the fact that indeed there is no place like home. And we are proud in Bulan for people like Jun who are doing their best and they carry the name
of Bulan with them.

First, we would like to inform Jun and his readers that we have been visiting your site, and we have read the various comments and viewpoints especially those coming from our own townfolks. In a democratic society like ours, everybody is free to do so provided that they do not trounce upon the dignity of the person they so wish to comment on. All of us are human and we can feel the pain and hurt at the aspersions cast upon us. Public servants that we are though we take this seriously so that if change be for the better, so be it. However, we believe some of the comments are already personal attacks in nature, and from some other persons, too much with a partisan tone. That is quite understandable. But we think the readers should be analytical and reflective enough to distinguish what bias or prejudice or comments are to be believed or not. We think many of us naman are level-minded, just and fair in our reasoning, and can be counted upon when we come to decisions and conclusions. Especially us Bulanenos.

Second, we would like to disown that blogger who commented about our political leaders, the great late Mayor Adonis Asuncion, your grandfather , who had done so much for our town, especially at a time we needed most our leaders during the Japanese Occupation. He was a hero to us. And truly, nobody can compare what that great old man had done and with our present crop of leaders. Similarly, the Geronas, De Veras, the Galiases, the Granados, the Gotladeras and the De Castros had/have their own share in contributing, as leaders, to the growth and nurturing of Bulan as a Community. We all owe it to our ancestors and to each of us Bulanenos. Pero, in fairness also to that blogger who commented in our favor, dire mo man seguro tabi siya mababasol kay naimod niya an tunay nan tutoo na situasyon.

One blogger was right in commenting that hopefully, this site will not be a “hate site”, but instead a venue especially for Bulanenos to bring out their minds and their hearts. And hopefully again, not as a site where insults are hurled simply because of political partisanship. As you well know, we can be so engaged in political biases to the point that politicians who lose in elections can use this site to advance their sourgraping and so forth and so on. Not that it is bad, but sometimes people can be misled and be misguided. Just look at how much lies are being perpetrated through the internet in relation to the Bulan Integrated Terminal. Much is being published about this transport terminal but all of it are lies! And we cannot just take it sitting down. However, we have the courts to speak for us. And just look at what the Court decided.

Much has been published in the internet, again, about the Terminal, even about the amount with which it was loaned. Many are exaggerations, many are lies. Our political leaders, who were given the electoral mandate to run the affairs of the local government are honest, sincere, and sensible officials who know well their responsibilities to the people of Bulan. I know this kind of concern may generate and raise further issues. And we are very much ready to face those issues. However, we can guarantee our Bulan citizens both here and abroad that what ever we in the Local Government Unit conceptualize and actualize, we mean and do it for the sake of the general welfare. Question this if you may, but we stand by what we say.

We are peeved, but not pained, not even insulted, by one particular person in Bulan who had been a pain in the neck, if you may allow us, for the sake of expression, because he had, for so many years now been throwing mud at us, in the guise that he is doing so for a better Bulan, is baloney. Using the internet now as a venue. The truth is, for so many elections now, people in Bulan have never liked them. They were always election losers. In one election, they never won even in their own barangay and precinct. So this is their only way for them to get even, the radio, the internet, the print. What do you expect from them? Good or bad opinions about us? You decide tabi.

As a matter of course, we are publishing this also to air our side.

Since the assumption of the De Castros, much change has come to Bulan. To those who are abroad, come and visit us. Even Mr. Guyala is benefitting from everything good that Bulan has to offer. He has taken a convenient and confortable seat at the Bulan Terminal when he went to Manila. He has gone to Sabang Park many times during his leisure time. He enjoyed in so many programs sponsored by the Local Government Unit. During election campaigns, he rode through so many farm to market roads opened and maintained by the local government unit, all courtesy of an administration that has the people in its heart. And more importantly, we collect his thrash almost daily and religiously and have this thrash properly disposed in what is now the Bulan Eco PArk. We do not distinguish friend or foe in politics, we serve because it is our call, it is a mandate. Can’t our most vitriolic critics not look the other way around, at things more positive happening in our town? It is sad, if some Bulanenos, because of being partisan, speak as if Bulan is hell all because of an elected administration. That is not fair and just. And it is a lie. While we admit that we are not perfect, may we know who is? Then let them cast the first stone. Why not look the other way around also? at things positive happening in Bulan.

The basic idea of governance by this administration is anchored on service and general welfare. Maybe the Guyalas will have their own too if the time comes for the people to let them. But for now we beg of cooperation and solidarity. If indeed, things like questions on the legality and validity of the terminal or the abattoir or the municipal programs are there, let it be resolved in court. SINCE WE ARE A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY. We are a society for free and dignified expression and not of demagoguery. Let our views be heard during election time, and may we also answer those comments here that vote buying in Bulan in election time is massive. INSULTO YUON SA ATO NA MGA TAGA-BULAN. The people decide who their leaders are. True , we deserve the government that we elect. But in Bulan, we believe we have done our part faithfully in accordance to the mandate given us, that we have served well.

Maybe, we shall rest here. And we again invite Jun and many more who are abroad, to come to Bulan, talk to our leaders, talk to our people , see what’s going on. We likewise give our highest salute to Jun’s family, the Asuncions, whose family contributed so much to Bulan, leaders, doctors, educators and plain good citizens who cherish this old, beautiful and faithful town.

From our side, we wish all Bulaneneos prosperity and goodwill. We know the times are harsh and difficult, but here your leaders are doing their best so that the ideals we have for all  be realized. During our campaign we called out, An Kaayadan niyo, Obligasyon mi. It is a battlecry that serves as beckon to us leaders. It is a sacred mandate, a sacred trust that we carry in our hearts and shoulders and hands. We shall make this work for our people in Bulan. And one with the global community, we work hand in hand so that human dignity be achieved, prosperity and peace be realized.


From “Maraoton Tabi An Komentaryo Mo” by senior citizen, 2008/06/16 at 8:23 AM
































To Senior Citizen

( Translation-highlighted in red- from Bulan dialect to English and vice-versa is done by  and credited to Atty. Benji of Bulan Observer. )

jun asuncion:

As promised, I’m back with my answer to your comment. To keep the overview, I broke down your comment to small units and placed my answer after each unit and used the English language so that others may understand what is going on in our town. (TRANSLATION: Para sa Senior Citizen: Naipangako ko dati, yaa na tabi an saako kasimbagan san komentaryo mo. Para masabutan nato intero, inturunga-tunga ko an komentaryo mo para simbagon ko sin punto por punto an isyu nan masabutan man san iba kun nano talaga an mga nangyayari sa bungto nato.)

senior citizen:

“My congratulations to you dahil sayo ka palan na supporter ni nonong guyala. Yadto tabi na sinabi ni ex-mayor de castro “kund dire niyo gusto kung pano i-administrar an bulan, humali kamo”, may partikular lang tabi ini na grupo sin mga tawo, sayo na doon si nonong guyala. Dire man intero an taga-bulan.” (TRANSLATION: My profound congratulations to you because you are an avid supporter of Mr. Nonong Guyala. Please be informed that when ex-Mayor de Castro uttered the words “If you’re not contented with the policies of the administration, better leave this town.” Truly, he was only practically attributing said utterances against a particular class or group of people in Bulan, one of whom is Nonong Guyala. But not to the entire people of Bulan.)

 jun asuncion:

A legitimate citizen or  group of citizens  acting constitutionally and in the interest of the town, represent the entire citizenry as provided for in the constitution (Article 4 Citizenship) with all their constitutional rights as stated in the Bill Of Rights (Article 3). Hence, to be badly treated as such, to ignore their legal rights and to drive them out of the town is equal to driving out the entire law-abiding citizenry of Bulan as defined in and protected by our Constitution. Dire man intero an taga-Bulan? Why, are there two kinds of citizenry in Bulan? Are pro-government people special people? People representing either the political opposition or the government are one and the same citizenry of Bulan. Another thing, you cannot clean out opposition in Bulan politics by driving them out of the town. Only dictators and autocratic rulers do this. Or just a plain  Mayor who is not in possession of his reason. (TRANSLATION: An sino man na lehitimo na tawo o grupo san tawo na nagtatrabaho para sa interes san bungto ay minarepresentar san intero na katawuhan alinsunod sa pinuproklama san saato Konstitusyon (Article IV-Citizenship), kaupod an intero na mga karapatan san tawo na mababasa nato sa listahan san mga karapatan pantawo (Article III-Bill of Rights). Kung kaya ngani, kapag maraot an pagtrato sa sayo na tawo sa komunidad, pareho san deri pagkilala san kanira mga karapatan panlegal, nan an pagsurmaton sin sige magralayas kamo dide sa bungto kun deri niyo gusto an pag-administrar san Bulan, baga san pareho man lang yun san pinapalayas mo an intero na tawo sa Bulan kaupod an mga nagsusunod sa laye o batas, an mga karapatan na ine ay pinuprutihiran san saato mismo na Konstitusyon. An sabi mo tabi, Deri man intero na taga Bulan? Kay nano tabi, dowa na klase an tawo o grupo san tawo sa Bulan?  Kay nano espesyal tabi na tawo an mga kaapin san administrasyon? An mga tawo na nagrerepresentar san lado san oposisyon politikal o maka-administrasyon sayo man lang na klase yun sin tawo puro mga taga Bulan. Sayo pa na bagay, deri mo basta basta mapapahali an mga nasa lado san oposisyon kun paparalayason mo sira sa Bulan.  An makahimo lang tabi sine na pagpaparalayas san tawo an sayo na Diktador o Hadi. O kaya sayo na ordinaryo na Meyor na medyo haluga an turnilyo sa ulo.) 

To congratulate me as “supporter ni nonong guyala”- in as much as Mr. Guyala was and is being guided by the Constitution in his political dealings, – is true. Do not dare to depict me as being on the wrong side just because I do not support undemocratic and unconstitutional political behavior in Bulan, a behaviour that led me to describe the former Mayor De Castro as deconstructing himself. Mr. Guyala did not deconstruct him, but he himself. In plain words, there is no one to blame but he alone for behaving politically incorrect and the angry reactions of the public thereafter. (TRANSLATION: An pag-umaw mo saako bilang “supporter ni Nonong Guyala”, – nan pareho man kan Nonong Guyala, na nagsusunod sa sinasabi san Konstitusyon manunungod sa pulitika, – ay totoo tabi. Deri mo tabi pagsabihon na ako ay deri nasa tama na lado por dahil deri ko sinusuportahan an deri maka demokratiko o deri mayad na sistemang politikal sa Bulan, kay yun an dahilan na nagkumbinse sa ako na sabihon ko na an saato dati na meyor Guiming de Castro ay inrurungkab mismo niya an kaniya na pagkatawo. Si Nonong Guyala deri man nagpapakaraot san kaniya pagkatawo, si Meyor mismo an nagraraot san kaniya pagkatawo kun maintindihan mo. Sa malinaw sa surmaton, wara sin iba na pwede basulon dide kundi si meyor de Castro man lang por dahil deri tama an inhihimo niya sa pulitika, siempre deri man nato mababasol na maghatag sin deri dianis na komentaryo an mga tawo laban sa pag uugali niya.)  

senior citizen:

“Tagan ta tabi ikaw sin ideya kung baga dire ka man didi nagpipirme sa rugaring mo na bongto, na ini sira nonong guyala kalaban ini numero uno sa politika san mga de castro. Makulogon an mga boot sini kay kada eleksyon pirmi sira pyerde kay halos nubenta porsyento san taga-bulan dire man sa kanira naruruyag. Wara ini na mga tawo inhihimo kundi an pakaraoton an kalaban nira lalo na kung naabot na an eleksyon. Maraoton tabi an komentaryo mo against kay ex-mayor de castro. Dire tabi nira ugali an maging diktador o kaya sadirihon nira an bulan, in papakay-ad ngani nira tabi nira sin mayad an bongto ta kaya ngani sayo kita sa first class municipality sa panahon ta niyan”. ( Translation :Anyway, I will give you an idea here because in so far as I know you are not anymore living here in our town, that people like Nonong Guyala is the number one political opponent of the de Castro. Would you believe, they hated the de Castro so much because they always end up loser in the elections, in so far as I know almost ninety (90%) percent of the people in Bulan were very much disgusted with them. Because what they did during and every election wa s to solely engage in the character asassination against their political opponents and none other.Your remark against former mayor de Castro was very unpleasant and maybe blown out of proportion. As a matter of fact, I would like to tell you that it is not in their personality to become a Dictator nor to claim Bulan as their own property, as they are just doing their best shot for our town, and that is one of the reasons why Bulan has become the first class municipality today. )


jun asuncion :

I do not support any political personality or political party per se but support arguments and political results that put our town forward politically, economically, socially and morally. Bulan Observer is waiting for the moment when it would be reporting good things coming from the government- like moral uprightness, sincerity, transparency and democratic political dealings. These are the fundamental elements that will bring progress to our town. One word of advice, senior citizen: That you ought not to proclaim the goodness and holiness of your side by fiercely and unjustly attacking and  insulting publicly the other side. (TRANSLATION: Deri tabi ako nagsusuporta sin sayo na pulitiko o partido pulitikal, pero minasuporta ako sa mga tama na argumento o diskusyon para sa pagpakaayad san saato na bungto, pangpulitika man, pang ekonomiya man, pang sosyal man o pang moral man na isyu. An sa totoo lang an Bulan Observer naghuhulat lang san tama na panahon para makapag balita sin mga mayad na isyu na hali mismo sa administrasyon, pareho san makatotohanan, may sinsiridad, malinaw na transaksyun na wara sin tinatago nan makademokratikong pulitikal na bagay. Mao tabi ine an mga importante na elemento na madara sin tunay na progreso sa saato na bungto. Sayo lang tabi na pasabot ko saimo Mr. Senior Citizen: Deri mo dapat ipagbalangibog o ikurahaw an kadianisan o kabanalan san saimo pagkatawo para lang makapag-insulto ka o rauton mo sa publiko an karakter san sayo na tawo.)


senior citizen: 

 “Basi tabi gusto mo bisitahon an sadire mo na bongto kay binanggit mo pa an pagdonar nira san sayo na hektarya para bugsukan san terminal, na pinangaranan mo pa na “de castro terminal”, kay nano tabi, kaya mo man magdonar? Haputa daw tabi an sadire mo kun nano man an na contribute mo sa ikadidianes san bulan? Umuli ka tabi basi maaraman mo an problema san bulan nyan an progreso niyan na eenjoy san mga taga-bulan. (An naniniwala sa sabi-sabi, ay walang bait sa sarili.). ( Translation: Why not try to visit your hometown here, in fact, you mentioned the property being donated by them to be used as Bus Terminal which you named it as the “De Castro Terminal”. By the way, can you donate property also as what the De Castro did? Will you please first ask yourself a question, did you contribute anything for the betterment of the town of Bulan? Come home, and try to visit your hometown here so that you may be apprised of the  problem of Bulan, as you will know Bulan now is becoming progressive and its fruits are being reaped by every taga Bulan today. (The saying that “an naniniwala sa sabi-sabi ay walang bait sa sarili” literal translation is – if you tend to believe a lie, you will end up a liar also”).


 jun asuncion:

Don’t challenge me like a little boy does to another one. This is not the point. I’ve listened to the recorded radio program of Bandillo, Radyo Patrol Bulan, etc. Therefore, “maniwala sa sabi-sabi” is beside the point. I’ve heard myself the interview with Mr. De Castro where he vigorously insulted Mr. Guyala, Atty. Deri and the rest of the mandamus petitioners. His case is well-documented. Now, if you mean by contributions “sa ikadidianes san Bulan” a decent hospital, better public school buildings, a jueting-free town, implementation of anti -child labor Law, efficient law enforcement, protection of Bulan environment from illicit business transactions, politics of transparency and accountability, graft and corruption-free political practices, rice and fish for all, then I haven’t made such contributions for I haven’t promised to and been paid by the taxes of the people of Bulan to deliver them these basic services. But did you ask yourself this same question, senior citizen? Did you ask the De Castros this same question? For sure I’ll be coming home someday to my ancestral origin. But here is for you to grasp: that on that year I heard ex-mayor De Castros’ loud yelling ( were you not there at that moment?) on the radio telling some group of people ( who are constitutionally dealing with the municipal leadership) to leave the town,  I’ve been literally back home with Bulan Observer that very same year. (TRANSLATION: Deri mo tabi ako pag-ayaton na pareho san pag-ayat san sayo na bata sa kaniya kababata. Deri ine an punto dide. Nabati ko tabi an recorded radyo program san Bandillo, Radyo Patrol Bulan, nan iba pa. Kung kaya, sinabi mo na “an maniwala sa sabi sabi”, deri man yun an isyu dide. Nabati ko mismo an interview kan Mr. De Castro kun hain maisog na ininsulto niya si Mr. Guyala, Atty Deri kaurupod an mga petitioners na nanguna sa pagsampa san Mandamus na kaso. Ine na kaso ay suportado sin mga mang lain- lain na dokumento. Niyan, kun an gusto mo sabihon nano man an naikontribir o naidanon ko – “sa ikakayad san Bulan” – desente na hospital, mayad na mga eskwelahan, jueteng free town, pag-implementar san laye manunugod sa anti-child labor law, epektibo na pagpatupar san laye, pagprutihir san kapalibutan sa Bulan laban sa mga ilegal na mga transaksyun sa negosyo, malinig na pulitika o may pananagutan sa tawo, wara sin kawatan sa kaban san gobierno, bugas nan isda para sa entero, niyan an masasabi ko Mr. Senior Citizen wara tabi ako sin naikontribir o naiambag na sugad sine na mga bagay-bagay sa bungto, – nan sayo pa deri man ako nangako sa mga tawo, nan deri man ako inbabayadan o inpapasweldo san kwarta na hali sa gobierno para maihatag ko an serbisyo publiko sa kanira. Sa saimo na pag-urup urop nahapot mo tabi an sadiri mo san sugad sine na mga kahaputan Mr. Senior Citizen? Nahapot mo man tabi si Mr. de Castro san sugad man sine na mga kahaputan? Ayaw lang kay sigurado sa mga maabot na panahon mauli ako sa sadiri ko na rugaring. Mao tabi ine an tandaan mo – san taon na yadto nabati ko mismo si Meyor de Casto na nagkukurahaw sin makusugon (sigurado tabi ako na wara ka didto san mga panahon na yadto?) sa radyo sinasabi niya sa iba na grupo sin tawo (na mga lehitimo na nakikipag-istoria sa liderato san municipio) na mag ralayas kamo sa bungto, kay parang yadto man ako nagbalik sa Bulan Observer san mga panahon na yadto.)


senior citizen:

“Naistoryahan ka lang ni nonong naniwala ka na? Kun in muromalaki mo an nahimo san lolo mo na pagronda san canipaan, otot hamok yuon san nahimo san mga de castro. Namumundo lang ako kay marasa pa niyan ko lang nabasa na 2008 an imo komentaryo. Sadto mo pa kunta naaraman na ini si nonong guyala na buwaan, sabi niya bright siya pero tolo na beses nabagsak sa bar exam.” ( Translation: Maybe, you have just been apprised by Nonong guyala on the issue and you did easily believe in him. By the way, if you are grandstanding the accomplishment of your grandfather in guarding all over Canipaan. That accomplishment of your grandfather was nothing compared to the accomplishments of the de Castro today. I was just sadden because it was only this year 2008 that I was able to read your remark or commentary. Maybe, this should have been known long before to you that Nonong Guyala is a great liar. He said that he is intelligent, how come he failed or flanked the Bar Examinations thrice already? )


 jun asuncion:

You know, senior citizen, I haven’t met  yet  Mr. Nonong Guyala in person and I didn’t know him before. But it seems that we have a few  things in common, i.e., that we both believe in a democratic Bulan, accountability, abhor corruption and we both uphold the constitution of our nation. For these reasons, we do not need to hide behind a pseudo name. How about you, senior citizen? Is there any reason to use a pseudo name? Bulan Observer is a platform for all tagaBulans and fellow Bicolanos where we meet freely and discuss problems that concern us in an effort to bring our town forward. (Translation: Aram mo Mr. Senior Citizen, sa tanang buhay ko deri ko pa nabagat o naimod an pagkatawo sine ni Mr. Nonong Guyala, deri ko man yun kilala dati. Pero parang sa pag urop urop ko may-on kami sin diyo na bagay na maypagkapareho na dowa, i.e., pareho tabi kami naniniwala sa demokratikong Bulan, pananagutan sa tawo, paglaban sa kawatan, nan pareho kami nagkikilala sa kapangyarihan san Konstitusyon. Sa sugad sine na mga rason, deri ko tabi kinakaipuhan na magtago sa sayo na Alyas o Bansag. Ikaw, nanu ka man tabi Mr. Senior Citizen? May-on siguro sin dahilan kun nano kay nagagamit ka sin sayo na Alyas o Bansag? An Bulan Observer ay plata-porma para sa intero na taga Bulan nan mga kaurupod na Bicolanos na kun haen libre kita na magbabaragatan para pag-iristoriahan an mga manglain-lain na problema manunungod sa intero para makadanon kita sa pag-asenso san bungto nato sa maabot na panahon.)

Be that as it may, but I ask you to pay respect to my grandfather, the philanthropist ex-mayor Adonis Asuncion and the rest of our past noble town leaders next time you visit Bulan Observer for they deserved our respect, they deserved their peace.  ( TRANSLATION: Kun nano man an dahilan, sa masunod tabi na bisitahon mo an Bulan Observer blog,  inaayo ko saimo na hatagan mo man tabi sin respeto an saako Lolo, an maugayon na ex-meyor Adonis Asuncion, kaurupod na tabi an mga nakaagi na mga naging lider san bungto, kay dapat lang na irespeto nato sira, para sa kanira tunay na katuninungan sa ika-dowa na buhay.)

I leave the rest of your harsh comments to Mr. Nonong Guyala and to the people of Bulan for him / them to answer. This is fairness. (TRANSLATION: Ipinauubaya ko nalang tabi an mga magaspang mo na komentaryo kan Nonong Guyala nan sa mga tawo sa Bulan para siya, o sira naman an magsimbag saimo. Para patas an laban.)


For  A Brighter Bulan,


jun asuncion*

Bulan Observer


*My biggest gratitude to atty. benji for his translations and for his loyalty to the readers of Bulan Observer! Mabuhay ka atty. benji!




Bulan Airport Project-related Information

pal plane

  • The Bulan Airport in Sorsogon is a P15-million project that will provide tourists better access to the famous Butanding or whale sharks. The parcellary survey is already complete, while the runway upgrading is in the bidding stage and right-of-way acquisition is ongoing. Target completion date of the whole project is in 2008. See SONA 2007 Executive Summary/ Technical Report for other national projects.
  • P300-M domestic airport to rise in southern tip of Luzon . For Full Report Visit sorsogonweb.com.
  • Learn to know more about  Jose G. Solis, Representative, Sorsogon, 2nd District. Chairperson Bicol Recovery And Economic Development. See his Profile.
  • Airport Development News by ACI World
  • Bulan Airport Satellite Photo
  • Bulan Sorsogon Airport Map Satellite Photo
  • Bulan Airport Development Project 2008 DOTC Invitation To Bid
  • For now, listen to  Radyo Patrol Bulan – with guest Congressman Solis _Interview
Or  if you are in possession of any information related to  Bulan Airport project, please don’t hesitate to post it here.
jun asuncion
Bulan Observer
Recently posted additional informations: 

from atty. benji

P300-M domestic airport to rise in southern tip of Luzon

By Danny Calleja

BULAN, Sorsogon—A P300-million commercial air transport hub will soon rise at a vast plain of this prime coastal town as one component of the government’s P15.5-billion eight-airport project set for completion this year.

It will be called the Bulan Domestic Airport and preparations for the full-blown implementation of this project such as site and right-of-way acquisitions and architectural surveys, among others, have been completed and “we are only awaiting the initial release of funds so that the construction proper is started,” Sorsogon Second District Rep. Jose Solis said over the weekend.

Once completed and made operational, this facility will formalize Bicol’s entry into the five super regions in the country with enhanced competitive advantages in terms of tourism and efficient mode of transport for goods and passengers, Solis said.

This eight-airport project that includes one in Casiguran, Quezon; Kalibo, Aklan; Iloilo; Bacolod; Western Visayas; Siargao, Ozamis and Cotabato is part of the 31 priority airport projects costing P94.37 billion that are targeted to be completed by 2011 under the government’s Medium-Term Public Investment Program (MTPIP).

Under this program, 10 new airports would be constructed and 21 others would be improved as among the social paybacks from the implementation of fiscal and other economic reforms of the Arroyo administration, Solis said.

At least 16 of them are in the Central Philippines, six in the North Luzon Agribusiness Quadrangle, seven in Mindanao and two in the Luzon Urban Beltway that would improve the transport of agricultural products and provide access to key tourism destinations nationwide, he said.

Insofar as Bicol region is concerned, Solis said Bulan Airport would not only decongest the existing Legazpi Domestic Airport in Albay but serve as the main facility for air cargoes and passengers coming in and going out of Sorsogon and Ticao Island of Masbate.

*Source: Business Mirror