Mission Accomplished?


If you would visit the Website of Bulan Municipality, you wouldn’t overlook these two beautiful words at the front page: Vision and Mission.
 Here,you will get to know how the incumbent administration has originally envisioned their service for Bulan. Time has passed and things happened here and there. Now it’s about time to go back to the beginnings and see where things stand by now in Bulan. No one can expect however that visions and missions,once fixed, can be realized that easy. But it’s worth to do an evaluation. In fact this is not your job but rather the government’s job for this is their vision and mission- and they are paid for this job by taxes paid by the people. But the government is also “by” the people, by the constituents. So while waiting for the release of the official evaluation- if there is any-  the people and tax payers are allowed to express their own evaluation anytime, which may not be that objective by itself but is already an indicator of how things are going on in Bulan.

Please feel free to post your responses below. No e-mail address, name or whatever will be published.

We also want to make this known to our government officials and invite them to participate in this evaluation on a personal level.


“A productive community geared towards self-reliance and sustainable development based on good government, responsible leadership and responsive constituents that will respect human dignity, realize social justice, attain economic harmony and promote a balanced ecology.”





Let’s break down this Vision for us to see the single elements much better:

1. A productive community

2. Development based on good government

3. Responsible leadership

4. Respect human dignity

5. Realize social Justice

6. Economic harmony

7. Balanced ecology

With regards to “responsive constituents”, it’s your own self evaluation that is needed here.


 Here are the most important features of the Mission:



“The general welfare and well-being of the people of Bulan is the primary concern: Thus, it becomes imperative for the municipal leadership and constituents to attain an organized, disciplined, peaceful, productive and self-reliant community through an effective and responsible governance that facilitates the delivery of basic services and support facilities; promote ecological balance and strengthens and stabilizes the economy that will transform Bulan as a model community”.



1. General welfare and well-being of the people

2. Governance that facilatates the delivery of basic services and support facilities

3. Bulan as a model community


Jacques Rosseau or John Locke – as Mr. Carizo  has mentioned- the government is a social contract. The people should not rely heavily on the government but the government should provide the possibilites or options to the people to enhance this “Zusammenarbeit”- working together, or partnership.

Finally, the question: Mission accomplished or Vision realized? You have the freedom to evaluate, the freedom to express opinion. The government in turn has the duty to listen to your constructive opinions. It takes two willing people to dance a nice tango.


jun asuncion

Bulan Observer



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2 responses to “Mission Accomplished?

  1. attybenji

    The mission or vision of the municipality of Bulan is more or less comparable to the preamble of the philippine Constitution, is not even considered as a source of substantive rights since it merely proclaims the aims and aspirations of the municipal government thru its mayor to carry out its programs, unless the mission/vision is put into positive actions, the said declaration will just remain as a mere scrap piece of paper, – a lip service, ika nga.

    The wordy, and broad, statements in the mission and/or vision sounds like a political speech (e.i, social justice & general welfare) rather than formal document/proclamation of the Bulan-LGU’s convictions to deliver basic services to its constituents and address the pressing economic and peace & order issues.

    the inclusion of the social justice as one of the missions/visions of Bulan is unrealistic. It’s an impossible dream for the Bulan-LGU to attain in the local level. In fact, despite aspiration of the national government to properly address the social justice imbalance in the country, (as enshrined in the constitution), the national government still fails, and continue to fail, and presently failed in its mandate to equalize social and economic forces so that justice in its rational and objectively secular conception may at least be approximated. It has been one of the most serious problems of the nation today is the acute imbalance between the rich and poor and the resulant divisiveness among them.

    “This polarization has created an explosive situation that, unless corrected in time, may lead to a violent social upheaval”, says former SC justice, Isagani A. Cruz.

    The plight of the millions of our impoverished masses is best told in the story of the ditch-digger, who was asked why he was digging ditches. His reply, “I dig ditches to earn the money to buy food to give me strenght to dig the ditch.”

    To the poor and other countless filipinos,life is but an unending cycle of drudgery and toil, ceaseless struggle for survival. Want is a constant companion. One cannot enjoy the sunset when he must worry about the oil to light the lamp when the darkness closes in.

    To alleviate the plight of these forgotten men, to give those with less privileges in life more privileges in law, the philippien govt. has assidously pursued the policy of “social justice” as enshrined in the Constitution.

    To reiterate, Bulan’s “vision” speaks about the social justice, while its “mission” talks about the general welfare of the people. Sayo man lang suon an gusto sabihon depende sa kaniya interpretasyon.

    And, to sum it up, according to Justice Jose P. Laureal, the the “social justice” means the promotion of the “general welfare of the people”. He stated further that it is adoption of the government of measures calculated to insure economic stability of all component elements of society, through the maintenance of a proper economic and social equilibrium in the interrelations of the members of the community, constitutionality, through the adoption of measures legally feasible, or extra-constitutionally, through the exercise of powers underlying the existence of all governments on the time honored principle of “salus populi est suprema lex”. (see: calalang v. william)

    This country is far from realizing the true spirit of social justice. Haloy pa na panahon, mga tugang!

  2. junasun

    Social justice is possible only if the individuals comprising this society are just and so with the institutions of this society. It is therefore an impossible dream to fully realize social justice in a society where real democracy does not exist and corruption is not yet eliminated- or reduced. In societies where these two elements are present ( 1. functioning democracy (social democracy); 2. with no or very minimal corruption ), social justice exists as evident in the absence of absolute poverty, equality before the law in the true sense of the word, minimum wage for all laborers, healthcare for all, unemployment insurance, pension plus old age insurance, guaranteed constitutional rights, freedom of speech and of the press, etc., etc. In short, “human rights are manifested in the daily lives of people at every level of the society”. This is no joke. There are such societies existing on earth- a fact I know well from my own experience, in a city that’s the number 1 in the world in terms of governance, investment, innovation and research, peace and security, environmental protection, yes, where dream is a daily reality, where the government always has a budget surplus at the end of each fiscal year (and doesn’t really know what to do with the money left). Hence, though it costs also a lot, social justice is reality for some, a dream for many- like the Philippines, or Bulan for that matter.Not all, but many problems facing us today were the same problems these exceptionally progressive societies already solved hundreds of years ago.
    In a small place like Bulan, this could be partly realized if only the right people would run the government. People would even say there is social justice if they know that their leaders are really giving out their best to realize the vision and mission they have set for their town even if limited budget stands on the way. And above all, if they know with certainty that their leaders genuinely identify with them, hence, not corrupt. We must begin our journey to a better Bulan this way.

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