Cooperation and Unity Among The tagaBulans

by: atty benji


My heartfelt thanks and sincerest appreciations to you mr. Jun A!

I’m humbled by such feed back, and interest of the Bulan readers to this blog!

Maybe someday, or in the years to come, the town of Bulan will step forward as a progressive & first class municipality in the country thru the initiative of our local executives and politicians, sans political bickering and animosity.

In its fight for progress, LGU-Bulan shall endeavor to undertake the following program, (unsolicited advices)

1. To properly address the root cause of poverty, (review the economic & livelihood program) and alleviate the same by creating more jobs. And by all means, accelerate anti-hunger campaign as a priority program of the LGU-Bulan. Because, in order to combat poverty alleviation, we must eradicate corruption (stealing of funds or red tape is prohibited) in government projects so that both the big and small entrepreneurs could create wealth and jobs with least expenses.

2. To continuously encourage & invite more and more businessmen (local or foreign) to invest in the town’s economy.

3. To address the peace and order in the locality, because the economic development or progress of a particular place is solely dependent upon its peace & order situation/political stability. (kapag magulo, may patayan, at laging may bangayan, walang investor na mamumuhunan sa isang lugar)

4. To accelerate and increase (LGU) government earnings or revenues either thru raising the effective collection of taxes, etc. as one component of poverty alleviation. (similar to that of the Quezon City Govt. Tax Collection program)

5. To improve healthcare system thru subsidize medicines available in all barangay health centers.

6. To conduct monthly feeding program in all government elementary schools in the barangays. (as there are thousands of malnourished pupils in the public elementary schools right now)

7. To access to education, especially the poor, and the deserving, as education is one of the most important weapons in the fight against poverty.

In FIGHTING FOR PROGRESS OF BULAN, cooperation and unity among the tagaBulans is a must.

mr. Jun Asuncion, God bless us with overflowing blessings, and shower us with knowledge, wisdom and good judgment to write, for the consumption of the Bulan readers. We can attain progress thru the use of pens, not by guns, harassment, intimidation, threat against the lives of those who are critical of this present administration in Bulan.

As you always declare, “Bulan deserves a better future!”

Best regards! Mabuhay ka!

One thought on “Cooperation and Unity Among The tagaBulans

  1. Yes, atty.benji I agree with you that FOR PROGRESS OF Bulan, cooperation and unity among the tagaBulans is a must. The Fight For Progress happens everyday throughout the year and not only during the election campaign period.
    We must assess the administration by its performance and not only in the contents of any written report. It’s not that we are over-expecting from the governmnent for we know that there is also a limited budget. But a limited budget in the hands of an honest public servant can provide more than when in the hands of a crooked public servant. One thing more, good leadership offers pride to the town people. And I guess I would prefer to live and suffer in a poor town with a good leader trusted by the people than to live and suffer in a poor town with unhappy people and a crooked leader. What I am driving at is the psychological gain of good leadership. If you hold the idea-as I do- that progress begins in the mind (and so as failure, of course) it follows that good leadership activates progressive thinking in the collective. Hence, to have three-to four successions of good leaders in Bulan in the years to come would be the defining moments in the history of Bulan with regards to its Fight For Progress for it would establish that solid ground, in matter and in form, that’s needed. I suppose this idea would also apply to our national government. Finally, we do not need ningas cogon- powered leadership nor an ego-dominated one but a vision-powered and people-centered leadership.

    jun asuncion

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