Wanted: World Mayor 2008

Bulan Observer congratulates Lady Mayor Marides Fernando of Marikina City for being chosen one of the 50 Finalists for the World Mayor award 2008 out of the original  820 recommended candidates from all over the world. From these 50 Finalists, the World Mayor project, organized by City Mayors- an international network of professionals working together to promote strong and prosperous cities as well as good local government-  will pick up the World Mayor 2008 depending on his or her votes and the voters’ strength of arguments as to why they vote their candidates. Voting is going on on-line. If you want to vote, visit  the link  to the World Mayor Website on the Blogroll  at your  right side. 

Mayor Marides Fernando is good news for us Taga-Bulans and Filipinos for this proves to us that the plague of corruption that has befallen the entire archipelago, including Bulan, has no chance against an educated, morally upright and noble personality like Marides Fernando. I’ve studied her profile and her achievements ( and that of her husband, the ex-mayor Bayani Fernando ) for Marikina City and found them really exemplary. In this way, I’m proud to see her name on the list beside Elmar Ledergerber, the mayor of Zürich, and all other outstanding mayors from all other citites and continents. A ray of hope for the future mayors of the Philippines? Whereas, during the past World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, I almost shiver seeing our President sharing the stage with Switzerland’s President Pascal Couchepin and other Luminaries of Politics and Economy. Davos is an elevated Swiss alpine city in Canton Graubünden, famous for being a Kurort, a health spa, with it’s clean, fresh air and  transparent morning snow. I just hope that our President had learned some lessons about cleanliness and transparency during her visit in this beautiful alpine city.

Naturally, there is no snow in Marikina and the air is not as clean as that of Davos. But have you ever seen the Marikina Glass City Hall? Well, what can be more transparent than a Glass that is clean? I would have preferred and felt good seeing this Lady Mayor Marides Fernando shaking hands with President Pascal Couchepin of Switzerland.

Well, back to Bulan our mayor is still  hiding the documents of the CBT project.Very funny, indeed. Compared against Mayor Marides Fernando– well, it’s night and day. We know that the more you hide, the more you will smell bad. For the progress of Bulan and peace of mind for all Taga-Bulans, I advise our mayor to stop now playing Hide and Seek- for we are not little children anymore – but to follow the example of Mayor Marides Fernando, be simple as she is, and lay down the documents on the table for the concerned Bulan tax payers to see. What’s wrong with that? You really do not need a lawyer to teach you what honesty is or the protection of a courtroom to tell the truth and be transparent and besides, should there be flaws on the documents, well , it will not cost you your life. On the contrary, people of Bulan would be proud of you should you step to the front now and tell the truth. As you know, Taga-Bulans are very forgiving people to someone who belongs to them. Let’s work together for the good of our Town. It may not be Marikina, but who knows, someday it might be on the list.

jun asuncion

Bulan Observer