The Road To Freedom

 (This is my response to Roy Gersalia’s article entitled  A Source Of Courage And Inspiration  as published in his kaadman site)

You’re right, courage is not an absence of fear, but that by choosing the right thing, man overcomes fear to give place and honor to his own convictions. It is the emotion of fear that tests the real value of a man. Out of fear either man chooses to hide or step to the front. Rizal is a better example for us Filipinos. He told the truth, was denounced by some, was  executed by the Filipinos-  upon order of the Spaniards. He did what was right. Rizal died, but not in vain, for until this day his message is very much alive: Step to the front, tell the Truth and you shall be free! Simple as it is, but it’s the rarest quality you’ll find in the Philippines for it is a corrupted country- because of egoism. Egoism is the root of all Evil, and Moral Corruption is its best result. A morally-corrupted one is coward. As Maryjoy has observed, the Philippines is over- populated with cowardice. Our Politics is medieval, it is a failure, and the cause is a moral one. Jun Lozada wants freedom so he told the truth. Whatever awaits him now and his family is no longer an issue for him- he is now a free man! Does the public really understand what Freedom is? As I have said, the majority is submerge in darkness, like all the egoistic president’s men you referred to, for egoists are blind  and have chosen eternal damnation in hell of  ignorance. Some of us are just lurkers, with eyes half-open, undecided yet, either to leave the cage or not. A matter of strength.Time will tell.
Maryjoy, Catholicism is not the answer to our quest for the Truth, but rather a hindrance. It is not interested about our Freedom, but in the submission of its people, the eternal submersion of its children in darkness, the suppression of critical thinking, the denial of reality and resignation to the situation. Vatican is only interested in submissive obedience and the “religious” payment of  the church taxes for the preservation of its imperialistic and colonial power. This Church is the disguised extension of the Roman Empire till the present time. Catholics are therefore vassals to the “infallible” Pope, the powerful Emperor.The Catholic Church has been around for a long time now and has failed to contribute to our progress in many aspects, including the moral one. The Philippine nation prides  herself to be the only predominantly catholic nation in Asia, and for a long time now also prides herself as Asia’s  most corrupt nation, where dictatorship, greediness, deceptions, denial, egoism, killings, social injustice, distrust, superficiality and perversions of all kinds are  at the top of the agenda. Can we still dare to attribute to the catholic church that of being a source of encouragement and inspiration? Even for a simple-minded somebody who doesn’t know the details of the matter, he or she would simply agree with the fact that there is something wrong with the “catholic ” Philippines, where the national and local governments are run like hell by Filipino politicians and employees, shamelessly amassing their wealth at the expense of the weak, poor and needy. We had had centuries of experience with Catholicism and it’s clear now to accept that within this religious context, or with this religious tool- your choice- it’s virtually impossible to build a  better society. This is blatant reality in our country. This is not scapegoating, this is my critical observation. We were raised as catholics and grew up as catholics, were drilled to memorize ready-made prayers authored by Vatican, and we are champion in reciting them mechanically. But ask a catholic to pray spontaneously and it will be clear in matters of seconds that he or she cannot do it; he was just not taught, hence, did not learn to pray freely.This simple example illustrates already the hidden intention of the Catholic Church, i.e., to prevent you from developing and using your own intellect. This fact, being so common, had blinded us and caused us to search the explanation for our failures somewhere else. Again, Rizal realized this fact already in his time that is why he emphasized Education as the light of the people, the development of critical thinking. The central Europeans realized this havoc before and they protested, and so the Protestant church came into being. Nowadays we are witness to the fact that protestant nations are much more social and human, politically and economically progressive. Look at Italy, Spain and Latin American governments- they are basically corrupt, chaotic and underdeveloped, qualities that we have in abundance in our catholic Philippines.

This is not to offend your belief in God, for here we are talking only about the Church, the Roman Catholic Church. I know you are familiar with the distinction.

jun asuncion

Bulan Observer