All or Nothing

Ginoong galvesmalajakan, pahintulutan mo ding sagutin kita sa Ingles para maintindihan din ng mga ibang nagmamasid ng ating nayong  Bulan. Maraming salamat sa pagsagot mo sa sinulat ko dito sa Bulan Observer. Mabuhay ka rin!

Yes, revolutions have in some cases catalysed social and political change in many societies like America, Germany, the early Soviet Union, etc. Even our very own country, the Philippines, has also experienced revolutions. Think about those battles fought against the Spaniards, the Americans and the Japanese. These had changed the course of our nation. The Edsa revolution also ended Marcos’ dictatorship.We fought against these invaders because we valued freedom. The fight for freedom is in my opinion the best fight one can do. This fight defines your strength and your identity, your convictions and values and shape your future. But revolutions do not necessarily improve people’s life thereafter. Russia, China and the rests of the communist  block at that time suffered even more from poverty and isolation.The fight against poverty and social injustice is a fight that happens in another level, for this can not be resolved by bombs and bloodshed alone. This fight must occur in times of peace when enemies have fled and fallen comrades long buried.

Now, our fight in Bulan is a fight not against a foreign invader but against our very own leaders people voted for who promised to serve yet neglected the poor and misused the town in the end. I don’t see a need for a big scale revolution to dislodge these people there. Corrupt leaders come and go anyway as long as the whole society is not acting as one in defining its identity and safeguarding its democratic ideals. As I have written somewhere else, it’s you and me who shape the future, it’s you and me who decide whom to put  up there to lead the town, and it’s you and me who decide to remove him again when he begins to be corrupt and abusive. This would be easy if the people were  serious and conscious enough of their rights and responsibilities. This is the fight I am now engage in- a fight to motivate people to reconsider their position, to question their attitudes toward our politics, to reflect on the power of democracy and to participate actively and conscientiously in protecting the town, each according to his or her own experience and perception. This is a long term task, as opposed to just eliminating anybody by force, which maybe sensational but only has the effect of removing the symptom than the illness itself. I do not suggest that the Bulan society is ill. I only think that it’s not as a whole conscious yet of its identity as a group of people which still has all the potentials for social, political and economic growth. A conscious society is strong in fighting its internal enemies, is not easily intimidated by the goons and display of power by the vicious few. In Germany, they say that somebody must die in order for the rest to survive. How you understand this, I leave it to you. Situations will change in Bulan when people would want it. The chain of events and circumstances over which we have no direct influence is naturally ever present in any society that grows and develops. However, I emphasize and stay by  my method of effecting  change according to the definitions I have laid down in my previous writings.

I understand your feelings and emotions especially if you are experiencing poverty happening right inside you and social injustice right between your eyes. I can only tell you that in Bulan you’re not alone, there are many who are in this situation. It’s hard, indeed. This is a good reason to stay together, be creative in order to survive and  continue the fight for a just cause, for in fighting we grow together and learn a lot.

jun asuncion

Bulan Observer

4 thoughts on “All or Nothing

  1. Greetings to you Mr. Asuncion! This is good news– one of the nicest website of Bulanenos–salamatonon tabi saimo!

    Ive read through the write ups here. You & Mr. Malajakan both shared very interesting insights and opinions, yet not new to my thinking. I was actually engaged, once–in both sides! I started as the plain-ideological rizalist–the peaceful-thinker and -writer of the campus, inspiring and indirectly influencing the intellectual, rebellious minds of the elite student organizations. Undoubtedly, the same strings of ideas and concepts of changes pulled me into realizing my writings into LIFE.

    In the end, i myself became the Bonifast(cio)! I became politically aggressive with innumerable factors: esp. of impatience and zero Tolerance capabilities to then Marcos dictatorial, unjust, corrupt regime!

    I do understand the bitterness of Mr. Malajakan-for one, i hailed from a very poor family too. Where no opportunities seemed to be in sight-no matter how one tries. Where Hunger is urgent and couldnt wait another day or week.
    Where the urgent need of medicines to an ailing brood or mother wouldnt be healed by my brilliant thoughts.
    When i struggled for the scholarship, i fought for it. When i was maintaining the scholarship, i also fought for it. Before i graduated, i fought again to abolish dictatorship, long agonies of mass assemblies, vigils, per se joining demonstrations as a Symbol of consistent manifestation towards our Defiance or Resistance to the most degrading Suppression of all human rights!!! When i graduated, i fought again to secure a job against the children of the most influencial sons & daughters of manila`s elite. I was struggling both for my existence and for the freedom of my fellow-vigilant students arrested, disappeared. I was all the while fighting for the causes of my own principles..the democratic rights we all would want to enjoy and live for.

    Alas! When Marcos escaped, we won half the battle! A complete Deliberance! Weve finally proven that IF WE ARE GOING TO FIGHT FOR A JUST CAUSE, SEALED ON TIGHT CONVICTION THAT WE DESERVE JUSTICE, NO TASK IS IMPOSSIBLE!


    After this era, i should admit im still indirectly struggling with the remnants of the 20 years deep rooted corruption or evils in all sectors of our society. But–this is my country. It will take time to re-educate and create a new breed of disciplined, self-reliant, intelligent filipinos loving their own country and trusting their fellowmen.

    The Bulan Municipality is maintained to look clean but it has obviously a powerful-secured- indoor Corruption Hall.

    Let this website and other Tagabulans (Kabatas, Kaadman, etc) be the foundation for crushing this indoor corruption hall. Lets build together, with years of undying devotion towards a free-corrupt-justice hall soon!

    Mabuhay kamo intero!

  2. para sa magigiting na mga ginoo na sina jun A at prodebate4…muli isang mainit na pagbati sainyong dalawa.lalong humanga at naingit ako sa ganda nyong mag sulat .sana nakapagtapos din ako katulad ninyo.isa lang po ang maipagmamalaki ko sainyo at sigurado ako dito na parehas ang ating mga mithiin na makitang nakahulagpos sa tanikalang nakagapos ang mahal nating bayan.
    ngayon palang po patuloy pa rin aming pakokonsilida at pagoorganisa sa mga barangay at walang humpay na nagpapaliwanag para maintindihan ang mga kawalanghiyaang at katiwalian ginagawa ng pangkasalukuyang mayora at dating mayor giming decastro.
    sana nga po nandito kayo para magabayan kami ng maayos sa mga araw araw na gawaing pampolitika at maisayos ang hanay para sa mas mataas na antas ng laban.mananatili kaming maninindigan at lalaban para sa malayang bulan.sana wag masayang ang aming mga simulain at mauwi sa wala.

    para sa malayang bulan

  3. kahapon lang muli ko pong nakausap ang aking kasamahan na takot na takot dahil sa kanyang mga nababalitaan na meron na daw pong banta sa aming seguridad at buhay.nag-usap kami at nag palitan ng mga ideya, at pina -liwanag ko sa kanila na natural na ganon ang magiging reaction ng mga decastro sa kadahilanan ayaw nilang mamulat ang ating bayan para sa ganun manatili sila sa mang dolfo na medyo may edad na nag salita at sinabing nanaisin ko pang lumaban at mamatay kesa makitang patuloy na yinuyurakan ang ating karapatan at malugmok ang bulan sa mga katiwalian sa walang humpay na panggigipit at pananakot ng diktadurang mayora at kanyang kasabwat na ex mayor at buong sangguniang bayan.
    naka handa na rin po kami sa mga darating na araw na may dugong dadanak at mga buhay na malalagas sakaling umpisahan nila ang bagong antas ng labanan.pagod na rin po ang mga nakakaraming sambayanan ngunit may takot sa isip na baka balikan kong sila ay maki-alam at lumaban sa mala diktadurang pamumuno ng mayora at ex gimeng.patunay lamang na isang instrumento ang pananakot na ginagamit ng administrasyong ito para manatili sa poder.

    muli para sa malayang bulan

  4. History tells us that merciless japanese soldiers schocked, molested and awed the Bulanenos during the II WW! That time, the Bulanenos had only bolos and ancient armories. Still, this did not stop the Guerillas to let them succeed. Nowadays, its even difficult to hide. We are equipped with censor locators, hohoha!

    Seriously, if anyone would harm you, we know who are the prime suspects. If anyone would harm leading Oppositionist of Bulan, there would be a leader accountable for Investigation. No one can escape forever covered with Golds!
    Suppression and Fear is not our fight.
    WE are crying out for a Democratic Government, reducing (rampant) Corruption forces, and for the govt officials to uphold these rights, to respect the souvereign will of the people.

    They are public officials elected by the people. They are accountable to us.

    Thus, they must fulfill their duties to come into terms with the opposing, investigative constituents.

    How? Its also one of their governmental challenges. This is their job. Stop gaming..lets work seriously!

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