Some Other Time

07 Some Other Time  actually this is the right title to this piece- not Close to your heart.

Earl klugh – smooth jazz guitar music that brings you where you would want to be within yourself – in that edgeless, peaceful place in you.

Close To Your Heart this is the real melody which is also nice. Sorry for the technical error (linking error).

As bonus, some other Earl Klugh  titles:

One Night (Alone With You)

Just Pretend


Yes, some other time – and place, and just having fun under the summer sun: Three  pieces from our spontaneous summer jam session long ago  (2002) with swiss musicians Peter Amberg (saxophone), Michael Candrian (piano) and me-  jun asuncion (guitar).

Summertime (Hayward/Gershwin)  jun, peter and michael

Black Orpheus (Luis Bonfa)                   jun and peter

All Of Me (Simons/Marks)                     jun, peter and michael

2 thoughts on “Some Other Time

  1. Hello music lovers,

    Listen to “close to your heart” smooth jazz guitar by Earl Klugh. It will blow your mind away. I was listening to it yesterday and it took me into wonderland. I can not get enough of it. Try listening. You will be surprised.

    Dora the Mouse

  2. Hello Jun,

    Thanks for the correction. “Some Other Time “by Earl Klugh. Thank you for sharing it with us. It is hard to describe how I feel about this particular piece. Earl Klugh did a very good interpretation. It is pensive, rich in texture and simply eloquent. It is soothing and so peaceful. I felt like taking my RV and go to the beach or the mountains with my guitar and keyboard and just play music and let the music take me away into dreamland. I will see if I can find the guitar music sheet of “Some Other time”in the local music store.

    What do you think of the “Under a Blanket of Blue”?

    Thank you for the added bonus.

    Dora the Mouse

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