2 thoughts on “paying the cost../ blues

  1. nice choice… very soothing and relaxing music after reading all the scorching issues of our town. not posting any comment yet, just reading and observing. but the most important thing is – define and the take the next step. hope you can post more music of the 60’s and 70’s (flower people generation). Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!!

  2. To rudy belen,

    Happy New Year To You!

    Yes, I always believe that music connects people
    peacefully to each other that’s why I have taken the time first in posting the titles which I think remind you and me of our time in Bulan. It’s virtually impossible to listen to these songs without being transported back to our beginnings.
    Yes, it is wise to observe first and to understand the definitions. On the other hand we can read from what’s happening in Bulan some people’s definitions of how things should or must be.It’s up to us to comply or not to comply.

    jun asuncion
    Bulan Observer

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