The Trillanes Syndrome

by jun asuncion (written last Dec.2,2007) 

The recent occupation of the Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati by the rebel soldiers headed by Trillanes was another sign that something is not right with the Arroyo administration. However, this is known all over the  world for quite sometime already. What is new to the world is that Trillanes and Co. seem to prefer attacking a first class hotel than a lesser one , or for that matter, the Malacanang itself. This is a sign that these people also aspire for a red carpet lifestyle assumming they would be in office by force. They may hold a very high regard of themselves and their ideals and, in fact, they may have the support of some people. But their behavior reveals that they have not gone over adolescence yet. They look like rebellious children seeking attention from their parents, not knowing really what they want. It is clear by now that they do not deserve yet to wear such well tailored army uniforms. Maybe later on when they are no longer afraid to die for the cause that they claim to represent. Only then will the public know that they are by this time grown-ups and ready to be taken seriously. So for the meantime, let Mother Arroyo spank their little butts  for misbehaving again.


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