The Fight – for the morning rose

 by jun asuncion (a response to mr. nonong guyala of sorsogonnews’s weblog)
In a democratic place there is an ample room for fighting, for we fight not for our own selves but for the people. Each one must exercise his rights, reclaim and/or reactivate these rights if ever  once forced to believe by some people he didn’t have them , and use them when needed. To fight against injustice and corruption I think is the noblest fight one can engage into. Each  one of us should  use the means in whatever form he has at his disposal. However, the first thing we must try to achieve in any fight is to establish a dialogue with the other party and use all the legal  means available to arrive at a fairly acceptable result. We are not enemies in a democratic system, but players with different tactics and perceptions of the game, so to speak. We try to entertain the people and play as much as possible according to their expectations  and for the good and satisfaction of all- or at least of the majority.Fouls are not tolerable and will be met with  punishment accordingly.What I saying till now is not new. Our problem with our politics is that we emotionalized and personalized everything. It’s clear that emotions are automatically involved in any human transaction. But for a society to really make a big step towards progress is to transcend these personal emotions and for all  political parties involved to be aware of the very reason why we are doing all these things: It’s for the Common Good ( For the Good of Bulan). Again this is not new. To put them now into practice is new. This will involve a big change in attitude of each one of us, an overcoming of old habits ( and it’s known that old habits are not easy to  discard). Politically-motivated killing  in any society indicates that people still personalize politics and therefore not ready yet for the progress they are all talking about. Democratic maturity requires a great deal of sacrifice to every one. Without this maturity, progress in the intellectual and material level is not possible. Throw a glance to countries like Austria, Switzerland, Germany , to name just a few. They already are in this stage. Progressive.No more political killings and intimidation. Without intimidation, and worse, killing, democracy will blossom like a morning rose- fresh and beautiful each day for everyone to behold, and to protect  if he wants to see it the next day again.
 So we must strive first for dialogue. This is the fight I want to engage into, a constructive fight that puts Bulan forward, remind and stop those  who obstruct (therefore hindering maturity) and help put to justice people who enjoy breaking the rules and thereby injuring the Common Good.

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