Come clean, Duterte

by jun asun

The Filipinos should vote the presidential candidate who has a platform that is built upon the good works of his predecessor, a candidate who is credible and has a flair for statesmanship and a good international image. Above all, he must have a moral ascendancy and incorruptible character. Only then is the next step in building a democratic constitutional state further possible.

Several issues in this ongoing election campaign should be treated with caution:

Fighting corruption is not automatically equals to building  a democratic constitutional state. A candidate’s promise to fight corruption and eliminate criminals should be seen against the totality of his picture, against his personality make up, not only against his track records. If  a presidential candidate promises a bloody cleansing of all criminals in the Philippines during the first three months of his term if elected, then, as in the case of Duterte, and assuming he could not prove that his undeclared assets of hundreds of millions of pesos were not stolen from the government coffers, he should start this bloody cleansing in his own household first – with himself and his family.

Duterte, the hambugero and barumbado in his ways – both in words and actions – is the biggest joke in this presidential election. It went well for him in a mayoral format with  his warlord character and hot temper as many other mayors in our country are. However, presidential format is too big for him. it would be a national suicide to elect such a rude candidate. His good achievements in Davao do not in any way  permit him to rule over the entire Philippines for he is a tyrant in character, cloaked as fighter for the rights of common people. He is impulsively unpredictable, no self-control and given to fits of anger, obviously as compensation for his mediocre, if not primitive communication skills.. How would you send him to the United Nations or to other countries for diplomatic missions? There he would only talk about raping, killing and barilan (shootings).

A president should show finesse, education and culture and the ability to communicate though fine language, not through primitive gestures, facial grimacing,  gang and gutter language.  On day one in office he would quarrel with Japan, America China and so on. The Philippines would be isolated. He would be a tyrant capitalizing on his fight against corruption and drugs. It needs more than these to be a national leader and a nation builder. Democratic constitutional state would be trampled down if a self-righteous person becomes the chief executive and commander in chief  of the armed forces. He would not solve the problems of the Filipinos for  he would be the biggest problem, a national liability, not a national asset.

You may say that he could be a good president, that at last, somebody has arrived in Malacanãng who would fix all our problems of corruption and poverty and  catapult us to a first world nation in Asia. Well, it could be, but this is too good to be true – and our nation is too big to fail again! Hence, avoid the gambling when it comes to the highest office. He could also be the Philippines Kim Jong Un! His records in Davao tell us that he would not freely leave his office but would pass it to Sarah and sons, in effect, building up a new national political dynasty. His undeclared enormous wealth and properties are now robbing him his sleep and his presidential chance. Dirty Harry or Duterte? In any case, come clean, Duterte.

Federalism? Duterte advocates Federalism. Although this may be a good solution to a multi-ethnic nation like the Philippines, the present conditions in the Philippines do not call for a Federalist form of government. Not yet. With such a numerous secessionist movements, rebel groups, still a  weak national  government, economy and armed forces of the Philippines to re-enforce the laws, Federalism could easily slide to separatism, to several states proclaiming their independence -especially Mindanao. Duterte hates Luzon, that is his complex. He dreams for an independent Muslim country called Mindanao with his daughter and sons as rulers.

The next joke in this election is Binay. His main motivation in joining this race for the highest office is to save himself from all the pending cases  of corruption against him.This is a public knowledge. Hence, all of his words and actions during the whole campaign period are worthless. He lacks this moral ascendancy and credibility as a person and as a politician. Only corrupt people would vote for him. After this election period, the senators should work for his arrest for all his evasion tactics.

Miriam Santiago is a pawn sacrifice in this election. This tandem with Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. is inauspicious, and  the most brilliant proof that she’s no longer in command of her senses.

Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. is an echo of the past dictatorship. This thankful Marcos. Jr.  didn’t know about martial law, conjugal dictatorship, human rights abuses, tampering of the Constitution, liquidation of the opposition, etc. He doesn’t know the recent history of the country from which he is  (vote) buying the  vice-presidency. We can also assume that he doesn’t know his parents. Suffering from amnesia and yet run for vice-presidency? But we guess that it’s all about indecency in this election for some candidates and supporters alike. But nomen est omen. His defeat lies in his name.

President Aquino may not have been perfect during his term. Six years are too short to fix such a broken and sick country after all those decades of corruption and plundering by public officials. But given such a scope of destruction and short tenure, Pres. Aquino succeeded in laying down a solid foundation for a democratic constitutional state by exemplary leading his Tuwid na Daan (Good governance), of modernizing the armed forces, of elevating the Philippine’s image abroad and its investment status.

It’s just a matter of common sense that the next who should take over his place should be somebody who would continue and further develop this legacy. Another twelve years of continuous good governance would finally upgrade the Philippines’ economic and political landscape and the dream of Federalism would no longer be impossible.


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Our History: The Marcos Legacy. ISINUKA NA, ISUSUBO PA ULI!

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by | April 29, 2016 · 1:18 pm

The sins of corruption of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte:

By Maria Luarca-Reyes

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Otilia Olica Gustillo.. an Asuncion

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Pre-halloween Spooky Discovery

by budji


I went to research the paintings in this seminary (please see previous story). There is this very old religious painting, nearly 150 years old, of St. Anthony, The Abbot. This painting is said to be the work of Mariano Asuncion, El Menor (that ‘Junior’ for you 21st century people!) ca. 1865. But the painter’s signature and date cannot easily be seen in this oil-work.
The story of this saint is very interesting, he was born in the 3rd century in Egypt. He decided to become a hermit to devote his time contemplating and praying for God. He gave away his inheritance and as an ascetic, he was tempted for 20 years by the Devil. He was tempted with different forms, afflicting him with diseases, boredom, laziness, even phantoms of women, elementals, scary shadows, poltergeist, etc. One day, as he was always successful with his resistance of all these trials and temptations thru prayers and his faith in God, the devil actually had him beaten by his minions. The poor saint was found nearly dead inside the cave he was living in. In the CIN website here was the story goes: “When he began to come to himself, though not yet able to stand, he cried out to the devils whilst he yet lay on the floor, “Behold! here I am; do all you are able against me: nothing shall ever separate me from Christ my Lord.” Hereupon the fiends appearing again, renewed the attack, and alarmed him with terrible clamors and a variety of specters, in hideous shapes of the most frightful wild beasts, which they assumed. to dismay and terrify him; till a ray of heavenly light breaking in upon him chased them away, and caused him to cry out, “Where wast thou, my Lord and my Master? Why wast thou not here, from the beginning of my conflict, to assuage my pains!” A voice answered: “Anthony, I was here the whole time; I stood by thee, and beheld thy combat: and because thou hast manfully withstood thy enemies, I will always protect thee, and will render thy name famous throughout the earth.” The devil then ceased to tempt he no more. He then established a monastery as his ‘devotees’ had increased. After establishing the monastery he went back to the wilderness. St. Anthony, the Abbot is said to be the Father of Christian Monasticism. (source: Catholic Information Network)

The painting I saw was partly restored yet more has to be done as the back of the canvas was nearly covered in molds. We placed the painting on a chair fronting an open window since we cannot take any photo with flash bulb. We first took a photo of the painting then the back part to document the condition of the canvas. I was interested of the parts where the restoration was done, we then took the photo of the painting with its back on the light-source: daylight.

Now here is the tickler, when we got home to my parents’ house, I showed the photos to my sister, while we were intently looking at the 2nd photo, we noticed that more images of evils, elementals have appeared. And this 2nd picture shows about, as of last count, there are 6 more ‘evil-looking’ entities on the painting. There is even 1 more that seemed to have appeared on the back of the canvas!! From the front the painter has painted 7 including the yellow crocodile and the blond woman. The ‘tikbalang’ is more like a shadow but the figure of a horse still appears. Anyway, we think there are 6 more in the ‘shadows’ plus the one at the back!!

One can only surmise what was going on to the painter while this painting was being painted! That question wasnt raised by me, but of the person very much familiar to the painting. I had the same thought, mind you. If you are not convinced about my ‘superstitious’ findings (and not scholarly, mind you! So I hope I am excused by all scholars and academicians, esp. by my professor) I hope you will indulge me. Its just the ‘gossipy’ side of me thinking of these things.

So judge for yourself! Happy Halloween!


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Indonesian Soldiers, be gentlemen, don’t shoot Mary Jane Veloso!



VelosoYes, you are not at war with Mary Jane Veloso, she is not your enemy! So please don’t shoot somebody who hasn’t killed anybody, who hasn’t hurt anybody and who was not proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. This is unfair to a fragile human who did not commit a crime to humanity to be shot by a handful of men with their rifles. How could you ever overkill a woman like Mary Jane Veloso? This act would be over barbaric! Consider the human in you and the grave insult to all of you soldiers  and to all your Indonesian women if you would shoot a helpless woman and mother of two little boys. veloso sons

Be a fair neighbor, Indonesia. In the Philippines, we try criminals and corrupt politicians, imprison when proven guilty but we don’t kill them by firing squad anymore. A brutal and undifferentiated  justice system wouldn’t sustain a modern society. The death of Mary Jane would only quench the bloody thirst of a few people in Indonesia, but it would never put Indonesia morally forward, Indonesia would never be a wonderful democratic nation after her death or a model of humanity. So don’t pull the triggers, soldiers! Be gentlemen.

I ask President Joko Widodo and the Attorney General  to be  gentle and consider other  civilized punishment than death through firing squad. Likewise, her death would never make you better people and leaders of Indonesia. Respect a mother, don’t kill her. Killing a human being is an insult to all Religions!

Peace be with you- and to Mary Jane Veloso and her family


jun asuncion



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Asuncion Clan’s Affair

posted by jun asuncion

The meaning of the Asuncion clan’s surname

asuncion-mariaThe clan’s name comes from the mystery called “La Asuncion De Nuestra Senõra” or the Assumption of our Lady both body and soul to heaven. This mystery express Mary^s indissoluble bond to Christ (John Paul II’s Encyclical Redemption Mater 25-11-1987). We, the Asuncion’s are invited to praise God for the honor and blessings we received; likewise, fulfill with joy our mission in life as we aspire with tender love to bind our relatives forever, overcoming differences so that this tradition of being together may endure through generations.

 Asuncion Clan’s:

Vision: That ike Mary, our lady of the Assumption, we, the Asuncions strive to discover and fulfill with joy our respective mission in life, pray for each other’s sanctification and be channels of grace to others.

Mission: Inspired by Mary, our blessed Mother’s indissoluble to Christ, we are moved to cherish and support one another as we endeavor to praise God and serve others in whatever state of life we are in.

Feast Day: August 15

Color: Blue

Prayer: (by Fr. Raul M. Asuncion, Ph.D.)

” We fly to your patronage O Mary, Nustra Senõra de la Asuncion, so that each one of us and the succeeding generations in the Asuncion clan, may grow in our love for one another by imitating the enduring love of your son, which took you, His Mother, into heaven. May we always be united, striving together for the common good and if need be, sacrificing anything that threatens the special grace of our common ancestry. Through your powerful motherly intercession, may the Lord Jesus Christ hear and answer our petitions. Amen!”


Group Photos of the Reunion last January 4, 2015



Happy to be together and talk about plans for the next gathering.


Jun showing to a relative some possible links as we trace who belongs to whom.


After the grand reunion, another mini reunion in Sisa’s Secret Resaurant (Laguna) with the descendants of Antonio Asuncion (brother of Justiniano Asuncion, 1816) Dr. Ruben Yatco (seated in front), Christopher Yatco (in red shirt, son of Ruben) and Christine Eustaquio. Christine, the lady in white blouse, is a great, great granddaughter of Romana Asuncion (daughter of Antonio Asuncion and portrayed by Justiniano  who later married a Carillo-Trinidad in Binän, Laguna). Her daughter, PATRICIA PEREZ EUSTAQUIO, is also a visual artist represented by Silverlens Galleries in Manila.


(to be continued..)

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